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Aug 14

No right to ‘Gay Marriage’

There is no right to ‘gay marriage’, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled. The highest human rights court in Europe assuaged fears that it would judicially impose same-sex marriage when it told a male to female transsexual and his wife that a civil union should be good enough for them. European human rights law …

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Mar 29

‘Gay marriage’ is a farce

The words of Jesus Christ are clear

In the name of inclusiveness, the first so-called ‘gay marriages’ are happening in England and Wales this weekend.  The media and politicians are falling over themselves to congratulate homosexuals on ‘tying the knot’ in an orgy of sycophancy.  BBC Radio 5 Live this morning even had a peer of the realm ‘proposing’ to his ‘partner’ …

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Oct 14

Balding & Tatchell joint 2nd in ‘Pink List’

Claire Balding (r) with her 'civil partner' broadcaster Alice Arnold

The lesbian BBC sports presenter Claire Balding and Peter Tatchell, ‘Outrage!’ leader and contributor to a 1980s paedophilia campaigning book, are joint second on the Independent’s 2013 ‘Pink List’ of 101 influential homosexuals. Topping the list was a journalist by the name of Paris Lees, who was apparently born a man and has had a sex …

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Jul 18

Queen approves ‘Gay Marriage’

The first gay wedding cakes could be baked next summer.

Her Majesty the Queen has given her Royal Assent to the Bill legalising ‘gay marriage’ in England and Wales. Speaker John Bercow MP told the House of Commons yesterday that Her Majesty had given the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill her approval.  The Bill is now an Act of Parliament. During Her Coronation on 2nd …

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May 18

Hammond warns against redefining marriage

Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP

Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond, has warned of the danger of redefining marriage. Speaking on BBC’s Question Time, he said there was no great demand in the country for change and criticised the amount of parliamentary time devoted to the issue. “I have just never felt that this is what we should be focusing …

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May 18

French Legalise ‘Gay Marriage’

Francois Hollande has signed the Bill into law

France’s president has signed into law a controversial bill making the country the ninth in Europe, and 14th globally, to legalise gay marriage, reports the BBC. On Friday, the Constitutional Council rejected a challenge by the opposition, clearing the way for Francois Hollande to sign the bill. The deeply unpopular Hollande said: “I have taken …

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Apr 12

Can Ecclesiastical Marriage Be Separate From Civil Marriage?

David Dunn

Usually, the people I come across who favour same-sex ‘marriage’ are non-Christians. However, on the radio and internet recently, I have begun to encounter a strange phenomenon: Bible-believing Christians who are in favor of gay marriage, or at least its legalization. The argument they use hinges on introducing a sharp distinction between civil marriage vs. …

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Apr 11

Jeremy Irons in Gay Marriage Warning

Jeremy Irons

In an intriguing interview last week, actor Jeremy Irons warned that laws to introduce same-sex marriage ‘could “debase” marital law and lead to a legal nightmare. Irons told an interviewer with the Huffington Post that he feared men would begin marrying their sons for tax purposes, since the laws prohibiting incest would be hard to …

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Feb 07

EU driving ‘gay marriage’ says UKIP

Mr Nigel Farage

A move in the European Union is behind David Cameron’s rush to enact ‘gay marriage’, claims the United Kingdom Independence Party. An EU report due to be voted through the EU Parliament later this year, they say, would see all marriages and civil contracts conducted in any EU country become legally binding in all other …

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