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Ariana Grande wished fans would die

Ariana Grande - wished fans 'would f***ing die'

Ariana Grande – wished fans ‘would f***ing die’

The singer Ariana Grande wished fans would die, according to 2014 report in the respected New York Daily News.

The paper reports: ‘While visiting a Manhattan radio station this summer (2014), the 21-year-old “Better Left Unsaid” singer should’ve left her thoughts unsaid.

‘I hope they all f—ing die’

‘“She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator,” a stunned industry insider tells us. “And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f—ing die.’ ”’

On 22nd May 2017, her death wish came true.  IS-motivated Muslim bomber Salman Abedi took 22 innocent lives as he blew himself up at her ‘Dangerous Woman’ concert at Manchester Arena.

We ran a previous post asking why parents were actually taking their daughters (mainly) along to hear the potty-mouthed popstrel’s sexualised lyrics.  A lesbian-themed launderette video still defiles her website home page.

But the new allegations must leave anyone with any sanity wondering why this young woman is still successful. If the reports are true, she despises her fan-base.  Why do they turn out for her?  Why do parents pay for tickets for her concerts?  Don’t they even investigate her lyrics of lifestyle?  A simple internet search and parents can easily explain to their children that she is nasty piece of work.  Why don’t they love their children enough to do that and protect them from her influence?

The New York Times allegations are based, they say, on two separate witnesses.  They are fueled by the singer’s reaction to the story.  That fell far short of a denial.

According to the Daily Mail, Ariana Grande “said she had been ‘laughing out loud’ following the shock claims, in which it is said she blasted naive supporters in New York as soon as their backs were turned following a seemingly joyful encounter.”


The Mail often runs stories which are not true, or are slanted, but here they quoted the NY Daily News and printed a copy of a tweet from the Ariana Grande twitter account.  And indeed it said: ‘man some of these rumors which have been coming out about me lately have me laughing out loud – really can’t take ’em seriously’.  That folks, is not a denial.

Also ‘coming out’ are reports that she charges fans $495 to have their picture taken with her.  Such an amount is not out of the ordinary.  But every other pop star has their picture taken with you alone.  Ariana Grande has hers taken with up to six of her adoring fans together.  That’s nudging three grand of dollars a shot.

New York Daily News reports:  ‘Grande further dissed fans Monday by offering a $495 photo op for fans during her upcoming “Honeymoon Tour,” but stipulated that shoots are for groups of four to six people, not individuals.

‘“Really?” exclaimed one media industry tipster. “Bieber, Miley, Britney, Katy Perry all did individual pics when they sold these packages.”’

There’s a lot more about the sheer unpleasantness of Miss Grande-Butera on BuzzFeed here.

Ariana Grande says a lot about our culture

The ‘Love Manchester’ gig on Sunday 4th June should by rights be termed the ‘Exploit Manchester’.  Ariana Grande is receiving exposure and virtue-signalling all in one.  And making a few quid along the way, despite the charity emphasis.

But the character and nature of the centre of attention must focus attention on our civilisation.  We have someone here who is crass, graceless, destructive, avaricious, self-centred, ill-mannered, foul-mouthed, indecent and got up like a prostitute.  Far from telling her to repent and be saved by the blood of Jesus, the public and mainstream media fawn over Ariana Grande.

Parents encourage their daughters to watch her, to listen to her and to regard her as a role model.  Then they will be surprised when their child comes out with foul language, insults them, dresses like a slag, turns lesbian or gets pregnant.  Depraved, dissolute and disgusting hardly covers this culture.  We are in decline, friends.  We are just treading water at best, waiting for a stronger, militant people to destroy and supplant us.  Now what could that militant culture be?

Ezek 39:4 Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured.

Luke 13:4 Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? 13:5 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

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  1. Rox

    It’s a bit unfair to bring up this remark made in a different context 3 years ago. She’s not a wily politician.

  2. Epistle

    Following the appalling Islamist terror attack on Manchester, not knowing Adriana Grande, I decided to watch a video of her on utube. Highly sexualised it was, with lyrics including the f word, and relating her preference for bad men, presumably gangsters. Relating my concerns to an unsaved friend as to whether we should be allowing our children to watch such stuff, she opined that “this is what you must come to expect”. So far have our moral standard slipped as nation and western culture that openly flaunted debauchery should be accepted as the norm, even before our children. How are we to stem the tide? When even Christian politicians are forced to support abortion and gay sex to be electable, I am close to despair.

    1. Mark Jones

      Yes, Epistle, despair is an entirely understandable response. To do so, however, is to take our eyes off Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith, who tells us that this is what the world will be like in the Last Days, “as in the days of Noah”. The darkness will likely get worse, as men will wax worse and worse. But we are not yet, in the West, being beheaded and crucified for our faith, as are our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and elsewhere. Some say that revival will come, as people realise that secularism, evolution, and all the other isms, etc have brought only chaos, and they possibly return to our Godly roots. As I say, I believe the “church” in the West is at present singularly ill-equipped for this task. However, I believe Trump and Brexit are signs of hope, God’s reprieve, albeit perhaps only temporary, after all we know that the Antichrist (Obama?) and the New World Order will come, as in the books of Daniel, Revelation, etc.

      “The wicked strut freely about, when what is vile is honoured amongst men”.

      Let us try to look up, for our redemption draweth nigh.

      But, in the great and terrible Day of the Lord, who can stand? We must hold firm, “and, when we have done everything, to stand”.

  3. [email protected]

    Well, aside from her being a ‘.. crass, graceless, destructive, avaricious, self-centred, ill-mannered, foul-mouthed, indecent young woman’ what mother in her right mind would want her impressionable daughter to witness such a spectacle – of course, I’m thinking of that poor eight-year-old who died.

    We express horror at what perverts think or get up to but we allow our daughters and granddaughters to dress ever-more suggestively – as fashion statements!

  4. Mark Jones

    “crass, graceless, destructive, avaricious, self-centred, ill-mannered, foul-mouthed, indecent and got up like a prostitute.”

    And thats her good points! It also sums up our “society”.

    A member of popular beat combo “The Smashing Pumpkins”, for whom success in the hit parade has nevertheless been elusive, says that many modern singers and groups etc sell their souls to the devil. This explains a lot.

    I had the misfortune to visit a modern shopping mall today, and had to endure the moorlocks in their shopping rituals. 2 Tim 3 vv 1-5 is now a reality. We are, as you say Stephen, a doomed society whose only just reward is God’s Judgment, quite possibly in the form of islam. Either that, or revival: God specialises in showing grace to the unworthy after all. The vast majority of “churches” in the UK are, imo, not fit for purpose, and as they glibly sing “send the Fire, Lord”, I very much doubt that they understand what that will mean. “Judgment begins in the House of God”, after all!

  5. Rox

    I feel that Mark Jones might be happier if he stays in his hermitage as much as possible in future. He doesn’t seem up to facing the realities of modern life (or of life in most places since about 1960, really).

    Come on, a shopping mall isn’t all that bad ! Was it Sainsburys which made you feel like this ? Why ? Did you venture into Topshop by mistake ? Girls have to buy their clothes somewhere, you know. Shops like to make their premises convivial for their customers. You might be happier in Marks and Spencers if you ever have to go shopping again.

    What alarms me more than a little is something that I have observed before. You really disapprove of modern Western culture almost as much as Islamic extremists do. But it gets worse, when you write: “a doomed society whose only just reward is God’s Judgement.” When the knifemen in Borough Market shouted “This is for Allah”, they thought that they were instrument of God’s judgement. What you would call God’s Judgement in the form of Islam”.

    But you just go peacefully back to your tranquil hermitage to muse, and I don’t think you realise quite how similar your views are. Perhaps if you were younger, and you felt strongly as you do, they might convert and recruit you ?

    1. Mark Jones

      Just how many times do I have to spell it out for you Rox? I DO NOT WANT TO KILL ANYBODY, THAT is the difference between true, koran-following muslims and true Christians. I will try to persuade people, as I have done with you. True Christians are called to love their enemies, and pray for them, but it doesn’t do anyone any good to call one’s enemies one’s friends, as secularism, and you, attempt to do, to try to keep a lid on things.

      Now, please: go away.

      1. Rox

        Doesn’t “Love your neighbour” include a neighbour who has been an enemy ?

        The European Union was developed on this basis, and look, no wars within Western Europe for 72 years now (unless you include the feuding Christians in Ireland as a war, which some of them insist it was).

        I seem to have written what I thought I had written, mostly about why you should be so offended by a shopping centre, and how you and others often seem offended by the same things as Muslims are. You yourself came to the bizarre conclusion that acts of terrorism done in the name of the God of Muslims might in fact be a judgement or punishment inflicted by your God, whom (despite both religions being monotheist) you assume to be a different god.

        I didn’t say anything about you wanting to kill anybody. Let’s be clear about that. It would ultimately be Jehovah-Allah who did the killing, using younger recruits than you. It doesn’t look as though you would altogether disapprove, though. Insha’Allah, Deo volente.

        Au revoir.

        1. Stephen

          I am not a trained philosopher, but even I can see that ‘I worship one deity, you worship one deity, therefore we both worship the same deity’ is a very basic fallacy.
          The Almighty clearly states he has a son, the Lord Jesus.
          Allah says he has no son, indeed that it would be beneath his dignity to have a son.
          Why not be courteous enough to take him at his word?
          In which case he is plainly not the same being as the Almighty.

          1. Rox

            But do you really believe that Allah said that ?
            The history of “Allah” as described in the Koran and elsewhere does mark him very clearly as supposed to be the same as the god of the Jews. Christians and Muslims both have all kinds of legends attached to their religions which are not rigidly true.

            If there is only one god in the universe, it must be the same one for everybody.

            However, that is a minor point. What is bizarre is the similarity of Muslims wanting to kill people “for God” to punish them, and a Christian suggesting that Islam is a punishment “from God” to punish the same people for similar behaviour that he too disapproves of.

            It is true that both religions are monotheistic, and that the Muslims and the Christians would assume their God to be a different god (as I think I may have mentioned ….). Where I went wrong was to use the name “Jehovah-Allah” for a monotheistic god in general. Sorry about that.

          2. Stephen

            You have to take ‘Allah’ at his word. SO if he is not the Almighty Father (a title he repudiates) who is he? If you look at the history of Islam, you see clearly that Allah was the top Arab pagan god worshipped in the cube at Mecca. Mohammed’s family had charge over the cult of Allah. His father was ‘Abdullah’ (slave of Allah). Allah is plainly a demonic entity.

          3. Rox

            Do demonic entities really physically exist, and can they talk ?

          4. Stephen

            They spiritually exist and yes, they can talk.

        2. Mark Jones

          Rox: “au revoir”.

          Rox, I feel confident I would not be overly disappointed if it was, in fact, “adieu”.

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