May 06

Tories setting up to bomb Syria

The Conservatives are seriously thinking of asking Tornado pilots to bomb government facilities in Syria

The Conservatives are seriously thinking of asking Tornado pilots to bomb government facilities in Syria

The Conservatives are considering a manifesto pledge to hold a Commons vote to bomb government facilities in Syria, reports the Guardian.

The paper says the commitment would only take effect if there were another gas attack.  But the fear is it would encourage ‘false flag’ events by rebel jihadist forces.

‘Assad must go’ hysteria

A lot will depend on how it is worded.  It is possible a pledge could bind Tory MPs into voting for action, although candidates could well object to that.  In 2013 just twenty-seven Tory rebels helped defeat a similar attempt by David Cameron.  They included senior Conservatives David Davis, Dr Julian Lewis, Crispin Blunt and Fiona Bruce.  The vote was held at the height of ‘regime change’ mania.  ‘Assad must go’ hysteria was rife.

The UK is already engaged alongside American counterparts in military action in both Syria and Iraq against Islamic State.  Striking against Syrian forces would encourage IS.  It is a perplexing stance.

The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, said last month the UK might launch such airstrikes without parliamentary approval if the US asked.

However, Mrs May would clearly prefer parliament’s backing.  But if she secures a landslide majority Tory MPs could swing such a vote.  Many new MPs would be eager to impress the leadership with their loyalty.

Peace breaking out in Syria?

Last month US president, Donald Trump, overturned an election pledge to stay out of the middle east.  He allowed a strike against a Syrian airbase after an alleged use of chemical weapons against rebels at Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib. Both Syria and Russia have denied Syrian involvement and Western governments have blocked independent UN investigations.

The Conservatives are also claiming Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would be weak on national security. Mr Corbyn’s mistake was to say the unsayable.  He told Andrew Marr any use of nuclear weapons would be a world disaster.  He also wants a political solution in Syria.  We can’t peace breaking out, now can we?

Any UK action against Syria would bring the distinct possibility of conflict with Russia, President Assad’s ally. We could see UK planes shot down. With a belligerent warmonger like Michael Fallon in charge of defence, who knows where that might lead?  The manifesto story is a disturbing escalation.

UK Government has learnt nothing

It also tells us that Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Michael Fallon have learnt nothing about the Middle East.  The Iraq catastrophe featured a regime-change war.  Tony Blair joined the US based on Saddam’s non-existent ‘weapons of mass destruction’.  He forever poisoned the well of weapons intelligence.  Not to be outdone, David Cameron launched airstrikes against the government of Libya.  Gaddafi was butchered and Libya is now a wasteland.

In both cases jihadist forces were inevitably unleashed.  The Iraq conflict led inexorably to the rise of Islamic State, as if Al Qaeda was not bad enough.  In Iraq, the jihadists slaughtered and expelled local Christians with roots going back almost two thousand years.

If it had not been for the determination of President Assad, Syria’s Christians would have gone the same way at the hands of the jihadists supported by the UK Government.  Meanwhile, no-one in the Foreign Office would have shed a tear.

Syria speaks to the Russian soul

On the Conservative Home website, Douglas Hansen-Luke says: ‘Neither we nor the Americans can honestly say that we can bring about regime change and guarantee a peaceful outcome in Syria.’  But the fear must be they don’t even care.  Prising the Russians out of their Mediterranean bases in Syria might be goal enough.

We shall continue to thank God for the presence of the Russians in Syria.  Without them, the UK could easily have sponsored a bloodbath.  Moreover, by protecting all religious minorities and the Syrian Christians in particular, Bashar Al-Assad has spoken to the Russian soul.  We need to appreciate that the Russian Orthodox Church and the Antiochian Church, the largest Syrian Christian denomination, are in communion.  Both are also allied to the Greek Orthodox.  Both strategically and spiritually the Russians will not be giving up on Syria and its President any time soon.

The Conservatives need to think long and hard before even considering expanding their failed Syrian adventure.




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  1. Mark Jones

    I believe that Mrs May, Alexander “Boris” Johnson, Fallon, etc are just following the line fed to them by their Illuminati/NWO masters.

    Putin is demonised, imo, because apparently he is not a NWO guy.

    1. Mark Jones

      well, perhaps not so much Mrs May, but Boris is up to his eyeballs in it imo. He’s the consummate career politican, imo, as many of them are, he knows the line to take.

      1. Rox

        I never realised that Boris Johnson was an illuminatus. Wasn’t there something here about Hampshire?

        1. Mark Jones

          didn’t say he was an illuminatus, I said he was following their orders. Sooner or later, the higher they rise, they get given their orders: then they have a choice. Imo.

          1. Mark Jones

            I’d like to rephrase a part of my above post: instead of “Imo” I would rather put “so some/they say”. Christian Voice website readers can now rest easy and relax now I’ve said that.

          2. Rox

            So Boris Johnson is the consummate career politician, so they say, but you still believe that Mrs May, Alexander “Boris” Johnson, Fallon, etc are just following the line fed to them by their Illuminati/NWO masters.That isn’t really a resting easy and relaxing opinion if we take you seriously.

            Boris is up to his eyeballs in “it”, so they say. But in what ? You say he isn’t an illuminatus, which is reassuring (or at least, you didn’t say he is — I suppose you have to be very careful what you say).

  2. Mark Jones

    yes what has happened to the Hampshire football thread? I was enjoying that

  3. Rox

    Sorry, I thought “up to his eyeballs in it” implied that he was one of them. Isn’t Mrs May a career politician? Wouldn’t these elusive lizards or whatever they are give her orders too ? But I don’t know as much about this as Mark.

    People who are given orders by army officers and obey them are usually part of the army. So forgive my mistake.

    Perhaps it was the illuminati who ordered two threads relating to Hampshire to disappear. At least our man in Hampshire has not been imprisoned by the régime. Hampshire is not Turkey, where FOUR THOUSAND public officials were recently “purged” in one week alone (according to “The Week” magazine, 6th May). There are now 47,000 people in detention. Worse than that, access to Wikipedia has been blocked ! Can you imagine life without Wikipedia ? No wonder there was this sudden fear (just about the time of the referendum) that millions of Turks would emigrate to Britain, but somehow I think that Turkey joining the European Union is not going to happen any time soon. People were conned.

    1. Mark Jones

      Hmm, Rox, TWO threads relating to Hampshire have disappeared? I detect the Illuminati hand at work here, I feel sure of it, the only possible conclusion to be drawn. Is Stephen an illuminatus (your word)? deedeedeedee…………..(theme from “The Twilight Zone”)

      1. Stephen

        Keep watching!

      2. Rox

        Mark gives me too much credit here. I suspect that illuminati is the plural of illuminatus as surely as literati is the plural of literatus, or termini is the plural of terminus.

        The only reason that the plural of omnibus is not omnibi is that omnibus is an ablative plural, obviously.

        What would Mark call just one of the illuminati, then ? I am intrigued.
        Or just one strand of spaghetti ?

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