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  4. Limited consultation on sharia courts — 16 September 2016
  5. Judge: ‘Not Guilty’ doesn’t mean ‘Innocent’ — 12 September 2016

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Sep 28

The fall of Sam Allardyce

Sam Allardyce resigned as England football manager this morning.

Sam Allardyce resigned as manager of the England football team this morning after only 67 days in the job. So what did he do wrong?  In broad terms, the Daily Telegraph newspaper set out to entrap him and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. SET UP The paper set ‘Big Sam’ up in a meeting with …

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Sep 23

SAS training New Syrian Army

British special forces pictured on the ground in Syria for the first timeBBC News

Both International Business Times and Russia Today have joined The Sun and Daily Mirror in reporting that British Special Forces are secretly training ‘New Syrian Army’ (NSA) rebels in Jordan. IBTimes says the aim of the Marine Commandos and SAS is to equip and empower the US-backed NSA to fight Islamic State or ‘Daesh’ (why do American …

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Sep 22

Council look anew at child care case

Walsall Family Court

In legal cases what is said between advocates in a conference room is often as important as what happens in court. And so it proved on Wednesday last week (14th September 2016) at Walsall Family Court, where a local authority was forced to go back to the drawing board in a child care case. ACQUITTAL …

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Sep 16

Limited consultation on sharia courts

Kadhis (judges) of the Sharia Council delve into Islamic law

The Governments’ consultation into sharia courts opened in July and closed in August. It was said to be ‘part of an independent review into its use in England and Wales’. Professor Mona Siddiqui, a Muslim herself, was appointed to lead it, ‘investigating the treatment of women in cases involving divorce, domestic violence and child custody’. …

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Sep 12

Judge: ‘Not Guilty’ doesn’t mean ‘Innocent’

Her Honour Judge Rosalind Bush

Update 22/09/2016: Click here for Council look anew at care case. A senior family court judge told a court last Friday (9th September 2016) that a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict in the criminal court did not mean the defendants were innocent. Judge Rosalind Bush said a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict merely meant the jury had not been …

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Sep 07

Michael Fallon’s MOD gives IS ‘hitlist’

Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP - 'foolish'

Mr Michael Fallon is under pressure to resign after the Ministry of Defence published a list of serving commissioned military personnel online. The story has been reported on Russia Today, in The Sun and International Business Times, to name but three. The list contains 20,000 names, with rank and number, of every regular serving officer, reservist …

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Sep 06

In defence of Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary

So Anjem Choudary has been jailed for terrorism offences. The preacher was sentenced to five-and-a-half years for encouraging Muslims to join self-styled Islamic State. I RADICALISED ANJEM ON A TV SET I met Anjem just once, on a TV set. The producers had tried to set up Anjem, myself and an orthodox Jewish rabbi against a comedian posing as …

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Sep 02

Muslims branded terrorists in Skegness

Seven of the Muslim family of twelve wore burkas.

A Muslim family say they were stared at and branded ‘terrorists’ in Skegness. The group of twelve, seven of whom were women wearing hijabs, say they were stared at as if they were “some kind of aliens” when they visited the Lincolnshire seaside town. They visited ‘Skeggy’ for the first time last week and say they will …

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Sep 01

Tom Daley and Rio2016 – is there really no judgment?

Tom Daley finished last in his semi-final after leading the field.

After ‘That Tweet’ about how Tom Daley turning gay did him no favours at #Rio2016 a number of people were really sure God did not judge Daley in the diving pool for turning gay. Some said God wouldn’t judge him, either because ‘being gay’ isn’t a sin or because God can’t be bothered to intervene …

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Aug 31

Girls becoming more unhappy

More adolescent girls are unhappy with their lives than boys.

The BBC says a Children’s Society report has noted an increase in unhappiness in adolescent girls. Researchers from the Society and the University of York found that between 2009-10 and 2013-14 on average 11% of both boys and girls said they were unhappy. But the latest available figures, for 2013-14, showed while the proportion of unhappy boys …

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