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White Helmets – a British invention

White Helmets as they like to be seen, rescuing babies.

‘White Helmets’ as they like to be seen, rescuing children from ‘Assad’s bombs’.

With the liberation of Aleppo, we have heard much about the so-called ‘White Helmets’ in Syria.

Last month, ‘Avaaz’, a group of George-Soros-funded globalists in the US, ran a campaign to raise a “people’s million” in dollars for the ‘White Helmets’.

The campaign was started after the group was unaccountably overlooked for this year’s Nobel Peace prize.

The message went far and wide, with the UK contingent on the Avaaz emailing list invited to donate from £2 to £32 to the ‘White Helmets’ to ensure ‘the recognition they deserve and the funding they desperately need’.


Syria’s ‘White Helmets’, Avaaz claims, have saved ‘70,280 lives … rushing to the scene of bombings to pull people from the rubble and carry them to safety’.  ‘For their heroic efforts’, it goes on, ‘White Helmets volunteers are often targeted — Russian and Syrian regime planes bomb civilians, then circle back to bomb the rescue workers who scramble to help’.

White Helmets celebrating with AL Nusra Front in a video on YouTube.

White Helmets celebrating with Al Nusra Front fighters in a video on YouTube.

‘These heroes’, it gushes, ‘are just ordinary Syrians – bakers, teachers, tailors – who felt they couldn’t do nothing, and threw themselves right into the line of fire’.  ‘The White Helmets aren’t from an international aid organization, and they need every dollar they can get’, it goes on.


So are the ‘White Helmets’ really a cash-starved locally-grown humanitarian group of peacemakers and para-medics as Avaaz claim?

Well, actually, no, they aren’t.  They are a foreign-inspired and foreign-funded partisan force working against the Syrian government.  As can be gathered from the comment about ‘Russian and Syrian regime planes’ bombing them, they only work in rebel-held areas.

There is footage online of ‘White Helmets’ waiting while jihadists execute people they disagree with before carrying the bodies away.  They have been briefed in advance.  Also online are videos of ‘White Helmet’ persons celebrating with Al Nusra jihadists firing guns in the air (see picture above).

White Helmets founder British insider James Le Mesurier standing on the Eminonu docks in Istanbul, Turkey, where he trained the 'White Helmets'

White Helmets founder British insider James Le Mesurier.  We discovered the background is the Eminonu docks in Istanbul, Turkey, where the UK-funded Syrian National Council is based and where he trained the ‘White Helmets’

‘White Helmets’ are also called ‘Syria Civil Defence’, perhaps to engender confusion with the genuine Syrian government ‘Syria Civil Defence’ or even to claim to be locally-inspired.

But they are actually a Western-Arab import.  The ‘White Helmets’ was started in 2013 by insider James Le Mesurier.  He claims to have been a British Army Officer, but does not give his rank.

He also claims to have been on the staff of the United Nations and to have been a consultant for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as well as private security companies.

GlobalResearch.ca carries an account by Scott Ritter, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and weapons inspector in Iraq:


‘The organizational underpinnings of the White Helmets can be sourced to a March 2013 meeting in Istanbul between a retired British military officer, James Le Mesurier—who had experience in the murky world of private security companies and the shadowy confluence between national security and intelligence operations and international organizations—and representatives of the Syrian National Council (SNC) and the Qatari Red Crescent Society.’

Naturally, the Syrian National Council is an anti-Assad opposition group based in Istanbul and just as naturally, it is funded by the British Foreign Office.  Earlier in March 2013, the SNC was given Syria’s seat in the Arab League at a meeting of the league held in Qatar.  Scott Ritter continues in ‘TruthDig‘:

‘At that meeting, the SNC assumed Syria’s seat, and the Arab League authorized member states to actively provide support, including arms and ammunition, to the Syrian rebels. The Qataris, working through the SNC, helped assemble for Le Mesurier $300,000 in seed money from Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom for a seven-day course designed to train and equip a 25-person rescue team, recruited by the SNC, for duty in socalled “liberated areas” of Syria. The SNC made available a pair of Syrian activists – Raed Saleh and Farouq Habib – to assist Le Mesurier in this work.’

The British Foreign Office, under Permanent UNder-Secretary Sir Simon MacDonald (left!) FUNDS THE 'whITE hELMETS'.

The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, under Permanent Under-Secretary Sir Simon MacDonald (seen here welcoming his new Foreign Secretary in July) funds the ‘White Helmets’.

$30m Budget

GlobalResearch.ca says the ‘White Helmets seems to have an annual budget of US$30 million and has raised a total support of well over $100 million’ in its three years of operation.

A White Helmets’ briefing page says: ’funding for their humanitarian relief work is received from the aid budgets of Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.’

White Helmets FCO

A Freedom of Information request earlier this year made by one Rori Donaghy elicited the following response from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office:

‘The United Kingdom has provided support to Syria Civil Defence (also known as the White Helmets) through the crossdepartmental Conflict Pool and its successor, the Conflict Stability and Security Fund.  Our assistance has been delivered through trusted third party implementers. The total value of funds committed between June 2013 and the end of the current financial year (31 March 2016) is £19.7m.’


With money like that sloshing around, the ‘White Helmets’ certainly do not need the ‘peoples’ million’.  White Helmets is even listed as a beneficiary of the Jo Cox Memorial Fund.  They don’t need that money either.  But then Jo Cox was co-chair of the fiercely anti-Assad ‘Friends of Syria’ All-Party Parliamentary Group with the Tory MP Andrew Mitchell who initiated a debate on Aleppo just days ago.

Naturally, photos abound of men wearing white helmets carrying wounded infants out of bombed sites presumably in Syria.  But journalist Vanessa Beeley told RT the ‘White Helmets’ are ‘terrorist support group & Western propaganda tool’.

Syrian women have spoken out against the 'White Helmets'

Syrian women have spoken out against the ‘White Helmets’

‘This organization is a fraudulent shadowstate construct created by NATO to simply propagate the propaganda that will demonize Assad’s government and also demonize Russian legal intervention in Syria,’ said the journalist, who recently returned from Syria.

While there, she was told by an emergency worker with the legitimate Syrian Civil Defense that the White Helmets are ‘very poorly trained in paramedic work.’  Beeley went on: ‘He claimed that they drive around with guns in the back of their car, like every other terrorist there. They carry out and facilitate criminal activities in Eastern Aleppo.’

A woman named Rana from Damascus said: ‘they are an armed force [which has] covered themselves under the wing of ‘humanitarian’ organization. In rural Idlib they did so many executions against Syrian civilians that don’t support the fake revolution’.


So which is it?  ‘White Helmets’, good or bad?  Jan Oberg of GlobalResearch suggests a both/and approach.  He suggests the White Helmets is ‘a dualpurpose organisation. They claim to be ordinary Syrian volunteers who came together around the idea of saving lives and are truly altruistic ‘bakers, tailors, engineers, pharmacists, painters, carpenters, students and many more, the White Helmets are volunteers from all walks of life.’ It could well be that some of them actually are, even a majority.

‘That doesn’t preclude that other elements – not the least those operating outside Syria such as foundations, PR and marketing firms, change organisations, NATO government and NGOs are in it with less noble, war-promoting purposes.’


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  1. Rox

    It’s interesting that in the first picture, they are wearing these nice clean white helmets, which apparently are essential to the work they do, but they are offering no protection to the children. If the place is still being bombed, and the men are capable of carrying one or two children, it wouldn’t be too difficult to carry one or two child’s helmets until they find a child in need to protection while being rescued. Perhaps they just haven’t thought of it, or perhaps this is propaganda photograph.

    I am probably wrong about this, or somebody knows of insuperable difficulties in doing anything like that.

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