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Dec 05

Austria has not voted for the Elite!

Alexander van der Bellen

Austria has seemingly embraced an EU-friendly, migrant-welcoming view of the world in electing Alexander Van der Bellen as its President and rejecting the Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer. Herr Van der Bellen, a former leader of the Green party, said he would be an “open-minded, liberal-minded and above all a pro-European president”.  Herr Hofer might feel …

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Dec 01

Irresponsible BBC promoting transgenderism

Victoria Derbyshire interviewing 'Jason' and her mother Leanne

Hard on the heels of ‘I am Leo‘ and its ‘Just a Girl‘ series, the BBC’s ‘Victoria Derbyshire Programme’ has joined its irresponsible campaign to promote transgenderism among primary school children. The morning TV show is today telling the story of ‘Jason’, a girl who wants to be a boy. VIDEO CLIP In a video …

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Nov 30

EU’s Woman on the Beast

Europa on the Bull outside the Council of Ministers building in Brussels

The European Union faces a crisis this weekend, with a referendum in Italy and Austria re-running its presidential election.  But is the entire EU project doomed?  Is the heart of God against the EU just as he was against the antichrist Roman Empire?  If so, have the Eurocrats been hiding their true intentions in plain sight? …

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Nov 28

Brexit and the EEA

A 'Remoaner'

The ‘Remoaners’ are at it again.  As part of their anti-Brexit campaign for the UK to stay in the EU, they intend to launch a legal challenge. This one is not over Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty but over a certain Article 127. Confused? Article 127 is the exit clause for the European Economic Area. The so-called …

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Nov 26

Pray for Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders, but there is an urgent need to pray for Donald Trump, especially as he embarks on his ‘Thank You’ tour with all the security challenges that presents. TRUMP IS NOT YET ‘PRESIDENT-ELECT’ Despite the generous words of President Obama, Donald Trump is not yet, at this …

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Nov 21

The European Union’s Tower of Babel

European Parliament Tower

Five months after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union by the grace of God, we are no nearer to knowing what kind of relationship Theresa May’s administration intends. Tony Blair has weighed in to what he sees as a vacuum.  He will want the closest possible association with the EU, and behind …

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Nov 18

A surer hope than cryonics


A teenager has won the right for her mother to freeze her body in the hope that she may be brought back to life. The court made the ruling in October, before the girl, 14, died from a rare form of cancer. Her father had opposed the application.  Going further, he has accused the firm …

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Nov 14

Peter Tatchell: Gays and Muslims Unite!

Peter Tatchell addressing LGBT Humanists at the Conway Hall

Homosexuals and Muslims must unite in solidarity against ‘oppression’, Peter Tatchell has urged. The veteran gay activist issued his clarion call at a meeting of LGBT Humanists at London’s Conway Hall on Friday night (11th November 2016). Over fifty attended the meeting deep in the bowels of the bastion of anti-Christian thinking.  Conway Hall is the headquarters …

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Nov 09

President Trump – America does a Brexit

NATO troops on an muscle-flexing exercise in Poland earlier this year.

So it’s President Trump heading for the White House as America does a Brexit. Our prayers for the best candidate for peace in the world to be elected have been answered.  Just as in the Brexit vote, the polls underestimated ordinary people and their votes. Even right now, NATO is sabre-rattling against Russia.  Hillary Clinton would …

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