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Aug 22

Twitter-sphere goes daffy over Daley

Tom Daley with his bronze medal from London 2012.  He was expected to win gold in Rio.

In his book ‘Rules for Radicals’, Saul Alinsky said the establishment’s over-reaction to what we do has an impact greater than our initial action. We are the radicals now and we just illustrated that principle. My provocative tweets at about Caster Semenya and especially about Tom Daley’s flop in the diving have led to …

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Aug 17

Sorry Caster Semenya, you aren’t a woman

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya is set to win a gold medal in the women’s 800m at the 2016 Rio Olympics, having won a semi-final on Friday 19th August, but Tom Fordyce, writing on the BBC’s website, says such a win will ignite all the previous controversy about the athlete. Semenya was sadly born ‘intersex’, meaning that although ‘she’ identifies …

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Aug 09

‘Muslim Sisters Only’ at Water Park

Waterworld's 2015 Advert

A water park which banned men and unIslamic clothing at a ‘Muslim sisters only’ event in August 2015 is staging a similar event this year.  But a ‘burkini’ event in France planned for September has just been cancelled.  (see below) PRAYER AREA IN 2015 The park, Water World in Stoke-on-Trent, promised a ‘designated prayer area’ …

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Aug 09

Brothers acquitted in sex case

Two brothers accused of sexual abuse against a small girl were acquitted at Wolverhampton Crown Court after not-guilty verdicts were entered this afternoon. One count of sexual abuse was scrubbed on the orders of the judge, and the jury delivered not guilty verdicts on a further seven.  Three others were withdrawn by the prosecution. The …

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Aug 06

Mother says: I hear everything!

The mother of two young Christian men accused of sexual assault against an eight-year-old girl told a court yesterday that nothing would happen in her home without her knowledge. ALLEGATIONS OF RAPE The girl alleges she was assaulted, indeed that she was raped in every possible way, by both defendants and their two younger siblings …

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Aug 02

Sex case raises questions

Wolverhampton Crown Court

A case in which two young men have been accused of horrific sexual offences has raised questions about how the police and prosecution operate and how the courts should treat evidence from a child. FAMILY BREAKDOWN Wolverhampton Crown Court heard today that the child, an eight-year-old girl, had been staying with relatives. Her father was …

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Jul 14

Prayer for Cabinet appointments

Permanent Under-Secretary Simon McDonald welcomes Boris Johnson to the Foreign Office last night.

Last night, new Prime Minister Theresa May made six senior appointments, covering the three great offices of state (Chancellor, Home Office, Foreign Office), and created two new post-Brexit positions.  Continue to pray for her appointments today. BORIS JOHNSON The most astonishing appointment last night was that of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.  Mr Johnson is said …

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Jul 12

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Rules

The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee meets today to decide whether Jeremy Corbyn, the incumbent leader, may go forward to a leadership ballot without being nominated by MPs. Those Labour MPs who wanted to oust Corbyn were hoping they could keep him off the ballot paper in a leadership contest. If he failed to get …

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Jul 11

Andrea Leadsom gives PM job to May

Andrea Leadsom

The reasons Andrea Leadsom MP has given for pulling out of the Conservative leadership race seem perfectly plausible but do not totally convince. Eighty-four colleagues supported her, but she said, “Nevertheless, this is less than 25% of the parliamentary party and after careful consideration I do not believe this is sufficient support to lead a …

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