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No More Boys and Girls in BBC2’s brave new world

No more Boys and Girls, said BBC2, sending Dr Javid Abdelmoneim into a class of seven year-olds to distort their thinking.

No more Boys and Girls, said BBC2, sending Dr Javid Abdelmoneim into a class of seven year-olds to distort their thinking.

Straw man (or should that be person?) arguments and some duplicitous thinking characterised BBC’s No More Boys and Girls last night.  Here’s a report in the Daily Telegraph.

The headteacher of Lanesend Primary School on the Isle of Wight, Mrs Caroline Sice, allowed the film crew into a class of seven-year-olds, taught by one Graham Andre.  He seemed a decent sort, even if he did keep calling the girls ‘love’ and the boys ‘mate’.  However, Dr Javid pulled him on that.  No More Boys and Girls was not having gender stereotype endearments.  And Mr Andre accepted his most grievous fault graciously.

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim’s speciality is emergency medicine.  He is a trustee for Medecins San Frontieres and has stepped up for the French doctors’ group in many parts of the world.  But although equable and persuasive, he has no qualification in sociology or human development.  Dr Javid does even boast a diploma in Gender Studies.

No More Boys and Girls brains

No more Boys and Girls brains either, says Gina Rippon

No more Boys and Girls brains either, says Gina Rippon

So during No More Boys and Girls he turned to Professor Gina Rippon.  She is the neuroscientist who claims male and female brains differ only because of ‘gender stereotyping’.  What she calls ‘the relentless ‘drip, drip, drip’.’  She rails against the ideas in books like ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venuus’.  But you do not have to have read that tome to know that the sexes are different.  Maybe looking at brains will show no differences between us.  But emotionally, even spiritually, men and women see things and do things differently.  We have different hormones, for a start.

And why is it that women are on average slightly more intelligent than men, but men are over-represented at the extremes of the intelligence spectrum?  More men are very stupid or approaching genius level, than women.  Why is it, for that matter, that people differ in intelligence at all?

Those behind No More Boys and Girls reject the idea that there is any difference between the genders.  Dr Javid had the boys and girls trying to hit the bell on a fairground High Striker.  He wanted to ‘challenge what the children think about strength’.  Quite disgracefully, he told them there is no difference in strength between boys and girls.  Not at the age of seven there isn’t.

Why not tell the children the whole truth?

But there will be plenty of difference at age twenty-seven, or even seventeen, once pubertal hormones have kicked in.  A few years of testosterone, and male musculature will outstrip that of women.  This, after all, is why we have separate men’s and women’s events in athletics.  It’s why there are currently no men in the women’s teams at their rugby world cup.  And, obviously, no women in the men’s outfits.

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim doing what he does best: emergency medicine

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim doing what he does best: emergency medicine

It’s why the wonderful Serena Williams will not beat anyone in the men’s tennis top five hundred.  Personally, I should rather see her play than Andy Murray.  But enough of this John Betjeman-like train of thought.  The question is: Why not tell the children the whole truth?

As for the unfortunate boy who was left in tears when he could not hit the plunger with the mallet, why did neither Dr Javid nor Mr Andre show him how to do it?

And when little Lexi was in tears of joy after hitting the bell, some of the girls came around to give her a hug.  I was expecting Dr Javid to jump in and say, ‘Stop that! We don’t want any of that girly stereotype empathy around here’.  But for some reason, he didn’t.

Curiously, Dr Javid took against the boys and girls hanging their outdoor coats in separate cupboards.  He made them redecorate the cupboards so they were the same colour.

Was I the only person to notice the doors were the same colour to start off with?  Well, the children got to splash some paint around unnecessarily, so fair play to the manufacturers.

Books ‘change the children’s minds’

Yes, girls underestimate their intelligence and boys are brash and express violent emotions, even at the age of seven.  One girl thought a male nurse was ‘a bit weird’.  But does society really need to hang posters in classrooms saying ‘girls are clever’ and ‘boys are sensitive’?  Be sure boys are sensitive.  That’s why suicide takes the lives of so many more young men than young women.

Dr Javid was keen to bring books about brave girls doing exploits into the classroom. ‘It only takes a few books to change the children’s minds’, he said.  Yes, the gay activists currently grooming school children know that very well indeed.

He also wanted to challenge gender stereotypes about the sort of jobs people do.  So they wheeled in a butch woman mechanic, a male make-up artist, a male dancer and a girl illusionist.  the children were predictably shocked. There is of course a drive on at the moment to force more girls into science, technology, engineering and maths.  They are collectively known as ‘STEM’ subjects.  Am I the only one left who believes if young women are bored by technology, or do not want to get their hands dirty under a car bonnet, the state has no function dragooning them into it?

Serious questions

There are serious questions to be asked.  Why do men comprise 95% of the prison population?  And why do they carry out the bulk of murders?  Why do men rather than women even think of taking on risky jobs like diving, or ridiculously challenging ones like brain surgery?  For that matter, why will a man fight to defend his wife?  And why does she expect him to?  Why are male testosterone levels currently falling in the West, and should we be concerned?  What happens to a society in which men cannot on their own provide financially for their family?  The real answers will only come when we work with the world as God created and structured it, rather than what we imperfect beings things it should be like.

2Sam 10:12 Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God: and the LORD do that which seemeth him good.

Gen 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

Next week in No more Boys and Girls, gender-neutral toilets are on the way in and dolls for the girls are heading out.  But already, Dr Javid is wondering on air: ‘I’m worried I have upset a load of kids and not achieved anything.’  Nothing of any good so far, at any rate.

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  1. Mark Jones

    Hi Stephen

    Thanks for another good article. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the programme myself, it seemed pretty obvious what was going to be in it. The title, “can our kids go gender-free?” is itself disingenuous, imo, equating “gender-free” with freedom!

    Can I ask, where, in your opinion, will this all end (if it will!)?

    On a related note, it seems to me that the USA could well be heading for civil war. The antifa are quite oblivious to their own faults, the white supermacists were protesting peacefully before they were attacked by antifa (there is a lot of evidence, imo, that the whole thing was a set up), as happens over here with EDL marches. The media then label it, eg, “violence at EDL march”. Fake news imo. The hatred towards Trump supporters is quite irrational, imo, and there is a demonic force behind it imo. They REALLY hate us, and would kill us without a second thought: their rhetoric has already de-humanised us. (I say “us”, of course). I believe that the leftists/antifa will win (in the short term) and bring in the NWO led by the Antichrist (Obama imo): any dissenters,especially Christians & conservatives, will be dealt with in the FEMA camps, etc. They only need to get rid of Trump and the whole fight-back falls apart. The devil has had it pretty much his way since the sixties, he’s not going to give in without a fight!!

    Of course, we know as Bible-believing Christians that Jesus, and us, win in the end. Personally, I’m hoping for a pre-Trib rapture! As far as I can see, post-Trib, mid-Trib, etc can all produce Bible verses to support their positions. I believe the Tribulation is not far away, according to the Bible its not going to be pretty. Of course, here in UK we have no Trump to annoy the devil and his plans: the nearest we have is Nigel Farage, a reluctant leader who probably couldn’t win a General Election: but if he WAS PM, he would get the same treatment as Trump imo. I would very much like to hear any thoughts you might have on this!

    1. Stephen

      We need to seek the Lord for what to do in the face of both feminism and gender and also with the transgender threat.
      As to the US, your peaceful white supremacists were turning up armed with rifles and the peaceful anti-fascists with clubs. Theologically, I think I know where the Bible stands on the ideology. ‘One blood’, etc. But I also think I know where it stands on violence!
      There are indeed many vested interests, some financial, some ideological, opposed to a peaceful, God-fearing world.
      But IMHO, Christians are simply called to pray and witness, with the word of God as our only weapon.
      And that is despite tribulations and raptures, which I do not worry my pretty head about.

      1. Mark Jones

        Thanx for your thoughts Stephen.

        Just also to say I don’t support white supremacists (I rather object to you calling them “”your” white supremacists””, they are not MY white supremacists at all, and I would like an apology please) but they WERE, as far as I can see, marching peacefully before they were attacked by antifa.

        1. Stephen

          It was ‘your’ as in ‘the ones you were writing about’.

          1. Mark Jones

            oh ok, fair enough, thanx Stephen, apologies xx

    2. Rox

      ” Nigel Farage, a reluctant leader who probably couldn’t win a General Election ”

      He can’t even win a seat as an MP ! Even if he did, he would never get the majority of MPs supporting him necessary to be become anywhere near becoming prime minister. This is where our system is so much superior to the American one.

      Trump is a disaster ! Don’t you see that ? All this Trib-Trib demonic forces stuff makes no difference to what the whole world sees. It will take the USA years and years to recover from this mishap.

      Nice to see you back.

      1. Mark Jones

        Rox: “Nice to see you back.”

        Thanx for your kind thoughts, Rox xx

        1. Rox

          Careful with the kisses ! We don’t want to be banned on here.

          1. Mark Jones

            hahaha!! be reassured, Rox, that I do not subscribe to “the love that dare not speak its name”.

          2. Rox

            I think that French nouns should have the right to choose their own gender, with the guidance of the speaker.

          3. Mark Jones

            deffo. Anything less would be discriminatory.

  2. Mark Jones

    I reproduce below an email from WND which seems to me to be very true. I hope you will publish my comment, I apologise I know its not directly relevant to the topic under discussion above.

    The Democratic Party’s deceitful and deranged alternate reality
    It’s a deeply perplexing story line, and yet we hear it every day: Donald Trump is a fascist and white supremacist whose political rise is ominously reminiscent of Hitler’s. He stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton by secretly colluding with Russia to hack America’s democracy. His fellow Republicans are selfish, mean-spirited people who care only about themselves and their super-rich friends and want to deny health care to poor children. Republicans are also racist and anti-immigrant (after all, Trump once claimed all Mexicans are rapists), and are always trying to prevent minorities from voting. Republicans also have contempt for the environment and are content to pollute or overheat it until it’s uninhabitable by the human race and we all die.

    Democrats, on the other hand, are forward-thinking, tolerant, peace-loving and morally superior folk, champions of the common man, especially the many minority groups cruelly oppressed by Republicans. Abortion, a cherished constitutional right that simply involves the removal of unwanted tumor-like tissue from a woman’s body, is constantly under attack by intolerant anti-choice religious fanatics. The same oppressive bigots also target LGBTQ Americans, even though homosexuality and same-sex marriage are perfectly wholesome and moral. Likewise, transgenderism is absolutely normal, with gender identity now understood by science to be fluid, encompassing many possible gender choices far beyond Western society’s oppressive binary male-female paradigm. Islam, a beautiful religion of peace, has nothing to do with terrorism; in fact, studies prove most terror attacks are actually perpetrated by right-wing extremists. This great divide in today’s America – between ignorant, racist, theocratic right-wingers and moral, compassionate, enlightened progressives – has been playing out for generations. In fact, Adolf Hitler was a far-right Christian whose ultraconservative racist views led to the Nazi Holocaust. Which brings us back to Donald Trump.

    Such is the fabric of today’s wildly delusional left-wing mindscape, the “story line” so many Democrats embrace.

    Yet such views, which comprise the very warp and weft of the narrative espoused daily by college students, Democrat politicians, progressives and “mainstream” journalists, are reflective not of reality, but of a fantastic Alice-in-Wonderland realm in which the left increasingly dwells.

    1. Rox

      Yes, Would any British politician ever claim that all Poles were rapists and get away with it ?

      I rather think Islamic society has an “oppressive binary male-female paradigm” too.

      The best thing to do is just to forget about the boys and girls distinction “problems” . Most people, however young, have commonsense about what is appropriate*, and the number of people really affected by any kind of distressing doubts is very low. All that is needed is a bit of commonsense and tolerance. People are making money by blowing it up out of all proportion.

      And you, as far as I can make out, are finding grounds to predict the end of the world. That has been done before.

      * How I hate that word ! Apologies .

      1. Mark Jones

        ah yes, “appropriate”, as in, “that was inapproriate”: used for something, or some action, we used to call “wrong”.

        Orwell wrote a lot about the abuse and manipulation of language, he is dimly remembered now as that bloke who wrote “1984”, and about “Big Brother”. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the majority of the masses today thought he was writing about the Channel 5 programme.

        1. Rox

          Compare his Burmese Days with 1984, and indeed some of his other books. They all have the same plot !
          Some of his essays remind me (dare I say this ???) of Boris Johnson. They did go to the same school.

          I hope I used “appropriate” appropriately, to mean what an ordinary person would always have considered proper to the situation.

          1. Mark Jones

            I read quite a bit of his stuff many moons ago, but I can’t remember much of it now. Peter Hitchens says that his essay “Politics And The English Language” is an important read, but alas I have not got around to doing so yet.

            As I say, imo soon all this will be the least of our worries!

      2. Mark Jones

        Rox: “And you, as far as I can make out, are finding grounds to predict the end of the world. That has been done before.”

        Well, the Bible clearly(?) says that in the Last Days a great world leader will arise, the Antichrist, who most will support and flock to. He will promise peace but in fact will foment strife and war. He will come at a time when people are saying “peace and security” (sound familiar?). People will not realise the truth about him until it is too late. I see these pieces of the jigsaw coming together in Obama, which I know you, and most others, find hilarious, which in a way rather proves my point, you have, imo, been duped. (Admittedly, if one gets one’s news and worldviews from mainstream media, one could come to no other conclusion). When EVERYONE is going one way, knowing how easily people are manipulated, it is best, imo, to take a cool look around and be discerning, using, hopefully, the Lord’s wisdom (which you, Rox, being clearly an unbeliever, haven’t got, how could you?).

        Stephen has said he doesn’t care for all the attention on the End Times, fair enough, I agree to a certain extent, we as Christians have work to do and not be distracted, including warning unbelievers (that includes you, Rox) that the Bible says that one day God’s wrath will fall on “our” sinful world, in His final judgement. The Bible says He is patient, not wanting any to perish, but one day His long-suffering patience wil run out, His wrath will come, and there is coming a time when there will be on more chances to repent. The Bible says that the End will come when the Gospel has been preached to “every nation”, this has, arguably, been done.

        However, going back to my attention on the End Times, it is my understanding that Jesus has promised a crown to those who are eagerly WATCHING and waiting for His return! This is what, I feel, I am doing.

        1. Stephen

          And doing stuff and standing up for him and for truth and righteousness, of course!

          1. Rox

            This great world leader could have been Napoleon, couldn’t it ? Or Churchill. But it wasn’t.

          2. Stephen


          3. Mark Jones

            Stephen: “?”

            yes, pretty much my reaction too.

          4. Mark Jones

            I’m not aware I said that EVERY world leader was the (final) Antichrist. But yes, Hitler, was AN antichrist, “of which many have come into the world”. But the Bible speaks of a final one, worst of all. Read your Bible for more information!!!

          5. Rox

            The point is that, at certain stages of their careers, both Napoleon and Hitler were seen by their admirers in a way which fits this description (apart from the word “Antichrist”, obviously) :

            “a great world leader will arise, the Antichrist, who most will support and flock to. He will promise peace but in fact will foment strife and war. He will come at a time when people are saying ‘peace and security’ (sound familiar?). People will not realise the truth about him until it is too late.”

            Just as much as Obama, in fact rather more. We have rather a bogeyman caricature image of Napoleon in this country — he did introduce a lot of reforms in France and in some of the other territories he conquered, some of which are still in place there. Of course we know now that nothing terrible actually happened to the world after Napoleon or Hitler (although it was terrible enough for people not expecting the complete end of the world).

            So it will probably be too with Obama, and perhaps with Trump unless he ends the world more or less deliberately himself. I understand that, as with Nixon, there are now secret agreements in place to prevent that happening.

          6. Mark Jones

            where do you start with this?

        2. Rox

          Well, you started it, Mark. I would not have started it, nor I think would Stephen. He is not as keen on the end of the world as you.

  3. Rox

    On the London Underground, announcers are no longer allowed to say “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

  4. Tony Conrad

    We are what we are. This manipulation of the sexes will end in tears. It’s almost as if there is no sense left apart from in the bible. God is still on the throne whether we believe in Him or not. It’s no problem for most of us but if one works in a state enterprise like nursing, teaching, civil service etc. then the manipulation is going to be there. We should pray for the christians who work for the state. I wish I could vote for the DUP. Where is the choice nowadays?

  5. Andrew C

    A similar thing happened much earlier on in the last century where Marxism was being promoted to the academia of the world. In particular was where it was argued between economists regarding Marxist theories on how the economy works. They say with things like this there is a distinction between hard science and soft science, where hard science is mathematical and is built on rigorous logical proof and soft science is basically recording observations and trying to establish general truths, i.e. qualitative rather than quantitative. Well it was at about the time Mises was involved with it, and he sort to prove that Marxist economic theory was bogus in participation with a group of academics known as the Austrian School. Anyhow the relevance this has today, and what we are seeing here, is that when the anti-Marxist free market economists succeeded in providing rigorous logical proof that Marxist economics was at fault, in the sense that claims made about it were able to be proved through hard logic to be bogus, the Marxists were bang to rights, as it were. So you may wonder where they went from there, and their reaction was astounding. They then argued that logic itself was at fault. That’s like saying 2 + 2 used to equal 4, but it might not be universally true!

    OK so back to girls and boys, we have brain scanners now. If you give an identical problem to a girl and a boy to solve and look at what subsequently happens in the brain, you’ll see different parts of the brain being used and different flows of information along the neural pathways. This is physiological evidence that men and women’s brains do work differently. It’s an accepted scientific fact. If this “neuroscientist” woman thinks differently then she should write a scientific paper on it and publish it in a recognised scientific journal. Of course she is unlikely to be able to do that as I don’t think a respectable scientific journal would publish such ill-conceived ideas. Well not yet anyway, but supposing, like the Marxist economists of the last century, they then attack the scientific method, as the Marxists also attacked the system by which their opposite view was arrived at. Suppose the way they intend to do this is by getting more women into “science”, and those women don’t kick up a fuss as this is attempted. Suppose the scientific method is replaced by consensus, and they have filled all the posts of researchers and scientific publishers with these ideologues, just as they had done in the time when Mises was in the academic system and surrounded by Marxists who would make life virtually impossible for him and his career. If it has happened once I suppose it could easily happen again. We have false vicars, so why not false scientists?

    1. Rox

      We certainly have false medical practitioners.

      But I don’t think all science is going to disappear so easily. Medicine hasn’t, and the charlatans have been active there for a very long time.

      I hope you aren’t suggesting that if more women got into science they might take it over and contaminate it with their airy-fairy nonsense !

      1. Stephen

        Ah, Rox, you don’t know these women. With apologies to the late Jake Thackray. But seriously, science has already been contaminated with airy-fairy nonsense from men. Look at how the theory of evolution is accepted as a scientific fact.

        1. Andrew C

          Yes there have been some wronguns regarding men’s science too, but it’s easy to pick an example and then try and blemish the main body of work, which has clearly changed everyone’s lives, and often for the better, like saving people’s lives with medicine and keeping us safe. Back a few hundred years they used to use this poison in make-up for women, and it was very fashionable too.

          Another point regarding this is that generally speaking, if you are naturally gifted in some kind of work you’ll find the work far more enjoyable and less of a struggle. These women in science have been encouraged to be there, and to put it bluntly, they have been lied to. My observations suggest the typical outcome is they end up very unhappy. They end up bitter, so it is not like denying them something which is rewarding. It’s only rewarding if you are good at it, as in a natural.Indeed logically your creator would have intended you to do what you are good at, as in made you for the job. This is an act of going against God’s will.

      2. Andrew C

        “I hope you aren’t suggesting that if more women got into science they might take it over and contaminate it with their airy-fairy nonsense !”- Rox

        This is one of my concerns. The way I see it is men’s brains and women’s brains do work differently, and that is why we don’t have any distinguished woman scientists. For me I should know because I’ve been interested in and read science and engineering publications all my life, so it is something I am familiar with. If I learn about a new discovery then I routinely track it back to find out who discovered it. It’s a woman 0/10 times.

        It has been dumbed down significantly, and I keep hearing about this in science and engineering jobs where the firm or institution is forced to employ unsuitable candidates, and at the same time reject many who are genuinely good at it. They get these women in and say they have problems finding things they can do, hence they are given roles to do with people management, because women excel at dealing with people. In the old days, scientific establishments would be run by those who have achieved excellent scientific results in the past, and none of these are women. The simple idea is that however someone discovered some great new science is, in a sensible institution, advantageous to share with others, so management is about technique, not really people.

        I’m sorry, but this is just my overwhelming experience. It is a man’s job and men feel intimidated by this political correction. No more would I wish women to interfere with a group of engineers than I would wish a man to tell a group of nurses how to nurse or to look after babies. Women have been lied to. They are no good at it, and anytime you read the opposite, you should look a bit closer. It’s one almighty fraud, and it does not make women happy either. Imagine being in a job you just can’t do, but each day you have to fake it.

        Now they are faking science and academia in general. This link is Google Scholar. It’s where the science is, so a search on LGBT should result in zero matches. It doesn’t. It’s like a cancer that has spread all over the body. Note how much of it is from America. That’s another point one should look into. why are we governed by immoral America?


        1. Mark Jones

          hear hear Andrew C.

          Another aspect of the differences between the sexes, is that, imo, women do not have a natural sense of justice: they can apply rules, but will always be looking out, ultimately, for their interest group, (or just themselves, justified by their constant moaning about how hard it is in a “male-dominated” workplace (yes, love, that’s because you shouldn’t be here!)) as a mother would her own particular children. Most of the time this is never exposed, as they can, as I say, apply rules. Ever worked for a woman boss? Then I expect you’ll know what I mean! This is not to say that ALL male bosses are good, that men aren’t unjust, but that, imo, men are DENYING their inbuilt sense of dispassionate justice: women just don’t have it to start with.

          Women, it seems to me, excel in jobs requiring people skills and the caring professions such as nursing, to which they are naturally suited, and in these areas they outperform men, who are not, imo, “cut out” for these jobs. However, having said that, their first priority, imo, should be to look after their kids and the house (this is enough work for any one person, but this has become virtually unsayable in these “enlightened” days). Instead, feminism has sold them the lie that going out to work, battling through traffic to get there, sitting in front of a computer screen all day, with all the other attendant stresses of the modern workplace, then battling traffic again to get back home, is somehow more fulfilling! THEN someone has to cook, clean etc, and studies show that it is the women who generally have to do this too! One modern answer for one aspect of this is to get the State, in the form of childminders etc, to look after (and indoctrinate?) the kids! (indeed, perhaps that was “their” plan all along!(?)).

          On the subject of women pastors and other leaders in the church, the key verse, it seems to me, for those who would deny women leadership roles in the church, is 1 Tim 2v12. However, and I think opinions differ on this, the word translated “woman” here is better translated “wife”. Thus Paul does not allow a WIFE to have authority over her HUSBAND: she can have authority over other men, just not her husband (If someone can show me I am wrong in this, please enlighten me, I am always, I hope, eager to learn). Thus I have no particular problem with women in leadership roles in the church, men and women are interchangeable in this regard, with the proviso that the woman should submit to her husband (not ALL men).

          1. Andrew C

            Well in all my time of working, I’ve only ever gone so far to as having only worked for women in the capacity of working as an independent business managed by myself and having women as customers. This is very different to working directly under them, which I will never do, even under force; I’ll wriggle out of it somehow. You see as a free agent I can take it or leave it, and as for what I have to do, it is simply perform the function of the job to the specification in the agreement. I’m not being micromanaged by them, which is where it gets intolerable. It’s a case of, I establish what someone wants, then it up to me to solve that and all they need to be concerned about is the goods are delivered according to their requirements, and those requirements are strictly logical, i.e. .on time, at such and such a cost and quantifiable specification (i.e. it works!).

            I know women can have some funny ideas even then, and can really cause a load of trouble if they start to get all emotional about something silly, but I suppose as a businessman you get a nose for the kind of customer you are dealing with. If the woman were gentle, polite and trusting they would find they would get a first class job and I’d have a loyal customer who comes back time and time again, vis-à-vis the wrong type of customer I’d be glad if they didn’t come back again. In short, it served their interests to act their sex, and not try and boss me about. They would find in doing that they would get discounts.

            I do certainly agree with you about the idea of woman judges. My lot is not a happy one here, and I’ve come up with a spot of bother regarding HMRC. The people I have dealt with in HMRC are working under a woman director, and to cut a long story much shorter, it ended up in me having to take legal action against their breaking of the rules, but only to find I was up against a woman judge who broke the law as well. I can say this without fear of libel because I took the case to a higher court and won leave to appeal on the basis the judge decided I have been treated unlawfully. Needless to say the judge in the upper court is a man, and by the looks of things a very learned and fair judge. Anyhow there is everything to play for. HMRC tried to get the case dismissed in order to cover it up, but whatever happens it will become case law now and published. I feel good about doing something here. I can’t let these people swindle others. They do it on a routine basis.

  6. Brickthus

    Thank you Stephen for an interesting article. Useful to know the limitations of the expertise of those involved.
    From this first episode I was glad to see that the children had opportunity to appreciate that they and their peers can have a wider range of skills and expressions than the stereotypes may have allowed. It was also good to experiment with removing some of the terms of endearment that might have reinforced a particular way of thinking; I don’t remember any of my school teachers using such terms. The ball basket for fairness of selection is a good improvement too.
    Given that 7-year-old boys and girls have similar strength, it is good to let them be kids and not force them too early into roles that their hormones may define later, to a greater or lesser extent. Good to see some of the girls gaining confidence to help them reduce their under-estimation of their results. I agree that the boy who missed the strength-o-meter should have been handled better. The programme did not go so much into his potential fears at losing credibility amongst the other boys along the lines of the male stereotype of strength; he struggled to express it.
    Whilst it is good to give all the kids the opportunity to see that professions are not exclusively the preserve of one gender, I agree that forcing people down a minority path would be wrong. Nevertheless, school should give people the opportunity to try things, find their skills and what they enjoy and then choose a career having tried a variety of things, including encouragement of more women in engineering and other STEM subjects by their own informed choice. Engineering gains by having a range of viewpoints contributing to the team finding a solution to a problem. There is some struggle with older children in encouraging all as the hormonal differences grow; few of my female peers took Physics at A-level and my electronics degree course had only 4% female starters.
    Whilst the gender stereotypes may have been enforced more in first century society, Jesus broke through the associated limits that people perceived. He would have encouraged the girls to find confidence in trying a new thing. The Bible describes women as equally valuable and often in leadership positions, and also men like Stephen in caring ministries, so let each person develop and grow according to their skills. Equal in value but not forced either into twin gender stereotypes or a single “everyone is alike” stereotype.
    So from this first episode I don’t have any major worries. We will have to see what happens in the next episode. Denial of something people like, such as dolls for the girls, might be more challenging, and as for “gender-neutral” toilets, there is no such thing. “Unisex” maybe but the other term brings to mind the idea of everyone being speyed!

    1. Stephen

      Thanks, mate (sic). It’s funny that when girls do a bloke thing, like have a go with a circular saw, their friends think it’s odd but somehow cool. Now imagine a fella bragging to his mates that he was doing some needlework… The Bible has women leading other women. However, speaking as someone married to a highly-intelligent woman, I can say from experience a man should really value it if his woman is brighter than he is. It does not take away from his leadership role at all. As the old joke goes, you don’t need to be a brain to be the boss…

      1. Mark Jones

        “while I was still searching but not finding– I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.” (Ecc 7v28).

        With no offence intended towards your good lady wife Stephen!

        1. Mark Jones

          the Greek word translated here in the NIV as “upright”, has also been translated as “wise”.

      2. Rox

        George VI used to like doing needlework.

        1. Stephen

          Can’t find any support for that, but there are plenty of male tailors, always have been. There are nine references to ‘needlework’ in the King James Bible, but no indication of the gender of the worker.

          1. Rox

            I knew this all along, but I couldn’t find support on the internet either. Now I have. It seems that Earl Spencer was at it too.

            ” King George VI found embroidery a relaxing pastime, and the coverings that he made for a set of chairs are now at Windsor Castle. ……….The late Earl Spencer, grandfather of Lady Diana, was chairman of the Royal School of Needlework from 1947 to 1956. “”

            The Duke of Edinburgh is surprisingly keen on artistic pursuits too, but he did not find it wise to be so open about it as Prince Charles.

  7. Rox

    Forgive me if you are going to have a separate article on the Great Clarks Shoe Scandal.

    It seems that Clarks have dared to come up with a new range of shoes in which boys’ and girls’ shoes are different.
    O mores, o tempora.
    I do agree that the name “Leaders” for the boys’ shoes is unfortunate, but presumably tough girls who want waterproof shoes could wear them too in the right circumstances. Like walking boots or wellingtons.

    As the panel on Any Questions fulminated about this corruption of asexual youth, I did wonder what kind of shoes the lady panellists were wearing.

  8. Mark Jones

    as Brucie might have said, to paraphrase, “good thread, good thread!”.

    I’ll get me coat.

    1. Mark Jones

      apologies to those who think that last comment is in bad taste. Does that mean I’ll have to forego my “Brucie Bonus”?

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