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Jan 27

Theresa May to meet Donald Trump

Theresa May addresses the Republican Party

Today the Rt Hon Theresa May MP becomes the first world leader to meet President Donald Trump. The media is obsessed with their probable discussions on trade. The UK exports more to the US than we buy from them, so it could get tricky. But trade deals often focus on tariffs or the lifting of …

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Jan 11

MPs debate Saudi violence in Yemen

MPs will debate the catastrophe of Yemen tomorrow (Thursday 12th January 2017). According to the Parliament website, a fairly innocuous motion has been put down by Stephen Twigg (Labour) and Chris White (Conservative). It says: “That this House notes the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the impact of the conflict on civilians; condemns any breach of International Humanitarian Law; and …

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Jan 10

NATO rattles its sabre in Europe

According to reports in the Daily Express, the Independent and RT among others, the US has just landed the biggest shipment of military equipment since the Cold War at Bremerhaven in Germany as part of a NATO build-up. The Express said hundreds of tanks had been off-loaded at the port and are now trundling across Europe …

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Nov 26

Pray for Donald Trump

Donald Trump will end 'Responsibility to Protect' or 'Excuse to Interfere' as it should be known.

The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders, but there is an urgent need to pray for Donald Trump, especially as he embarks on his ‘Thank You’ tour with all the security challenges that presents. TRUMP IS NOT YET ‘PRESIDENT-ELECT’ Despite the generous words of President Obama, Donald Trump is not yet, at this …

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Jun 08

UK votes for Monsanto Roundup

The United Kingdom was among twenty European Union nations voting earlier this week for Monsanto’s controversial ‘Roundup’ weedkiller, it has emerged. The vote, held on Monday 6th June 2016, failed to authorise the use of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and similar products from Synerga and Dow Chemicals. Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Portugal …

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Mar 29

Sodomite Superhead Stripped of Schools

A much feted self-styled ‘superhead’ will be stripped of the schools in Birmingham under his command following the discovery of financial mismanagement, but is extraordinarily going to keep his job as headteacher, according to reports. Liam Nolan pleaded with the General Teaching Council to keep his job after a conviction for a homosexual offence at …

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Nov 28

70,000: the new 45 minutes

David Cameron’s assertion in the House of Commons on Thursday 26th November 2015 that there are ‘seventy thousand’ moderate Syrian opposition forces ready to back up UK air strikes is unravelling fast. Dr Julian Lewis MP, chairman of the Defence Committee, said in the debate, ‘I have to say that the suggestion that there are …

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Nov 04

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The UK Government is going to force firms to reveal the bonuses they pay to men and to women. Apparently, in the UK, a woman on average earns around 80p for every £1 earned by a man. The Government will also make it a legal requirement for every company with more than 250 employees to …

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