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Feb 24

Abortion ship blocked as pressure builds

The Women on Waves abortion yacht

Pressure to legalise abortion is growing world-wide, thanks to international funding led by financier George Soros, Christian Voice has discovered. The billionaire is behind moves to repeal a pro-life constitutional amendment in the Republic of Ireland.  He is almost certainly also involved with a Dutch abortion boat run by the ‘Women on Waves’ group. The financier …

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Feb 23

AFC Bournemouth hosts gay youth fundraiser

AFC Bournemouth is hosting a fundraiser for Space Youth Project, which promotes homosexuality among adolescents.

AFC Bournemouth is hosting a fundraiser this weekend for a group promoting homosexuality among adolescents. Three-course dinner The event, raising money for Space Youth Project, will take place on Saturday evening in the Balfour Suite of AFC Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium. Tickets are a cool £60 per person and VIP speakers are promised. There will be …

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Feb 22

Activism Marketing and the Transgender Doll

The world's first 'transgender doll' is an example of activism marketing

The world’s first ‘transgender doll’ is appearing at this week’s New York Toy Fair, according to the BBC. There have been thousands of tweets about the Tonner Doll Company product. The Twitter-sphere is divided between those supporting and those ridiculing the stunt. So how do you make a ‘transgender doll’? The manufacturers say: ‘This is …

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Feb 21

Civil Partnership confusion

Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld are challenging the Civil Partnership Act

The UK Government’s Civil Partnership law has been thrown into confusion by a case heard today in the Court of Appeal. Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld brought a case demanding the right to enter into a Civil Partnership.  Currently, under the Civil Partnership Act, only homosexuals can apply.  Or to be more specific, unrelated persons of …

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Feb 16

Bournemouth AFC in gay propaganda storm

A smiling Eddie Howe with AFC Bournemouth players who don't look too happy having a gaming business as their official shirt sponsor.

A Premiership Football Club is promoting homosexual propaganda to children, Christian Voice has discovered. Relegation strugglers Bournemouth AFC are co-sponsoring a 2017 SchoolsOut’s LGBT ( Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual) History Month event to be held this Saturday (18th February). The other main sponsor is Bournemouth University.  The event is called ‘OUTing the past’ Yet …

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Feb 09

Syrian Christians not welcome in UK

Syrian Christians arrive in Australia - the UK is taking very few Syrian Christians

The United Kingdom has let in very few Syrian Christian refugees. UK Christians assumed the Government would favour their brothers and sisters.  But a Christian aid charity says this has not happened. the UK has been ‘out-sourcing’ refugee selection to the UN.  But this has meant a lack of balance in refugee numbers. Out of over …

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Feb 01

Apology for Fallon ‘ship of ‘shame’ remarks

PRESS RELEASE: Christian Voice has written to the Russian Ambassador in London to apologise for the rudeness of Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Defence Sir Michael Fallon. Last week, the Independent reported Sir Michael saying the British navy was keeping a ‘close eye on the Admiral Kuznetsov as it skulks back to Russia.’  He …

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Jan 30

BMA predicts ‘pregnant man’ craze by banning ‘mothers’

Dr Mark Porter, BMA Chairman, sorry, 'Chair' of Council

The BMA predicted the ‘pregnant man’ craze by issuing absurd advice to doctors last year banning the use of the term ‘expectant mother’ in favour of ‘pregnant person’ so as not to offend transsexuals. The advice was published in a BMA internal booklet: “A guide to effective communication: inclusive language in the workplace”. Gender-neutral The …

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Jan 26

Christians threatened by Casey’s British values

Orwellian: Dame Louise Casey

A senior Government advisor, Dame Louise Casey, has said Christians in public life should not be allowed to hold traditional Christian views on marriage. Speaking to MPs on the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Dame Louise said: ‘it is not okay for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage. … it is not …

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Jan 21

Who’s on the UK women’s march?

Anti-Trump women outside the US Embassy in London.  But where are the placards from?

Who is behind the anti-Trump women’s march going on in London today? The placards in the picture from the BBC’s report give the game away. Two groups have organised the affair. Firstly, the ‘No to Racism’ placards are from ‘Stand up to Racism’.  That is a Socialist Workers’ Party offshoot. It was formed when the …

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