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Feb 16

Bournemouth AFC in gay propaganda storm

A smiling Eddie Howe with AFC Bournemouth players who don't look too happy having a gaming business as their official shirt sponsor.

A Premiership Football Club is promoting homosexual propaganda to children, Christian Voice has discovered. Relegation strugglers Bournemouth AFC are co-sponsoring a 2017 SchoolsOut’s LGBT ( Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual) History Month event to be held this Saturday (18th February). The other main sponsor is Bournemouth University.  The event is called ‘OUTing the past’ Yet …

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Feb 10

Beached whales were Orkney bonanza

Volunteers attend to some of the hundreds of stranded pilot whales still alive. (REUTERS/Anthony Phelps

We are all mortified, not to say mystified, by the stranded pilot whales in New Zealand.  But in Orkney some four thousand years ago, the people would have regarded such a beaching not as a tragedy but as a bounty from the sea. No-one knows how whales manage to get themselves beached in the shallows. …

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Jan 27

Theresa May to meet Donald Trump

Theresa May addresses the Republican Party

Today the Rt Hon Theresa May MP becomes the first world leader to meet President Donald Trump. The media is obsessed with their probable discussions on trade. The UK exports more to the US than we buy from them, so it could get tricky. But trade deals often focus on tariffs or the lifting of …

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Jan 21

Who’s on the UK women’s march?

Anti-Trump women outside the US Embassy in London.  But where are the placards from?

Who is behind the anti-Trump women’s march going on in London today? The placards in the picture from the BBC’s report give the game away. Two groups have organised the affair. Firstly, the ‘No to Racism’ placards are from ‘Stand up to Racism’.  That is a Socialist Workers’ Party offshoot. It was formed when the …

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Sep 28

The fall of Sam Allardyce

Sam Allardyce resigned as England football manager this morning.

Sam Allardyce resigned as manager of the England football team this morning after only 67 days in the job. So what did he do wrong?  In broad terms, the Daily Telegraph newspaper set out to entrap him and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. SET UP The paper set ‘Big Sam’ up in a meeting with …

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Sep 07

Michael Fallon’s MOD gives IS ‘hitlist’

Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP

Mr Michael Fallon is under pressure to resign after the Ministry of Defence published a list of serving commissioned military personnel online. The story has been reported on Russia Today, in The Sun and International Business Times, to name but three. The list contains 20,000 names, with rank and number, of every regular serving officer, reservist …

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Jul 02

BILDERBERG Meets in Dresden

Taschenbeinpalais hotel in Dresden surrounded by guards and concrete for the Bilderberg meeting of the 'kings of the earth'

The world’s movers and shakers met from 9th to 12th June in Germany behind tight armed security. Chaired by Henri de Castries, Chairman and CEO of the giant AXA insurance group, it was the first time for a while that the men with the money were seriously worried. The topsecret, fourday meeting was held in …

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Jun 20

European Union’s Roman Empire

Is the European Parliament Tower in Strasbourg modeled on the Tower of Babel, the Colisseum in Rome, or both? Why was Rome called ‘the Eternal City’? Who was the first Eurocrat, who drafted the Treaty of Rome and decided where it would be signed? What did he say about reviving the Roman Empire? View my …

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