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Canadian mother puts transgender curse on baby

Transgender Kori Doty with her daughter

Transgender Kori Doty with her daughter

An eight-month old baby has been given a Canadian health card with no gender marker. The media claim it is the first case in the world.

A health card seems to be a little like a British NHS card. It is not a registration of birth.  A Canadian court will hear arguments over the latter.

The child’s mother, whom the mainstream media, such as the BBC and the Independent, ludicrously insist on calling ‘the parent’, does not want to admit her baby is either a girl or a boy.

Transgender pronoun nonsense

Therefore, the Province has issued the health card with a ‘U’ in the space for ‘sex’, which could be for ‘undetermined’ or ‘unassigned’. Essentially, this is a case of a grown-up forcing her own prejudices on an infant.

Naturally, it was left to the Daily Caller, the thinking man’s Huffington Post, to reveal the Canadian tot is actually a girl.

The BBC says: ‘Parent Kori Doty – a non-binary transgender person who identifies as neither male nor female – aims to allow the child to discover their own gender.’ She has hired a lawyer to fight to omit the child’s gender from her birth certificate.

The BBC totally goes along with the fiction and the transgender pronoun nonsense.  Its website says: ‘The parent gave birth to Searyl Atli in November at a friend’s home in British Columbia. Kori Doty, who prefers to use the pronoun they, argues that a visual inspection at birth is unable to determine what gender that person will have or identify with later in life. They want to keep Searyl’s sex off all official records.’

Kori Doty is transgender

The Sun absurdly refers to Hayden Cross as a 'pregnant man'

The Sun absurdly refers to Hayden Cross as a ‘pregnant man’

Naturally, Searyl Atli is a ‘they’ as well.

The Independent chips in: ‘Doty claims a medical examination at birth cannot determine a child’s true gender because a baby might be intersex or grow up to identify with a gender that is different to their biological sex.

“When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life,” they said. “Those assumptions were incorrect, and I ended up having to do a lot of adjustments since then”.’

Those ‘adjustments’ appear to be Kori Doty taking just enough male hormone tablets to sport a scraggy beard.

Clearly, charlatan surgeons have not yet adjusted anything ‘down below’ or in the nursing department to reflect the gender Kori thinks she is.

The Sun was not quite so bad, saying ‘its mum insists only the tot can decide what sex it wants to be’.

But the Sun signed up transgender Hayden Cross.  Then the paper ridiculously called her Britain’s ‘first transgender dad’.

Daughter stands in the need of prayer

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation first ran the story about Kori Doti’s daughter.  Naturally, CBC is just as politically correct. It quotes Kori Doty as saying: ‘I’m raising Searyl in in such a way that until they have the sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are, I’m recognising them as a baby and trying to give them all the love and support to be the most whole person that they can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box.’

The Province of British Columbia refuses to issue Searyl a birth certificate with no gender on it. They only issued the health card so the child could access medical services.

Doty’s lawyer is one barbara findlay. That’s right, she objects to capital letters. Moreover, Ontario and Alberta are currently reviewing their policies to include a third, non-binary gender option on birth certificates. Doty herself is inevitably a member of the ‘Gender-Free ID Coalition’.

What will her daughter make of this nonsense when she is old enough to make decisions?  Has her mother already cursed her with transgenderism? Or will she reject her mother’s words and her fantasy land? This daughter stands in the need of prayer.

Change coming to British Passports

Campaigners in the UK have already called for British passports to be allowed to include a third gender for people who do not identify as male or female.

UK Passport could be changed

UK Passport could be changed

The Government said earlier this year that it is reviewing rules on how gender is registered on official documents.

‘The UK already has strong laws in place to protect transgender people and we are committed to delivering further positive changes for them,’ a spokesperson said in April.

‘That is why we have committed to reviewing the Gender Recognition Act to look at ways of streamlining and de-medicalising the process for changing a person’s legal gender, as well as reviewing gender markers in official documents.’

The homosexual rebellion

The Queen enacted the Sexual Offences Act 1967 fifity years ago this month. The Act started the relentless promotion of sodomy and all things homosexual. Many of our readers might be tempted to say homosexual practice is just another sexual sin. However, it goes much further than that.

We object to all things sodomite on the grounds that homosexuality rebels against God’s natural order, that its activists clearly intended to destroy the family, that it brought appalling consequences of ill health on its practitioners and costs on the taxpayer, that those caught up in it would start recruiting the young, destroying lives along the way.  Furthermore, we said the homosexual values of hedonism, crassness, self-absorption coupled with a disregard for self, others and the future would negatively impact on society as a whole.  All that has come true.

At its root, homosexuality rebels against God’s institution of the family, found in Genesis chapter two:

Gen 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

The transgender rebellion

Caster Semenya comes first, as expected, in the women's 800m semi-final at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Caster Semenya comes first, as expected, in the women’s 800m semi-final at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

But transgenderism goes back a step. It rebels against God’s created order itself:

Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

We know about the sad condidtion of ‘intersex’, where external organs are typically at odds with internal ones. It is extremely rare, but the South African athlete Caster Semenya is one example.

She/he was born with the external manifestation of female genitalia, but with internal testes. Real women athletes understandably object to racing against the testosterone factory that is Caster. They simply cannot compete with someone awash with male hormones and built like a brick outhouse.

But we do not hear Kori Doti’s daughter has been diagnosed with intersexualism. God evidently made her, like Doti, genetically a girl. It is just Doti’s self-centred lunacy which is causing the problem.

Perversion of medicine

Frank Godwin's representation of Treasure Island's Long John Silver

Frank Godwin’s representation of Treasure Island’s Long John Silver

It is sheer idiocy for society to just go along with someone who decides his or her God-given gender is not satisfactory. Such people need psychological, emotional and indeed spiritual assistance to accept their God-given gender.

What they do not need is doctors prescribing powerful hormone drugs to stop the onset of puberty. That is child abuse. Nor do they need ‘reconstructive surgery. That is a perversion of medicine.

It is like me deciding I am Long John Silver and expecting you to fund my operation to remove my leg and buy me a parrot.

In no other area of life would we accept such a life-shattering decision to be made on the say-so of an individual. If I said someone had hit me, I should be expected to provide witnesses to prove my case in court. In other words, the court would require some evidence.

Here there is none. Indeed, any sensible society would say: ‘your own genetics witness against you.’

But we now allow an individual to play God with their own body. The UK’s Gender Recognition Act 2004 started the rot, allowing people to go back and falsify their birth certificates. Now we are at the stage of a Canadian mother imposing transgenderism on own daughter.

Welcome, again, to the post-truth world.

Isaiah 59:14 And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. 


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  1. JohnAllman.UK

    Don’t blame me. I did try to warn people. Nobody was listening.

    The Christian Institute blanked me, although Baroness O’Cathain did phone me (whilst I was in a bible study at COGOP in Leeds) after she’d lost in the Lords, before going to meet the CI people in a hotel. (I had asked her please to phone me urgently before the final debate. I had wanted her to win the division, not to lose it and then phone me to find out how to win it.) Lord Tebbit replied to my letter to him after the defeat, saying it was a “pity” that nobody had thought of my point during the debate.

    I only wrote to the peers directly, because the CI was absolutely determined not to pass on my comments to them, whose ear it had.

    After the GRA was enacted, I tried to prevent it from being implemented. See R (ex parte Allman) v Sec of State for Constitutional Affairs. Only the Metro and British Church Newspaper reported the case.

    1. Stephen

      It is a pity you do not say what your ‘point’ was. You were of course refused permission to review judicially the implementation of the Gender Recognition Act in 2005, so your protest did not reach first base, to use a US expression.

      1. JohnAllman.UK

        The question boiled down to this:

        Should a bloke be allowed to know if his “girlfriend” is also a bloke?

        This is an immensely serious question. It is possible nowadays to be married to somebody, without realising that that person is of the same gender as oneself. That is what I was trying to stop, when I didn’t get past first base. It is something that needs to be changed back.

        Trans-gendered people want to have sexual relationships, and they don’t necessarily only want them with people who want sexual relationships knowingly with trans-gendered people. They also sometimes are likely to want to have sexual relationships in which they deceived their sexual partners as to their true genders, just as they deceive the world at large, assisted by the British government.

        This isn’t the same issue as the issue that has risen in connection the little girl’s medical card, and the reporting of it. But all these issues are related. It is another reason why the T of LGBT is more toxic than the L, the G and the B.

        1. Stephen

          Very good. It could be argued they deceive themselves as well as the world at large. But the world, in the shape of our politicians and media, is aiding and abetting the deception. The T certainly is more toxic than the L, G & B. Theologically, as I pointed out, that is because it goes back and attacks creation itself.

          1. Rox

            ” Should a bloke be allowed to know if his “girlfriend” is also a bloke? ”

            Yes definitely, I agree with John Allman non this one !

            But how would it work in practice ? If it doesn’t become obvious in the course of their pre-marital encounters, would the non-woman be legally obliged to tell the real-man (and when?). Or would the man be expected to check his girlfriend’s credentials in a register ? I would suggest that very few smitten lovers are going to think of doing this !

            ” It is possible nowadays to be married to somebody, without realising that that person is of the same gender as oneself. ”
            Presumably not for very long, although if it did persist contentedly for some reason, not much harm has been done. There’s nowt so queer as folks.

            If a marriage is not consummated, then (as far as I know) it still becomes invalid in the same way that befell Ann of Cleves. I don’t know the legal niceties of this, especially with a civil marriage. But the poor real-man is likely to be devastated, and perhaps also the non-woman. Something does need to be done, but what ?

  2. Mark Jones

    Of course, in our increasingly brave new world, our new moral framework of “do what thou wilt” cannot raise any objection to absurdities such as this. Anything goes, except Judeo-Christian values or Christianity, which are “intolerant”, and “bigoted” etc etc etc. Satan is indeed having a field day, possibly because he knows that his time is short.. I wish I could laugh, but I feel only anger, which turns to impotent depression, and despair, tempered by my Christian hope that one day justice and righteousness will reign.

    On an unrelated note, can I ask any interested Christian Voice readers to pray for me, my ministry and the recipients thereof? I am currently in India working with orphans and street kids. Many thanks!

    1. Rox

      That is amazing. I thought of you as being elderly and retired in Tunbridge Wells, or more probably somewhere very rural and outside of modern life. In a sense, you possibly are outside of modern life in the way we know it, but it would never have occurred to me that you were in India, or working with street kids and orphans anywhere. Good luck to you ! I’m sure you have gained renewed respect from many of your readers by revealing this, and it does explain why your perspective somethings seems detached from modern Europe . We have not heard so much from you lately (perhaps lack of broadband), and I had been going to suggest you might be in Antarctica seeking infinity. Not really so very far off, except that there are far more people than penguins where you have chosen to go.

      Perhaps like so many colonialists in the past you will find truth and meditation and infinity in some Eastern religion ? There is that St Thomas christianity too, although I believe that some of its branches have been taken over by American evangelists.

      Meanwhile, I’m sure it would be most interesting if you wrote a whole article for Christian Voice. The articles don’t have to all be by Stephen Green, you know. It wasn’t always like that, and he would probably appreciate a break. I promise I won’t make fun of your article.

      Best regards,

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