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Jul 07

How many Muslims support Islamic State?

The East London Mosque

In the wake of David Cameron’s ridiculous assertion, made on 26th June 2015 in the wake of the Tunisia  beach shooting, carried out by a Muslim gunman, that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, how many Muslims actually support Islamic State? An ICM poll carried out for the Daily Mirror has some shocking findings. They …

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Aug 05

Baroness Warsi resigns over Gaza

David Cameron’s Muslim poster-girl, Baroness Warsi, has resigned from the Government over its policy on Gaza. She wrote on Twitter earlier today: “With deep regret I have this morning written to the Prime Minister & tendered my resignation. I can no longer support Govt policy on #Gaza.” Baroness Warsi represented the Government in putting out …

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May 29

Immigration Increases Strain in Britain’s EU Membership

Immigration levels are more than twice what David Cameron projected for the last year.

According to an official report released Thursday, immigration into Britain increased by 27% last year. In fact, net immigration is currently twice Mr Cameron’s target goal of reducing immigration to “tens of thousands.” The results show that a net total of 201,000 EU citizens immigrated to the UK, as compared to the 158,000 immigrants last …

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Apr 23

Anti-Christian signatories all signed-up atheists!

Professor Jim Al-Khalili got his British Humanist Association mates to sign the anti-Christian letter.

  The signatories of a letter accusing David Cameron of ‘fostering alienation and division in our society’ by maintaining that Britain is a Christian country have all turned out to be signed-up atheists. Research carried out by Christian Voice has revealed that every single one of the fifty-five signatories is a ‘Distinguished Supporter‘ of the …

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Apr 23

Christian nursery worker sacked

Sarah Mbuyi

A Christian nursery worker is claiming unfair dismissal after losing her job because she said she told a lesbian colleague the Bible regards the practice of homosexuality as a sin. Sarah Mbuyi said she made the comments only after being pressed on her beliefs by a colleague who initiated the conversation at Newpark Childcare in Highbury, north …

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Apr 23

Blair: Work with Russia & China against Islam


Tony Blair has warned Western leaders they must put aside their differences with Russia over Ukraine to focus on the threat of Islamic extremism – and work with both Russia and China. In a speech at Bloomberg in London the former UK prime minister – now a Middle East envoy –said powerful nations must “take …

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Apr 23

Britain – Christian country or not?

The 2014 Easter Reception at No 10 Downing Street

Senior Conservative politicians have hit back at claims by militant atheists that Britain is not a Christian country. Attorney General Dominic Grieve and Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith told the Daily Telegraph modern Britain had “Christian heritage”. Mr Grieve, a patron of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, said atheism had not made “much progress” in the …

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Feb 17

Druids invoked ‘spirit of water’ at Paralympics

Rory MacKenzie

Druids invoked the ‘spirit of water’ at the end of the Paralympic Games in 2012, Christian Voice can reveal. In an astonishing pagan ceremony, former army medic and whisky promoter Rory MacKenzie spoke words from a Druid ritual composed by Philip Shallcrass (known as ‘Greywolf’ in the British Druid Order) and Emma Restall Orr (‘Bobcat’). …

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Oct 14

Balding & Tatchell joint 2nd in ‘Pink List’

Claire Balding (r) with her 'civil partner' broadcaster Alice Arnold

The lesbian BBC sports presenter Claire Balding and Peter Tatchell, ‘Outrage!’ leader and contributor to a 1980s paedophilia campaigning book, are joint second on the Independent’s 2013 ‘Pink List’ of 101 influential homosexuals. Topping the list was a journalist by the name of Paris Lees, who was apparently born a man and has had a sex …

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Jun 18

Middle East state arms Syrian Islamists

The highly-portable Russian-made Konkurs anti-tank missile is being supplied, ironically, to the Syrian Sunni Islamist rebels.

An unnamed Middle Eastern state has supplied Syrian rebels with 250 sophisticated Soviet-made anti-tank missiles, most of which were given to radical Islamist militias fighting President Bashar Assad, according to a report published in London-based Arabic daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat on Tuesday. According to the report, the unidentified state made its first delivery of 9M113 Konkurs …

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