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They’re all backing London Gay Pride

Topshop being more progressive than thou at London Gay Pride this weekend.

Topshop being more progressive than thou at London Gay Pride this weekend.

Businesses and politicians fell over each other to support the London Gay Pride parade at the weekend.

The BBC reported: ‘With almost 50 official partners, ranging from airlines to mobile networks, and a list of over 60 supporters, companies are signing up to try to stamp out prejudice.’

Well, no, they are not trying to ‘stamp out prejudice’, BBC, they are simply trying to sell product.  To do that, a bit of good old ‘virtue signalling’ will do the trick.

The inverted commas indicate that we have come to a strange place when supporting a group defined by vice is ‘virtue signalling’ in the first place.  But clothing retailers such as Topshop are definitely adopting a ‘more progressive than thou’ stance.

London Gay Pride sponsored by Barclays and the Mayor

London Underground getting in on the act at Oxford Circus.

London Underground getting in on the act at Oxford Circus.

Costa coffee also went rainbow coloured.  In addition to the opportunists on the street, the ‘Pride in London’ website indeed lists around fifty corporate sponsors of one kind and another.

London Underground is a sponsor, putting the six-coloured rainbow up at Oxford Circus with a slogan:  ‘#LoveisLove’.  Or five minutes in the bushes on Hampstead Heath.

Barclays Bank was joint ‘headline’ sponsor with the Mayor of London.

That’s devout Muslim Mr Khan.  There is obviously a time and a place for Islam in a politician’s life.

Gold sponsors include Starbucks and Tesco.  Tesco seem not to have learnt the lesson of their disastrous financial calamities following their £30,000 sponsorship of the 2012 Gay Pride.

Rainbow-coloured Houses of Parliament - sort of.

Rainbow-coloured Houses of Parliament – sort of.

Gay flag flying over Downing Street

Politicians other than the mayor of London jumped on the bandwagon.  The London Evening Standard gleefully reported that the Houses of Parliament were lit up in rainbow colours.  Well, after a fashion.

“The rainbow illumination of Parliament is our signal of support for sodomy,” said John Bercow, the Commons Speaker.  Sorry to misquote him. Actually, he said: ‘.. of support for equality’.

Moreover, the Prime Minister flew the rainbow flag over 10 Downing Street.  Thersa May put every true Christian, Othodox Jew, Muslim and for that matter every decent person in the realm, firmly in their place.

From protest to fashionable

Gay Pride has moved from protest to fashionable in forty years.  However, not everyone in the gay sub-culture is happy.  Peter Tatchell complained in the Guardian: ‘What began in 1972 as a protest for gay rights has now morphed into a commercialised, bureaucratic and rule-bound event, which too often reflects the wishes of the city authorities, not the LGBT community.’

The veteran campaigner went on to observe ‘a mere 26,500 people will be permitted to march. This is a fraction of the number who would march if it were a free and open event’.

Many might think 26,500 is more than enough dysfunctional people parading through our capital city.  But when Gay Pride becomes as much a part of the calendar as Christmas, we need to take notice and start praying very hard for our nation to repent.  And keep our passports up to date just in case the mind of God is for judgment on the UK, rather than for mercy.

Conversion therapy ‘abusive’, says Jayne

Jayne Ozanne, enmeshed in defending the indefensible

Jayne Ozanne, enmeshed in defending the indefensible

Meanwhile, one Jayne Ozanne, speaking at a weekend event in York, condemned so-called conversion therapy.  This is where people who wish to be free of same-sex attraction seek psychiatric help.  She said:

“Conversion therapy is condemned by professionals as being harmful to LGBT people as it is based on a misguided belief that being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is wrong. This leads to increased mental health problems for LGBT community due to stigmatization.”

No, that’s not a ‘misguided belief’, Jayne, that is the plain teaching of scripture:

Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.  Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Lev 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

Mar 10:6 (Jesus said) But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. 7 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; 8 And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

And being ‘one flesh’, in that full wonderful God-given spiritual, emotional and physical sense, is something a pair of gays, or two lesbians, can never do.  Moreover, the ‘increased mental health problems’ are from gays and lesbians knowing what they are doing is plain wrong.  If it were from ‘stigmatization’, mental health problems for LGBT’s would be diminishing with greater media-driven acceptance.  They aren’t.  It isn’t.


Just why is transgenderism an even greater assault on the Gospel than homosexuality?  Click here to read about the Canadian baby whose mother (sorry, ‘parent’) insists she (sorry, ‘they’) has no gender.

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  1. Bob Hutton

    With regards to the paragraph about the apostate Ozanne, I have written an article viz.


  2. Rox

    The Houses of Parliament house a higher proportion of homosexuals than the country in general (there is a statistic to that effect somewhere, I’m not making it up) , so you can’t really blame them for having rainbow lighting occasionally. It’s more worrying that homosexuals have now taken over the rainbow, as well as the word “gay”.

    What publisher would take on Enid Blyton’s “Gay Book of Fairy Stories” now; or put up with Georgina’s Uncle Quentin being a bit queer for that matter, or Georgina insisting that she was really a boy called George (a predominant theme in the popular Famous Five books, where one of the five is a dog). How times have changed.

  3. Clear Vision Catholics

    You may also be interested in the Catholic view of all this is “London Shame” on the Clear Vision Catholics blog spot. https://clearvisioncatholics.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/london-pride-parade-form-of-child-abuse.html It is the media that is driving Western civilisation in to gutter. We also ask in another of our blog posts “is paying the TV licence fee a sin”? https://clearvisioncatholics.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/is-paying-tv-licence-fee-sin.html we believe it is.

  4. Rox

    You dont’ have to pay the TV licence fee if you think that TV is so bad that you don’t want to watch it, and can convince inspectors that you don’t watch it (preferably by not having any equipment capable of receiving it).

    As I’m sure you realise, there are people who are going to question whether the Roman Catholic Church, which offers plenty of opportunities for unmarried men, has ever been completely free of homosexuality and child abuse, or ever will be. I have never personally heard the “Christian Brethren” mentioned in any other context, I’m afraid !

    1. Stephen

      The trouble is, it offers plenty of opportunities for unmarried men to become close to children. It is no surprise if the wrong sort became attracted to view the priesthood as a job with certain benefits rather than as a vocation, IMHO. Wasps and jamjars.

      1. Rox

        I’m afraid we’re agreeing again.

        But to be fair, it isn’t only Roman Catholic churches where this sort of thing happens, and the News of the World traditionally liked nothing better than to catch Anglican vicars so involved, when they weren’t enjoying steamy sex with lady parishioners. It would be instructive to compare mishaps in the two communities in Northern Ireland.

        It was truly refreshing to hear of the recent case involving a Muslim gentlemen and girls reading the Koran under his guidance in a mosque. Sad of course that it happened (actually, it doesn’t seem to have been all that serious as such cases go), but then one would assume anyway that such things were happening. The good thing is that it has been seen to have been happening, in an institution which (like the Catholic church in days gone by) likes to think of itself as very exclusive and with unique access to the Truth.

        1. Stephen

          OK, the Christian church has the truth of life embodied in Jesus Christ (and the word Catholic means ‘all-embracing’ not exclusive). That does not mean every one who becomes a minister is born again of water and the spirit, sadly. I agree it is embarrassing when they are not, but you do not stop going to your GP just because one doctor somewhere else is struck off the register.

  5. [email protected]

    I was absolutely astonished to hear Ministers and the Labour opposition members (besides our own PM, herself a professing Christian) wishing well those who were taking part in that abominable spectacle. Only today at a Prayer for Parliament I raised this issue, pointing out that the rainbow was a sign of God’s mercy to mankind, that there would never be another flood to wipe out humanity. It was suggested that Gay Pride is therefore, by its blatant use of the rainbow flag, ‘mocking’ God.

    1. Mark Jones

      sadly, I am not particularly surprised by their support for this awful event. Apart from anything else, anything other than full approval would mean the end of their careers (just as anything other than total condemnation for Enoch Powell is not acceptable). I would suggest that few who manage to claw their way to the top of the greasy pole have any principles left, they would find it necessary to jettison them pretty early on in their careers. I would contend that most politicians are careerists, principles and the good of the country come second to their careers and their party. Alexander “Boris” Johnson is a case in point imo: a rich toff who one day decided on a career in politics. Love him or loather him, I believe Nigel Farage is at least acting from his vision of the good of the country: few others do, imo.

      1. Rox

        Perhaps it’s best to think of this as a bit of Street Showbiz, like the Notting Hill Carnival, or even the State Opening of Parliament. Awful or awesome is a matter of taste (no matter what kind of “partner” you choose, and whether you are white or black, and whether you would vote for Dennis Skinner or Norman Panayea St John Stevas, i.e. before he was baronated and then died) .

        I doubt if claws are going to help you to get to the top of a greasy pole ! What you need is a firm grip, or a means of wiping away the grease.

        Boris Johnson was, like so many cabinet ministers over the years, elected President of the Oxford Union in his youth, and he was the Daily Telegraph’s correspondent in Brussels before becoming assistant editor of that right-wing journal, and later editor of the right-wing Spectator. He was first an actual MP in 2001 (at the age of 37, and that is now 16 years ago). In between, he was a popular figure as Mayor of London, despite all other mayors before and since having been Labour.

        So I really don’t think you can accuse him of being a “toff” who has just dropped in recently on a whim. What is a “toff”, anyway ? It smacks of reading the Beano. Were Churchill and Attlee toffs ? Is the problem the top hat ?

        Diane Abbott one day decided on a career in politics. They all did.
        Generally speaking, Conservative MPs are richer than Labour MPs, but there is no rule requiring them to give away all their money before taking the job.

  6. Epistle

    If someone feels that they need psychiatric support to address their homosexuality, why should they be denied it by Chuch diktat? Freedom is being destroyed by such a move out of misguided and unbiblical political correctness.

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