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Feb 09

Article 50 Bill passes House of Commons

The Article 50 Bill, more properly the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, has passed all its stages in the House of Commons. The SNP tabled a whole raft of amendments at Committee Stage.  Labour tabled some others.  The House voted on some of them and defeated all it voted on. That meant there was no …

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Feb 01

Apology for Fallon ‘ship of ‘shame’ remarks

PRESS RELEASE: Christian Voice has written to the Russian Ambassador in London to apologise for the rudeness of Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Defence Sir Michael Fallon. Last week, the Independent reported Sir Michael saying the British navy was keeping a ‘close eye on the Admiral Kuznetsov as it skulks back to Russia.’  He …

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Jan 24

Article 50 – UK Parliament will decide

The judges of the UK Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled this morning the UK Parliament must give its assent before the Government can trigger Article 50 and begin the process of leaving the European Union. The verdict was arrived at by a majority of eight judges to three. It means the Government cannot rely on the ‘prerogative powers’ of the Crown.  Instead, …

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Jan 20

Who is behind Trump inauguration disruption?

When you see the violent protests against Donald Trump’s inauguration on the news later today, don’t be surprised. It’s all been planned – by someone with a lot of money. The Inauguration happens at 12 noon US Eastern Time, 5.00pm our time. You can check the route on this BBC guide. Inauguration #DisruptJ20 The protesters …

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Dec 14

Yes, Aleppo is being liberated

A row has broken out on the left following a headline yesterday in the Morning Star (in red opposite) saying ‘Final liberation of Aleppo is within sight’. According to the liberal-leaning Huffington Post, a host of Labour MPs queued up to condemn the communist paper for its headline. Many were from the disgruntled Blairite wing, like John …

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Nov 21

The European Union’s Tower of Babel

Five months after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union by the grace of God, we are no nearer to knowing what kind of relationship Theresa May’s administration intends. Tony Blair has weighed in to what he sees as a vacuum.  He will want the closest possible association with the EU, and behind …

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Jul 12

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Rules

The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee meets today to decide whether Jeremy Corbyn, the incumbent leader, may go forward to a leadership ballot without being nominated by MPs. Those Labour MPs who wanted to oust Corbyn were hoping they could keep him off the ballot paper in a leadership contest. If he failed to get …

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Oct 08

Jeremy and the Privy Council

Every leader of the opposition becomes a Privy Councillor and Jeremy Corbyn will be no exception, even if he is a life-long republican and joining involves kneeling before the Queen. The Privy Council’s role is to advise the Queen in carrying out her duties, such as the exercise of prerogative powers and other functions assigned to …

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