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Bexley children finally go home

Four children wrongly taken into care by the London Borough of Bexley have finally gone home.

Four children wrongly taken into care by the London Borough of Bexley have finally gone home.

Four children from a family rent apart by false allegations two years ago have finally gone home.

In early March 2017 Judge Diane Redgrave approved an agreement worked out between counsel for the parents, Hilary Pollock, and the London Borough of Bexley.  Bexley returned the children to their parents on 29th March.

The Lord’s hand at work

The Lord’s hand was all over the case. He arranged for Christian solicitor Michael Phillips to instruct Miss Pollock. That proved inspired (of course) as the experienced family court barrister gained the agreement of Bexley to everything beneficial to the parents.

But after the March hearing, Miss Pollock shared with this author that Bexley never expected the parents to get through the process. Nor did they expect overnight stays in the family home organised for the children at Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017 to go as well as they did.

Accordingly, from the threat of a contested hearing, where Bexley would have continued to oppose the children going home, the council changed their mind a week before the date.  Behind the scenes, the setting up of a new ‘Back Together Team’ in the Borough in late 2016 possibly had something to do with that.

Bexley took children into care after false allegation

The family’s nightmare started in June 2015.  Their eldest boy, in his mid-teens, ran off after being caught out in a lie about his whereabouts.

Upon being picked up by the police, he reported his parents for child cruelty. All four children were instantly taken into care.  The parents were charged and sent to the Crown Court. The only corroborating evidence was that of a doctor who saw a photo of a mark on the eldest boy’s body.

Her Honour Judge Diane Redgrave

Her Honour Judge Diane Redgrave

He thought it could have been made by a metal implement. However, he never examined the boy himself, and none of the other children made any similar accusation. Moreover, the police found nothing resembling such an alleged item in the family’s home.

Bexley social worker Judy Simon even contacted the mother’s place of work, a care home.  The call resulted in her being laid off.  Secondly, Miss Simon accused the father to his employers, British Transport Police. He was dismissed last year in another miscarriage of justice. He is currently appealing that dismissal.

Judge Redgrave gave the astonishing advice to the parents to plead guilty in the Crown Court. She said this would help them have their children returned. That may have been correct.  If so, it raises yet more questions about the system.  Nevertheless, father and mother stuck to their guns and maintained their innocence.  On the eve of the Crown Court case their eldest son confirmed he had made it all up.

Video: Christmas Ruined by Social Services

Bromley County Court

Bromley County Court

Accordingly, the parents were acquitted.  Despite that, the children stayed in care.  Bexley Children’s Services callously told the parents they would need to apply to the court to have them returned.

The parents courageously told their story in a video on the Christian Voice YouTube channel. It is called Christmas Ruined by Social Services.  Bexley’s reaction to the video was to threaten us with contempt of court proceedings if we did not take it down.

Despite that, the video is still there and has had over 96,000 views to date.

It must be said, in March this year Judge Redgrave could not have been more constructive.  Discharging the Care Order, she congratulated the parents, saying they had ‘worked very hard’.  She also suggested activities to keep the eldest son occupied. He was ‘Not the only teenager in the world’ to get into trouble, she said.

Prayer answered

Christian Voice members prayed hard for this family and against the injustice they suffered. The father says: ‘Every day I see the smile and joy on my children’s faces I pray for those that helped me be a complete family man again. My children too pray for them when we all have our family prayers together. Help me to say a big thank you to them all.’

If you prayed into this case, consider yourself thanked!


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