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  5. NATO rattles its sabre in Europe — 10 January 2017

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Jan 18

Family Court: father ‘in contempt’

Family Court rules forbid the identification of children or parents.

A father fighting a local authority in the family court narrowly escaped jail for contempt of court yesterday. We may only identify him as ‘EL’ and his fourteen-year-old son as ‘J’ on instruction from Judge Richard Scarratt, pursuant to rules designed to protect the secrecy of the family courts. Father posted notes and pictures The …

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Jan 17

Father fighting Medway Council faces jail for contempt

Protestors support 'EL' outside Canterbury Family Court

Medway Council is asking a court to jail a father for contempt of court after he posted a picture of his in-care son online. Medway Council took son into care Canterbury Family Court heard the father, a concert pianist, had breached an order made by Mrs Justice Theis in 2015 banning him, or anyone, from …

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Jan 13

Transgender documentary spills beans

Dr Kenneth Zucker was fired for rejecting the fasionable 'gender affirmation' approach.

Fifteen years ago it was middle-aged men, very often fathers, deciding they should have been women all along, who formed the backbone of the miniscule transgender movement.  They were so few, and so off-the-wall, they were a mere add-on to the homosexual network.  Even bisexuals took precedence among ‘LGBT’ activists. But now the focus has shifted to …

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Jan 11

MPs debate Saudi violence in Yemen

Houthis rebels guard the west of Yemen.

MPs will debate the catastrophe of Yemen tomorrow (Thursday 12th January 2017). According to the Parliament website, a fairly innocuous motion has been put down by Stephen Twigg (Labour) and Chris White (Conservative). It says: “That this House notes the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the impact of the conflict on civilians; condemns any breach of International Humanitarian Law; and …

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Jan 10

NATO rattles its sabre in Europe

US tanks being offloaded at Bermerhaven

According to reports in the Daily Express, the Independent and RT among others, the US has just landed the biggest shipment of military equipment since the Cold War at Bremerhaven in Germany as part of a NATO build-up. The Express said hundreds of tanks had been off-loaded at the port and are now trundling across Europe …

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Jan 05

Boris, Help Rebuild Syria!

Celebrating Christmas in Aleppo last month.

‘O hush the noise, ye men of strife, And hear the angels sing’. (From the carol: ‘It came upon the Midnight Clear’) We thank God for the liberation of Aleppo last month by the Syrian Government, supported as they were by Russia and Iran (and opposed by Boris Johnson and the British Government), and for …

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Dec 16

White Helmets – a British invention

White Helmets as they like to be seen, rescuing babies.

With the liberation of Aleppo, we have heard much about the so-called ‘White Helmets’ in Syria. Last month, ‘Avaaz’, a group of George-Soros-funded globalists in the US, ran a campaign to raise a “people’s million” in dollars for the ‘White Helmets’. The campaign was started after the group was unaccountably overlooked for this year’s Nobel Peace prize. …

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Dec 14

Yes, Aleppo is being liberated


A row has broken out on the left following a headline yesterday in the Morning Star (in red opposite) saying ‘Final liberation of Aleppo is within sight’. According to the liberal-leaning Huffington Post, a host of Labour MPs queued up to condemn the communist paper for its headline. Many were from the disgruntled Blairite wing, like John …

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Dec 13

I watched Muslims Like Us

Mehreen: 'I'm a Muslim girl gone bad. But I pray every single day.  '

I watched the first episode of Muslims Like Us last night. The cast list was a bit odd.  Yes, it was balanced between the sexes, with five men and five women.  But the racial and age mix was strange for me. Among the women was a middle-aged opinionated woman of white appearance in Islamic dress. She …

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Dec 12

Gender Neutral Pronouns at Oxford


A Student body is urging the use of ‘gender neutral pronouns’ at Oxford University, reports the Oxford Mail. The National Union of Students is apparently behind the move, which will see ‘he’ and ‘she’ replaced with the silly gender-neutral ‘ze’. But the ‘ze’ pronoun will only be used if the person requests it.  It is …

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