Jul 13

Medway Council took children because home ‘untidy’

Councillor Alan Jarrett, leader of Medway Council

Councillor Alan Jarrett, leader of Medway Council

A local authority took two children into care because a house was ‘untidy’, a mother has told Christian Voice.

And now, seven years later, Medway Council are trying to send the mother to prison for speaking out about her case.  This is despite both children now being over eighteen.  Care proceedings end at eighteen.

Medway Council harmed boy with violent video games

Medway Council have a history of such intimidatory tactics against parents who refuse to play by the rules.  Last month they brought contempt of court proceedings against a father for naming council employees on social media.  Judge Richard Scarratt gave him 56 days suspended.

In January this year Medway Council also applied to send Eugene Lukjanenko to prison for naming his son.  Judge Richard gave him his first 56 days, also suspended.  Mr Lukjanenko says he was speaking out against the injustice he says both he and his son have suffered at the hands of Medway Council.

According to friends of the family, Mr Lukjanenko’s son suffered horrific emotional abuse at the hands of Medway Council after being taken into care following a one-off altercation with a neighbour’s child.

Medway Council allowed 'J' to watch video games which inspired Norwegian neo-Nazi Anders Breivik

Medway Council allowed ‘J’ to watch video games which inspired Norwegian neo-Nazi Anders Breivik

If there was ever a case for a local authority working with a parent to keep a family together, this was it.  But instead, Medway Council took J into care at huge cost to the taxpayer.

Whether that is down to resources or ideology we do not know.

Moreover, they encouraged him to watch violent video games, including one played by Norwegian neo-nazi Anders Breivik.

We cannot name Mr Lukjanenko’s son without being in contempt of court ourselves.  As he is a minor, we do not wish to anyway.

We are only able to name Mr Lukjanenko because Medway brought committal proceedings against him.

‘Hired gun’ psychologist says home-schooling causes ‘harm’

Edward Elliott has represented Medway Council in at least two contempt of court cases against aggrieved parents.

Edward Elliott has represented Medway Council in at least two contempt of court cases against aggrieved parents.

In the present case, that of the mother, we are at liberty to name all parties, but will wait until next week’s court case before doing so.  In the meantime, Medway’s barrister, Edward Elliott, boasts about his involvement in the Council’s committal proceedings against the mother.  He calls her ‘SR’ which is how we shall refer to her.

Nevertheless, some disturbing factors of SR’s case should concern all of us.  Medway’s case at the final hearing on 4th March 2010 was that SR had harmed her two youngest children by pulling them out of school.  Her daughter ‘C’ has special needs, while her son ‘D’ is above average intelligence.

Medway Council hired chartered psychologist Mr Graham Flatman to dig up dirt on the family.  His comments should alarm every home-schooling parent in the land.  He contended SR ‘had provided (‘D’) only with a limited and possibly distorted social experience’ and had ‘missed the opportunities offered by school for extended social contacts, extra curricular activities and the benefit of experiencing how a society of children and adults can function’.  He concluded, ‘He had therefore suffered harm.’ On this point, District Judge Graham Green found otherwise.

It is legal to home-school in the United Kingdom.

Uncooperative with professionals

Expert Witness Graham Flatman. His reports cost the taxpayer around £6,000 each and he can write six per month, so he has every reason to look cheerful.

Expert Witness Graham Flatman. His reports cost the taxpayer around £6,000 each and he can write six per month, so he has every reason to look cheerful.

Having failed on home schooling, Medway turned on SR herself.  Mr Flatman said she was ‘narcissistic’.  She had ‘no insight into the harm and neglect the children have suffered’.  He said she ‘should not have the responsibility of caring for her children unless she progresses through treatment and support’.  What ‘treatment’?  He did not say.  Could it involve keeping SR away from looking glasses and pools of water?  Whatever treatment it might be, Mr Flatman will not be providing it.  He is far too busy writing reports for the family court.

Mr Flatman also said SR, a single parent, was uncooperative with the professionals.  These are people who wanted to remove her children from the family home.  Many reasonable people might also be assessed as having ‘distorted and paranoid belief systems about authority figures’ in such circumstances.

Indeed, it seems Medway Council were intent on forcing SR’s children back into school.  The mother has a suspicion that Council employees were disgruntled she had chosen to home-school her two youngest children.  In her view, care proceedings were a retaliation.  Indeed, Medway applied to the family court for an Emergency Protection Order in February 2010.  Moreover, the Council did this in secret without SR’s knowledge.  Social worker Janet Western-Mullins then ambushed her with the order and a riot van full of police officers at her home.

Social worker ‘had no evidence’

Mark Noble was a detective police inspector before going private as a safeguarding manager. He said the case against SR was 'laughable'.

Mark Noble was a detective police inspector before going private as a safeguarding manager. He said the case against SR was ‘laughable’.

Miss Western-Mullins told the court in her statement there was a ‘long history of reported squalid conditions’ at SR’s home.  But she then had to admit these were based on one referral from a workman and a report from Medway Housing association in Feb 2008.  She had actually ‘gone no further than the front room of SRt’s home’.  She apologised for the exaggeration and ‘agreed that she had no evidence to support that assumption’.

But a police officer, Detective Constable Alexandra Smith, gave unchallenged subjective evidence supporting Medway.  She said the garden ‘was a mess’, and there was ‘a litter tray smelling strongly of urine in the hallway.’

Astonishingly, and on this scant evidence, and despite SR having raised her three other children without incident, Judge Green found that the conditions of the home were ‘significant’ and ‘harmful to the children’.  He made a final care order.

SR tells us that one Mark Noble, then a detective inspector in Kent Police, expressed what we shall politely call ‘reservations’ about Alex Smith’s evidence.  He reportedly said the case was ‘laughable’.  Mr Noble now offers his services on LinkedIn as a ‘safeguarding manager’,

We shall look back at this with shame

Councillor David Wildey is Mayor of Medway Council.

Councillor David Wildey is Mayor of Medway Council.

This is just the latest example of a council’s social services department putting more effort into securing a care order than helping a family stay together.  Again a Council uses a ‘hired gun’ psychologist to damn the parent.  We see a care order based on the most nebulous crossing of the Children Act ‘threshold’.  And yet again we have Medway Council trying to send a parent to prison for exposing what she sees as the injustice she and her family have suffered.

Indeed, in case after case, parents tell this writer stories which speak of institutional, systemic injustice.  In years to come, British people will look back at what the family courts did with shame.  A senior judge will write a report about the parents who were deprived of their children without committing a crime.  Politicians will make speeches of apology to the children condemned to local authority care and its poor outcomes.

Venue and Scripture

Medway Council will try to send SR to prison at Maidstone County Court .  The address is Barker Road, ME16 8EQ.  Judge Richard Polden will hear the case on Monday 17th July 2017 at 10.00am in open court .  The rules say the hearing must be heard in public unless there are ‘exceptional circumstances’.

An embarrassed Medway Council will want to maintain secrecy.  Accordingly, we shall expect an application from them to hear the case in private.  And we shall expect Judge Polden to dismiss it.

Scripture says: Exodus 23:6 Thou shalt not wrest the judgment of thy poor in his cause.  And:

Ezekiel 45:9 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Let it suffice you, O princes of Israel: remove violence and spoil, and execute judgment and justice, take away your exactions from my people, saith the Lord GOD.

We were asking Medway Councillors for comments on this story as we went to press.

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  1. Rox

    I would have thought that if the son’s surname is Lutjanenko, it must be pretty obvious who he is anyway, no matter whether he is John Lutjanenko or Peter Lutjanenko .

    [ N.B. If either of these names happens to be the actual one , please change it !!! ]

    1. Stephen

      No need to change it. It was stated in Open Court.

      1. Eugene

        i really can,t believe how fear could so deeply implanted in psyche of so many people ! Even if Head judge of Kent ALLOWS publication, there are still people hesitating! To which extent could brainwashing go! my name is Eygene Lukjanenko – mind spelling! I will also name and shame Medway employees as strongly believe that we live in a free democratic country! And if there are judges who rather prefer to cover up public servants, i will have NO participation in this disgusting cover up! #LetMySonComeHome!

  2. Eugene

    I can,t find enough words for Stephen! You are unique in all country1 thank you so much!!

    #MedwayChildrenServices act with medieval cruelty! Return my son immediately! They prevent my son from seeing me those evil people1 Immediately return my son!

    1. Rox

      I’m sorry, but this is overdone again. They are not acting with mediaeval cruelty. I don’t suppose for one moment that your son is kept chained in an underground dungeon with inadequate food, no toilet, rats, and sometimes physical punishment as well as the psychological fear of torture and death. This is what happened in the Middle Ages all over Europe, even (and particularly) to the sons of kings and other young aristocrats, who usually finally just disappeared.

      Probably in better conditions than I have described, this happened to a young king of England (Edward V) and to his brother. They both disappeared in 1483. As so often in these cases, their uncle took over their money and the the top job.

      Let’s keep to the facts about your son. What is actually happening to him ? What treatment is it that you consider so cruel ? Words like “mediaeval” don’t help.

  3. Eugene

    To separate loving father and son yes, it is medieval cruelty. Seems your education or (and) upbringing or life exzperience and perhaps natural lack of feelings does not allow you to see that. This is incredible emotional harm inflicted to a child.Please read articles. nothing more happened to my child which would not be reflected here.

    I assume you would see nothing special in forced adoptions, forced foster care, all is acceptable, isn,t it?

  4. Lorna

    Medway social services have torn my family and my life to shreds, they showed no desire to keep my family together, instead they had their bully of a social worker harass my family on a daily basis, this social worker even went as far as physically assaulting me.
    They tried to stop my youngest 3 children from staying in the family as they wanted to put them up for adoption thankfully they were unsuccessful, but my 2 daughters have been placed in long term fostercare until they are 18.
    They had no evidence other than the word of the social worker who had been told to disguise the parents compliance,she was given a list of concerns and told to get new reports to reflect them. I believe the school was heavily involved in this too.
    They took me to court for concerns that were nearly all dismissed my children are in foster care due to the expert witness reports and they were not even experts in the field required.
    I believe the expert witnesses are paid to write exactly what Medway council tells them to out of fear that they will no be given further work from them. Easy money for them to earn but none of these people care about the outcome and the emotional and mental abuse they inflict on the children they steal or their families.
    These cases are such an injustice they are draconian and it shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

  5. eddie

    Well done Christian Voice.I wonder if Christopher Booker of the daily telegraph is aware of your site,he hates the injustice in “family”courts.
    The Lord is bringing cases of evil together and you are right in your approach in holding these councillors to account.Their pride and self righteousness is typical of unsaved ,ambitious self serving human nature.God help us.

    High sheriffs are to uphold the dignity of HM judges so that is another channnel of attack.
    Go for the CPS ,go for the Judges ,and remember the unjust judge and the woman? Our Lord gave us her example of persistency in looking and seeking justice.She got justice.

    Also the woman whose child was raised from the dead in the days of the kings and she went away because of a famine,she came back petitioned the King whilst Gehazi was talking to the king and she received restoration.

    MPs can be fickle but press the Medway MP and demand a reply(nicely).
    As for that councillor who wants you to have peace,he doesn’t know the meaning of the word.Pray for him

    God gives us the Victory


  6. Eugene

    I attempted to talk today about my son to councillor Andrew Mackness,about my son. He is Children Portfolio Holder. at Medway Council.He responded that will not talk to me.Typical overlords mentality! Perhaps any of you would want to ask him why his friends at Medway children services ruining my son, do not allow him even see his dad?

  7. Karuna

    I I really feel for you Eugene, and admire you speaking out. My family is still defeated from the nightmare that social services inflicted 7 years ago, taking my sister’s baby in a case that got thrown out of court 8 months later as so ridiculous. As my parents (the grandparents) were able to get custody, they experienced 8 months of hell that my dad still feels furious and impotent to have done anything about. The SS workers were just moved to another country and ‘lessons were learnt’… apparently 😣 Due to the ridiculous loophole of anonymity of the child, the social services are able to hide from scrutiny and act without fear of reprisals of any sort. I do hope your case is able to highlight such outdated practices. Now that you have gone public you should really go public (I apologise if you’ve tried). Maybe you could contact the guy from the Telegraph who speaks out about this regularly (I’ll try and remember his name) There are so many devestated families like yours. Things need to change. Good luck 💚
    And Rox, I can’t believe you pick up on an emotional father’s use of language, one at his wits end, now looking at court. Have some compassion and give the guy a break, eh?

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