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Feb 10

Beached whales were Orkney bonanza

Volunteers attend to some of the hundreds of stranded pilot whales still alive. (REUTERS/Anthony Phelps

We are all mortified, not to say mystified, by the stranded pilot whales in New Zealand.  But in Orkney some four thousand years ago, the people would have regarded such a beaching not as a tragedy but as a bounty from the sea. No-one knows how whales manage to get themselves beached in the shallows. …

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Jan 26

Christians threatened by Casey’s British values

Orwellian: Dame Louise Casey

A senior Government advisor, Dame Louise Casey, has said Christians in public life should not be allowed to hold traditional Christian views on marriage. Speaking to MPs on the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Dame Louise said: ‘it is not okay for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage. … it is not …

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Dec 12

Gender Neutral Pronouns at Oxford

A Student body is urging the use of ‘gender neutral pronouns’ at Oxford University, reports the Oxford Mail. The National Union of Students is apparently behind the move, which will see ‘he’ and ‘she’ replaced with the silly gender-neutral ‘ze’. But the ‘ze’ pronoun will only be used if the person requests it.  It is …

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Mar 29

Sodomite Superhead Stripped of Schools

A much feted self-styled ‘superhead’ will be stripped of the schools in Birmingham under his command following the discovery of financial mismanagement, but is extraordinarily going to keep his job as headteacher, according to reports. Liam Nolan pleaded with the General Teaching Council to keep his job after a conviction for a homosexual offence at …

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Aug 05

Who’s best for Labour?

Christian Voice has put together a video considering the voting records of the contenders for the Labour Party leadership. We hope this will help Christians in the Labour Party as they pray for the outcome and vote for the candidates. Jeremy Corbyn has been in the House of Commons the longest, since 1983.  Yvette Cooper entered …

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May 19

Ashers Bakery guilty of ‘discriminating’

A judge in Belfast has found that a bakery discriminated against a homosexual by refusing to bake a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage. Ashers Baking Company, which is owned and run by the McArthur family, who are Christians, declined an order from a gay rights activist asking for a cake featuring the Sesame Street …

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Feb 24

Organs of Aborted Fetuses Used for Research

Organs of aborted fetuses are used for research in a new medical procedure. The most successful experiment involves the kidneys of aborted babies to be harvested and transplanted into adult rats, where the organs grow until they are ready to transplant to awaiting human adults. Researchers who conducted the study transplanted an aborted human fetus’ …

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Jan 28

Gendercide Could Be on its Way Out of UK

Gendercide–choosing abortion because of the baby’s gender–could be on its way out of the UK within the next few months after MP’s upheld a parliamentary motion to fast-track a new law last week. The amendment, which prohibits abortion based on the baby’s gender, was signed by more than 70 MP’s. If passed, the amendment will …

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Nov 13

Faith Schools Must Promote “British Values” of Gay Rights

Faith schools must promote “British Values” such as gay rights and other religions. The Equality Act, effective last week, gives inspectors the authority to censure schools that do not “encourage respect for lesbian, gay and transgender people, and other religions and races.” Inspectors will look for schools that are intolerant of same-sex “marriage” or engage …

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Jul 25

AIDS: Moral Degeneration in Melbourne Declaration

The terrible Malaysian airline disaster has focused attention on the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia. After reports that over a hundred activists were on the tragic plane bound for the Conference, it turns out that there were just six. But what of the conference, which is running as we go to press? Is …

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