Nov 18

Prayer will humble proud Tesco

Boycott Tesco and email their Chief Executive. Remember: Every Little Helps!

Or to put it more accurately, God will humble proud Tesco, in answer to prayer.

As the Daily Mail has reported, retail giant Tesco have stopped sponsoring Cancer Research UK and switched their support to that annual display of aggression and depravity, London Gay Pride.  But the Bible says: When pride cometh, then cometh shame (Prov 11:2).


Tesco’s idea of family – sad body-building homosexuals obessessed by looks and the male anatomy

Mr Richard Littlejohnsaid: ‘If gays want to dress up as Carmen Miranda or mince up and down The Mall in nothing but their knickers, that’s fine by me. But why would Britain’s biggest supermarket want to be associated with such an event, at the expense of cancer victims?’ 

And this is on top of Tesco secretly selling halal lamb and chicken to unsuspecting shoppers.

There are five important and effective things Christians can do:

1 Pray that God will send repentance into the Tesco boardroom, and that they will reverse their grant to gay pride..

2 Boycott Tesco and encourage others to do the same.

3 Mount a witness with banners and/or give leaflets out to shoppers outside Tesco’s high street stores ‘Tesco Direct’ (they can throw you out of their car park, but you have every right to witness on the street).  Contact us for leaflets.  The text of the LEAFLET is HERE

4 Email/write to the Tesco Group Chief Executive, Philip Clark,  [email protected] and their Marketing Director, Richard Brasher:  [email protected].  You can also write to their new Chairman, Sir Richard Broadbent, at New Tesco House, Delamare Rd, Cheshunt, Herts, EN8 9SL.  His email seems to be: [email protected]   (HERE is what one ex-Tesco-customer wrote.)

5 Sign our petition ‘Boycott Tesco’.  Make sure you right-click and then open it in a new tab or window to keep this page on-screen.


  There are a couple of other really effective things to do as well, but we shall let Christian Voice members exclusively know about them at the proper time through our newsletter which never goes up on the web!

Aggressive and depraved - London Gay Pride

Tesco’s spin centres on ‘diversity’ as an ‘inclusive store’ – they even have an ‘Out at Tesco’ webpage promoting sodomy amongst their employees and a page commending staff for taking part in the 2010 parade – and ignores the fact that Gay Pride is a provocative and aggressive display of indecency and perversion.  For all their posturing, would Tesco actually like a gay pride march through one of their stores?  And if they are really interested in diversity, will they be sponsoring the ex-gay movement?  Don’t hold your breath.

If you can bear it, here is a video link of Soho Pride, part of the London set-up in 2008.  And it that was not enough, here is a video link showing just what the gentle, tolerant gays and their supporters think of those who disagree with them with music from someone called Lily Allen.  Thanks, Anglican Mainstream.

Tesco have denied that sponsoring gay pride was at the expense of Cancer Research, but the facts are that Tesco’s support for the annual fundraising Race for Life, the UK’s largest women-only charity event, helped Cancer Research raise more than £400million for the fight against cancer since it began in 1994.

Tesco announced it would be a headline sponsor of Pride London just days after ending their partnership with Cancer Research.  Tesco’s Head of Research and Development, a militant anti-Christian homosexual called Nick Lansley, lobbied hard for that decision. 

Here at Christian Voice we have a soft spot for cancer charities ever since Maggies Centres courageously turned down tainted money from the blasphemous Jerry Springer the Opera in 2006 and were rewarded by making far more from the publicity around that decision than what they would have received from the show.  Why on earth should Tesco think that dumping a cancer charity to take up with Gay Pride is a clever (even a good commercial) decision?

The militant atheist magazine Freethinker helpfully points out that the Co-op sponsor Manchester Gay Pride (as well as throwing Christian Voice out of their bank) and that ASDA’s parent Wal-Mart give benefits to gay partners of employees in the USA.  Unless ‘Christian fundies want to starve themselves’, they chuckle, ‘they better (sic) start thinking fast of joining the grow-your-own movement’.

Well that’s a good idea in itself, but have they forgotten Sainsbury, not to mention your local shops?  In addition, as we pointed out in our video on the supermarkets and halal, if you want to be sure of avoiding halal-slaughtered fresh meat, just shop at M&S or Morrisons.

Some words from Proverbs and from Mary on the subject of pride to inform your prayer.  Remind the Lord of his word as you pray:

Prov 8:13  The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.
Prov 11:2  When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.
Prov 13:10  Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.
Prov 14:3  In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride: but the lips of the wise shall preserve them.
Prov 16:5  Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.
Prov 16:18  Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
Prov 29:23  A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.

Luke 1:49 For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name. 50 And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation. 51 He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts. 52 He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.

James 4:6  Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

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  1. Jane Glover

    Ah yes, these naughty, naught gays. How *dare* they take money away from all those poor cancer patients !

    1. Susanne

      It’s a pity some people respond with either sarcasm or dismissal, which are also the sin of pride. If we don’t have any moral foundation to our lives, we will fall for anything and regret it. That’s why JESUS was sent from heaven into this world, we need to know the holy God who created us and find His true purpose for our lives.

      1. Dave

        Pride could also be defined as believing that there is an all powerful god who has any interest in you.

        1. Peter Greensmith

          Pride would more accurately be defined as believing that we don’t need an all powerful God because we can do everything we need and want for ourselves.

          1. Dave

            That’s not pride, that’s merely survival.

  2. Dave

    Proud Tesco will be totally unaffected by your pointless prayers.

    1. John Sampson

      “Proud Tesco will be totally unaffected by your pointless prayers” – assuming that there is no God. One would have to be very proud to be sure of that.

      1. Dave

        Not proud, just sensible.

        1. Peter Greensmith

          Not sensible, just illogical. Of course if you think nothing creating itself is logical, then knock yourself out…….

          1. Dave

            “It’s either quite a master plan
            Or just chemicals that help us understand
            That when our hearts stop ticking
            This is the end
            And there’s nothing past this.”

    2. Cheryl

      Prayers aren’t pointless; they are our access to an Almighty God (Jesus Christ) who rules over all. The Bible says “there is no power but of God” (Rom 13:1). Satan will have you beleive prayers are pointless. Repent and believe in Jesues then you’ll have eternal life.

      1. Dave

        I’m afraid quoting bits from a 2000 year+ book of myth and magic at an atheist is as pointless as prayer.

        1. Trevor

          Millions of atheists have met Jeus and would disagree with your weak assertion. prayer was a major factor

  3. jean

    Just goes to show how shallow people are and the bigger they get the more they think they can get away with! So much for supporting ‘charities’! I thank God I believe in a judgement day when the God of all seen and unseen will judge with perfect justice the living and the dead.

    So have no fear one day they will answer to God!

    As the bible says http://bible.cc/matthew/10-28.htm

    Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

  4. Mike Thomas

    For those who mock here, I think its called Christian Voice because its about being heard. If you don’t like what you hear that’s your business. If you think you will silence a Christian’s voice your mistaken. If you believe it makes no difference you are dangerously deluded.

    Decent people hear. If it’s loud enough businesses hear despite themselves but, most important, even when its a whisper, God hears and God will not be mocked – although I am sure many will continue to mock. Our concern is not that you might win. Our concern is that you have already lost and don’t know it.

    What you fail to see is that this is not simply a religious issue. It is a social and political cause. Tesco is dumping a non-controversial and universally acknowledged essential cause to put their weight behind a controversial socio-political movement that neither needs nor deserves such support. People will die if cancer research isn’t supported. If homosexuals don’t get this support they might just get miffed but no one will suffer so much as a hangnail as a consequence. Puts things into context doesn’t it?

    1. Dave

      If you actually took the time and looked, you’ll find the sponorship deal with Cancer Research UK has come to the end of the agreed period (10 years). Tesco are not diverting the Cancer Research UK sponsorship to the Gay Pride.

      For the record, I speak as somebody who is not gay, has a Mother who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer*, who regularly shops at Tesco and has a family member who works for them.

      *Please, whatever you do, do not offer to pray for her. Here in the real world, the medical treatment she is receiving is working just fine.

      1. Peter Greensmith

        Dave, that treatment will not save her life.. it will just prolong it. I pray that she, like you and everyone else comes to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. He loves you, and your mum, and everyone else on this planet.

        1. Dave

          No thanks. As I say, I’ll put my faith and trust in things and people who actually exist.

          1. tom

            You’ll put your trust in things you can see … for a bit – that’s the point. After death no one exists in a way we can see them.

    2. Jane Glover

      Mike – sadly Christian Voice want to trumpet their opinions, at the expense of others. Sadly a lot of the bigotry shown here will turn people *away* from Christianity, rather than towards it.

      1. Peter Greensmith

        Jane, trumpeting one’s opinions is not the same thing as speaking the clear Word of God. God is very clear, homosexuality IS a sin. That’s not the opinion of Steve or me, it is the very Word of God.

        1. Dave

          The “Word of God” is just the opinions of a tribe of Bronze Age shepherds, based on their ignorance and superstitions. By trumpeting their opinions, aren’t you just admitting your ignorance and faith in superstitious nonsense?

        2. Jane Glover

          I think you’ll actually find, Peter, that the Bible has verses which could be interpreted as anti-homosexual (although the context is debated). Since the Bible wasn’t actually written directly by god, it can’t be claimed to be the direct word of god. It was written by humans, which as we know, are fallible.
          The belief that homosexuality is an abomination is just an opinion. I just wish the people who hold those opinions could see the pain and hurt that their bigotry is capable of causing.

          1. Trevor

            The Bible was and remains INSPIRED by God. Putting homosexuality apart, these Bronze Age shepherds were quite clever in saying that the Earth was round, that there was an ozone layer, predicted events that were to happen – i.e. the birth of Jesus was prophesied more than 500 years before the event. Some of the minor prophets also prophesied things about Jesus hundreds of years previous – how could they know? Even now, there are things that are coming to pass in our lifetimes (e.g. the formation of Israel) and also things that are yet still to come.

            When people call the Bible writers Bronze Age shepherds, they are obviously ignorant because some of the books were written by King, Queen and a prime minister – not your average Joe!

  5. Tricia

    Gays are narcissistic. This self love is the reason why they need something like Gay Pride. They’re pathetic, pointless and hedonistic. Gay sex is the closest they can get to actually having sex with themselves.

    1 in 3 people (gays included) will suffer from cancer at some point in their lifetime. You’ll all expect treatment based on the latest research then won’t you?

    Why do gays need to define themselves by their bedroom habits anyway? What a pathetic way to define yourself.

    1. Dave

      Like many ‘straight’ people, I think you’ll find many gay people who have made significant contributions to the world. Certainly more significant than I, or I suspect you too, have made. To lump all gays together as pathetic, pointless and hedonistic is stupid and bigoted in the extreme.

      Go out in the world, and actually talk to some gay people rather than preaching to them. You’ll find they’re just people like you and me.

      1. Peter Greensmith

        Dave, I was a gay man. I indentified as gay, I slept around with other guys.. I tried to get into relationships with other guys.. But I was never truly happy.

        Only whern one finds the true freedom ONLY found in Christ can one be truly happy. Feel free to message me if you want to talk more about my story, but if not, please get off your judgemental high horse.

        1. Dave

          Judgemental, moi? I’m not the one being nasty about people who have no choice about what or who they are. If you believe in ghosts and phantoms, that’s your choice. I’m no more interested in your story than you would be in mine.

          1. Peter Greensmith

            Dave.. If you’re not intersted in my story I don’t have a problem with that. However, if you’re not prepared to listen then don’t make the sweeping generalisation and false assumption that homosexuals are born that way, it’s not a choice and they can’t change. I’m living proof that stands in the way of your ‘facts’.

          2. Trevor


            Don’t be a bigot Dave!

          3. tom

            Thinking scientifically, how did Gay people evolve? Or if you don’t believe that then how did they pass their genes through history? If its not genetic then its nurture, but you can nurture a psychopath. Finally, if its free choice, well people make all sorts of bad choices. Supporting those choices is not wise.
            And any health professional who is worth their salt and not cowed by fear of unemployment will tell you that homosexuality is one of the worst choices you can make for physical and psychological health.
            I have found that once you worship God you never find true satisfaction in anything else. You don’t have to constantly prove or affirm or be affirmed in your lifestyle or your choices because you rest secure in the knowledge that Jesus loves you and he will see you right. (Though it doesn’t always seem that way at the time!)

    2. Jane Glover

      Tricia – most gay people don’t define themselves by their bedroom habits;it’s people like you who do that. I completely agree with Dave’s comments about many gay people who have made significant contributions to the world.

      Oh – and masturbation is the closest that anybody can have sex with themselves; same as with straight people.

      1. Peter Greensmith

        Jane, from my experience in the gay community, the majority of gay people I ever met let their sexuality define them as a person. They had no real identity outside of their homosexuality. Homosexuals may have made some significant contributions to the world, but those contributions count for nothing if their souls weren’t saved. ‘For what does it prophet a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?’

        1. Dave

          “They had no real identity outside of their homosexuality.” Much the same can be said about religious fundamentalists.

        2. Jane Glover

          Peter – having read your response, it doesn’t actually make sense. Did you mean *profit* a man if he gains the whole world …

          1. Trevor

            Yes Jane, Peter did mean “profit”. Now does it make sense? It shows you understand English and it is a challenge that was made by Jesus so you could make a choice. Peter has made his choice!

  6. Eilidh

    I really cannot see how this £30,000 they are donating is going to be used for anything worthwhile or good. A very poor decision by Tesco. I will be praying for these lost souls, as well as the many cancer patients out there.

  7. Peter

    Tesco WILL NOT prosper while they continue to support such events:

    My letter to Tesco read as follows:

    As an ex Tesco employee and regular shopper at Tesco’s for over 35 years I was astonished and disappointed to hear that Tesco’s have chosen to support Pride London which is an aggressive political organisation. The event is nothing more that a rambling orgy. I have viewed some you tube footage of these events, which shows a dog simulating sex and ejaculating on a mans arm and of a man with his head next to another man’s groin simulating oral sex and there is much more.

    I suspect that when the decision was made to support this “Political Event” that those making the decision knew little about what actually goes on at the event. The sheer immorality that is celebrated on the streets is an affront to those people who still have morals. Were this to be a heterosexual rambling orgy, then I would have the same opposition to it.

    I had always believed that Tesco’s was a wholesome organisation but your support of this event has changed my mind. As such, as long as you continue to support this debauchery then it is with regret that we will avoid doing our regular shopping and car fuelling at Tesco. Our current annual spend is over £6000 per year. I am also aware of many others who plan to do likewise.

    I know that Tesco’s supports many other events and Charities for which I applaud you but I fail to understand how you have come to the decision to support what is nothing more than a celebration of lasciviousness.

    I anticipate that this one act of sponsoring the event to the tune of £30,000 will have a very negative effect on your business and your share price. I am not a shareholder but if I was I would be heading for the exit.

    I do hope that your Company will examine what actually goes on at these events and review your future support. Should you do so then I will once again return to being a regular customer.

  8. Jane Glover

    Wow, Christian Voice in restricting freedom of speech shocker. If being gay was such a sin, god wouldn’t have created so many gay people. Simples.

    1. Stephen

      Even a talking meercat should know enough basic Christian theology to realise that human beings are born with a propensity to sin, which is why they need a saviour to reconcile them to Almighty God.

      1. Dave

        A talking meerkat (note spelling)? Now that would be a miracle I could admire.

      2. Jane Glover

        So Stephen, god created sin so that humans would then turn to him/her as a result ? Isn’t that rather self-interested ?

        Peter – I thought it was Christian belief that god created the world. If there are gay people in the world, they must have been created by god.

        1. Ashley DICKENSON

          Jane, where is the proof that people are born gay or lesbian? Is it not down to nurturing, social conditioning or indulgement of sin that most of us men grow out of?
          God created Adam and Eve to procreate and to subdue the world – not Adam and Steve. Excuse the pun.
          Incidentally I have nothing against gays as people – I have worked alongside homosexual colleagues in my time. No problems.

    2. Peter Greensmith

      And what makes you think that God created anyone gay? Did he create some to be adulterers as well? Is being homosexual being part of some special ‘race’ which means that they are ‘above the law’? (God’s law in this case)

      NO! Adultery and homosexuality aren’t behaviours of someone from another race which can’t be controlled.. they are sins which the human race commits!

      1. Dave

        If, as you believe, a god created all things, then he/she/it must have created homosexuality.

  9. Colin McGreevy

    In view of the report in “Pink News” (http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news/articles/2005-2386.html) that “a list of top gay cruising and cottaging venues on squirt.org.” includes ” Tesco stores across the country.” is that why Tesco has chosen to support Gay Pride?

  10. Dave

    I see my Woody Allen quote has been scrubbed. Tell me something, when you get religion do you get it in exchange for a sense of humour?

    1. Stephen

      It was indecent. I know it is hard for you, Dave, being an atheist and lacking an objective moral compass, but just try to maintain an appropriate level of propriety, will you?

      1. Dave

        Please explain how I lack a moral compass.

      2. Jane Glover

        What an arrogant attitude, to assume that somebody has no moral compass, simply because they don’t share the same beliefs as you. What was that somebody said earlier about the sin of pride ?!

        1. Leslie Wood

          If you are an athiest you cannot have a moral compass as the needle will just keep spining because there is nothing to base your morals on. There can be no such thing as right and wrong as you cannot have any moral absolutes and must change your values as society demands. That is why Hitller could kill so many in WW2 because if the compass needle does not point to God it will just keep spinning out of control.

          1. Jane Glover

            Leslie – you do realise that Hitler was Christian, don’t you ?!

          2. Stephen

            The evidence doesn’t back that up at all, Jane. On the contrary, Hitler was an occultist. Google it or see here:
            Interestingly, the Nazi Party started life in a gay bar in Munich. Hardly any of the founders were sexually normal. Haven’t you read The Pink Swastica by Scott Lively? It’s available in the resources section on our website. Or get a taster here: http://constitutionalistnc.tripod.com/hitler-leftist/id12.html

          3. Dave

            Ah, that would explain why, under the third reich, homosexuality was illegal, and upward of 15,000 homosexuals were placed in concentration camps.

            Actually, it doesn’t explain it. Any thoughts?

          4. Stephen

            Different factions.

          5. Dave

            Having no objective moral compass is not the same as having no moral virtues. Again, if you want to make specific statements about my personal morality, please make sure of your grounding. Otherwise, please refrain from making generalisations – they just make you seem stupid.

  11. Dave

    By stating that I have no moral compass, you are implying that I have more than likely committed immoral acts or am likely to do so. If you wish to make specific allegations, please do so. Otherwise, I would ask that you remove your own comment.

    rust me, I

  12. Dave

    By stating that I have no moral compass, you are implying that I have more than likely committed immoral acts or am likely to do so. If you wish to make specific allegations, please do so. Otherwise, I would ask that you remove your own comment.

    1. Peter Greensmith

      OK Dave.. Let’s just do a little test:

      Have you ever stolen anything, no matter how small, even once?
      Have you ever told a lie?
      Have you ever used God’s name in vain?
      Have you ever looked at someone with lust?

      If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you have committed an immoral act. Those are just four of the ten commandments.

      1. Jane Glover

        But Peter, that’s nothing to do with Dave being an atheist, is it ?

        1. Peter Greensmith

          Ah but Jane, Dave stated, ‘By stating that I have no moral compass, you are implying that I have more than likely committed immoral acts or am likely to do so. If you wish to make specific allegations, please do so. Otherwise, I would ask that you remove your own comment.’

          So I am simply pointing out that he has committed an immor act, likely more than one. We call this sin. Everyone in the world has sinned.

          The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian isn’t that Christians are ‘better people’, or that Christians are sinless. It is that Christians are forgiven. Something we all need, you and Dave included.

          1. Peter Greensmith

            I meant to write ‘immoral’ act not ‘immor act’.

    2. Stephen

      Note that I said ‘no objective moral compass’. Plainly you have a subjective one, but by definition that must be based on your own prejudices, mitigated no doubt by being part of a society built over the last 1,960 years or thereabouts on Christian principles.

      1. Jane Glover

        Everybody has a subjective moral compass, Stephen – you included.

        1. Stephen

          Aye, but some of us get our moral compass to point us in the right direction by attending at the Saviour’s workshop.

          1. Dave

            And for some of us our moral compass points us in the same direction but the magnetic attraction has no basis in myth and superstition.

          2. Stephen

            It’s really funny that you think the Biblical witness is myth and that you can’t tell the difference between Christianity and not walking under ladders.

          3. Dave

            Christianity is one of a number of religions, all of which are based on myth and superstition. Walking under ladders is a physical act avoided by sum because of an irrational fear.

          4. Jane Glover

            Saviour’s workshop ?! I knew that Jesus was a carpenter, but I didn’t realise he was still practising.

          5. Stephen

            Ah, dear Jane, there’s so much to find out about the Saviour’s ways…

          6. Ashley DICKENSON

            Dave, you claim the Bible is myth and superstition – check this out:
            Genesis Ch 9, verse 2: ‘And the Lord God said to Noah ‘the fear of you and the dread of you shall be on every beast of the earth, on every bird of the air and on all that move on the earth and on all the fish of the sea’.
            Dave: have you ever tried to approach a sparrow in your back garden? Have you ever noticed how small fish, by instinct, react against us, as I noticed in last night’s Barrier Coral Reef? They are afraid .. therefore nature confirms the Bible.

  13. Charles

    I emailed Tesco Chairman and Chief executive

    first email to them

    I am given to understand Tesco have stopped supporting Cancer Research and switched allegiance to London Gay Pride.

    As a lifelong Christian, I have no option but to stop shopping at Tesco for fuel and other shopping until this heresy is corrected

    Tesco first reply

    Thank you for your email addressed to Philip Clarke, our Chief Executive, to which I have been asked to respond.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to explain our current position on our involvement with Cancer Research UK and World Pride in 2012.

    Tesco is proud to support hundreds of charities and local communities. In the last year alone we have contributed over £64 million in total to charities and good causes in the UK and across the world.

    Many of these are local causes that matter to our staff and our customers in the communities in which they live. Others are big national issues, where together with our staff and customers we can make a significant contribution. We raised £7.2 million for children with cancer last year, for example helping Clic Sargent fund specialist care at home for children, and we are set this year to raise over £5 million for the Alzheimer’s Society.

    We remain very proud of the work we have done with Cancer Research UK and Race for Life. Since 2002 nearly two-thirds of our staff have taken part in or supported races, raising over £7 million. Though the nature of our relationship has changed, we will continue to support Race for Life in the years to come through the thousands of our staff that enter the event each year – paid for by Tesco.

    We took a decision to support Pride London with a donation of £30,000 because our Out at Tesco network asked us to help. Everyone is welcome at Tesco, and agreeing to the request to sponsor the event was a tangible way of demonstrating that we respect and support our colleagues. It is not a case of favouring one good cause over another. To try and make a story out of this or any connection between the two, as some commentators have done in the press, is just plain wrong.

    We look forward to continuing to support a wide range of charities and community initiatives in the years ahead.

    Thank you for contacting our Chief Executive. I trust that I have clarified our position on this matter.

    My second email to Tesco

    Everyone may indeed be welcome at Tesco, but I am most concerned at the lack of moral (and financial) judgement by those responsible for the
    £30,000 donation to London Pride (30 pieces of silver?).

    Senior Tesco executives must at some prior stage have been aware that this donation would anger and upset the hundreds of thousands of Christians who shop at Tesco.

    Did they at any time consider the very real likelihood of a boycott campaign of Tesco and an ePetition to support this boycott and the express open outrage at Tesco supporting a Gay homosexual concern?

    It is exceedingly likely that the boycott and future damage to Tesco and Tesco’s reputation will cost Tesco many millions of pounds (£) in lost sales, against the £30,000 donation..

    I hope the chief executive responsible for this lack of commercial judgement immediately stands down and resigns from Tesco’s board of damage.

    Tesco final reply (from Matthew Clayton)

    Thank you for your further email.

    I understand that you are unhappy about this situation and your comments have been duly noted. However, I have nothing further to add to the comments in my previous correspondence and our position on this matter remains unchanged.


    My final remark re these communications.

    Tesco remain unrepentant and have not backed down (at least publicly!) from supporting London Gay Pride. No doubt if the boycott does indeed cost them millions, they might think twice next time. Tesco car park incidentally was noticeably quiet today!

    From the emails it is very clear that both Matthew Clayton (customer service chief executive at Tesco) and Tesco Board of directors do not accept any wrongdoing on Tesco’s behalf, and it appears very much as though Matthew Clayton has Gay leanings and Gay sympathy. Perhaps Mr Clayton himself can publicly say whether HE is gay or not! I leave you all to infer his answer otherwise!

    Let us hope and pray that at the very least questions have been raised and asked behind closed doors at Tesco board and Tesco senior manager’s meetings. I am also sure that Tesco’s public embarrassment might make them reconsider their future policy on the matter! I didn’t think Tesco would publicly back down on this occasion as this would place them between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea or a very hard rock!

    Let us also hope that behind closed doors, the executive responsible for the Gay Pride donation debacle at least has a severe note attached to his HR record, and is given no further responsibility for making Donations on Tesco’s behalf!

    All Good Christians please continue boycotting Tesco as best you can. If Tesco continue refuse to back down and will not issue an apology, they do not deserve our trade and business.

    1. Dave

      Perhaps the Tesco Board of directors accept no wrongdoing because they do accept that kowtowing to an insignificant handful of self-aggradising bigots does not constitute wrongdoing.

      I’m very interest in your claim to be a lifelong Christian. Did you really believe in God and Christ at first mitosis?

      1. Peter Greensmith

        Have you ever seen a gay pride parade? It is a public display of debauchery, and is definitly NOT a charitable cause!

  14. Charles

    Sorry, the offending Tesco Customer Service executive is Matthew Maycock not Matthew Clayton, just to clarify matters.

  15. Dave

    Actually, it’s such a desperately pathetic statement, I’m happy for it to stay.

    1. Leslie Wood

      ” Me thinks that you protest too much “

  16. Charles

    I gave Tesco the chance to retire gracefully from their present situation by issuing a ‘no comment’ statement and retracting previous statements about the LGP donation. I also urged them to issue a statement to say they would have to reconsider their position about future such donations because of the adverse publicity they have received, but no, I received a further reply (incidentally all of Tesco’s replies have been from senior executives) to the effect that the LGP donation was only a ‘small donation’ (remember £30,000) in comparison to Tesco’s other donations.

    Tesco just don’t seem to get it that they have seriously upset many thousands of Christians across the country, and that LGP represent a very small in fact tiny proportion of ‘people’ compared to the hundreds of thousands of Christians in the country. To H*** with Tesco as far as I am concerned!

    1. Stephen

      We now have the leaflets designed and printed so if you fancy (or I should say feel led after your time of prayer) giving out leaflets to fellow Tesco sufferers, sorry, shoppers, then email us for a quantity.

      1. Dave

        Why not cut out the middle man and just dump them or put them in a recycling bin? That’s where the vast majority of them will end up anyway.

        1. Stephen

          In our experience, the rate of discard is very low when we explain the content of the leaflet to the public as they take them. And of course some of them will end up in the managers’ offices and one or two will end up in the boardroom at Tesco…

          1. Dave

            Do you have the figures to back this up?

            1. Number of leaflets printed.

            2. Number of leaflets taken by individuals.

            3. Number that are actually read, inwardly digested, and have changed people’s views.

            4. Number of people who roll their eyes and mutter “not this bunch again.”

          2. Stephen

            Psalm 40:9-10; Eccl 11:1; Isa 55:11; Jer 50:2; Matt 13:3-9;

          3. Dave

            I take it then, you don’t have the numbers.

  17. a mcdowell

    psalm: 14: 1 The FOOL hath said in his heart there is no god.

    1. Rob

      Matthew 5:22 And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

    2. Dave

      It’s a completely different organ that tells me there are no gods. The one in my head says “there is zero evidence for the existence of gods, therefore there is no good reason to believe there are any.” The one in my chest says “lub-dub, lub-dub, lub dub…”

      1. Stephen

        Don’t dismiss the ability of the heart. Have a read of my article ‘The thoughts of the heart’: http://www.repentuk.com/Articles/Heart.html

        1. Dave

          No thanks.

  18. Lorraine

    Not sure why you guys are falling into the trap of arguing with a ‘fool’ – he has made his choice (God said you have two choices Life or Death – choose life! – my paraphrase) and he has clearly chosen ‘death’. Let him be … he has been given free will to decide whether he wants eternal life or eternal death. His hard heart is preventing him from accepting the truth and being set free. Lets concentrate on those who want to be free. Jesus told his disciples to walk away from unbelief and so should we (lest it contaminate us).

  19. Dave

    I see this debate has fallen on the old unuterrably pathetic biblical quotes. Well here’s one for all you professing to speak for your God. Consider Genesis 17:7-14. If I read this aright, anyone not circumcised at 8 days old has no covenant with God.


    1. Stephen

      Under the Old Covenant. Read: Deut 10:16 then Acts 15:5-31; Rom 4:9-12; 1Cor 7:19; Gal 5:6 & 6:15; Col 3:11.

  20. Dave

    “Foreskin of the heart…” What?

    Romans – all those circumcisions/uncircumsions. Sorry, they just made my eyes water.

    I couldn’t be bothered with the rest.

    Apropos nothing in particular, here’s another quote for you. “You nailed that, you made that song your own.”

  21. Charles

    Re: Dave’s comment about my being a lifelong Christian.

    I was brought into this world by Christian parents and I had a Christian upbringing. The few months of self-doubt in my early teens were the worst of my life.

    Either you believe or you don’t. If you don’t believe, then death is your end and there’s nothing at all to go on to. That’s it, you’re dead, gone. Your friend’s and relatives have gone, you’ll never see or meet them again and you have nothing beyond this life to hope for. What a grim and grisly existence!

    As Christians we believe in God who made us through Jesus, that we might partake in the Holy Spirit, and have life on an ongoing basis, even after this present life. We believe in the resurrection and living with God and Jesus and all our friends and relatives in the hereafter.

    Call it nonsense if you like Dave but the alternative is terrible beyond words and reason.

    The universe on a vast and gigantic scale has a cohesiveness and structure. The entire universe is held by gravity even between galaxies many light years apart. The 100 or so elements as well as the ‘dead’ metals allow live plants, animals, creatures and even us humans to come into being and live and exist. And allow light, heat and other electromagnetic waves to exist. Light travels across and throughout the Universe. We know from analyzing light from the most distant parts of the universe that the elements and physical properties are the same everywhere in the universe. Light is light, heat is heat and gravity is gravity the same everywhere. If you want to think something as complicated as a human being with 75 trillion cells has come about by sheer chance and accident, that is up to you.

    We cannot see TV or radio waves, but they are there as evidenced by watching TV or listening to the radio. We can’t see mobile phone signals, but you know from your family and friends that they receive the message up to hundreds of miles away or more.

    The darkness saw the light and comprehended it not.

    We believe in God whom you can’t see, as having created and overseeing the universe and giving it and us continued existence. If you think about it how can we, and the world continue to be without some sustaining force? Something sustains us. How could the universe exist in the first place without having been created?

    God is great beyond our comprehension, he has created the Universe with over 75 trillion stars. We know from astronomers that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all of the world’s beaches. We cannot look at God because God is so powerful we would instantly die. Pure energy and love in abundance, directed at good within the universe!

    1. Dave

      Good for you. But as you’ve given me permission to call what you believe nonsense, I’ll do so.

      But you didn’t answer my question: Are you truly a lifelong believer (as a blastomere onward), or did you start off an atheist like everybody else?

    2. Jane Glover

      Charles, I was brought up C of E and then went to an Evangelical youth group. It was about that time that I realised that Christianity was a lovely theory of love and acceptance. The thing that lets it all down is the Christians.

      1. Dave

        I don’t think it’s Christians that let christianity down, it’s the more evanelical ones, like Stephen Green and the supporters of Christian Voice. The ones who pervert Christianity (or indeed any other religion) to excuse and prop-up their hatred and bigotry.

  22. Charles

    Dave and Jane

    Dave, you condemn yourself by your own words. If you live life as an atheist, you will die as an atheist and God’s judgement upon atheists is death.

    I have been treated very badly at times or in fact for very lengthy times by some people who had the audacity to call themselves Christians. We would do well to remember that the early Christians shared all their worldly possessions amongst themselves and amongst the poor, and lived together as Christians in peace.

    There is nothing in Christianity that says we have to help those against us. In fact Jesus told his Disciples that whosoever they forgave was forgiven and whoever they did not forgive would stay unforgiven. We give witness to the gospel and the New Testament in Jesus Christ, He who truly says ‘even the gates of Hell will not prevail against Him or His word’. We give His true word to all who would or would not believe. Those who believe win salvation by believing in Jesus and so showing they also believe in and trust in God. We the believers are empowered to become the Children of God.

    Those who do not believe are calling Jesus and God liars and will incur God’s fullest wrath. Jesus sows good seed (the Word of God) but the Devil in people blinds those who cannot and will not listen and see and who thus do not recognize God’s Truth (the truth in God) and God’s Love. If you cannot love God and Jesus, how can you love others made in God’s image?

    True Christians love and care for those who help them and pray for those who don’t. The difference between us is that I pray also for your salvations.

    1. Dave

      Charles – totally agree with your first point. So as an atheist I don’t give a feather or a fig about being judged by some fantastical imaginary superbeing.

      Your last point: Instead of praying for my salvation, why don’t you put your energies into praying for worldwide peace, the end of tyranny, the cesation of hunger and poverty and fairness and justice for all?

      1. Ashley DICKENSON

        So Dave, you admit that there’s worldwide conflict, tyranny, hunger and poverty in the world, etc. I pose you a question: whose fault is that?

  23. Charles

    To answer your second question Dave, I was born in sin to a sinful world but reborn through Jesus to Salvation, and the forgiveness of my sins and sinfulness, and sinful ways. Love conquers all.

    To become a Christian, you too Dave have to be reborn in Christ’s love.

    1. Dave

      You make too many assumptions and presumptions. Let’s just say that something did change my mind about the existence of any gods.

      1. I would only want a god to exist in order that I had a clear target for my hatred of him/her/it.

      2. The god you believe in is such a horrible monster, there’s no way I could spend any time worship him/her/it.

      3. Even if I did decide to worship this thing, there are so many versions of Christianity, it would be only fair to try them all to see which one suited me. But then, of course, there are so many other religions and faith systems I would need to try them all out too. At my age, there simply isn’t enough time left, so I may as well stick to my atheism.

      Enjoy your afterlife, Charles. Just pray you’re right about it.

  24. Charles

    I do indeed pray for worldwide peace, the end of tyranny, the cessation of hunger and poverty and fairness and justice for all.

    But I tell you in Truth, in Very Truth, if you would see Salvation, you must be reborn in and through Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour of of all the World, and Lord over and above all, including you and me.

    Christ is indeed Lord! You just need to find Faith and Believe!

    1. Dave

      “But I tell you in Truth, in Very Truth, if you would see Salvation, you must be reborn in and through Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour of of all the World, and Lord over and above all, including you and me.

      Christ is indeed Lord! You just need to find Faith and Believe!”


      1. Dave

        On second thoughts, save us all from repeating your puerile platitudes.

        1. James

          Hi Dave,

          The sad thing is that when you die you will wish that you had listened to what has been said to you, and not mocked and ignored it, because (to put it quite frankly) it will be too late for you.

          Everybody is born in sin, and the only way to escape the due punishment of sin is to repent and come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

          I don’t want a response; and I am doubtful that you will take notice of anything I have written. However, all things are possible with God and I hope and pray that you come into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.



  25. Charles

    What is written is written, and much that is unwritten also holds sway and holds fast!

    God does not rest in the heavens while there is even just one unbeliever.

  26. Charles

    My latest email to Tesco

    Thank you for replying.

    Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot for the ‘princely’ sum of just 30 pieces of silver.

    Do you have any Christians as Senior Executives, or on your Board of Directors, or have they just been ‘gagged’, or are they ‘hiding under the table’ on this one?

    As stated, the only way Christians will respond by returning to Tesco, and forgive Tesco’s action – no matter how ‘relatively small’ the donation to London Pride was; is for Tesco * to distance themselves from the present donation, and ** pledge future reconsideration of any suchlike donation, (unless your Senior Executives and Board of Directors have a majority of people of ‘abnormal’ sexual orientation in their midst, which I doubt).

    Christians dislike lewd, lascivious and wanton public behaviour by men who should know better (please read reports of the event – I won’t list some of the dire and disgusting carryings-on goings-on here) and have no wish to see companies of Tesco’s previous standing, financially supporting this kind of absolutely abominable public behaviour in any way.

    Speaking for very many Christians, The Boycott and Petition will continue until the two conditions * and ** above are met.

    So far you have not appeased Christians in any way, nor from any present responses does there seem to be any wish to do so.

    I have appended your company’s previous replies on the Christian Voice website, with suitable Christian commentary


    So far – no reply from Tesco as yet!

  27. SteveD

    If you really want FACTS about homosexuality, check this out. If you feel that its a harmless preference after reading this, then you want your head examining.

    Read: Homosexuality the facts and The truth about the Homosexual Rights Movement by a former member of the ‘gay scene’.


    1. Jane Glover

      I don’t think that being gay is a harmless preference at all. Being gay is who somebody is. If you believe that all things are made by god, then it’s god who made people gay. If you don’t believe in god, put it down to genetics.

      1. DK

        If you choose a lifestyle that is against God and against God’s teaching and you subsequently find unhappiness and loss of worth in your life, then you cannot say you haven’t been warned!

        In my own experience, my job was often harmed very badly by those of ‘loose morals’ and dubious sexual preference (which incidentally go hand in hand). In point of fact my job and career was taken and stolen from me by some who had gay leanings, punitively losing me my income with a large family to support, and causing me the maximum financial hardship just for acting justly and fairly ie not favouring gays!

    2. Jane Glover

      Oh – and a website run by a catholic ministry is hardly going to present unbiased information, is it ?!

      1. Stephen

        Any more than establishment websites will publish unbiased information! But the raw figures cannot lie.

  28. Jane Glover

    What’s the line about lies, d—- lies and statistics, Stephen ? You’ve been caught out posting statistics that haven’t been referenced or aren’t taken from recent studies. Only daft people would take any research at face value, without questioning it, wouldn’t they?

    1. Stephen

      Not at all. The Christian position is founded on Scripture but always backed up by the evidence. The daft people are those who bury their heads in the sand and pretend there is absolutely nothing wrong with sodomy and the lifestyle built upon it despite all the evidence showing just how sad, unnatural, dangerous, pathological, unhealthy, anti-social and corrupt it is.

  29. Charles

    A week on, and no reply from Tesco. They were prompt enough with previous replies. Perhaps truth and openness are more than Tesco can stomach!

    Or are they so besieged with complaints about the donation to London Pride that they’ve lost interest in replying to anyone? I severely doubt that they have any shame or conscience about the matter. But they should be totally ashamed of themselves. Or are perhaps some very rich gay banker Jews funding Tesco? I wonder?

    Suppose a man goes down a street and helps 100 people, but then one man doesn’t smile at him so he gets badly kicked by the ‘kind’ man. Will the Judge reward the man for the 100 people he has helped, or judge him for the man he kicked?

    So it is with Tesco and I would suggest that Tesco are not just ‘broadly bent’, but highly corrupted from the very top down!

    Please keep up with good work and continue to BOYCOTT Tesco to the uttermost!

  30. Zen

    Um, can I just ask, why do you want to make God do bad things to Tesco? I thought Christianity was about living a good life and being nice to people?

  31. serrae

    The UK is a nation cursed under God for its promotion and public acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. We will pay a huge price for this state of affairs.
    Tesco too will slowly go down the drain and good riddance.

  32. Ian H.Thain

    You are partly right Zen. But unfortunately there is such a thing as organised evil in this world, and those who have joined themselves to it are incapable of allowing others to live a good life. Good people are a continual rebuke to the evil ones just by being good, and their very existence makes the evil ones behave even worse.

    If you don’t have a Bible, can I suggest you get hold of one and read The Gospel According to John? You will find there that Jesus had quite a lot to say about this long struggle of evil against good, and about how each of us can make sure we are on the right side. The end of the struggle is not in doubt – God wins – but each one of us has to make the choice about which side we are on and are going to support throughout our life. Sadly Tesco seem now to have chosen to back the wrong side, and we old greybeards who have learned something about God and His ways know that eventually they will regret their choice.

    But we couldn’t make God do bad things to Tesco even if we wanted to. It’s rather that unless they reverse their decision, they will pull down the anger of God upon themselves as surely as night follows day.

    I hope this goes some way to answer your question? If not, you are welcome to contact my wife or me via our website and we shall do our best to explain a bit more of what Christianity is all about. When you find out, He turns out to be Jesus; and He’s the most wonderfully loving and precious person in all the world!

  33. Stephen

    Um Zen, what bible did you get that definition of Christianity from? A Christian is a person who is saved from Gods wrath solely through the grace of God alone through trusting and accepting in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ who was crucified on a cross at Calvary and took the wrath of God for sinful humans who accept and trust in Him alone. You can trust in your own good works and living a good life and being nice to people if you like. You will fail. The Bible calls all our efforts (good works) to obtain Gods approval “filthy rags” Isa. 64.6: “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away”. Me? I dare not trust myself to attain to holiness. I by my sinful nature will never succeed. I’ll trust in the Lord Jesus who once I realized I was lost on my own efforts, and could never please a holy God and accepted Jesus as my Saviour counted my sins as paid by Jesus on the cross in full. May you too if you have not already, put your trust in Jesus. Regards Stephen.

  34. Aunty Laura

    You base half of your attacks on gays on your ludicrous comment on sodomy – most of the straight girl friends I have had over the years have admitted in private to having tried it. You are a posing as religious self promoting self righteous bully and it is your approach which is leading to declining numbers of Church goers as people stand up to your ilk

    1. Stephen

      The undoubted fact that a few heterosexual women allow the perverted practice of sodomy to be inflicted on them hardly makes it right! The good Lord has designed our bodies with parts specific to their purpose. The one-cell-thick columnar epithelium of the lower bowel is perfectly designed to extract water from bodily waste. The twenty-cell-thick squamous epithelium of the vaginal wall, with its lubricating glands, is perfectly designed for sexual intercourse. You don’t even have to be a Christian to see that even our bodies witness against homosexuality.

  35. Jan

    I see the judgmental, holier-than-thou, nose-thumbing, right-wing pseudo-christians are unfortunately ranting this side of the pond: God help us and please educate others that decent Christians who love and don’t judge do exist

    1. Stephen

      This person left an email address which does not exist. We should expect a Christian to be honest, so this person obviously isn’t one.

      It is quite extraordinary how anti-Christians want Christians to be ‘loving’, by which they mean totally acquiescent, and to be the only people in the world not allowed to make value judgments based on their faith. Now, who would be best served by the silence of real Christians? Yes, that’s right, the wealthy, corrupt, elitist, atheist, pro-sodomite, anti-Christ crew in charge right now!

      And leaving aside the absurd ignorance and judgmentalism of the comment itself, if it’s right-wing to oppose globalism, GM-crops, corruption in business and politics, the war in Afghanistan, murdering the elderly, keeping back workers’ wages and grinding the faces of the poor, then we shall have to plead guilty.

  36. Mike Newbury

    Surely you if God created everything, he created the cancer cells that are killing people, he also created gay people. So does it really matter who Tesco give money too? Either way, it’s going to something God created.

    1. Stephen

      God created mankind. Mankind fell. Creation became contaminated by sin. By the same argument we could say that God also created murderous people, lying people, thieving people, paedophiliac people and there would be no morality and no law.

  37. jack

    This is stupid… What on earth is going on????


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