Oct 19

Christian hoteliers lose case

Mike and Susanne Wilkinson outside the Swiss B&B

A Christian couple who run a B&B in Cookham, Berkshire have lost their case against two homosexuals they turned away.

Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 59, brought their case against Susanne and Mike Wilkinson in January 2011 after they were prevented from sharing a double room at the Swiss Bed and Breakfast.

Mr Morgan and Mr Black booked the room and paid a deposit but when they arrived at the B&B in March 2010, Mrs Wilkinson realised they were a couple and refused to allow them to stay.

The couple even called the police over her refusal but were told they should make a civil claim against the Wilkinsons.

Yesterday, the homosexuals, from Brampton near Huntingdon, were awarded £1,800 each at Reading County Court for “injury to feelings”, reported the Press Association.

Mrs Wilkinson said that allowing two men to share a double room would violate her religious beliefs.

Recorder Claire Moulder said that by refusing access to a double room, Mrs Wilkinson had “treated them less favourably than she would have treated an unmarried heterosexual couple in the same circumstances”.

However, the judge appeared to contradict herself by accepting that Mrs Wilkinson was genuine about her Christian beliefs and had also stopped unmarried heterosexual couples from sharing a double bed.

Mrs Wilkinson was granted permission to appeal against the ruling and said she would give it “serious consideration”.

Jubilant Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 59

The Chief Executive of homosexual lobby group Stonewall, Ben Summerskill, urged Christians to embrace philanthropy rather than stand up for their beliefs:

“It’s a shame tens of thousands of pounds have been wasted reiterating this well-established principle, when any good Christian would surely prefer to have seen that money spent on relieving poverty or tackling hunger,” he said.

The Equality Act makes it illegal to refuse people goods and services on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Earlier this year, Pete and Hazlemary Bull who own the Chymorvah Hotel in Marazion in Cornwall were granted leave to appeal to the UK Supreme Court against a similar verdict.


Please sign our online petition:

We the undersigned petition the Parliament of the United Kingdom to repeal the provisions of the Equality Act Sexual Orientation Regulations which conflict with the genuine and reasonable expression of religious conscience.


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  1. Andrew

    ““It’s a shame tens of thousands of pounds have been wasted reiterating this well-established principle, when any good Christian would surely prefer to have seen that money spent on relieving poverty or tackling hunger,” he said”

    Any good christian would prefer the millions of pounds your fake charity has used, much of it from the taxpayer to lobby and promote homosexuality spent on relieving poverty and hunger instead. Good old Stonewall, corrupt and rotten to the core.

    1. Dan


      Organisations like Stonewall are required for as long as gays continue to be discriminated against and treated like they are somehow immoral. And no, this does not discriminate against Christians because nobody has said you aren’t free to believe what you like in your own life. Running a company however, impacts the public and should be regulated as such.

      I’d like to point out who completely un Christian the whole concept is, but I find irony is generally lost on religious extremists.

      1. Stephen

        Whole concept of what? Running a business? We beg to disagree.
        The Wilkinson’s ‘own life’ includes opposition to sodomy and immorality, which they should be entitled to express under their own roof.

  2. lizichell

    As I read somewhere else (obviosly not on here), the couple donated their compensation to charity. For them it’s not about money it’s about principle. Whilst I agree with the B&B owners that it is up to them who they let stay, they have no reasonable excuse to allow couples, straight or gay, based on their marital status. It is none of their business.

    1. Stephen

      They will be struggling to have donated their compensation having not even received it yet.
      Glad you agree that the Wilkinsons can have who they choose to stay, and it is their business who they allow to stay under their roof. It is a pity the law does not allow them to stipulate their policy on their website so as to avoid the unseemly event of people turning up and being turned away.

      1. lizichell

        You do have rights, within reason to who stays under your roof, but there is a difference between that and not rendering business or goods to people simply because they happen to be gay. Being turned away wasn’t the issue, it was because they were gay that they were turned away.

        1. Stephen

          You have rights ‘within reason’ to who stays under your roof? Whatever happened to your home being your castle?

          Phrases.org.uk says:

          ‘It has been a legal precept in England, since at least the 17th century, that no one may enter a home, which would typically then have been in male ownership, unless by invitation. This was established as common law by the lawyer and politician Sir Edward Coke (pronounced Cook), in The Institutes of the Laws of England, 1628:

          ‘”For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium [and each man’s home is his safest refuge].”‘

  3. Jackie Holden

    It’s so hard to get my head around all of this, One almost feels as if these people deliberately target Christians as they see them as easy meat. You wouldn’t mess with a practicing Muslim like this. It’s like people of other faiths are given more recognition and respect than our own established religion Christianity. Why are the Clergy not enraged about all of this; why aren’t there mass protests against this evil government? Why do we not hear the voice of the Queen, our Royal calling for the government to stop destroying the nation? Why can we not organise national fasting and prayer…I think we’re living in a very dangerous environment now, and it is like Jesus says in the scriptures only fasting and prayer is going to change this. We have allowed the Devil so much ground now and we need to Lord to lead us and to save our nation from utter destruction. As evil as we are as a nation, I believe when I read Ezekiel chapter 16 and tears streamed down my eyes, I felt as He loves Israel, so He loves us too. I know that’s hard to believe Abba could love an utterly corrupt nation like the UK, but that is the Lord…He is a covenant keeping God and He loves us. He hates our sins, but He loves us. We have to get out of this mess and we need a man of God to call the nation to fasting and prayer. It can be done, it really can. You just say when we are going to be doing our fasts. The book about Rees Howells the Intercessor shows how Rees started his fasts and prayers and this triggered a revival in Wales and it spread. We must start the fire….and it will spread, it surely will. Who is willing?

    1. Lreta

      Dear Jackie

      You are so right.

      The thing is many Christians have become lazy over the past 10 years or so. There are very few Christians like Stepehn Green who are prepared to stand for truth no matter what. I will like to know if Stephen is prepared to call for a National day of prayer and fasting. He may have done in the past but I do not know. And bye the way there is no such thing as fruit fast or any sort of so called fast that permits some type of eating. And there’s the problem again Christians laziness and got so bad that they have invented fasting with some type of food in take.

      Any how I am very happy to partake in a corporate fast with many other Christians which could last over three days ie a person can fast for ie a Saturday another for a Sunday and another for a Monday. Coz as you say somethings can only be broken through prayer and fasting.

      1. Stephen

        That is not a bad idea. Fasting has a powerful spiritual dimension. See 2Chron 20.

  4. Dr Alison Brown

    Hi Jackie – I agree. I currently live in Saudi Arabia – I am not allowed a Bible, go to Church (there aren’t any) or even have a prayer group in my apartment. I have to wear an abaya when I go out – even though I am not a Muslim. I used to have a B&B and just the thought of what these people do makes me feel ill. Jesus loves them but he hates the sin that they are in and would that they would repent and come into His glorious light. The law in the U.K. cares nothing about Christians – they are in fear of Muslims and other groups under the banner of being politically correct. I wonder when they will start banning us from going to Church, reading the Bible etc.? Just in case we offend people who are not Christians! They’ve already tried to ban us from wearing crosses – yet muslim women can wear the abaya. Yes, we need to prayer and fast – it’s only a nationwide revival that will stop the flood. I am part Welsh – even a relative of Rees Howells. I preach the Gospel whenever God opens the door (I am just off to Kenya to do this). Unless Christians begin to stand up more of our freedom to practice our faith will be eroded. God bless you!

  5. John

    If being gay is some kind of genetic aberration then those people who are that way inclined cannot
    help being the way they are.
    They deserve our sympathy. However that does not mean that practicing Christians should be forced
    to accept homosexual ‘practice’ under their own roof.
    If they do then it means their individual right to religious freedom has been overidden by a more general
    secular right. Who is right?

    1. Stephen

      Thanks for your comment.
      I can’t think of any geneticist who would propose that a homosexual disposition is a genetic aberration. It is rather a complex mix of upbringing and external influences. Men and women have been been liberated from homosexual desires by the power of Jesus Christ.
      Sadly, religious expression, certainly if Christian, is the Ten to the homosexual Queen in the politically-correct deck of cards. It really doesn’t matter who is right. It only matters who has the power to enforce the unrighteous laws they pass, IMHO!

  6. eva viv

    I noticed the BBC misquoted this case (surprise, surprise!) saying that the B&B owners refused the homosexual couple a room because they were in a homosexual relationships, when in fact the rule of the B&B is to refuse ALL unmarried couples a shared room, whether heterosexual or homosexual!

  7. David

    It’s OK ranting a raving about how poorly Christians are treated in this country. And by the way I agree. Unfortunately the voice of the minority is often heard and heeded and the laws of this land changed and altered to suit. Sodomy has gone from a crime punishable by enprisonment to the Equality Act which makes it illegal to refuse people goods and services on the grounds of sexual orientation – and all this is the period of a lifetime. You are absolutely right we need to pray that God will send revival to this poor nation. See Amos 5:14-15.

    However members of our Christian family need our support at this time as they face legal fees fighting this battle.

    How about sending Mike and Susanne a cheque!!

  8. Andrew

    Dan, Stonewall is not about protecting rights and equality which are already covered by the law but about social engineering , political lobbying and indoctination of young people with homosexual propaganda. The christian couple have as much right to only let out a double bed to married couples as a camp site to refuse single sex groups which happens all the time. We have seen the enormous power this fake charity has over our leaders from all political parties and over many employers and what happens to people who dare to disagree with Stonewall’s wicked social engineering agenda, from thought crimes to bullying and the bigot name calling tactics they employ.
    Lets look at some of this wicked social engineering and indoctrination of children that this fake charity is helping to promote, you can see that this goes far beyond “rights and equality”
    “Children as young as five should learn about gay relationships in schools and boys should be allowed to express their feminine sides by dressing in frocks or becoming cheerleaders, according to a Government-funded initiative http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1365754/Government-funded-advice-pack-schools-recommends-lessons-cheerleading-wearing-dresses–boys-aged-five.html

    Dan, anyone with half a brain cell can see that the fake charity Stonewall is far more than being a “rights and equality” group but are the forefront of socialy engineering and indoctrinating a generation using propaganda methods that Hitler would have been proud of and bullying and vilifying anyone who disagrees with them. Their wicked agenda is to destroy the traditonal family and marriage, all morals, decency and to sexualise children into their homosexual worldview using the most awful propaganda and lies under the guise of “equality” Ben Summerskill spends millions, which includes taxpayer money to promote his evil propaganda and indoctrination agenda, how dare he criticise the christian couple for defending their rights.

  9. Alan Stevens

    Lets pray, as well, for equality for Christianity compared to other faiths in the eyes of the Justice System. At the moment British Law is being deliberately skewed away from the very Christian foundations on which the British legal system was previously based. (I wonder how the courts can still ask someone to swear on the Holy Scriptures to tell the truth when they will not allow that truth within its covers to be upheld).
    If Britain throws out Christian based law it may end up with something that no-one wants e.g. Shariah law. (But I don’t think that would support Stonewall’s antics).

  10. Diane

    Where do the Wilkinsons stand now? Is there any legal framework within which they are able to advertise their business to accommodate their Christian values? Are they legally free to select to whom they extend their services provided they word their advertising carefully or will they have to shut down their business for fear of the same senario happening again? I have recently completed courses in sugarcraft
    and was going to start up a wedding cake business. As a Christian I would like to be able to choose my customers to ensure that my God given creativity is only used for his glory to celebrate marriages as created by Him between one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation, not any marriage redefined by man to accommodate the depravity of mankind and his willfull rejection of God’s holy law and order. Will I be able
    to pursue this career or shall I give up before I start for fear of being fined or imprisoned?
    It looks to me like times of persecution for Christians in the UK are at hand. Surely we are in the end days,
    how much more depravity can the Lord look down on before He comes in judgement to the nations?

    1. Stephen

      They will have to tread carefully, and Stonewall will want to put them out of business. Like Peter and Hazlemary Bull at Chymorvah, I just pray Christians honour them with bookings!
      Every blessing with your cake business. Just be sure to get the design specification before offering a price…

  11. EddieD

    Apparently it’s OK to put a sign showing the words ‘Gay Friendly’ outside business premises. I wonder what would happen to anyone who dared to place a ‘Straight Friendly’ sign on their property?
    Why on earth do people want to stay in a house where their lifestyle is regarded as sinful? Is it just greed for compensation or a need to flaunt their perversion?

  12. August Pieta

    I like to suggest to open a bankaccount on behalfe of the Wilkinson family, where people can donate 1 euro or 1 pound for support. In no time there will be enough money to pay this unjust fine.
    God bless the Wilkinson family.
    A. Pieta
    (The Netherlands)

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