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Yes, Aleppo is being liberated

morningstarA row has broken out on the left following a headline yesterday in the Morning Star (in red opposite) saying ‘Final liberation of Aleppo is within sight’.

According to the liberal-leaning Huffington Post, a host of Labour MPs queued up to condemn the communist paper for its headline.

Many were from the disgruntled Blairite wing, like John Woodcock MP who fumed about the paper: ‘They sponsored the Momentum conference. If you associate with this traitorous scum after this front page you’ve no place in our politics.’

There.  If you question the Establishment line, you are a traitor.

Tom Blenkinsop MP called the paper an ‘absolute disgrace’, while Stephen Doughty thought they were ‘vile and disgusting’.  Angela Smith, a Remoaner of expenses scandal fame, asked ‘How can anyone claim what is happening in Aleppo is ‘liberation’?’

House of Commons Debate on Syria

Jeremy Corbyn reportedly reads the Morning Star but his team missed an open goal in the Syria debate.

Jeremy Corbyn reportedly reads the Morning Star but his team missed an open goal in the Syria debate.

The row came on the same day (13th December 2016) as a House of Commons debate on ‘international action to protect civilians in Syria’ initiated by the foul-mouthed Tory ex-chief-whip Andrew Mitchell MP.

During the two-hour debate not one Member of Parliament condemned the UK for funding and encouraging jihadists in Syria.  Not one mentioned that whatever his faults, President Assad had protected religious minorities including Christians in Syria.  Not one mentioned that the Western-funded terrorists in Syria had torched churches and murdered Christians.  Not one asked to which groups the UK’s money had gone or where what it had bought was now.

The fault was especially bad in Labour’s ranks.  They are supposed to be an Opposition.  By cosying up to the Conservatives, allying themselves with the Establishment’s new ‘Cold War’ stance and blindly following the ‘Rebels Good, Assad Bad’ line the Labour front bench missed any number of available shots at an open goal.

Donald Trump = will end 'Responsibility to Protect' or 'Excuse to Interfere' as it should be known.

Donald Trump will end ‘Responsibility to Protect’ or ‘Excuse to Interfere’ as it should be known.

‘Responsibility to Protect’ is dying

Mitchell himself used the debate to try to breathe life into the doctrine of ‘Responsibility to Protect’.  This is the line invented by financier George Soros to give legitimacy to the US and its allies to destabilise the countries of national leaders whose faces do not fit, fund opposition groups, run fake news and try to effect ‘regime change.’

By the grace of God, ‘Responsibility to Protect’ is now on its death-bed.  Donald Trump has said the days of the US interfering in countries around the world is coming to an end.  With Trump as Presidenta new era of US co-operation with Russia could begin.

An Islamic State militant urging people to fight against Assad in Aleppo

An Islamic State militant urging people to fight against President Assad in Aleppo (The Guardian)

That would leave the likes of Messrs Mitchell, George Osborne and Michael Fallon up a creek without a boat, let alone a paddle.

Aleppo is being liberated from jihadists

But to answer Angela Smith’s question, yes, east Aleppo is being liberated.  How can we claim that?  Because those holding the people there hostage were and are a bunch of hard-line jihadists.

Or, as the Morning Star’s Ben Chacko put it in an editorial, ‘murderous religious extremists’.

The paper went on: ‘The insurgents being driven from East Aleppo after a four-year occupation are still being lionised as freedom fighters in the press and Parliament. Their defeat by the Syrian army is being treated as a tragedy.  They are not and it is not.

‘The occupiers of East Aleppo are terrorists, who have deliberately targeted civilians in their regular bombardment of government-held West Aleppo — a bombardment that, in contrast to the Russian and Syrian bombardment of the eastern parts of the city, does not appear to bother Western governments.

‘They are tyrants, who have held the civilian population hostage. Families who have managed to flee have spoken of the use of civilians as human shields; the massacre of people who sought to leave the city by insurgent militias; the execution of family members of those who successfully got away, as a warning to others to stay put.  And they are fighting for a brutal, medievalist vision.’

We should also be sceptical of reports of actions taken by the Syrians against ‘civilians’.  The terrorists are not above disguising themselves as civilians to escape and begin actions elsewhere.  As the Morning Star’s James Tweedie put it in a post about the retaking of Aleppo:

‘Hidden among the refugees Syrian authorities found Yousef Fahd Deeb, who confessed to being head of the “sharia tribunal” office of the al-Jabha al-Chamiya terrorist organisation which sentenced 25 civilians to death by public firing squad.

‘He said that insurgent factions included numerous foreign jihadists from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Russia’s Chechnya region.’

Odd politics

Politics is truly in a odd state in this country when the Morning Star and Christian Voice, not normally found on the same page, are the only ones trying to call the Government to account over its support of jihadists, its sense-defying ‘Assad must go’ Syria policy and actually celebrating the defeat of terrorists in Aleppo.

Syria has a long way to go and its remaining Christians need our prayers.  But at last the people of Aleppo can start getting back to some kind of normality.

Acts 15:23 And they wrote letters by them after this manner; The apostles and elders and brethren send greeting unto the brethren which are of the Gentiles in Antioch and Syria and Cilicia: 41 And he went through Syria and Cilicia, confirming the churches. (KJV)


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  1. Rox

    It’s time somebody commented on this.

    Stephen writes convincingly. But in any war, you’ve got two sides committing violent acts, with civilians often suffering. Which were necessary for victory, and which were atrocities, depends on the point of view of the observer, but largely ultimately on who wins.

    People don’t care who is in power in the Maldives as long as it stays peaceful, and safe for their holidays. It’s very much the same in Morocco, and it could be in Syria (with its beaches and still some ancient tourist attractions; quite like Croatia, in fact).

    If the Syrian government comes to rule the whole country again, and behaves itself reasonably well, then everybody will be happy with that. East Aleppo will have been liberated.

    If the Opposition Party eventually manages to take over the whole country, or establishes a viable separate state in the North, and ISIS is excluded from this, and the no-longer-opposition behaves itself reasonably well, then everybody will be happy with that, West Aleppo will have been liberated,

    The second scenario is looking increasingly unlikely. Is that a good thing ?
    Whichever scenario can end the war more quickly is probably best for the people as a whole.

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