Jan 10

NATO rattles its sabre in Europe

US tanks being offloaded at Bermerhaven

US tanks being offloaded at Brermerhaven

According to reports in the Daily Express, the Independent and RT among others, the US has just landed the biggest shipment of military equipment since the Cold War at Bremerhaven in Germany as part of a NATO build-up.

The Express said hundreds of tanks had been off-loaded at the port and are now trundling across Europe to Poland.

The Indy ventured: ‘Some 3,500 troops from the 4th Infantry Division in Fort Carson, Colorado, will join up with the equipment, which includes 87 tanks and 144 Bradley fighting vehicles, over the next two weeks.’

NATO exercise on Russian border

The military build-up is part of a NATO sabre-rattling exercise to be held later this month on the Russian border.

The MainStreamMedia line is typified by what has been written in the Daily Express: The exercise ‘comes amid growing fears that war-hungry Russian president Vladimir Putin could trigger an all-out global conflict’.

In reality, the President of the Russian Federation is far too pragmatic to fall into the trap.  Witness his refusal to respond when President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats in the row over ‘the hack that never was‘.  Western diplomats are well aware that Russia is only interested in defending its own people, spheres of influence, bases and allies.  They must know Mr Putin has little ambition to recover old Soviet Union assets.

in his book '1984' George Orwell, written in 1948, predicted that empire-building governments would engineer a continual state of war.

in his book ‘1984’ (written in 1948) George Orwell predicted that empire-building governments would engineer a continual state of war.

What is the real reason?

So what might be the real reason for the military build-up?  These ideas may not be mutually-exclusive:

1 President Obama, in the short time he has left,  is trying to ‘poison the well’ of relations between President Putin and President-elect Trump.  He gambles that Trump will not wish to appear ‘weak’ by bringing all the kit back home and that therefore Putin will remain in a cross mood.

2 The myth of a ‘war-hungry’ President Putin is useful for NATO chiefs and their pals in the armaments industry in order to keep up defence spending.

3 Some military people have not yet adjusted to the end of the Cold War.

4 George Orwell’s prediction that governments would use wars and rumours of wars in order to distract the population from focusing on domestic problems is coming true in our lifetime.

5 President Obama is incandescent at the Syrian Government’s recovery of eastern Aleppo, the strengthening of President Assad’s position and the vanishing likelihood of ‘regime change’ in Syria.

Still annoyed: John Kerry

John Kerry, still annoyed by the House of Commons

John Kerry still irritated by UK vote

To bolster the last idea, outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry last week expressed irritation at the vote in the House of Commons in 2013 against military action in Syria.  He blamed it for President Obama’s lack of action against President Assad and the latter’s subsequent military successes.

Mr Kerry said: “Now, we were marching towards that time when, lo and behold… Prime Minister David Cameron went to the parliament… and he sought a vote for approval for him to join in the action that we were going to engage in. And guess what, the parliament voted no, they shot him down.”

Mr Kerry described how MPs’ 285 to 272 vote against joining American-led airstrikes led to the demands from the US Congress for its own vote on action.  It is good to be reminded of how great an answer to prayer was that historic vote in August 2013.  The link above shows how your MP voted.

Please sign our petition

Please sign our PETITION calling on the UK Government to help rebuild Syria.  It’s the least they can do after the destruction they help unleash.


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  1. Mark Jones

    Whatever the reason, it seems clear to me that Western leaders, especially the Antichrist Obama, want to provoke war with Russia & Putin. Could it be because Putin is apparently not a NWO/Illuminati guy, and he therefore stands in their way?

    As for the Skull & Bones man Kerry, what polite, non-cuss word can adequately sum up this despicable man?

  2. Rox

    How about to make the people of Poland and the Baltic States feel more secure, especially the Baltic States ?

    If you really want to look for ulterior motives, there must be a lot of voters in the USA who are what they call “Polaks”. (Actually, this is in no way an abusive term —- “Polak” is Polish for Pole). Other Americans of East European origin might approve of it too, even if Jewish.

    1. Mark Jones

      Rox: “How about to make the people of Poland and the Baltic States feel more secure, especially the Baltic States ?”

      Well, what do they need to “feel secure” from? The real or (imaginary?) “Russian threat”!!

      ps here we go again!!(?)

      1. Rox


        Russian-speaking populations near the frontiers, as in Ukraine.

        1. Mark Jones

          well, ok, “Russian-speaking populations near the frontiers, as in Ukraine”: so Russian speaking Poles in the east of Poland? NATO is “worried” Putin will invade Poland to annex Polish land to bring these “Russian speaking populations” into as part of Russia?

          As for Ukraine, well its more Russian than European: Putin was reacting to EU expansionism, empire-building!!(?)

          Its all “fake news” it seems to me, perhaps I’m wrong.

  3. Rox

    This applies mostly to the Baltic States, which were actually part of the USSR in the approximate period 1918 to 1991.

    But if you look at a map of Poland in 1938 compared to now, it appears to have moved some 200 miles sideways!
    Whereas Wroclaw, Stargard and Slupsk used to be in Germany, Lvov, Pinsk and Baranovichi used to be in Poland.

    These are not stable well-defined frontiers. You only need to think of the number of people in the east of Wales (of various ancestry) who don’t speak Welsh.

    Ukraine is only partly more Russian than European. Don’t forget that Lemberg (now Lviv) was still part of Austria in 1914 . Most of Ukraine was eager to gain its independence from Russia when it could, at the end of WWI, at the end of WWII , and in 1991.

    1. Rox

      Sorry, correction. Not 1918 to 1991. It should be 1938 to 1991 .

      1. Rox

        I’m sure many of you will have realised that Lviv and Lvov are the same place. It is now Lviv (Ukrainian) having been Lvov (Polish or Russian with different spellings) after it was Lemberg (German, used by the Austrian and Jewish population). Be prepared for other names to appear in various forms, which of course helps to prove my point. Most obviously, Wroclaw was Breslau when in Germany.

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