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Reshuffle: ‘Unlikely to offer Real Change’

Despite all the hype about the Prime Minister’s reshuffle, it is unlikely to offer any real  change to the anti-Christian policies and social totalitarianism pursued by the present Government, Christian Voice has claimed.

This is the first time the ministerial posts have changed since the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties formed a coalition government in May 2010. (A list of all the news posts can be seen on Parliament’s website or at the Downing Street website.)

As Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone has been belligerent in promoting the pro-homosexual agenda. With Featherstone at the DfID, expect foreign aid to be increasingly used as a lever to pressure poorer countries to pass gay rights measures.

Christian Voice is glad that pro-abortion Andrew Mitchell lost his job at the Department of International Development (DfID). In November 2010 he proposed to “hard-wire” abortion and contraceptive services into overseas development programmes. In December 2010 this came to fruition as he announced plans to spend an extra £2.1 billion on programmes including abortion and contraception, drawing a rebuke from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.  Thanks to Andrew Mitchell, the Governments’ abortion policy is now an integral part of their foreign aid packages. Mr Mitchell now takes up a job as Chief Whip, which one hopes will provide less scope for mischief.

The loss of Andrew Mitchell from the DfID is a mixed blessing, however, since the Department will receive Lynne Featherstone, formerly Equalities Minister. In her former post, Lynne Featherstone was belligerent in promoting the pro-homosexual agenda and stomping out common law freedoms. With Featherstone at the DfID, expect foreign aid to be increasingly used as a lever to pressure poorer countries to pass gay rights measures.

Ms. Featherstone will be working under Justine Greening, the new Secretary of State of DFID and formerly Economic Secretary to the Treasury.  Ms Greening is skeptical on homosexual issues and although she has voted pro-abortion as much as Mr Mitchell, we pray that she will not be quite as passionate about spreading the culture of death worldwide.

Theresa May stays at the Home Office and is expected still to support the ‘gay marriage’ agenda, even though her department has lost the Equalities portfolio.

Helen Grant MP, Anne Widdecombe’s successor in Maidstone, is the new Minister for Women and Equalities, replacing Lynne Featherstone, but reporting now to Maria Miller, the new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.  Maria Miller immediately said she would support ”gay marriage’ and has asked for ‘dialogue’ with pro-sodomy groups.  Her appointment is a set-back.

High flyer. Christian MP the Rt Hon David Jones, pictured here with the Prime Minsiter, Rt Hon David Cameron, has been promoted to Secrtary of State of Wales

The highest-profile fall in the reshuffle has been that of homosexual MP Nick Herbert, who stepped down from his role as minister for the police. Although tipped for promotion, he tweeted: ‘Decided to step down from Govt. Honoured to have worked with police & driven big reforms. Will focus on new ideas & protecting countryside.’

Another bit of good news is that David Jones (Clwyd West) is the new Secretary of State for Wales. He is fairly pro-life, anti-gay rights and anti-blasphemy.

Altogether, it seems unlikely that we should expect any improvement in the anti-family, pro-homosexual policies pursued by the present government, but we can but follow the Biblical injunction to pray for them.

READ: 1Tim 2:1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; 4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

PRAY: That the Government will realise they are under the authority of God, that they need to start doing good and stop doing evil.


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  1. Sister Rosalind

    Joy! I read somewhere – I have lost the article – some disgruntled secular journalist was complaining about Jeremy Hunt’s appointment, sayiny that he had voted for the reduction of abortion limits from 24 weeks to 12 weeks, last year.
    Has he been influencedby Christians or is he one?
    Anyway he needs to be encouraged.
    As Minister of Health he is in the position of stopping the NHS 90% funding of abotions in private clinics – at six hundred and something pounds an abortion, also saving a lot of money.
    Obviously he needs praying for – to become a born-again Christian?

    Blessings, Sister Rosalind

  2. Charles

    I was very sorry to find out that Ann Clwyd the MP for the Cynon Valley S Wales is very strongly pro-gay and is without any meaningful Christian beliefs, convictions or principles.

    Email to Ann Clwyd

    Dear Ann
    I am horrified and utterly appalled at the ramifications of changing the status of marriage from the meaning marriage of a man and a woman.

    As you know, Marriage is presently a Holy and Honourable sacrament and estate of joining together of a man and a woman in Church, in the sight of God.

    The legal ramifications of any change to this are totally horrendous and could not be more calamitous in terms of freedom of conscience and civil liberty.

    Not just my opinion, but very expert legal opinion indeed.

    There have already been several high profile job losses where people have spoken out of conscience against gay ‘marriage’. Expert legal opinion is that any change to the present definition of marriage would put any clergy (ie all church ministers) not prepared to conduct gay marriages in Church at serious risk of being sued.

    It would be almost impossible for parents to withdraw their children or to prevent ‘liberal’ teachers conducting lessons on gay ‘marriage’ and to put a colossal number of righteous teachers not prepared to even contemplate so teaching at very serious risk (in many cases certainty) of losing their job.

    Almost needless to say, any teacher dismissed for anti gay-marriage views will be dismissed by very disguised (as was the case with me) attacks on their teaching methods, standards of professional conduct and standards of teaching. It is all too easy to put any teacher under such a very high level of scrutiny that some faults will be ‘found’ and high-lighted, e.g., as with me where the failings of a small number of very lazy or non-hard working pupils were put at my door as it were as being totally my fault. It is remarkably easy to ‘listen’ and act upon blatant rumours from pupils, and to accept untruthful reporting on teachers by pupils
    as being true. It is also all too easy to blame any pupil failings on teaching content matter and teaching methods.

    Then there is the impossible position of teachers in Church schools who would undoubtedly be pursued by pro-gay non Christian parents of some children attending Church schools in trying to remove them all from the teaching profession. If the law were to allow and legalize gay ‘marriage’, Church school teachers would be in the most invidious position of all, given the Christian view of homosexuality as a very grave sin.

    It should not be the case that beliefs about gay marriage become a test for holding public office. But this would be so.

    Foster carers should not be rejected just because they support traditional marriage. But they would be rejected.

    Chaplains in the NHS or the Armed Forces should be free to support traditional marriage without fear of losing their job,

    but lose jobs they surely will.

    Please make every effort Ann, to promote the accepted and traditional view of marriage. 98% of us should not be dictated to, by or on behalf of just 2% or less of the population.

    They can presently have civil partnerships in non-religious locations. These give legal rights similar to marriage.

    There is no reason whatsoever for them to want to attack and undermine the Church and the generally held view of society other than trying to push their gay views on society at large, and punish the Church for it’s Gospel and Old and New Testament standing.

    I ask you Ann to vote against any such ‘redefinition of marriage’ and to materially and spiritually do all you can to ask and very actively persuade as many other MPs as you can to act and vote similarly.


    1st Reply Ann Clwyd

    Dear Mr. …………
    Thank you for your email regarding redefining marriage.

    I will be supporting the Government on the matter of equalising same-sex marriage. The reason I that give my support to this has been clearly expressed by Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, in which she said:

    “Some people opposed civil partnerships when they were introduced, some people opposed the whole idea of civil marriage. But both were the right thing to do and have strong support now. It is welcome that most people also already support the chance for gay couples to get married too.”

    If you have any further queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me again.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ann Clwyd

    I replied stating that Ann Clwyd had pro-gay views and did not uphold Christian ethics, and that she lacks Christian beliefs, convictions and principles.

    2nd Reply Ann Clwyd

    Dear Mr ………
    Thank you for your email. My voting record is available for all to see. I believe in an inclusive society where all people enjoy the same rights and responsibilities, regardless of their religion or sexuality.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ann Clwyd

    My further email to Ann Clwyd

    Thank you Ann, you have confirmed that you have no regard for religion and no regard for Christianity.

    I shall be discussing your recent correspondence with my Church Minister.

    Christianity just to remind you views homosexuality with total abhorrence.

    Those who refuse to conform to the norms of society are far more dangerous than you realize.

    They are out to undermine society.

    That being so, they do not accept any responsibility for the outcome of their actions on society.

    I am quite prepared to consider equal rights for those who accept full responsibility within society for their own actions and who treat others equally. Homosexuals sadly treat non-homosexuals with derision.

    Homosexuals and lesbians manifestly do not act with any concern for society’s norms and do not treat others equally.

    Perhaps you have not seen gays holding dogs and imitating having sex with them at their London Pride meeting and publicly on the streets.

    Debauchery and public obscenity of any kind is one of the gravest threats to society.

    If you cannot see this, perhaps you are very much the wrong person to represent the Cynon Valley in Parliament.


    Could a household leaflet be distributed, and can we get other Churches to help?

    “As we are a largely Christian Community,

    I feel all voters should be aware that Ann Clwyd

    Does not have deeply-rooted Christian Beliefs

    Does not have deeply rooted Christian convictions

    And Does not have any deeply-rooted Christian Principles.

    She also has a very pro-gay stance.

    Please take these facts into account when you vote at the next Parliamentary election.

    You might wish to consider who else to vote for other than Ann Clwyd

    at the next elections.

    Thank you for your time and earnest considerations”

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