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Jan 26

Christians threatened by Casey’s British values

Orwellian: Dame Louise Casey

A senior Government advisor, Dame Louise Casey, has said Christians in public life should not be allowed to hold traditional Christian views on marriage. Speaking to MPs on the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Dame Louise said: ‘it is not okay for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage. … it is not …

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Jul 14

Prayer for Cabinet appointments

Permanent Under-Secretary Simon McDonald welcomes Boris Johnson to the Foreign Office last night.

Last night, new Prime Minister Theresa May made six senior appointments, covering the three great offices of state (Chancellor, Home Office, Foreign Office), and created two new post-Brexit positions.  Continue to pray for her appointments today. BORIS JOHNSON The most astonishing appointment last night was that of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.  Mr Johnson is said …

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Mar 11

Sadiq Khan and the Muslim Card

Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting and Labour's candidate for Mayor of London

A report in the Spectator magazine claims Sadiq Khan, Labour’s London Mayoral candidate, is playing the ‘Muslim Card’ in May’s election. Recognising that Khan’s Islamic faith is disadvantageous in the wake of 9/11, the London 7th July attacks, Islamic State atrocities, Muslim migrants, sex attacks in Cologne and a rash of cases of Muslims grooming and …

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Aug 05

Who’s best for Labour?

Christian Voice has put together a video considering the voting records of the contenders for the Labour Party leadership. We hope this will help Christians in the Labour Party as they pray for the outcome and vote for the candidates. Jeremy Corbyn has been in the House of Commons the longest, since 1983.  Yvette Cooper entered …

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May 19

Ashers Bakery guilty of ‘discriminating’

Gareth Lee

A judge in Belfast has found that a bakery discriminated against a homosexual by refusing to bake a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage. Ashers Baking Company, which is owned and run by the McArthur family, who are Christians, declined an order from a gay rights activist asking for a cake featuring the Sesame Street …

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Mar 10

Scottish registrars given ‘conscience clause’

Margaret Jones

The Scottish Government has given registrars a conscience clause not to take part in ‘gay marriage’ ceremonies. The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014 provides that local authorities must provide a registrar to conduct a same-sex ‘marriage’ but does not say that every individual registrar is obliged to participate. A spokesperson for the Scottish …

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Sep 16

Salmond’s Independent Scotland to promote gay rights

'Equality Network' at Glasgow Gay Pride 2013

Homosexuals in Scotland may only number around 1% of its population, but Alex Salmond is courting their votes in a final push for the ‘Yes campaign’, according to Pink News. The First Minister told the ‘Equality Network’, a group of homosexual activists, that an independent Scotland would cement perversion in a new constitution. Mr Salmond …

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Aug 14

No right to ‘Gay Marriage’

There is no right to ‘gay marriage’, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled. The highest human rights court in Europe assuaged fears that it would judicially impose same-sex marriage when it told a male to female transsexual and his wife that a civil union should be good enough for them. European human rights law …

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Mar 29

‘Gay marriage’ is a farce

The words of Jesus Christ are clear

In the name of inclusiveness, the first so-called ‘gay marriages’ are happening in England and Wales this weekend.  The media and politicians are falling over themselves to congratulate homosexuals on ‘tying the knot’ in an orgy of sycophancy.  BBC Radio 5 Live this morning even had a peer of the realm ‘proposing’ to his ‘partner’ …

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