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Gay marriage proposal overturns reality

Gay 'blessing tent' at Cardiff Mardi Gras

We have become accustomed to gay rights taking precedence over the right to express the Christian faith.  Whether you are a counsellor like Gary McFarlane, or Christian hoteliers like Peter and Hazelmary Bull, or a registrar like Lilian Ladele, you will find that the law no longer upholds the Christian faith when it runs up against the new legal steamroller of homosexual equality.

But now gay rights is about to over-rule reality.  Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone MP announced in the safety of the Liberal Democrat 2011 annual conference that pairs of homosexuals will be able to enter into a marriage.  A consultation on the mechanics but not the principle will begin in March 2012.  The proviso that they will only be able to ‘marry’ at a registry office and not in church is carefully designed to silence opposition from the mainstream denominations – and also from Muslims.

Christians must still oppose this measure and point out the enormity of what is being done.  Human Society has understood marriage to be the union of a man and a woman for 6,000 years.  With the exception of the decadent West, it is still understood like that all over the world.  What the Government is proposing is a seismic shift in the definition of marriage. 


It is easy enough to demonstrate the absurdities of the idea.  Are two men both going to be ‘bridegrooms’?  Lesbian couples often call each other ‘brides’ as in ‘the brides wore matching dresses’ or ‘one of the brides wore a dress and the other a tuxedo.’  We recently reported on two of the more ludicrous recent civil partnerships.  And when they are married, will one call him/her-self the ‘husband’ and describe the other as his / her wife?  Or will they both be ‘husbands’ or both ‘wives’?  Or will they risk an epidemic of nausea by each pretending to be ‘the spouse’ of the other?

Are the Government seriously expecting these sham marriages to be recognised as the real thing when the parties travel overseas?   And what of civil partnerships?  Are they to be abandoned or retained?

The deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg wrote: “I support gay marriage. Love is the same, straight or gay, so the civil institution should be the same, too. All couples should be able to make that commitment to one another.”

But love is not the same, Nick.  The love you have for your wife is expressed sexually.  The love you have for your brothers and sisters is not.  Homosexuals eroticise a love which should be platonic.  This is usually because of unmet needs in childhood, by a lack of affirmation from the parent of the same sex as a man or as a woman.  It is not pathological to be emotionally a nine-year old at the age of nine.  It is at the age of twenty-nine.

Homosexuals need understanding, and they need healing for the underlying pathologies.  That healing may come from the psychiatric profession, but now that most of them have gone like dead fish with the politically-correct flow, the gap should be filled by the Church, ministering the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ.  However someone became gay, they do not have to stay gay.  That is a choice.

Where this is headed is anyone’s guess.  Nine years ago, 41% of Scots agreed with gay marriage.  That displays a shocking enough lack of connection with the reality of life.

But today, after just five years of civil partnerships being conducted in the UK, including in Scotland, that figure has risen to 61% in favour.  If public opinion can be swayed like that by a new law combined with the preaching of politicians and the media, how long will it be until all but a remnant in Scotland, and in the UK for that matter, are in favour of enshrining in law what God describes as an abomination and of overturning the natural created order?  On a dispassionate reading, Sodom was like that.  And can a Sodom-esque clamp-down on the freedom of speech of those who disagree be far behind?

The Lord Jesus Christ said (in Mark 10:6-8) that from the beginning of the creation God made us male and female and that is why a man leaves his father and mother to cleave to his wife.

So (1) Jesus believed in creation not in evolution,

(2) He spoke of some kind of marital ceremony in which the wider society is approvingly involved and

(3) He then said ‘they twain shall be one flesh’ and reinforced the point ‘so then they are no more twain, but one flesh’.
And being one flesh is something a pair of homosexuals, two men or two women, can never be.  Between them they physically lack the complementary parts of the body necessary for that God-ordained one-flesh union, and their lack of physical complementarity speaks of a lack of emotional compatibility as well.  The author and physician David Reuben said ‘homosexuals are trying to solve the puzzle with only half the pieces.’

Given that a marriage has to be consumated to be valid in law, how are two people who do not possess between them the full set of parts of the anatomy necessary for such an act supposed to do that?  Or will that requirement be thrown away?

None of these arguments will make any difference to the Governments’ gay rights juggernaut.  Facts don’t matter in a post-modern society.  But Christians have the right, indeed the duty, to witness to the truth in season and out of season, (and it is very much out of season right now). 

READ: Gen 2:23-24, 19:1-25 (see esp v19); Isaiah 1:9; Mark 10:6-8; Romans 1:24-27; I Cor 6:9-11; Rev 22:14-15.

PRAY: For this nation to wake up and come to its senses.  For righteousness in the Queen’s ministers or for them to be replaced with men after God’s heart.  For compassion and healing for those suffering from same-sex attraction.  We have no power or might against the forces of the gay rights lobby in government and the media, but our eyes are on the Lord of heaven and earth who can send a miracle to a praying, believing, active people.

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  1. Michael Petek

    My question is this. If a man is to be legally able to marry another man, will they be exchanging the right each to the body of the other for acts of sodomy? Will non-consummation be a ground of nullity? Will adultery be a basis for verifying irretrievable breakdown? And if a man and a woman go through a ceremony of marriage, is matrimonial consent truly given even if one or both of them is at the time determined never to have children? If 61 per cent of a survey agrees with same-sex marriage, then the nation has forgotten what marriage is!

  2. Chrisdtopher Proudlove

    What would happen to a nation if half its people were joined in homosexual “marriage?” That nation would see a dramatic fall in births and suffer adverse economic consequences. We are seeing would-be police and fire officers claiming to be homosexuals to obtain jobs as some counties and constabularies insist on quotas being met. In Staffordshire, that number in its constabulary is 10 per cent, way above the real percentage of homosexuals. Thus heterosexuals are being discriminated against. I have met former homosexuals of both genders whose sexual orientation has been reversed by them becoming born-again Christians. The only time in history when homosexual marriage was permitted was before Noah’s Flood. Rebellion against God’s law on marriage will ultimately bring judgment on mankind. Noah preached righteousness for 120 years. Let’s hope our society repents before the wrath of God strikes again. I am not homophobic. I do not hate anyone per se. However, whenever I have seen men kissing men and women kissing women in a clearly sexual embrace in public or on TV I am sickened because it is not in the natural order of things

    20 Semptember 2011 Christopher Proudlove

    1. Stephen

      ‘Homophobia’ as understood on planet Gay is not hatred of homosexuals (although that is what they will say it is), but any opinion which does not fully accept the entire homosexual agenda. So you are ‘homophobic’ by their definition. My advice is, don’t use their word, ever.

  3. Graham


    I fully agree with all you have written. Britain is moving rapidly away from God and I believe is in great danger (see http://www.seekingtruth.co.uk/britain.pdf). The church needs to realise that Britain has been led astray by a succession of humanistic legal directives from the EU, the latest being enshrined in the UK 2010 Equality Law.

    Since we are in a spiritual battle, the only really effective solution is for the church to ask for the Lord’s mercy and to pray urgently that the Holy Spirit will come and sweep across this nation (Jn 16.8) – and especially upon a rebellious government.

  4. Rona Forzani

    We may feel powerless to make a real change in a world where Godly values seem to be endlessly slipping away BUT, I believe, with GOD on our side we can be like David towards the Goliath that is challenging us in our land.
    Where others are fearfull, we stand for all God says He is and working with Him we can and will accomplish much. Let us passionately, with love and with a united voice petition heaven but also stand on this earth as messengers and representatives of the Only True Living GOD and his son our Lord Jesus Christ. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Amen x

  5. Mark

    Whilst you are entitled to your opinions, it is worth remembering that not everyone subscribes to your world view whether regarding gay rights or where the on/off button is on their televisions.

    Whilst the gay lifestyle may not be to your taste, (nor mine for that matter), I think that a far pleasanter Christian value is one of tolerance rather than attempting to tell others, (who don’t necessarily subscribe to your ‘talibanised’ version of Christianity), how they should live their lives.

    I dont agree with your own opinions or lifestyle choices, but at the end of the day, I’m not going to deny your rights to hold them. Please allow others the same respect.

    1. Stephen

      Dear Mark,
      You wouldn’t tolerate theft, or murder, or perjury, or incest, or child-molestation, so why tolerate the perversion of sodomy? Oh, and by the way, we don’t do name-calling on this site. We try to conduct ourselves with the grace of Jesus Christ. I shall happily send you a Bible-reading plan if you forward your land address (actually it is up on the web at http://www.repent.com in the Bible section) so you can begin on 1st January to read through the Bible and really get to know the mind of God.

      1. Mark

        You’re right, I would not accept theft, or murder, or perjury, or incest, or child-molestation, nor rape within marriage or domestic violence for that matter.

        There is, however, a big difference between a crime against the person and the exercise of coercion and power to the detriment of others and what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home. It is intellectually dishonest to ignore this fundamental issue of consent over coercion as you do in your reply.

        As I said, you are entitled to hold any opinion you wish and to conduct your own private life as you see fit within the law. Please allow others the same courtesy and accept that not everyone subscribes to your particular belief structure or theological view.

        If people wish to play fast and loose, (in the eyes of your interpretation of God’s will), within secular legal and consensual boundaries, it is their choice under the free will that humanity was granted after the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

        It is ultimately for God (and God alone), to judge individual actions and choices for those that believe, and to believe otherwise is presumptuous.

  6. Michael Whitehead

    Everything written is correct Stephen. Unfortunately the Church especially the Church of England is partly responsible the mess we are in regarding homosexuality. There are too many clergy who have not read the scriptures aright or who are homosexual themselves as with a lot of our MPs, hence the homosexual lobby groups shouting aloud these days. This country plus others are named as Sodom and Gomorrah, and will pay the consequences as in the days of the Old Testament. With all the upheaval in the world these must be the last days before our Lord Jesus Christ returns.

    1. Stephen

      Michael, I am sure you are correct, but in the 1970’s people with an eye on the times were saying these must be the last days before our Lord’s return. It could get a lot worse yet. In the meantime, our prophetic duty is not to mope, but ever more strongly to continue to witness to the truth

  7. Efe Ibitomisin

    It is high time for all true christian to rise up and petition their MPs. Gets signatures from fellow Christians to support their petition. Keeping silence at this time will only make matters worst. Let us not be afraid, but be bold and stand up for the truth.

  8. Janet

    I have a nephew who is gay and I love him dearly and I know God does too, I hope and pray that one day the Lord will reveal to him the errors of his ways and bring him into the Kingdom of God.

    However, I believe, we have a duty to God to warn others who are doing wrong in the sight of God, and we will be held accountable if we don’t.

    Please read Ezekiel 3:18-2

    His Word says, ‘A house divided cannot stand’ and it is so true. Satan has caused so many splits with the people of God that they are arguing with each other instead of joining together against the enemy.

    As the Bible said would happen ‘people have become lovers of self’ and the prince of the airwaves is making sure they stay that way, TV adverts are continually telling people ‘If it feels good do it’ and ‘Your worth it’ and even adverts which border on pornography are shown when children can watch them. Parents are feeding the appetite of paedophiles by dressing their children as minature tarts and the list goes on.

    Wake up church, Our Saviour died for all of our sins past, present and future, the least we can do is speak out and tell others ‘The Truth’ about His Saving Grace before it is too late!! Only Jesus can heal the broken people of this world and change their minds.

    The Bible said there will come a time when we will not be able to speak out and witness about Him. I believe that time is coming soon.

    God bless


  9. John Whittle.

    Dear Stephen. Surely the government must be made to understand that violating the pure word of God is as offensive as any other violation, even that pertaining to the law of the land. When will they ever realise that they themselves are guilty of showing discrimination against Christians, Christianity and Christian moral lifestyles when they oppose all that is sanctified as holy and pure before the Lord. How can this be acceptable when it becomes an offence for Christians to simply quote from the scriptures – oftentimes when asked directly a question about homosexual or lesbian lifestyles – but not wrong for these people to seek support for their ungoldy behaviour. They are hypocrites with a very bad attitude aimed at criminalising Christianity. The government take great pleasure in insulting our faith, ridiculing our Saviour and belittling the purity of the word of God to suit themselves. There is no respect for God, and, if David Cameron was truly a Christian rather than a part time pew warmer, he would never be so cruel as to insult the Lord by violating His commands. Spots and blemishes. Predators, homophilic hypocrites, where there is no respect whatsoever for Him who loves them dearly and died that they may be saved from this evil and wicked generation. Yes, we are told to pray for those in authority that we may be at peace; but there is no peace when so many ungodly mandates are released from the top. Lawlessness is on the increase and will continue to get worse, but I am not prepared to stay silent on these issues and have sent an e.mail to Lynne Featherstone plus other members of Parliament asking for repentance. I recently received a ‘Prophecy against Britain’ given by Lance Lambert and it is frightening. There is still time to recover from or hold back judgement, but there must first come a mega change of heart towards the Lord.

  10. Jane Glover

    Love is the most powerful emotion that we can express as humans. Should two people of the same gender love each other, why should they be suppressed from declaring this publicly ? If god hates homosexuals so much, why did he create so many of them ? Interestingly, I have yet to find anybody willing to address this question.

    1. Stephen

      Dear Jane, ‘Love’ and ‘declaring this publicly’ in your question are weasel words designed to hide the reality, in a similar way to that in which soft snow obscures the contours of the real things underneath it. Whilst love is, according to the song, a many-splendoured thing, not all love is to be expressed sexually. The love of parents for children, or the love of brothers for sisters, or genuine love between people of the same sex is not ordained to be sexual.
      It is sexual congress that distinguishes marriage from other relationships in the economy of God and in law throughout the world. That is why a marriage has to be consumated by an act of sexual intercourse to be valid in the eyes of the law. How are homosexuals expected to consumate their ‘gay marriage’ when between them they lack the complementary parts of the body necessary for such an act?
      I don’t know what your lower-case ‘god’ has created, but the Almighty God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ has not created anyone to commit acts of sodomy or gross indecency with members of the same sex. And as a good number of the tiny 1% of the population (yes, you would think it is more from the noise they make) who suffer from same-sex attraction have walked away from the homosexual lifestyle and been released from what the Bible describes as the vile affections by the power of Jesus, homosexual desires cannot be inbuilt, but rather stem from upbringing or experiences possibly even from conception.
      Nor does God hate homosexuals. True, those who flaunt their sin as Sodom and try to corrupt others, particularly the young and impressionable, must try the Lord’s patience (see passages like Psalm 1:4, 7:11, 104:35, Isaiah 3:9; Mark 6:11, 9:42) nevertheless the love of God is seen in this: God sent Jesus, his only son, to die on the Cross so that all those who believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      So now, after all that searching, you have found someone willing to address your question. It may not have been answered to your satisfaction, but that is another matter.

  11. Alick

    I pray that David Cameron and other members of the Goverment come to their sences before they drag us all into the pip of Hell ,which is where the Evil people of the the world would like us to be.

    Is it not about time he thought of the young people of this country/world and stopped, this idea that children as young a Five[5] need to be taught Sex education,do they really need to know about transvestiets homo sexual’s lesbians.
    And also Why because we are going down this path of evil should he try to make other countries follow are path to distruction by insisting that they should allow homosexuality in their countries,and saying that he will hold back funding for their need if they do not allow it.

    Somtimes I would like to hear what his wife and hiis family {paents etc] must think of him. He claims to be a christian, yet go’s completely against ther word of God.and to make things worse people are taken in by what he is doing,I pray that the Lord will speak to him in such away that he will Know the Trurth.

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