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  2. Mega mosque loses review appeal — 7 May 2016
  3. British Muslims becoming more radical — 12 April 2016
  4. Sodomite Superhead Stripped of Schools — 29 March 2016
  5. Police ‘believe abuse victims’ stance ‘preposterous’ — 22 March 2016

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May 16

European Union’s New Roman Empire

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is in trouble with the Guardian not just for saying the European Union is planning a new Roman Empire, but for saying Napoleon and Adolf Hitler had that dream as well. (A more sympathetic view of Mr Johnson’s speech is here at the Daily Express!) We say there is actually no need to invoke Hitler and …

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May 07

Mega mosque loses review appeal

Christian Voice have been meeting at the proposed mega mosque site to pray since January 2007.

Tablighi Jamaat’s application for a Statutory Review of the Government’s rejection of their appeal against Newham Council’s refusal of planning permission for a 10,000 capacity mega mosque at a site in West Ham in London was thrown out by a judge on Wednesday 4th May 2016. The Islamic separatist group’s lawyers thought they had found …

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Apr 12

British Muslims becoming more radical

Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips is presenting a programme on social attitudes among British Muslims on Channel 4 tomorrow. It is called ‘What British Muslims Really Think’ and will air at 10pm on Wednesday 13th April 2016. Some uncomfortable statistics will be revealed which should send shivers down liberal elite spines.  The pain will be made worse for …

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Mar 29

Sodomite Superhead Stripped of Schools

Liam Nolan addresses the Conservative Party Conference, possibly in 2012.

A much feted self-styled ‘superhead’ will be stripped of the schools in Birmingham under his command following the discovery of financial mismanagement, but is extraordinarily going to keep his job as headteacher, according to reports. Liam Nolan pleaded with the General Teaching Council to keep his job after a conviction for a homosexual offence at …

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Mar 22

Police ‘believe abuse victims’ stance ‘preposterous’

Press Release from Christian Voice – Immediate: 07.20 hrs 22nd March 2016 The stance of the College of Policing to encourage more sexual abuse victims to come forward by assuring them they will be believed, as reported by the BBC, is denounced today as ‘preposterous’ by a Christian group. College of Policing Chief executive Alex …

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Mar 14

Saudis call Hezbollah Terrorists!

Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Bahraini secretary general of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Pots were calling kettles black this weekend according to ynetnews as Saudi Arabia and their Gulf State allies declared the militant Hezbollah group a ‘terrorist organisation’. The six-member ‘Gulf Cooperation Council’ made the announcement on Friday to the backdrop of a fall-out between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon over Hezbollah influence in the Levantine state.  Saudi Arabia …

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Mar 11

Sadiq Khan and the Muslim Card

Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting and Labour's candidate for Mayor of London

A report in the Spectator magazine claims Sadiq Khan, Labour’s London Mayoral candidate, is playing the ‘Muslim Card’ in May’s election. Recognising that Khan’s Islamic faith is disadvantageous in the wake of 9/11, the London 7th July attacks, Islamic State atrocities, Muslim migrants, sex attacks in Cologne and a rash of cases of Muslims grooming and …

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Mar 10

Sunday stays sort of special

David Burrowes also opposed 'gay marriage'.

The House of Commons has rejected Government plans to relax the law on Sunday trading. A motion to remove the measure was carried by 317 votes to 286.  Read the actual debate here and follow it through to see how your MP voted.  A vote for ‘Aye’ is for Sunday. A vote ‘No’ is for …

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Mar 07

European Parliament – is Seat 666 vacant?

MEP's sitting the European Parliament.  But is seat 666 vacant, awaiting the Antichrist?

You will read all over the web that in the 863-seat European Parliament, Seat 666 is vacant, awaiting the Antichrist. The otherwise informative website linked above voices the thoughts of many: ‘Interestingly, the seat numbered 666 is never occupied. Perhaps they are leaving it open for someone special?’ Now, we don’t believe in conspiracy theories …

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