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Feb 02

Article 50 Bill – How your MP voted

Rt Hon David Davis arguing for Article 50 in the House of Commons

Members of Parliament have voted on principle to allow Theresa May to trigger Article 50 and begin the UK’s process of leaving the European Union. The House of Commons defeated a negating amendment, tabled by the Scottish Nationalist Party, by a majority of 236 votes.  MPs then carried the Second Reading of the Bill by …

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Nov 21

The European Union’s Tower of Babel

European Parliament Tower

Five months after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union by the grace of God, we are no nearer to knowing what kind of relationship Theresa May’s administration intends. Tony Blair has weighed in to what he sees as a vacuum.  He will want the closest possible association with the EU, and behind …

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Jun 20

European Union’s Roman Empire

Is the European Parliament Tower in Strasbourg modeled on the Tower of Babel, the Colisseum in Rome, or both? Why was Rome called ‘the Eternal City’? Who was the first Eurocrat, who drafted the Treaty of Rome and decided where it would be signed? What did he say about reviving the Roman Empire? View my …

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Jun 14

EU – Christian Project or Catholic Plot?

Dr Neil Summerton

View our videos: The European Union’s Tower of Babel The European Union’s Woman on the Beast The European Union’s Pagan Foundation European Union- Does the Lord Keep the City? The European Union’s Roman Empire  One Christian argument for the European Union, certainly superior to vague sentiments of unity, hospitality and ease of travel, is the one …

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Jan 16

“Brexit” on the Horizon?

Without EU reforms, a Brexit might well be imminent.

A so-called “Brexit” might be on the horizon, according to Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission. On 13 January, Delors publicly acknowledged that Britain might be on its way out of the European Union. Along with two other politicians, Pascal Lamy and Antonio Vitorino, Delors wrote in an article for Euractiv emphasizing the …

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Feb 07

EU driving ‘gay marriage’ says UKIP

Mr Nigel Farage

A move in the European Union is behind David Cameron’s rush to enact ‘gay marriage’, claims the United Kingdom Independence Party. An EU report due to be voted through the EU Parliament later this year, they say, would see all marriages and civil contracts conducted in any EU country become legally binding in all other …

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Nov 28

Who ate the Queen’s halal nosh?


The Queen held a state banquet of halal food for the President of Turkey on 22nd November at which she assured him that HM Government would help Turkey join the European Union. (1) Where and how and by whom were the animals slaughtered and cooked and which Muslim certifying authority approved it? (2) Since when …

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