Apr 03

Derby councillors approve super-mosque

Architects' drawing of the Derby mosque

A MOSQUE that could cater for 600 people, with a minaret towering 21 metres into the sky, will be built in Derby.

Derby City Council’s planning committee last night ignored advice from planning officers that they should refuse the application, pictured left.

The news was described as “devastating” from campaigners against the plans but scores of Muslims at the meeting audibly “thanked Allah” for the result.

Committee chairman Councillor Robin Wood said the mosque would “be an addition to some of the finest architecture in Derby”. The committee was told one planning problem remained of a kitchen wall and window that would overlook a neighbour’s garden.

But a spokesman for design consultant Archi-Structure said this could be “scaled back”.

He said the proposed site, on waste land, between Mill Hill Lane and Renals Street, was currently a “rubbish-strewn eyesore”.

Di Weston, of Mill Hill Lane, spoke for campaigners against the plan. She said: “I’m devastated. It’s too big and will dominate the whole area.” She said the residents’ parking permit in the area was not in force on Sundays or after 6pm and the roads would be full of people using the mosque at those times.

This news was the first we heard about a potential mosque in Derby. Planning applications for mosques and Muslim ‘community centres’ in other towns have been defeated by involving ‘Mosquebusters’.

But ‘Mosquebusters’ say the Derby protestors did not approach them for help and so the super-mosque has gone ahead.  Mosquebusters is headed by a planning lawyer who has made investigating Islam a speciality and has a phenomenal success rate.  But he says that if people don’t call, they can easily lose, as happened in Derby.

Christians need to be looking over planning applications in their towns, and alert not just for mosques but mosques disguised as community centres, cultural centres or whatever.  Let us know if you are prepared to do this, or if you unearth anything suspicious.  Email [email protected]

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  1. Alex O'Riordan

    Remember when this used to be a Christian country? The creep of Islam takes advantage of the apathy of the masses.

  2. Mark Bellis

    First I knew of this was the approval being reported on BBC red button p1645. No apathy from me.
    It’s not just Islam. Derby has large temples of other faiths and has active cults and witchcraft too. Our city needs your prayers.
    According to my gifts I have begun mapping, to see the spread of various influences, and have added this one. In this case the height of the minaret (plus topography) may reveal the additional spread of influence compared to the two existing mosques (one of which was built on a church car park; the church has been demolished since). Please pray for God to raise up spiritual mappers for each town and city, and more intercessors too.
    And thank God for Easter, and the faithful remnant of His people!

  3. jay hall

    this country has certainly gone to pot.i mean think about it.the basics in the bible tell you it is wrong to be gay, wrong to have sex out of wedlock. yet you see more and more people in this country doing that.how can you call this a christian country when your elected leaders and clergy men all partake in all this stuff? you have gay priests and several churches every week are being turned in to nightclubs and strip bars.Face it people there is no future in being a christian.lets take xmas for example.how many of you realise it is a pagan holiday? just a chance to get drunk and have imoral relations.is this what jesus taught his people? i think not.
    i see the collection plate pretty empty in churches.yet the community support their mosques and temples and wat have you with thousands.we are to selfish..

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