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Feb 10

Beached whales were Orkney bonanza

Volunteers attend to some of the hundreds of stranded pilot whales still alive. (REUTERS/Anthony Phelps

We are all mortified, not to say mystified, by the stranded pilot whales in New Zealand.  But in Orkney some four thousand years ago, the people would have regarded such a beaching not as a tragedy but as a bounty from the sea. No-one knows how whales manage to get themselves beached in the shallows. …

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Feb 24

Teach children creation, says report

Children should be taught about creationism in science lessons to avoid alienating those of strong faith, according to new research, reports The Times. A study by academics at the University of York claims creationism should be tackled by science teachers in order to engage their religious pupils. The study, reported in the Times Educational Supplement, …

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Feb 07

Ham and Nye in Historic Creation Debate

On 4th February Ken Ham and Bill Nye got together at the Creation Museum to debate creation vs. evolution. The debate is engaging and well worth watching. Find out how to join Christian Voice and stand up for the King of kings (clicking on the link below does not commit you to join) Please note …

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Jan 21

Bacteria cannot have evolved – Nature

Research done just three years ago has demolished any idea that we are evolved from bacteria, Christian Voice has discovered. The study, published in the pro-evolution journal Nature, is never referred to by the proponents of evolution, who are more fond of quoting Lenski’s experiments on bacteria, in which E-Coli appeared to evolve an ability …

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Jan 25

Evolution Dismantled in 5 Minutes

In the video below, Dr. Berlinksi talks about the absence of any laboratory evidence to support the central claims of the Darwinian hypothesis. At the end of the day, what we find is an “inherent species limitation” in which “bugs stay bugs.”