Jul 19

Medway dispute Mother guilty of ‘contempt’

Maidstone County Court heard Medway's case against the mother

Maidstone County Court heard Medway’s case against the mother

A mother in dispute with social services was found guilty yesterday of contempt of court.  The case has not yet concluded so we shall refer to her as ‘SR’.

Sitting at Maidstone County Court, in open court, Judge Richard Polden held ‘SR’ had  breached an injunction forbidding her from naming her children and reporting on her case online.

Furthermore, she gave an undertaking last December to take down the articles and then changed her mind, he said.  The articles remained up on her page on social media.

Sledgehammer to crack a nut

Sentence will be passed on 30th August, said His Honour.  In accordance with the rules, he must name the mother in public at the conclusion of the case.  Barrister Edward Elliott, representing Medway Council, objected to naming the mother even at that stage.  He said that would enable the public to join up her case and the details already legally presented about it on this website with her social media page.

But this author, speaking as a journalist and member of the media, invited His Honour to have no sympathy with that argument.  Ours is not a jurisdiction which ‘disappears’ dissidents.  The rules say clearly that a person committed to prison, even if sentence is suspended, must be named.  The Council should have thought of that before employing a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Medway ‘verging on vindictive’

The two ‘children’ Medway took are now nineteen and eighteen.  Any orders passed under the Children Act no longer apply.  Medway complained about breaches occurring while at least one of the children was still under eighteen.   But they do not wish the mother to post anything even now about her treatment by Medway Council.  Furthermore, that treatment, on the face of it, appears to have verged on vindictive, as our earlier story detailed.   Accordingly, to try to stem the flow of embarrassing negative information about Medway Social Services, they wanted the judge to make a ‘non-molestation order’ in favour of the children.

But Judge Polden was not confident Medway could present such an application on behalf of persons who are now legally adults.  The Council even expected him to take merely the evidence of social worker Kelly Hopper in support of it.  But when Kelly Hopper gave evidence against the mother for contempt of court, she had to admit she was not even in contact with the son or daughter.  She only had a chat with their ‘support worker’.  So when she laid it on about the children being distressed about their mother’s actions, that was mere hearsay.  Miss Hopper had her speech off pat.  She did not even read from notes she might have taken when purportedly speaking to the support worker.  Her evidence came across as frankly contrived.  So His Honour sent that application up to a High Court Judge to decide in September.

The American civil rights agitator, Saul Alinsky, championed the idea of 'using the system against itself'.

The American civil rights agitator, Saul Alinsky, championed the idea of ‘using the system against itself’.

Using the system against itself

The case exposes the problems faced by local authorities who want to shut parents up.  There is a growing number of parents aggrieved by the loss of their children and the injustice they say they have faced in the family courts.  They are beginning to gather together in social media groups.  And they feel they have very little to lose.  SR herself told the judge: ‘I’ve lost everything.  Medway have destroyed my life and my family.  Send me to prison if you want.’

The truth is, the establishment can only go down its given routes.  Suppose a parent (or even this ministry) shares information contrary to Section 12 of the Administration of Justice Act 1960, which forbids publication of ‘information relating to proceedings … under the Children Act 1989’.  Or a parent (not this ministry) names their child on social media contrary to Section 97 of the Children Act 1989.

All the annoyed local authority can do is apply for the parent (or journalist) to be sent to prison.  They only have that blunt instrument of a weapon.  But employing it creates more publicity around the initial injustice.

Additionally, the parent must now be named in public.  When a respondent shows no fear of consequences and desires the publicity, such sanctions play into their hands.  They are, in the classic expression, ‘using the system against itself.’

A previous Mayor of Medway writes

After emailing our previous story on this case to Councillors in Medway, one Councillor Stuart Tranter responded.  Cllr Tranter was Mayor until Cllr Wildey took over this year.  What he wrote perfectly illustrates the complacency of those in charge of Medway Council:

‘I always welcome the truth, and if you believe something is wrong I suggest you use the courts and other proper means to have the evidence examined.’

Former Mayor of Medway, Councillor Stuart Tranter

Former Mayor of Medway, Councillor Stuart Tranter

No, Councillor Tranter, we are the media.  We are part of the Fourth Estate, holding those in power to account.  Those in power include local authorities, social workers, advocates, judges and indeed councillors.  We are not going to court, and what ‘other proper means’ are there?  Media is a ‘proper means’ and the only court we shall use is the court of public opinion.

He goes on:  ‘Cllr Alan Jarratt (current leader) and Cllr David Wildey are good people working hard for our community, yet you imply they are running a council which sets out to harm innocent people. But living in Wales, I doubt you know them or how this council really works. We may be imperfect, but we do our best to get things right with the resources we have.’

Indeed, us humble sheep-rearing folk know nothing of the high-minded ways of the Home Counties.  But we can spot an injustice when we see one.  Furthermore, a local authority and its councillors should display more humility than ‘we may be imperfect’ and acknowledge their mistakes.

He that troubleth Israel!

Cllr Tranter continues:  ‘I found all I read about you and your organisation and your beliefs negative and disturbing, so I must assume you thrive on causing disturbance which reinforces your beliefs and gives you energy. I hope that one day you get the help you need to find peace.’

Wow!  When you lose the argument, try the ad hominem attack.  Now who was it who said, ‘You are stirring up trouble!’  The idolatrous king Ahab said it to the Prophet Elijah.  Here is the full discourse:

1Kings 18:17 And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel? 18 And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father’s house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the LORD, and thou hast followed Baalim.

‘Baalim’ were false gods.  Israel had departed from the laws of the Lord, just like Medway Council in stripping children from their parents because a house is untidy.  Thanks for that, Councillor.  And you will only find peace in the Lord Jesus, who told his followers:

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

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  1. Eugene

    What a brilliant article! Thank you Steve from all my heart and from heart of other parent’s! I would like your opponents we once how SW #BisIAturu push my son physically Out of room how she was concerned that my son loves me and decreased contacta on this basis , how I was begging Alan Jarrett for help and he promised it and next day ran to court to get ex parte non molestation judgement ” .”Clearly his parental skills where not good as one of his children became a convovted drug trafficker. ” “Modest resources “indeed “are wasted to try to jail parents whose fault is they love their children!

  2. Eugene

    This is a message to Medway Council – return my son! What you are doing is extremely cruel and senseless! i was begging you long enough! why you fire every SW how wanted to help?

    Please return my son, Ann Domeney, Ian Sutherland! You are not invincible!

    Immediately stop this torture! I miss my son terribly!

    All what you done to me and my son will come on your heads! EYE FOR EYE!

  3. Peter

    Well done Steven. Medway Council are not as smart as they thought. They cannot have their cake and eat it.

  4. Yvonne Stewart-Taylor

    Brilliant. Now who warned about Kent and their wrongdoing and child stealing 7 years ago ? A former Councillor from Kent and her friend also a Former Councillor from Cumbria , and sorry to say, at that time, it fell upon deaf ears. Well now this is refreshing to say the least and of course quite right. Brilliant reporting , these corporate menaces cannot expect to destroy innocent families and victims and survivors, of foul play, to remain silent and be brow beaten by threats and menaces . Enough is enough. Thank you for honest reporting .

    1. Stephen

      Yvonne, thank you for the compliment. As to ‘who warned’ etc, we should like to know more. Email us please: info at christianvoice.org.uk or phone us on 01994 484544.

  5. Lorna

    Well written 👍
    Medway council need to give our children back. Risk of future harm without no evidence of harm ever happening is no excuse to tear up loving family bonds

  6. Paul

    Excellent article. All councils up and down the country are just as bent as Kent especially when it comes to kidnapping babies, as well as the judges who sit in these constitutionally illegal kangaroo courts.
    “When a respondent shows no fear of consequences and desires the publicity” was my strategy, I ignored the scraps of paper telling me to shut up and delete everything from the internet, and their response was an attempt to force every human on the planet to delete their crimes from the internet with a contra mundum injunction.
    I have nothing but contempt for all the people involved in stealing and trafficking children through these illegal courts. Regretfully, Staffordshire county council gave up trying to imprison me because there’s so much evidence of their criminal activity online that a committal hearing in a public court would allow everyone to see and hear all about it, including how judge Orrell produced a pre-written 17 page judgment (in favour of forced adoption) within seconds of ‘summing up’ at the final hearing. He should have adjourned to consider all the evidence before writing the judgment. The council has always withheld the court bundles to stop an appeal, which I believe is also illegal.
    You’ll find scans of the injunctions here https://www.scribd.com/user/75995228/Paul-Roberts
    Also the local police watched/listened to a short video, an excerpt of a covert recording from a social service meeting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FCWP2WVHYc I asked them to look into how the kidnap order was obtained. They got back to me within a couple of days and said “serious crimes have been committed against your family” and went on to say “we’ve been ordered to back off, or we lose our jobs and pensions”. So much for police being able to do their job, when all they can do is blindly follow orders (nazi Nuremberg defense).
    As long as the stolen children are being held captive in foster/adoption, the crimes are still ongoing and there should be no time limit to remedy the crimes and injustice.

  7. Eugene

    Those people, Ann Domeney, Ian Sutherland should get real as there will be no peace till my son returned.

  8. Andrew C

    I’ve seen many cases like this. The detail is really unimportant. because everyone knows the game. The council want their children if they do not bring them up according to official standards, like turning them gay and feeding them lies. Home schooling is especially disliked by the authorities. A friend of mine does it and it is a constant fight to keep the fiends at bay. Officials lying and closing ranks is nothing new either.

    Anyway, I used to read these stories on a site run by Brian Gerrish, who is also a Christian. My view is that the really good thing is about how we can expose their wrong doings. Go directly to the people, and expose the officials who would rather keep it all secret. At the end of the day, you really do have to fight them, and it is so great when others help you in this way. It’s a numbers game. Officials are all high and mighty when there is one of you and 20 of them, but if there is 20 of them and 20 000 of you then they get cold feet. Eventually you’ll see surrender where it is too much for someone in a job like that to do, hence they resign and then spill the beans.

    You’ve just got to have faith that eventually you’ll get them. I’ve been through fights myself and told countless times that what I was doing was hopeless, but eventually it cracked up. About 1/4 of the institution was sacked. I could tell I had won by the number of job vacancies in the local paper! It was like two years of getting nowhere and then snap – all of a sudden it was busted. I was aided by a change in the top man, which was clearly not in with the corruption, so he organised a dawn raid on them and wheeled away their filing cabinets. You could say that might have been an act of God. It certainly felt like it.

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