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  1. Epistle

    The video in the technical report “l’incendie de Roubaix filmé par un voisin” is truly shocking in the speed in which the fire spreads vertically in the tower block, despite the efforts of the Fire Brigade. In London this was shortly followed by travel of the fire horizontally across the building, possibly by means of the contiguous cladding. I suspect that fire safety may have been severely compromised in order to improve the building’s insulation, without the higher cost of using totally non-inflammable materials. How short-sighted this may prove to have been. Considerable moral integrity is required not to compromise safety in such circumstances in the corporate world, where the bottom line rules all. We need to beware. Time will tell, but something must have been terribly wrong at Grenfell Tower, and doubtless needs addressing elsewhere too.

  2. taxes

    The various fire regulations for new buildings do not demand fire proof materials. They simply require materials to be fire resistant for a specified period, usually 30 minutes. In one house in which I was involved, the Inspector, after checking the ceiling construction, simply asked for an extra coat of emulsion to be applied to the ceiling!!!! In theory, that might slightly delay a heat breakthrough, but once that barrier was breached it would add to the intensity of the blaze.

    But building safety is not just a modern problem. See Jesus’ reference to the Tower of Siloam. The tower of Pisa started to lean before it was finished, but they still kept adding levels to it. Politicians and councillors are rarely motivated by the Bible in spit of many statements to the contrary. Have a look at Tony Blair’s relative statements whilst in power. In the vast majority of cases their “god” is power or money

    1. Rox

      Even so, with good maintenance the Tower of Pisa has been very successful in bringing people to Pisa, and has still not fallen down.

      Siloam is interesting. In Thornton Wilder’s famous book
      the author manages to trace in surprising detail* the lives of the people who died in the San Luis Rey bridge disaster in 1714, trying to find some reason why they might have been on the bridge to die when it collapsed. Jesus seems to think it is completely obvious that there would be no reason at all (Luke 13:4). This passage is seldom quoted, but it answers a great many similar questions which come up from time to time. Some hold that people dying in various disasters were particularly sinful and were being punished for this, but apparently not, if we are to believe Jesus himself.
      * When I wrote that, I still believed what I was taught at school, that the bridge disaster and Wilder’s researches were real. In fact, Wikipedia reveals that the whole thing was a prize-winning fiction dreamed up in 1927 .

      To be fair to politicians, “their god is money” often equates to “they are doing their best to avoid raising taxes”. Some of us would be pleased to pay more tax to make social provisions more lavish, but many wouldn’t.

  3. Rox

    A lot of the old churches which have a low tower but no steeple used to have a steeple.

    1. Mark Jones

      yes, as in, “Here’s the church, and here’s the steeple, Open the door and see all the people.”?

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