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Feb 23

AFC Bournemouth hosts gay youth fundraiser

AFC Bournemouth is hosting a fundraiser for Space Youth Project, which promotes homosexuality among adolescents.

AFC Bournemouth is hosting a fundraiser this weekend for a group promoting homosexuality among adolescents. Three-course dinner The event, raising money for Space Youth Project, will take place on Saturday evening in the Balfour Suite of AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium. Tickets are a cool £60 per person and VIP speakers are promised. There will be …

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Feb 18

AFC Bournemouth report Christian group for ‘hate crime’

Christian Voice Press Release – 14:45 hrs 18th February 2017 A premier league football club have accused a Christian group of ‘hate speech’.  The complaint follows an article highlighting their sponsorship of a homosexual event targeted at young people. AFC Bournemouth have reported Christian Voice to Sussex Police and football’s ‘KickitOut’ pressure group. AFCB’s action …

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Feb 10

BBC’s Fake News over Refugee Ban

As a Federal Appeals Court rules against President Trump’s Refugee Ban, it has emerged that the BBC ran a fake news story on the issue. The UK state broadcaster denied that Muslims were favoured over Christians.  This was a complete reversal of the truth. The debate could impact on the UK’s own refugee policy.  The Home …

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Feb 01

Apology for Fallon ‘ship of ‘shame’ remarks

PRESS RELEASE: Christian Voice has written to the Russian Ambassador in London to apologise for the rudeness of Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Defence Sir Michael Fallon. Last week, the Independent reported Sir Michael saying the British navy was keeping a ‘close eye on the Admiral Kuznetsov as it skulks back to Russia.’  He …

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Jan 26

Christians threatened by Casey’s British values

Orwellian: Dame Louise Casey

A senior Government advisor, Dame Louise Casey, has said Christians in public life should not be allowed to hold traditional Christian views on marriage. Speaking to MPs on the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Dame Louise said: ‘it is not okay for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage. … it is not …

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Jan 05

Boris, Help Rebuild Syria!

‘O hush the noise, ye men of strife, And hear the angels sing’. (From the carol: ‘It came upon the Midnight Clear’) We thank God for the liberation of Aleppo last month by the Syrian Government, supported as they were by Russia and Iran (and opposed by Boris Johnson and the British Government), and for …

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Dec 13

I watched Muslims Like Us

I watched the first episode of Muslims Like Us last night. The cast list was a bit odd.  Yes, it was balanced between the sexes, with five men and five women.  But the racial and age mix was strange for me. Among the women was a middle-aged opinionated woman of white appearance in Islamic dress. She …

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Dec 08

BBC’s Muslims Like Us gives Islamic State a platform

We are growing used to the BBC giving us fake news on Syria and promoting transgenderism to children. But now they are putting our physical safety at risk by giving a platform to a supporter of Islamic State. Muslims Like Us “Muslims Like Us”, to be broadcast on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th December at …

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Jun 14

EU – Christian Project or Catholic Plot?

View our videos: The European Union’s Tower of Babel The European Union’s Woman on the Beast The European Union’s Pagan Foundation European Union- Does the Lord Keep the City? The European Union’s Roman Empire  One Christian argument for the European Union, certainly superior to vague sentiments of unity, hospitality and ease of travel, is the one …

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