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‘Choose your gender’ says UK Government

Rt Hon Justine Greening, MP for Putney, has proposed a 'choose your gender bill'.

Rt Hon Justine Greening, MP for Putney, has proposed a ‘choose your gender bill’.

People will be allowed to choose their gender if the UK Government gets its way.

Change gender ‘at will’

The Independent reports:  ‘Under plans being considered by ministers, adults will be able to change their birth certificates at will without a doctor’s diagnosis, while non-binary gender people will be able to record their gender as “X”.’

The paper says: ‘Changes to the law will be consulted on and will ultimately be included in a planned Gender Recognition Bill, set to be published in the autumn.’

In stark contrast, just before we went to press, President Trump announced a ban on transgender personnel in the US military, citing ‘the need to focus on victory’, the Washington Post reported.

And then, according to RT, in true ‘couldn’t make it up mode’, Rear Admiral Alex Burton, commander UK Maritime Forces, tweeted:  ‘As a Royal Navy LGBT champion and senior warfighter I am so glad we are not going this way.’  As one of those you would be glad, Admiral.  But as a husband and father you should know better.


‘This is a choice’

Education and Equalities Secretary Justine Greening announced the move as MPs set off for their summer recess last Friday.  Just days before, Jeremy Corbyn urged the Conservatives to allow people to ‘self-identify’.  The fiftieth anniversary of legalising sodomy also appears to have influenced the timing.  The Queen gave her Royal Assent to the Sexual Offences Act on 27th July 1967.

The Labour manifesto included plans for self-identification.  The Conservatives’ did not.  Nor did June’s Queen’s Speech include a Gender Recognition Bill.  It is safe to say that had the Tories included such a divisive measure they would have lost the election.

According to RT, Miss Greening ‘told Sky News on Sunday the state needs to “stop treating people changing their gender as if it’s some medical problem that needs fixing. Actually this is a choice that people are making and we need to try and make that choice more straightforward than it already is.”’

Suzanna Hopwood, a member of the sodomy advocacy group Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group, agrees.  ‘It is vital” the reform removes the requirement for medical evidence and an intrusive interview panel,’ she said.  Miss Hopwood went on to describe the current system as ‘demeaning and broken.’  (‘Broken’ is a fashionable word with which to criticise Government policy or a state department’s handling of something.)

‘Still a long way to go’

A follow-up article in the Indy shows Prime Minister Theresa May as wholly supportive.  She said “when it comes to rights and protections for trans people, there is still a long way to go”.  Her predecessor, David Cameron, rode ‘gay marriage’ roughshod over his party’s opposition.  He even boasted about it in his resignation speech

Mary Douglas speaking about the choose gender farce on BBC

Mary Douglas speaking about the choose gender farce on BBC

But Tory activist Mary Douglas of Grassroots Conservatives strongly disagreed.  Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, she said she was ‘very concerned’ about the move.  ‘In my view it should not be easy to do something as massive as change your gender,’ she said.  ‘And the law is there to protect us, normally from other people, but also sometimes from ourselves. I think many people have profound concerns about this.’

She went on:  ‘It is profoundly unconservative.  Conservative with a big C and small C implies continuity with what has gone before.’  She was asked if Miss Greenings’ own self-declared homosexuality had anything to do with the announcement.  Mrs Douglas replied: ‘It’s a possibility.’  She continued: ‘But I’m not going to suggest anything I don’t know. I don’t know Justine personally at all but the bigger issue here is not who is … considering introducing this policy, but the implications of the policy itself.’

‘They are deeply troubled’

The liberal Huffington Post reports activists were up in arms about further comments from Mrs Douglas.  They took particular exception to her suggestion that those with gender dysphoria have mental or emotional problems.

Mrs Douglas asked: ‘If somebody thinks they have a mismatch between how they think and the way their body is, the question is: which should be changed?’

Answering her own question, she said: ‘What’s interesting is that many people who have gender dysphoria also have other mental health conditions like depression or drug addiction. They are deeply troubled and it has been proven that when they change their gender, that doesn’t solve those issues.’

Activists called her ‘rude’, ‘bigoted’, insensitive’, ‘old-fashioned’ and even ‘disgraceful.’  Crucially, no-one appears to have put together a coherent response to show she was wrong.

The practicalities

We need to be very clear about why Christians need to oppose this measure.  Just at a practical level, it means that anyone can just decide to be the opposite gender to the one they were born with.  They will need no evidence.  Just their word will do.  In no other area would we accept someone’s word against scientific evidence.  The evidence here is that of simple genetics.

The proposal is a voyeurs’ charter, allowing men to visit ladies’ toilets and dressing rooms.  They will also absurdly be able to compete in athletics events this time against proper women.  We could be seeing the beginning of the end of women’s sport.  Sadly, in today’s post-truth world, being ridiculous will not stop this preposterous measure being enacted.

Additionally, the move will give a further push to the already-rolling transgender bandwagon.  More children will start deciding they are ‘in the wrong body’.  Shockingly, teachers and social workers have been encouraging such children.  Doctors too are prescribing powerful hormones to adolescent children to delay or block the onset of puberty.  Medicine is intended to cure.  Puberty blockers harm.  Sadly, medicine is not free of charlatans.  Surgeons too are ready to mutilate people’s God-given bodies into what they think they should be.  Some, as Mrs Douglas implied, will regret it.

Adults are meant to safeguard children from bad decisions.  But instead, authority figures are taking vicarious delight in these wrong-headed childish decisions.   They are perpetrating child abuse.  Some school or local authority, in a few years’ time, is going to be sued.

Rebellion against God’s creation

Moreover, at a theological level, we need to recognise that transgenderism is far worse than sodomy, even than ‘gay marriage’. Homosexuality rebels against God’s institution of the family.

The Bible records this moment in Genesis chapter 2:

Gen 2:23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

However, transsexuals and transgender apologists are in rebellion against creation itself. If we go back a chapter in Genesis, we find the chromosonal reality of the division of the sexes as an expression of God’s very image:

Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

God decides your gender, not you. Our generation wants to spit in the face of God.  The church has to stand firm and proclaim the whole Gospel.

The economic and security dimension

This brings us to the economic and security dimension. When the UK voted to leave the European Union, all sides agreed our Parliament could now pass our own laws. The EU would not allow the UK that freedom. We expressed a hope that the UK would now repent and start to enact godly laws.

Allowing self-determined gender choice was not and never will be in a list of godly laws.

Accordingly, by enacting a measure in sheer defiance of God’s righteousness, our legislators are bringing even more of God’s judgment on us.

Furthermore, with Brexit negotiations going on and Islamic extremists stalking the streets, we need all the economic and security blessings – and all the wisdom – the Almighty can bestow.

Make no mistake, if our nation is doing well, we shall all be doing well. Moreover, Christian people want the best for those sad individuals caught up in gender dysphoria, for the nation’s children and for the country of which we are a temporal part. God’s words to the captives in Babylon still ring true:

Jeremiah 29:7 And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.


This author is happy to visit any gathering to speak on these issues. Ring 01994 484544 to arrange a date.

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  1. Mark Jones

    and this under a so-called CONSERVATIVE government! what a farce

  2. Rox

    Oh gosh, I’m in danger of agreeing with Mark Jones and everybody on this one. I’m sure the public at large aren’t “ready” for such a move as this.

    Can women become men to earn more money ? I know there shouldn’t be gender discrimination, but there is.

    Can girls decide to be cubs or scouts rather than brownies or guides ? Yes of course. They can already, and I don’t blame them.

    What happens if a man who has decided to be a woman without making any obvious changes turns up in a country which has not allowed this, e.g. France or almost anywhere, even Northern Ireland presumably ? He could be in for quite a shock in some countries I could name.

    Can you switch backwards and forwards between sexes ? How often ? How do people know which one you are at any particular time (or at all) ?

    I don’t think there is such a crime as a woman raping a woman. What happens if a new woman rapes another new woman ? Would she have a leg to stand on ?

    What happens if you are a Roman Catholic or other old-fashioned man, and your wife suddenly decides she is a man, without making any obvious alteration ? This puts you in a bit of an awkward situation, doesn’t it ? Or does it ?

    What about young men becoming young women to infiltrate changing rooms in swimming pools ? This could be the most unpopular (and popular) consequence of it.

    Will women be able to join ancient golf clubs etc by claiming that they are now men ?
    What about women (including Muslim women) who insist on women doctors. Will they be able to reject legally female doctors who appear to be male to the naked eye ? That would surely be illegal of the Muslim women. But will our Muslim friends ever agree to this at all ? (They have been your allies before, as you are well aware).

    Why stop at gender ? Should we not have a right to choose whatever age and educational status we fancy ?
    I am happy being male, but I would rather like to be 35 with a doctorate. No need to dye my hair, smooth out my wrinkles, do research and take some exams. Wishful thinking is everything, and the law must recognise that. It is my Human Right to be what I feel is best for me.

    What do you want to be, Stephen ? A saint, bishop or apostle might be nice. (Mind you, they already do that in America …..) Would you like to be a bit younger, and perhaps have your humble homestead declared part of Chelsea ? Why not, if that’s what you want. You can demand a Chelsea postcode and be Archbishoprix of Chelsea, if you want. It’s entirely up to you.

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