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Bill Gates’ ‘Soft Eugenics’

Campus of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Last month we published a report on the Gates Foundation, focusing on how it has been promoting a type of ‘soft eugenics’ under the pretence of ‘family planning.’

We’ve just updated the article with some additional information and links, so do be sure to visit the updated report ‘Bill Gates and the New Malthusians.’ The article seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Why would the Gates Foundation commemorate the 100th anniversary of the The First Eugenics Conference, which was built on racist principles that motivated the Nazis?
  • Why is money from the Gates Foundation (via, the United Nations Population Fund) being used to fund coercive sterilization, contraception and abortion campaigns?
  • What is Bill Gates relationship to social engineers like Thomas Malthus, who hoped to decrease the surplus population by killing the poor?
  • Why is the Gates Foundation partnering with a group that supports China’s one-child-only policy?
  • What is the connection in Melinda Gates’ mind between promoting contraceptives and fostering economic growth?
  • What is the sinister reality behind Bill Gates’ equation CO2=P x S x E x C CO2?
  • What is the connection between vaccinations and population control?
  • Why does the Gates Foundation support an organization that secretly sterilized thousands of women against their will in the ‘90s?

To learn the answers to these and other questions, click on the link below:

Bill Gates and the New Malthusians



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  1. Dileeni Jayatileke

    Thank you for highlighting these important issues.

  2. mark

    I’m sure my bible did not say that gay people should be hated. It said that God loved all men and Women. It is a shame the church turns his words.

    1. Stephen

      I’m equally sure this website does not say that homosexuals should be hated (although those trying to legalise sexual relations with children do try our patience a little bit). It says that God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) It’s a shame homosexual activists turn our words.
      Acts 8:22 Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.

  3. Lydia

    Hi robin. I have known about Bil and melinda gates for some time now, and how they show to the world how much they care(not) about the people of this world, especially the africans………
    I have done a lot of reaearch myself and whrn I found all this, I must admit I fellt really depressed, but hey Its called waking up to our reality. But I am a firm believer of good triumphing over evil!

    God bless you all

  4. Peter Smithers

    Hi Robin
    I’ve just read your article on Soft Eugenics. Scary stuff. But when I looked for references to the original sources for your quotes and facts, so that I could check them out, I couldn’t find any. Very disappointing. Now I can’t tell if anything in your article is true!

  5. Robin

    Peter, if you go to the original article at http://www.christianvoice.org.uk/?p=4011, there are hyperlinks throughout verifying the content. If there is a particular one that isn’t working, or a particular point on which you would like more information, let me know. But I’ll check all of them.

  6. g.davies

    GOD made Adam and eve, not Adam and Steve.

  7. mark

    It seems both Mr and Mrs Gates are fully paid up members of the lucifarian society. That special band of elites who are carrying out the commands of their Satanic god to the letter. Population control, abortion and immmunisation ie sterilisation is the plan to cut down the worlds population, this is exactly why Gay propoganda amongst the afore mentioned has been growing over the last decade. For all the doubters out there please do some research on the ‘George Guide Stones’ (the American, stone henge) which is a Masonic monument to the devils commandments. Amongst its satanic and Masonic decrees is to maintain a ‘world population’ of only 5 hundred million, that means a lot of people will have to die in order to achieve this. Check out Radioliberty.com. But to what aim and purpose.

    Christians understand the future that Jesus Christ warns mankind about, the willful atheists, agnostics and those with no particular belief about. Whether we like it or not this rather dim view of the future willl materialise. Satan is about to enter world affairs in a very real way, in person literally in fact. But what’s the point of less people on the planet? That’s easy, surveillance… The less people, the easier to control and manipulate. Satan is not omnipresent like God and therefore cannot be everywhere as god can, so he needs less people around to be able to rule over, hence the proliferation of Spy cameras, CCTV everywhere, electronic funds transfers and the phasing in of digital technology. 666 as described in the bible is a system of population control built around finance and surveillance. It’s easy to track, monitor and most of all apprehend dissenters. Examples are already available of people readily being called to account for various breaking of the law simply communicating on social networking sites; that’s their true purpose, surveillance!

    So, Gates and co are only following orders from their evil master. Fortunately, The Antichist and Satan have already been judge and will be finally dealt with when their allotted time runs out and Jesus destroys both forever.
    So Bill unless you turn to Christ for forgiveness, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes come that time mate.

    1. Stephen

      We like references here, so I’ll supply them.

      Bill Gates: Satanist in Sheep’s Clothes? By Henry Makow Ph.D.

      New Group of World Servers (Alice Bailey) Official About Page

      Gates Foundation in List of Financial Groups in the New Group of World Servers

      From the Lucis Trust website, on Page 3 of a 2010 report on money:

      ‘Today there is a small but influential minority of responsible and wealthy citizens and organizations who are taking action and showing great leadership in alleviating the current sufferings. The ones we may have heard about are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford Foundation, Andrew Carnegie Endowment, as well as many others. These philanthropic efforts are certainly making constructive and positive impacts as well as setting a necessary example to other wealthy billionaires on how money can be channeled towards constructive means to help rebuild a better civilization, restore the divine circulatory flow and heal and uplift people from the scourge of poverty, war and disease.’

      Apart from Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie are key players spreading the immorality of abortion and sodomy throughout the world, mainly in Africa and Asia.

      And just for the record:
      Bill Gates Among Investors with $26 Million Share in Homosexual Activist Publishing Company

  8. Rox

    This is certainly an extremely important eye-opening document.
    Bill Gates: Satanist in Sheep’s Clothes? By Henry Makow Ph.D.

    I think it is very important indeed that everybody should read it and make up their own minds about it.
    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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