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Syria – Thank God for the Russians

A Syrian rebel brandishes a looted cross in stolen vestments – attribution to www.prisonplanet.com

Only Russian and Chinese resistance to Western stupidity is standing between Israel, Syria’s Alawite minority, the Christians in Syria – and a bloodbath.

The Christian church will go the same way as our brothers in Iraq where the American and British invasion and toppling of Saddam, despotic as he was, has led directly to systematic persecution of the Christian church.  In every country affected by the ‘Arab Spring’ the writing is on the wall for Christians.  Similarly in Syria, if the Islamic fundamentalist rebels gain power, they will be gradually exterminated.

Stop Press: The BBC News at Ten reported on the growing persecution on the Syrian church on 31st July, just four days after this post was filed.  Hard to take what the Muslim Brotherhood man says at the end, mind!

The same fate will befall the Alawites, of whom President Assad is the most prominent figure, if his secular regime falls.

And if Syria’s stock of chemical and biological weapons falls into the hands of the Islamic rebels, there could be carnage both in Syria and in Israel.  Sales of gas masks are already booming in the latter.  While it is true that Syria has funded and supplied Hezbollah with weapons used against Israel, a fundamentalist regime running Syria with control of President Assad’s arsenal – which he has never used – is a dangerous prospect indeed.

Britain is ‘fanning the flames of violence’

Russia has said that Western and Saudi calls for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down are blocking efforts to end 16 months of unrest in the country, reports Israel Nation News.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that such calls — made by the United States, Britain, several European and Arab governments and Turkey — were fanning the flames of violence.  Support for Syrian rebel groups was tantamount to backing terrorism, he said.

“We propose things that would allow for an immediate ceasefire, but the other side says, ‘No, either the regime capitulates or we will continue to back … the opposition’s armed fight’, justifying terrorist acts,” Lavrov said.

The Russians and Chinese are both standing against the doctrine of ‘Responsibility to Protect’, developed and funded by George Soros, by which nations who regard themselves as global policemen can enforce regime change on countries which are not democratic enough.  Christian Voice reported last August on WorldNetDaily’s exposure of the Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect in connection with Libya.

(SInce then it has emerged that Soros persuaded President Obama to send troops to Uganda, ostensibly to arrest the leader of the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army, but really to safeguard the oil interests of one George Soros.)

Israel will strike if rebels raid weapons

Israel’s foreign minister warned on Wednesday his country will act immediately if it discovers Islamic militants are raiding Syria’s chemical or biological weapons stocks, Associated Press has reported.

Israeli political and security leaders have been watching the intensified bloodletting in neighbouring Syria with mounting concern, afraid that Lebanon’s Hezbollah and other militant groups could raid these arsenals should the central government in Damascus collapse. In recent days, Israeli political leaders have said they would be prepared to strike weapons depots to prevent this from happening.

Destroy all churches

On 12th March this year, Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, declared that it is “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region.” The mufti based his decision on a story that on his deathbed, Muhammad declared, “There are not to be two religions in the [Arabian] Peninsula.”

Churches have always been banned in Saudi Arabia, but in the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, in Syria, and in other Muslim lands before they came under the sway of the George Soros-funded Muslim Brotherhood, Christians were allowed to practise their faith and formed a thriving minority community.

As the Washington Times reported at the time: ‘This is not a small-time radical imam trying to stir up his followers with fiery hate speech. This was a considered, deliberate and specific ruling from one of the most important leaders in the Muslim world. It does not just create a religious obligation for those over whom the mufti has direct authority; it is also a signal to others in the Muslim world that destroying churches is not only permitted but mandatory.’

Saudi Arabia is supporting the Syrian rebels with money and weaponry.

Naive and simplistic

The approach of the British Government is both naive and simplistic.  In following the slavish devotion to democracy at all costs promoted and financed by the Open Society movement of George Soros, they are encouraging the Muslim Sunni majority in Syria to destroy all others.

It is not, as Mr Hague seems to think; ‘Assad bad, rebels good’.  Nor can the rebel reports given pride of place on the BBC be trusted as the gospel truth.  There is spin and worse on all sides of this conflict.

In a letter to a constituent dated 24th July, Mr Hague said: ‘You have raised concerns regarding the persecution of Christians in Syria.  Since the Syria uprising more than a year ago, the Assad regime has demonstrated time and again that it is unwilling to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of all its fellow citizens.’

Mr Hague’s statement is duplicitous.  Mr Assad is not persecuting Christians and never has.  It is the rebels who are doing that already and who will do it all the more if they gain power.   In addition, President Assad is part of a minority group himself.  He is an Alawite Shia Muslim, despised by the 74% of Syria’s population who follow the Islamic Sunni religion.

Mr Hague goes on: ‘In our regular dialogue, we are encouraging Syrian opposition groups to reach out and engage with minority communities, including Christians, and to maintain a clear commitment to a peaceful and non-sectarian approach.’

So Mr Hague admits he is in touch with the rebels.  Worryingly, he expects them to behave as if they were taking part in a vicarage tea party.  He speaks as if he really thinks the world is like a civilised home counties drawing room.  He may really believe that or he may be pretending to.  Either way, by backing the rebels, our Government like that of America and most of Europe is preparing the way for a middle-east bloodbath.

Thank God for the Russians and the Chinese.

PRAY: That Britain will pull back from its unqualified support of the Syrian rebels and realise that the Assad regime, with all its faults, remains the last protector of the Christian and Alawite minorities in Syria.  Pray for more even reporting of the conflict.  Pray that the Russians and Chinese will stand firm against Western and Saudi duplicity.

Ask your MPEmail address HERE – to ask the Foreign Secretary what contacts Her Majesty’s Government is having with Syrian rebels and what political, financial and weaponry assistance it has given them.  You could ask your MP to ask the Foreign Secretary to support President Assad instead.  Ask your MP also to ask the Foreign Secretary to comment on the reports of Syrian rebel persecution of Christians and Alawites (he won’t say anything positive, and will not say what assistance he is giving, but he will know you are there and concerned.)

Join Christian Voice today and stand up for righteousness in the land:




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  1. Barbara Richards

    It’s difficult to understand what is going on any more, its as of there is a great cloud of chaos all over everything. The Lord did say what it would be like in the last days. We have to cling to him, not go this way or that way, just stay close to the Lord.

  2. ann farmer

    Unfortunately, Russia has been supplying the arms for Bashar al Assad to kill his own people. Whatever happens will not be good for Christians but we do need to influence the outcome for their sakes as well as for all Syrians.

    1. Stephen

      The rebels are ‘killing their own people’ as well. It’s a civil war. Don’t fall for the simplistic Foreign Office / BBC line! The Christians lived in peace in Syria before Soros, Clinton, Hague & Co encouraged the rebels to start this disaster.
      And don’t forget this – we have legal abortion in this country. In England and Wales we kill just over 3,500 unborn children every week. In America it’s that many every working day. Then there are the adults starved and dehydrated to death under the Liverpool Care Pathway in NHS hospitals. Our governments are killing their own people on an industrial scale.

      1. Ralph Ellis


        Christians lived in peace in Syria before the civil war, but they still lived as dhimmis, just as they do in all Muslim countries. A dhimmi is a serf – someone who does all the work but has no political control. The lot of the dhimmi-serf has got better since the 19th century, because of international pressure, but they are still dhimmi second-class citizens with many restrictions on their worship and the professions they choose.

        The same system operates in the Middle East. You don’t think that all those Western workers in the Gulf States have any political rights or local passports, do you? Unlike the immigrants to Europe, the workers in the Gulf must go home when they retire. They may be well paid, but they are still dhimmi-serfs.

        1. Stephen

          Hi Ralf, Syrian has been a secular not a Muslim state and Christians appear to have been relatively free with no evidence of dhimmi status – unless you can provide it. See here: http://undhimmi.com/2011/04/29/christians-nervous-over-syria-turmoil/
          But if the Free Syria Army win in Syria, the church there is finished, just as it is in liberated democratic Iraq and going that way in Egypt, another George Soros-funded uprising which only benefitted his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood.
          There is, by the way, a dhimmi law in Egypt restricting the building of churches: http://www.rescuechristians.org/2012/03/20/egypt-christians-call-for-repeal-of-dhimmi-law-restricting-church-construction/

          1. Ralph Ellis

            Since the French and then the Assads took over Syria has been secular. But prior to the 20th century, both the Christians and the Alawites were second-class dhimmis, subject to oppression and the jizya tax. This is why Assad does not want to go back to dhimmi status – for the Alawites were formerly the ‘untouchables’ of Syria, and firmly under the Sunni thumb. They were treated worse than the Christians were.

            Interestingly, the Alawites celebrate Easter and Christmas and refuse to go to mosque, which is why they were persecuted. They appear to be pseudo-Christians masquerading as Muslims to (not very successfully) avoid persecution. The Alevi of Turkey and the Ahmadis do the same. It is the only way to live, in a Muslim controlled nation.

        2. James

          Thanks 4 the gr8 insight, I found your article quite detailed, engaging & educational. It is a truly complex situation brewing in Syria at the moment. From the way I’m reading the lines & between them here, it is only God who has the full account. James5:16, talks about the efficacy and productiveness of prayers offered by brethren who are in touch with God, in truth & spirit.
          The short of the long, we need to pray. Stand in the gap, especially for our brethren in Syria and other Muslim countries.
          Faith without works … we also need to take it up with our MP’s, as recommended by Stephen. Let it not be said, at any point in future, that “we didn’t know these things were going on”. Politicians can be very good at evasive tactics!
          As for George Soros – what wickedness! What love of money can do to harden a man’s heart. But, “what doth it profit a man” …. with all that influence & affluence, his end is predictably & inevitably a pathetic downfall. Unless he comes to repentance & makes amends.
          Our politicians, what naivety, what audacity ….
          Our press … what pathetic ambassadors of “truth”, “poor players that strut & fret” repeatedly & long everyday. Half-truths! Mixed truths! Biased truths! Untruths! … what ethics, how unprofessional & what a shambles.
          One is almost tempted to go back in time, to search again for the truth, for everything that’s ever been reported.
          We are in living in the age, where credibility and integrity have become rare qualities.
          Please, let us continue to say prayers for Syria (and all Muslim countries, for the peace & protection of Christians).
          Let’s all make the step of faith, let our MP’s aware, we are following their plan and motives closely!

    2. Nikita

      U.S. and Britain did not supply arms to rebels (terrorists) from the al-Qaeda and the Muslim brothers?!

  3. Ann Whitaker

    In general I see events as you do. How strangely blind our politicians seem to be as they assume that all the nations are devoted to peace-making when there are those determined to wipe one nation off the map entirely.

  4. Dave H

    I am going to have to dissagree with you on this one Stephen. If Hassad is a Shia muslim he is the more dangerous one to Israel and Christians. Iran and its leaders are Shia and are planning the annilation of Israel and Christianity. He has already proved that he doesn’t care who he destroys. Has already been said, all these things have been prophesied to happen the same as the homosexuality problems. The Lord will see it through praise His wonderful name.

    1. Stephen

      Well, although Assad has been supporting Hezbollah, he has not been the one driving Syrian Christians out of their homes, has he? Israelis are buying gasmasks in droves now. The instability is not good.

  5. charles mortlock

    thankyou for a timely succinct and helpful article stephen, i watch russia today on tv if i want to watch the news at all and for months every day they carry stories about syria and i could not really understand why this should be important to the russians when there is correspondingly little coverage on the uk madia, your article answers many questions, btw it is years since i watched bbc or itv news just no point. Its amazing to see how God moves even those who do not know Him to do His will, knowing God is a reassurance in these times.

  6. Dave H

    Stephen, He has been killing indiscrimately within his own Country, how can we be sure he hasn’t been killing Christians. I have lots of emails from Israel each week. They say they are surrounded by Muslim nations and Syria is the one they fear most after Iran as their borders are very near.
    Again I believe that the Lord will deliver Israel as he says that a remnant will be saved. They are always well equiped with gas masks as their position is not good.
    However, you do remember the six day war dont you, I have the book, the Israelis beat them off within six days as well as retaking Jerusalem.
    As for the homosexual situation it is the Lord who is giving them over to their own lusts, as it says in Romans chapter 1 verses 24 onwards. The speed at which this is happening proves that, especially when government leaders are shoving it all forward. I believe that Rapture is very close when I see what is happening in this world and I praise the Lord daily for His deliverence. We shall not have to face the antichrist, we shall be gone. Hallelujah.
    Thinking of the lady in Newton Aycliffe, if she has called on the Lord Jesus then he will forgive her and deliver her from all of her troubles. I am praying for her daily. Unfortunately since my first wife died I have no reason to go that way anymore since her Mother has also died.

    1. Stephen

      We can be sure President Assad hasn’t been killing Christians because the Assad regime – father and son -has been in power for 40 years and there is a thriving church in Syria.
      We know Israel is on constant guard against Syria and we know Syria funds Hezbollah but Assad still keeps his distance. With the Islamic rebels in power, it will be worse, much worse.
      As to fixing your sights on the Rapture and not facing the antichrist, they were saying that in the seventies. The world including Britain is full of the spirit of antichrist right now. And it will get a lot worse yet. Just look at the signs of the times.
      I have said to people before, dear brother, don’t get too carried away by ‘last days’ theology. If our gracious Lord returns tomorrow he will want to know what you were doing to proclaim his crown rights and advance his kingdom today.

      1. Dave H

        Hi Stephen, I proclaim the gospel every day watching and praying for His soon return.Every day to whoever I meet and serve others in His name by helping at the home. I do not sit on my hands and do nothing as you imply. The Lord Jesus said we should be looking and constantly praying for His return. That is what I am doing. I am also doing exactly what the Lord Jesus said in being constantly ready for His return. When I was younger I went to Libya and Saudi Arabia to spread the message of Jesus to them and was expelled from both but not before I had reached many.

        1. Stephen

          Dear Dave, no-one has accused you of doing nothing or implied anything of the sort. The Lord bless all you do in his precious name.
          Can you show us some scriptures where the Lord urged us to constantly pray for his return? I can find the Lord’s prayer, I can find his advice to pray that the flight from Jerusalem be not in the winter, there is the word to ‘watch and pray’ and to pray for those who despitefully use you, and I see his command to pray for the God of the harvest to send forth labourers.
          But although I see John, right at the end of Revelation, praying for his soon return I cannot find such a prayer as a specific command of the Lord and I don’t see any of the other apostles praying it either. Help us here.

  7. keith jefferson

    I was listening to (a Christian working in the Middle East) a couple of weeks ago. He said the situation would get worse for Christians.He cited the fact that the current leadership being a minority sect is the “better” option for Christians who have fled to the safer Northern Areas.

    Did any one see Rageh Omar on BBC some months ago. This resident “Moslem ” expert was explaining that the Muslim Brotherhood would not gain power in Eygpt following the ” Arab Spring”…….Looks like he got that one wrong………PS anyone wonder why Rajeh seems to be absent from our screens these days?…….Oh I forgot he now works for an outfit called Al Jazheera

    Finally met an Israeli ambulance driver in the past few weeks…….I had to accompany my Aunt to hospital and this same driver turned up on 3 occassions. When I explained that I was a Christian who did not believe in replacement theology he shared some interesting insights. Some of his family had perished in the holocaust and had moved to Israel in the 50’s. He spoke of the strain of living in Israel and the Iranian threat but he left me in no doubt that the Israeli air force has significant capability and will take pre-emptive measures if they believe their security is compromised. This would include the Iranian nuclear sites.

    I was hoping he would turn up for the third hospital trip ( which would not have been necessary if ths hospital had scheduled things more efficiently) and went prepared with some “Olive Branch” materials which he accepted. Lets pray that he reads the material and contacts some Messianic believers

  8. Raj

    free comment > Muslim Brotherhood created by British Intelligence


  9. Ambrose Otieno

    Have we considered the happenings according to the prophecies of Isaiah? I’m trying particularly to understand the whole chapter of 19 of the book of Isaiah in regard to what happened in Egypt, what’s happening in Israel and what’s now happening in Syria

  10. Emmans

    Yes George W Bush had no idea that he was on Iran’s side when he with shock and Awe brought about regime change.


  11. Dave H

    Hi Stephen, I have been reading the comments now coming out here. Yes I agree there is a one world order being set up. I am interested to see the free masons are involved and have many run ins with them myself. They do have more power than most people assume. Again I believe that the Lord Jesus is completely in control and shall rest my case with him. yours in the Lord’s precious name. Dave H

  12. Bruce S

    I am afraid Stephen I find your assessment rather too simplistic. Is your applause for Russia in it’s approach to Syria equalled by it’s political and military support for Iran and probably in it’s seeking to develop a nuclear weapon ? These are end times and therefore to seek to draw very narrow political and religious conclusions from increasingly complex uncertainties, I believe is naieve. I am of the opinion that as Christians our primary objective now is to win souls for the Lord and not to get embriolled in political controversy, whether it be ME politics or whether homosexuals want to delude themselves by gay marriage. On this last point I believe as the Apostle Paul writes in Romans 1:24, God gave them up. They are given up. It’s ALL part of God’s end time plan.

    1. Stephen

      Well, Bruce, I for one am not prepared to let either my nation, the Syrian Christians or the people of Israel go to hell on earth in a hand-basket, end times or not.

      Jeremiah 29:7 And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.

      1Timothy 2:1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; 4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

  13. Bruce S

    But Stephen whilst I wouldn’t disagree about the need for prayer, you haven’t addressed my point about Russia, it’s support for Iran and by extension Irans expressed determination to anihilate Israel. If a Russian supported Iran has it’s way going to hell is just where many of The Israeli people will go. Your easy dismissal of end times prophecy seems not to grasp the inevitability of Biblical teaching on the subject; which many prominent prophetic ministries clearly interpret that it will be Russia, amongst others, that will come against Israel. I would also suggest that you are swimming against a tide that God is allowing which I alluded to in my quote of Romans 1:24. Making these points doesn’t imply that I agree with British and western ME foreign policy, because I don’t; but as Christ said, ‘ My Kingdom is not of this world ‘; therefore my view is that we should be preaching the gospel and seeking to lead people to Christ, not indulging in politics. Politicians of any persuasion are not going to solve the problems of the ME. Only the returning Messiah.

    1. Stephen

      Firstly, Bruce, I’ll pray you would graciously consider the leaflet we handed out just ten days ago outside the Nationwide AGM in Manchester, which was preaching the Gospel:
      (the full story is here: http://www.christianvoice.org.uk/?p=3741)
      and the words of the Apostle Paul:
      Php 1:18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

      Secondly, with the greatest of respect, (a) our article here is about Syria, not Iran,
      (b) I can’t see in Scripture where Jer 29:7 and 1Tim 2:1-4 have been repealed and
      (c) if following the Biblical injunction to seek the peace of our land and that of our brethren by praying for and witnessing to our leaders about righteousness in our nation and the plight of Syrian Christians is ‘indulging (‘indulging’ – as if it’s some sort of personal entertainment?) in politics’ then we shall have to plead guilty and pray that more Christians would long, with the Psalmist, to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

  14. Bruce S

    Stephen. I read all of your material and support the efforts you make to preach righteousness. I don’t think anything I have said suggests that I don’t or that I disagree with the scriptures you have quoted.

    The main part of my comments was addressed to your headline, ‘ Thank God for the Russians ‘. The same Russians that are supporting Iran. I am surprised therefore that you should not see the link. Other than prayer, what else would you suggest can be done, as Christians, about Syria?

    You chose to pick up on one phrase I used about indulging in politics. It’s easy to take a word or a phrase out of context; especially in a brief response. I said nothing of or neither implied ‘ personal entertainment ‘. Your words that should not be ascribed to me.

    I don’t wish to get into a semantic discussion but have responed to your invitation to respond to your article, which I have with my view; and that view has been to see these events in the context of the end times.


    1. Stephen

      No, Sir, the headline was: ‘Syria – thank God for the Russians’. And we value your comment and your support. As to something to do, I have suggested we write to our MPs and ask some questions. I do not see there is much else we can do at the moment but even the little we can do is worth doing, isn’t it?

  15. Roy Searle

    Quite amazing how our politicians ignore the cruel persecution of Christians in the Muslim Middle East whilst supporting the rapid rise of Islam in the Christian UK. I wonder how much longer they will go on burying their heads in the sand. I’m writing to my MP to see how he wriggles and writhes on the issue.

  16. RichardR

    I am extremely glad Christian Voice has taken this up.

    The most alarming letters have appeared in the Guardian and Telegraph spelling out who the “rebels” actually are ans the unbelievable dangers if Islamicist Jihadists take over a mjor Arab country.

    And the insane Western policies that brought it about.

    The word apparantly is “hysterical”

    The secular educated middle-classes are hysterical as to what an Islamicist takeover will mean.

    Meanwhile all the minorities, – Christians, Alawites and Shia are terrified what will happen to them. Christian senior clergy have repeatedly warned of this.

    ” Christians to Lebanon and Alawites to the grave” are the chants as Islamist demonstrators. as a british dimplmat has noted in alarm.

    To enlighten Bruce S, forget about the iranians – they are Shia – the Sunni Islamacist Jihadists are violently anti-Jewish and Israeli – because of the movements origin with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in Palestine in the late ’30’s.

    The American sites are noting in alarm that Americanpolcymakers went to the Saudis, who promised they would solve the problem of Syria for them by reactivating the Jihadist fundamentalists to use as “fighters”.

  17. Dave H

    Hi Stephen and all, let us remember that God is in control of all situations. He speaks many times throughout the whole of scripture regarding the last days or end times. All these things are coming true in front of our eyes and we are looking at political and man made remedies. The Lord says to us, ‘Look up for your redemption is nigh’
    Praise His Holy name that we are getting closer to our final journey’s end. The world is on the brink of collapse in all directions. Financially, spiritually, and every way. Instead of argueing about who is going to come out top when we already know that God is in control. Yes throughout our lives we work and toil for souls and so we should, this is the work the Lord will reward us for. We already know and should be rejoicing for His great works.
    Jesus did all the work for our redemption on the cross, we cannot add not one jot or tittle to it. Amen

    1. Stephen

      I really wanted that scripture where you claim the Lord said we were to pray for his return.

      1. Dave H

        Hi Stephen, I have just given it to you. He said when you see these things beginning to happen, look up for your redeption is nye. We should all be looking for that day, and its not that far away. Amen Love in Jesus name from Dave.

        1. Stephen

          You are thinking of this:
          Luke 21:27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
          But it does not do what you said it did. It does not say to pray for the Lord’s return. Nor does it say to keep star-gazing.
          But what the Bible does say is ‘first of all’ to pray for our leaders and also to witness to them and to seek the peace of our nation.
          So you are doing what Scripture does not say to do, and refusing to do what it does say to do, all because you think the Lord is coming back in the next couple of days. It’s crazy. They were saying the same about the Lord will be any day soon in the 1970s.
          When will we learn simply to be obedient to Scripture and to leave the rest to God?

  18. Marat

    Just some facts which could be not widely known.

    23,000,000 people lived in Syria in 2010. 10% of then = 2,300,000 people are Christians. Ethnically there are a lot of nations there (including Kurds, Armenian, Palestinian, Russians etc. etc.).

    7,746,000 people lived in Israel in 2011. About 6,000,000 of them are not arabian (judish and minors).

    By different estimations there are up to 100,000 russian emigrants and their descendants in Sirya.
    And about 1,100,000 russian emigrants in Israel. Does Russia have 100,000 reasons to protect Christians in Sirya? Exactly same reasons to have friendship with Israel (are you aware that Russia and Israel has no visa required to travel anymore?)

    By latest estimation polls in Russia itself 75% respondents answered they are Christians, 5% Muslims, 8% atheists, 5% other confessions. Russia had centuries of living Christians and Muslims together in peace, and will live in peace in future. Since 1990 there is significant foreign sponsoring of nontraditional Islam (vahhabists, salafits) in Russia. Such “Islam” people do *not* want to live in peace with anybody. Don’t think that this is local problem. They will come in your city sometimes.

    Some simplification of course. But let’s start to think. Oh and about Iran. When you say Russia supports Iran – for those you likes CNN it looks like Russia supports Iranian Bomb. But if we start to think. First of all Russia was in war with Iran several times and Iran doesn’t like Russians at all. Russia has contract with Iran on atom power station and some contracts on guns, fighters etc. Why Iran has no right to have cheap electricity? India, Pakistan, Israel etc. has such a right but Iran no. The same question about guns etc. I can see the only rational reason to deny right of country to protect itself and have cheap energy – if somebody plans to occupy them. If you see other reasons let me know please.

  19. Vladimir

    Christians in England help the Christians in Syria!

    Stop the bloody murder of Christians!
    Stop the destruction of Christian churches in Syria!

    Muslim fanatics are killing Christians in Syria!

    Feudal Monarchy Muslims Saudosvoy Arabia and Qatar have hired mercenaries from Liviii, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon!

    The mercenaries and terrorists of Al-Qaeda (the terrorist chief Ben Ladan) want to destroy all hritian, Alawite (civilized Muslims) and Shiites (moderate Muslims) in Syria!

    They want to make Syria a feudal state fanatical Muslims!

    Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to organize a large Sunni Muslim Caliphate fanatics in the Middle East!

    Then they come to destroy the Christians in Europe!

    Contact the press!

    Refer to the deputies!

    Demand independent investigations!

    Stop the insane and murderous Muslim fanatics plans, mercenaries and terrorists of Al Qaeda!

    A Christian from Russia

  20. Bruce S

    I too heard the report on the BBC and thought it was an excellent analysis by a mature reporter whose name escapes me. Knowing the world view of the BBC vis a vis the ‘Arab Spring’ and this particular conflict, I have to say I was surprised by the balance of this report, particularly in respect to the plight of Christians.

    As a serial corresponder with my local MP, who is in no doubt about my sentiments and lack of support for the foreign policy of our government, I have to sadly report however that I might as well be blowing in the wind. For reasons unknown, we are aware that it is enamoured with the delusion of the democracy that they believe beckons in the aftermath of Arab Spring. In fact what is taking place is an Islamic takeover driven largely by the Muslim Brotherhood. eg Egypt,Libya.

    Irrespective however of whether Sunni or Shia, what cannot be ignored is what is taking place in Iran and the role Iran is playing in the turmoil of the ME fuelled by Iranian President Ahmadinejad in his intention for (1) a nuclear weapon and means of deliverance (2) the anihilation of Israel (3) his Islamic view of the coming of the Mahdi the Twelfth Imam ( the counterfeit Christ ) during or after the chaos ensuing from a nuclear conflict.

    His nuclear ambitions are being resourced by Russia.

    It is my belief and that of many prominent prophetic ministries that we are in the end of the ‘end times ‘ that Christ spoke of in Matthew 24 and was prohesied in Ezekiel 38 – Gog and Magog ( Russia ) and the Book of Revelation.

    For that reason, whilst we must continue to pray for peace and the protection of our brothers and sisters in the Lord and by all means petition our MPs, it is the gospel that must be preached to a dying world and we must, like the parable of the five wise virgins, be ready for Christ’s return,1 Thess 5.

    Above all we must remember that GOD IS IN CONTROL. None of this has taken Him by surprise. It’s all a part of His master plan and one day there will be a new heaven and a new earth where we will be and He will reign forever.


  21. Pev

    After 40 years the whole of Europe is waiting for tolerance to the Muslim (Quran: Sura 8, Fethi 12). Germany is already recognized.

    1. Stephen

      Which says (Yusuf Ali’s translation):
      Sura 8:12. Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”
      Thanks for the warning.

  22. Chris Powell

    All this talk about the end times has nothing to do with the Middle East. Its about the prosperity, or otherwise of the West.

    In the seventies we had high inflation eroding living standards and atheistic prophets of doom telling it would only get worse. Communism was going to take over the world. Oil was going to run out by the year 2000. We were living in tower blocks to leave more space for growing food to feed the rapidly increasing population. The only solution was to colonize the moon & the planets! The Church jumped on the bandwagon and became obsessed with End Times Theology. We debated which Soviet politician was the AntiChrist!

    In the eighties, when we were more prosperous, we stopped building tower blocks & could no longer afford to visit the moon.

    Now we’re all feeling the pinch we’ve re-discovered the End Times Theology. This time its Islam thats going to take over the world & GM crops that will feed the rapidly increasing population. But the oil is still going to run out tomorrow!

    The Lord does not change; nor does his Holy Word.
    The Church always faces persecution and it is our privilege to minister to our brothers & sisters who are suffering.

  23. Ralph Ellis

    In 1922 the people of Smyrna (izmir) faced the same decision – surrender to Islam, or fight for survival. They chose peace, and so they were raped, slaughtered, starved, burned out of their homes and left to die in the burning sun. Of the 500,000 Christians of Smyrna, the most cosmopolitan city in the East, only 200,000 survived.

    These are the stark choices you are faced with, when your government is Muslim controlled. Read ‘Paradise Lost’, by Giles Milton.



  24. Matt Westwood

    All good stuff then, nothing but good news if it means christians are dying out in the middle east. Perhaps when they start dying out in Britain and the Untied States of Murker the world will finally be on its way forward.

    1. Stephen

      Such a charming comment from the prime.mover at the mathematical website proofwiki.org.

  25. Mike lampard

    Idiots in government have got it wrong again! You wonder at their blindness do you not?! It shows me that the West is done for, more by the stupidity of its own leaders than by anything that the Islamists might try to do. The ideology of the West is becoming increasingly more secular, and therefore more stupid and blind. Blithering idiots they are. You wonder that we vote for these people!

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