Mar 08

‘Woman’ accused of raping a man is a man

Despite the pout, 'Katie' Brannon, accused of raping a man, is actually a bloke called Gavin.

Despite the pout, ‘Katie’ Brannen, accused of raping a man, is actually a bloke called Gavin.

A ‘woman’ accused of raping a man is actually a man, Christian Voice has discovered.

All the press, including the Independent, and even RT, have reported the case in the following politically correct fashion:

Woman appears in court charged with raping a man twice

‘A British woman is to stand trial accused of raping a man.

‘Katie Brannen appeared in Newcastle Crown Court accused of two offences of rape after allegedly attacking the man in January in South Shields.

‘The 24-year-old, of Julian Avenue, Newcastle, spoke only to confirm her name during the hearing.

‘Barrister Gavin Doig indicated a not guilty plea and said he would be looking for a trial date.

‘An approximate four-day trial was listed for 4th December and a review hearing, which she must attend, was scheduled for 25th September.

‘Brannen was granted bail on the condition she must not try to contact the alleged victim and must live at an address on Green Lane in South Shields.’

Katie Brannen is actually Gavin

The wheels of justice grind exceeding slow in Newcastle.  The alleged victim of this offence must wait nine months for the trial.  But leave that aside.

This is actually not a case of a ‘woman raping a man’.  ‘Katie’ Brannen is actually a man named Gavin.  Moreover, he appeared at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court in April 2013.  He racked up a £27 taxi bill from Newcastle.  Brannen fled on arriving home in Laygate, South Shields.  He was charged and convicted as Gavin Brannen.  But he appeared in court dressed as a woman.  The court heard on that occasion that he was going through gender reassignment and wanted to be known as Katie.  In addition, his boyfriend, Cory Elstob, 20, also of Laygate, South Shields, failed to appear in court in relation to the same incident.  Magistrates issued a warrant for his arrest.

The 22-year-old was back in court In August 2014, says the Shields Gazette.  Once again he was accused of dodging a taxi fare. This time he appeared under the name of Katie Brannen.  The court heard he dashed off at the end of another taxi ride from Sunderland to Frederick Street, South Shields.  On the second occasion it was a £20 bill the transgender fare dodger tried to avoid.

Gender reassignment will not address mental issues

Firstly, Gavin Brannen has obvious mental, emotional and dare we say spiritual issues which gender reassignment will fail to address.  How much more ethical it would be for doctors to address the underlying pathologies in those with gender dysphoria rather than to administer hormones and embark on surgical mutilation.  In addition, his homosexuality appears to be another part of the problem.  No doubt we shall find out in December more depressing detail about how the alleged rape was accomplished.

Secondly, memories of the emperor with no clothes come flooding back when our politically-correct press persist in referring to Brannen as ‘her’ and ‘she’.  Er, Brannen is a bloke, guys.  It’s actually easy to find that out.  We took just two minutes.  He may have gone back to falsify his birth certificate under the Gender Recognition Act 2004.  But be assured it originally said ‘Gavin’.  Those midwives did not get it wrong when they tied a blue ribbon around his ankle.  He can take all the hormones he wants.  Surgeons can cuts bits he was endowed with by his Creator right off.  But he will always be genetically a man, despite all his protestations to the contrary.

Jenni Murray says ‘transwomen’ are ‘not real women’

Jenni Murray

Jenni Murray

Meanwhile, arch-feminist presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Jenni Murray, has joined the fray.  She wrote a piece on the subject in the Sunday Times.

Ms Murray took particular exception to a CofE minister who became a ‘trans-woman’, the late Rev Peter Stone.  Jenni M recalls the conversation she had with ‘Carol’: ‘Her primary concerns, she told me, were finding the most suitable dress in which to meet her parishioners in her new persona and deciding if she should wear makeup or not.’

Her piece appeared under the heading: ‘Jenni Murray: Be trans, be proud – but don’t call yourself a ‘real woman’. Can someone who has lived as a man, with all the privilege that entails, really lay claim to womanhood? It takes more than a sex change and makeup.’

Frank Maloney as 'Kellie'

Frank Maloney as ‘Kellie’

‘I believe I’m a woman’

She was immediately jumped on by Stonewall.  Next, boxing promoter Frank Maloney pitched in.  Despite being a man, he says: ‘I see myself as a woman and I believe I’m a woman’.  As one’s children would remark, ‘Whatever’.

He was ‘shocked by broadcaster Dame Jenni Murray’s suggestion that people who have undergone “sex change” operations from male to female are not “real women”.’  His South London friends would probably say ‘Oh mate, get over it!’  Or words to that effect.

Frank appeared on ‘Loose Women’ (here’s the video if you can bear it) in May 2016 dressed up as ‘Kellie’.

He admits even his three children call him ‘dad in a frock.’  ‘They will always call me Dad’, he says.  Again wittering on about dresses and makeup, he says: ‘it’s bloody hard being a woman.’  Especially when you aren’t, Frank.

Nigerian feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has also taken the Jenni Murray stance.  She is opposed by a Nigerian man called Miss Sahhara.  Apparently, feminists like Chimamanda are called TERF by the Miss Sahharas of this world. That stands for ‘Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist’.  You wanted to know that.

Welcome again to the Post-Truth World

This is what happens when you cut a nation adrift from its Christian anchor point.  Well, it’s not all that happens.  For that see our publication Britain in Sin.  It’s probably only the most contemporary part of what happens.

Welcome, once again, to the post-truth world.

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

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  1. Rox

    Oh dear !

    Rape used to be a man raping a woman. Those were the good old days !

    And if the woman had gone to bed with the man, this was generally taken as an indication that she had in fact agreed to “sleep” with him (especially if they were both young). So not rape.

    Life was so much simpler .

    1. Stephen

      Actually, it still is. Because Gavin is a man. But we shall no doubt discover the unpleasant details in due course.
      You will of course also remember that buggery used to be a separate offence. These days it is called ‘rape’.

      1. Rox

        Even within marriage.

  2. Mark Jones

    Whatever his/her sex is, Gavin/Katie looks like a right skanker.

    But I suppose I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, no doubt Gavin/Katie really loves his/her old mum, etc.

    They had a trans-woman (male to female) on Songs Of Praise a while back. He/she came from a Sarf London boxing background, so a real find for the progressives at the BBC. We were treated to the usual normalisation, he/she wittered on about how important his/her faith was to him/her, etc etc etc.

  3. Rox

    A right skanker ?

    1. Stephen

      I believe the expression is normally applied to a distinctly unappealing woman. Hence it is out of place in this context, because let us not forget, despite the nauseous pout, we are talking about a bloke here.

      1. Mark Jones

        actually, Stephen, my understanding is that the term is more usually used for males. It has a similar definition to “chav”, but additionally implies use of, or addiction to, hard drugs, including the ravages of this for the physical appearance.

        1. Rox

          To my surprise, “skank” (informal) is in the Concise Oxford Dictionary, and from this, a skanker would be somebody who walks or moves in a sexually suggestive way.
          There is also skank and skanky, both North American informal, meaning a sleazy or unpleasant person, and very unpleasant, respectivelly.

          We get the general idea, I think. I must congratulate Mark, as it seems an appropriate word (judging superficially). Mark seems unhealthily familiar with the Underworld.

          If male, he looks much too aesthetic to be a “chav”. A typical chav is surely overweight, with a shaven head. There is (dare I say?) something wrong with those eyebrows, though.

          1. Stephen

            You do not have to be overweight to be a chav, son, but the epithet is slightly dated, I feel.

          2. Rox

            You don’t have to be, Grandad, but I did say a TYPICAL chav, meaning the stereotypical idea of one (I do wonder how “stereo” got into that word !). I can have my idea of a typical Teddy Boy or Dandy or Roundhead, whether the term is dated or not. It was Mark who used it.

            I don’t think HE looks like a chav at all, but as SHE perhaps SHE does. I once shuddered at the sight of what I took to be a centipede on a kitchen work surface, but it was in fact a chav lady’s eyelash.

  4. Rox

    Now there is a man who used to be a proper man, and indeed a rapist, who has had surgery to make him a woman (I wonder who approved that ?) and so has been transferred to a women’s prison to continue his sentence for raping women when he was a man.

    The main concern here has got to be how the ordinary women in the prison feel about it. The new “woman” doesn’t really matter very much, not to most people, anyway. They will be incredulous.

    What I don’t understand is how he persuaded anybody that he had always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body, or anything like that, when he had indulged his desires as a man so much as to get locked up for it. It really doesn’t make much sense. If he is as mixed up as this suggests to most people, they might think he would do better as a male prisoner in a psychiatric prison than as a female prisoner in a women’s prison.


    1. Mark Jones

      “ay, there’s the rub”

      1. Rox

        Can I take that to be agreement ?

        1. Mark Jones

          “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less”.

        2. Mark Jones

          but the answer to your question, Rox, is yes, I am in agreement.

          One small point: you seem to think that the women in the prison will be “incredulous” when our friend Gavin/Katie is incarcerated with them. I doubt personally that they would be incredulous: we have all, imo, got used to the madness of our man-centred, anchorless, morally adrift, “everyone does what’s right in their own eyes” brave new world. So they wouldn’t be “incredulous”. The only question, for me, is what new madness is going to happen next (with objectors screamed at for being “bigots”, “racists”, etc etc etc, we all know the buzz words by now). One of my bets is that a semi-official, Obama/Soros-sanctioned daily “Two Minute Hate” of President Trump will be instigated, with non-participants subject to the usual abuse.

          1. Rox


            Read this again, please ! The man sentenced to prison for rape is NOT your friend Gavin/Kate.
            He is not even going to be tried until 4th December 2017. You must consider him innocent until he is proven guilty..

            You are referring to a different case, that of Martin Ponting. He is named in the link itself, even if you didn’t bother to read the news item it leads to.

            I made no comment at all about the possible imprisonment of Gavin/Kate. Let’s be clear about that, please .
            We never know who might be reading this.

          2. Rox

            In fact, I made not much comment either about the reaction of the women in the prison where this other person has been sent. apart from being concerned about their plight. It was “most people” that I thought would be incredulous,

            Mark says ““When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less”. ”

            His use and understanding of grammar and syntax is all his own, too.

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