May 23

Manchester atrocity follows Ariana Grande concert

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Twenty-two people have died and fifty-nine are injured after a bomb attack at a concert given by one Ariana Grande.

The atrocity was carried out at Manchester Arena.  It was a suicide attack.  The attacker, thought to be a Muslim extremist, died in the attack.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and their families.

Second most followed person on Instagram

We also need to focus on the nature of the concert.  Eighteen months ago, in November 2015, gunmen struck at the Bataclan in Paris.  A band called ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ were playing.  I investigated the band, the genre and the lyrics and published a video at the time.  Here it is.

The performance of Ariana Grande was not as dark and invoking quite so much pure evil as the Bataclan gig.  Nevertheless, there are questions.

Ariana Grande, or Grande-Butera, is twenty-three and American.  She appeals to a young audience, teens and younger.  The youngest named victim to date was just eight years old.  Wikipedia claims Grande ‘has a large following on social media’.  I have to admit she is someone I never heard of before this morning.  Nevertheless, it seems ‘she is the second most followed person on Instagram’.

Ariana Grande’s lesbian imagery

With a young audience comes the responsibility of setting a good example.  Sadly, with Ariana Grande, that is lacking.  The home page of her website at this time of writing has moving images of what appears to be lesbian activity in a launderette.  That may be fashionable, but it does not help her young fans to grow up to express normal attractions.

In keeping with modern de mode lesbian chic, there are images and videos around of Ariana Grande doing other lesbian-style stuff.  She has or has had boyfriends.  Nevertheless, her shameless promotion of bi- or pan-sexuality is plain irresponsible and thoughtless.  But then, it is slanted to earn accolades from the bien pensants.

Not wholesome lyrics

Some of Arianna’s lyrics might not be exactly what an eight-year needs to hear.

In ‘Moonlight’, the man she is singing about ‘Makes me want to give him my body’.  In ‘Dangerous Woman’, the boy ‘Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t’.  ‘All girls wanna be like that,’ she sings, ‘Bad girls underneath, like that,’ And then: ‘All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God, Don’t ya stop, boy.’  ‘Into you’ has ‘A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body” Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you, oh yeah.’

‘Let me love you’ features singer Dwayne Carter.  His contribution is: I say, “Girl, you need a hot boy.”  She say, “You need to stop f*****’ with them thots, boy.” I say, “You need a real nigga?” She said, “Yes”, Lord.’  Dwayne is a black guy so he can get away with the racist bits but, once more, do you really want your pre-teen daughter listening to that?

And Ariana can do potty mouth as well.  In Bad Decisions: ‘Boy, you make me make bad decisions.  Don’t you know I ain’t f****** with them good boys?  Know you love me like ain’t nobody here, boy.  If you want it, boy, you got it.  Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?’

No mention of atrocity on website

It must also be said that a full thirty-six hours after the attack at her gig, there was still no mention of it, or any expression of condolence for the victims, anywhere on her website.  That may well be an oversight and could have been rectified by the time you read this.

The BBC quotes Ariana Grande as being ‘broken’ by the attack.  The Independent said she was suspending her ‘Dangerous Woman’ world tour.  It now seems to be back on.  But she wants to pay for the victims’ funerals.  How weird an expression of empathy is that?  Mind you, that story is in the Daily Mail so it might not be true.

Prayer and Action

Once more, we have to call on parents to be aware of those who are influencing your children and exercise some control.  You are responsible for them:

Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

And please pray for our security services.  They can only foil such attacks if things go well for them.  I addressed some of these in this Brexit-themed video, ‘EU: Does the Lord Keep the City‘?

Psalm 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

Does Manchester’s yearly gay pride parade make it the sort of city which will enjoy the Lord’s protection?  As for Ariana Grande, does one really have to be an IS supporter to recognise debauchery in her work as well?  Or do you just need a moral compass?

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  1. Bob Hutton

    I have blogged about this:


  2. Rox

    I had never heard of her either.

    But I have heard of launderettes.

    “Washday worries you’ll forget, it you join us at the launderette”.

    I didn’t realise quite what this implied.

    Seriously, it was a major disaster, and your use of the word “atrocity” is very apt. Let’s hope that those who are not dead are to a very large extent curable.

    1. Rox

      Well, thanks for the link, I’ve watched the official video now, full screen.

      There is a contrast with 1960s ITV launderette advertising, admittedly, The melody is less tuneful, for example.

      But you fail to mention other episodes in it, for example when she (or some woman, anyway) is intimately examined by a young man on the bonnet of a car, or enjoyed to the full on a photocopying machine in an office, again by a man.

      I don’t think it is intended to be taken too seriously. But I can’t imagine why the parents thought this performer was especially suitable for young teenage girls. Would she get through parental controls ? That perhaps is the secret. If they had parental controls on their equipment, they wouldn’t know what she was like.

      Maybe, just maybe, Muslims share Stephen’s views on this sort of nonsense, not the first time it has happened.

      1. Mark Jones

        “Maybe, just maybe, Muslims share Stephen’s views on this sort of nonsense, not the first time it has happened.”

        Well, one big difference is that Stephen wouldn’t want to blow them up!!! ffs Rox, get a grip boy.

        1. Rox

          No, but sometimes Stephen and Robin have expressed similar views to Muslims. You can buy special Muslim swimsuits for ladies, and Robin was interested in special Christian swimsuits for ladies. Stephen and most Muslims are in favour of chastity and all sorts of ideals which our secular society has largely dispensed with. Regular prayer, too.

          No wonder that the position in some communities seems to have regrouped as “Good religious people (and other good people of no faith) against the rest ” !

  3. Peter

    I see what you mean about the lesbian launderette scene on the home pages of Ariana’s website. However it gets even worse if you click on the “Watch Now” link on the left hand side. In the video that follows, opposite sex couples are featured ripping of each others clothes and simulating sex on the bonnet of a car, on a busy bus and in a busy office.

    Similar suggestive and sexualised scenes are also a feature of many of her other videos. No doubt if the bomber was a follower of the Daesh ideology these sexualised activities, by a singer whose music appeals to young girls could well have provided him with the motive to carry out this atrocity.

    It is surely no coincidence that the music events in Paris and Manchester that have been the subject of these despicable attacks, have been performed by artists whose music, activities and performances are diametrically opposed by those who are likely to have carried out the attacks.

    Daesh are quick to claim responsibility for these horrendous attacks but rarely state the motive for them. However given the strict rules that they imposed in their caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and the sick death sentences that they have carried out, it is surely no surprise that these evil followers of Daesh would carry out such a cowardly attack as the one in Manchester.

    As information emerges about Salman Ramadan Abedi in the coming days, it will be interesting to know if he had a relative who has become a fan of Ariana and if this might have been behind his decision to pursue his murderous act in Manchester.

    Based on the pattern emerging, I would have thought that a sporting event is likely to be low risk. But events which are seen as immoral, are likely to be high risk.

    1. Rox

      Pretty much what I said. Peter, except you watched a lot more of the videos than I did !
      And no doubt Imams and Daesh officials have been watching them too.

      Did you ever see Cinema Paradiso ? (It concerns the censoring activities of an Italian priest, not the Muslim paradise). I bet Stephen has seen it.

      The bizarre thing about extreme Muslims is that, although they are very keen to protect the purity of women, they don’t seem to hesitate to besmirch women who don’t exhibit the appropriate standards of purity.

      1. Stephen

        No, not seen that. No real dichotomy in your third paragraph. And we need to distinguish between Muslim women and kaffir women. The former are assumed to be pure and all sorts of honour stuff kicks in if they are not. Kaffir women on the other hand are assumed by Muslims to be of loose morals from the off.

        1. Rox

          But aren’t they supposed to convert the Kaffir women with the loose morals rather than take advantage of them ?
          I’m sure that’s what Christian missionaries did when surrounded by all those dusky maidens dressed to suit the hot climate.

          1. Stephen

            Chalk and cheese, Rox.

          2. Rox

            Well, they managed to distribute their chalk and cheese almost equally in Nigeria.

          3. Stephen

            No, they don’t. Christians are largely in the south, and Muslims in the north.

  4. Mark Jones

    “Christians are largely in the south, and Muslims in the north.”

    Yes, and furthermore, when muslims attack the Christians, which is ALWAYS the case, the msm report it as “religious conflict”, as they do with Israel and the Palestinians etc, as if both sides are equally responsible. In fact, they are likely to highlight attacks by Christians, which are IN RESPONSE to being attacked, as being unprovoked. So the usual fake news in other words.

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