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An Explosion of Olympic Conspiracy Theories

A series of surprising coincidences have led some theorists to issue a warning that the Illuminati may have a bomb that they are planning to detonate during the 2012 London Olympics. Many Christian Voice members have been concerned about this and have asked us to investigate the warnings raised in the video ‘London 2012 Olympics – 100,000 to Die?

We would like to make clear from the outset that we are not jumping on board with this conspiracy theory. Instead our intent is simply to present the relevant facts in as objective a manner as possible, so that our members (particularly those who live or work in London) are in a better position to make up their own minds on the matter.
We begin by simply stating the facts.

FACT #1: Large-scale disasters are often anticipated in comics, novels, simulations or TV programs prior to the event itself. These often mirror the real event with surprising detail.

In 1886 a novelist anticipated the sinking of the Titanic in a book titled The Sinking of a Modern Liner. The website titanic.com website explains how there were amazing correspondences between the details in the novel and what actually transpired in 1912. But this was not the only premonition of the disaster. In 1898, the American author Morgan Robertson wrote a novel titled Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, in which he also predicted the 1912 disaster with an almost uncanny precision. (To read more, see ‘Titanic Sinking Foretold In Fictional Accounts Years Before Disaster)

Prior to the bombing of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, there were a number of references to it in stories and TV programs. Some of these described the event in surprising detail.  This includes:

  • a June 1983 edition of the Marvel Comic Book shows the tops of the Twin Towers destroyed after a take-over of the Third Reich.
  • A 1992 Deathstroke comic book shows one of the twin towers on fire with an eerie resemblance to what would later transpire.
  • In 1993 the French Comic Book Mortadelo & Filemon showed an image of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center in nearly the exact location that the first plane hit in 2001
  • In 1995 Steve Jackson’s Illuminati: New World Order game was released. Included in the playing cards was one for ‘Terrorist Nuke’ which had pictures which almost perfectly depicted the attack of 9/11.
  • The 1998 movie Armageddon shows the World Trade Center on fire in a scene that looks almost identical to how the buildings looked in real life after being attacked
  • The original album cover for the music group ‘The Coup’s’ 2001 album ‘Party Music’ depicted members of the group standing in front of the twin towers while they are being destroyed by huge explosives. The album’s planned release date was just after the September 11 attacks, but the cover art was quickly changed.
  • For years the US military had run drills years of planes being used as weapons against the World Trade Center. In fact, on September 11th 2001, the government happened to be running a simulation of a plane crashing into a building. Read more about this here and here.
  • In March 2001, the pilot episode of ‘The Lone Gunman’ dealt with the hijacking of a commercial airliner and the aborted attempt to crash the airliner into the World Trade Center.

Prior to the  London bombings on 7 July 2005, BBC Panorama ran a program which featured a mock exercise in which terrorists bombed three underground trains and one road vehicle. In the fictional program, these events take place over a short space of time during the morning rush hour, leading to a public announcement that “the attacks bear the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda.’ The Program ran on 16 May 2004, nearly a year before 7/7 bombings which also involved bombs on three underground trains and one road vehicle during a short space of time during the morning rush hour, followed by Jack Straw announcing, “The attacks bear the hallmarks of al-Qaeda.” (Information about the Panorama program can be obtained from the BBC website, while a transcript of it is available here.)

Moreover, leading up to the 7/7 bombings there were four other simulations or fictional scenarios which anticipated the event with a surprising degree of accuracy. These have been documented here and here.

On July 20th, Colorado university conducted an Advanced Disaster Life Support Training exercise based around an imagined gunman firing at people in a movie theater. A few hours later that day, the imagined event occurred in real life as James Holmes entered a Colorado movie theatre and began firing on viewers. What was spooky was the detail in which the simulated event mirrored the real one. (For more information, see ‘Eerie Coincidence: Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As ‘Batman’ Massacre.’)

FACT #2: the idea that a major catastrophe will happen during the London Olympics has been occurring in media and other places, even as premonitions or intimations of the disasters mentioned above have occurred prior to the event.

In his article, ‘Will There Be A Terrorist Attack at the 2012 London Olympics? Christopher Woodward noted that “In recent years there have been many signs within the media signalling a planned terrorist attack at the 2012 London Olympics.”

The main example of this is that in August 2008 the BBC broadcasted a series of programs called Spooks: Code 9. The program envisaged a nuclear attack on the Olympic Stadium during the London 2012 Olympics. Woodward adds to this the following examples, some of which are no longer applicable now that the opening ceremony has come and gone without incident:

The movie 2012 contains a scene in which a character is looking for a map inside a plane when trying to escape an exploding volcano. The first map he picks up and then fully opens is a map of the London underground, which can be clearly seen to viewers. Is this a sign of a future threat in London in 2012?

The late August 2011 edition of the British political satire magazine Private Eye had a cover title with the words ‘Olympic Rehearsal’, accompanied by an image of the recent London riots containing a speech balloon with the words ‘This is the worst opening ceremony ever.’

Another card used in the Illuminati game has a picture of Big Ben being blown up and five men, each of them wearing different colours, red, blue, yellow, green and black – the same colours of the five Olympic rings. In the same way as the cards depicting the 9/11 attacks, could this card be a sign of a planned terrorist attack at the London Olympics?

In July 2005, soon after London had won the bid to host the Olympics, it was reported that the Olympic Park site where the Games were planned to take place is the site of a former nuclear reactor.

In 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation released a report entitled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. In one of the potential future scenarios considered, the report stated that, “the years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the “doom decade” for good reason; the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000.”

Given that the number 13 is considered to be a key number used by the illuminati to reveal a secret coded message, and the significance of the Rockefeller Foundation in working to bring about a new world order behind the scenes, alongside other tax-exempt foundations, is this report yet another sign of a planned terrorist attack at the London Olympics?

To the above should be added the fact that the London Olympics produced an eerie advertisement in which an athlete squashes Big Ben before pulling the world together. (While the videoOlympic Adverts predicting an attack on London?’ has some bizarre conspiracy theories about Zionists, it is useful in showing the original advert.)

FACT #3: The 2012 London Olympics, and the stories about an Olympic holocaust, have been saturated in Illuminati and Freemasonry symbolism.

The video ‘London 2012 Olympics – 100,000 to Die? demonstrates the proliferation of Illuminati symbolism in the Olympics, in everything from the one-eyed mascots to the design of the stadium lighting.

Furthermore, Spooks: Code 9, which seemingly predicts a large scale disaster during the games, is replete with similar symbolism. Quoting again from Christopher Woodward’s article:

There are a number of scenes in [Spooks: Code 9] in which the background contains the all-seeing eye symbol, as displayed on dollar notes, and commonly placed in the background on the logos of many corporations. It is thought to signal a coded message from the Iluminati.The all-seeing eye is similarly displayed on the homepage of Kudos, the production company behind Spooks: Code 9, and also depicted on Wenlock and Mandeville, the London 2012 official mascots.

In the first episode, a character asks to have exactly 330 minutes to find a killer. What may appear to be an unusual and illogical amount of time to request, may actually be a deliberately coded message. The number 330 may be a reference to 33, which points to the 33 degrees of Freemasonry. This could be a sign that the Freemasons are behind the programme and are conveying a secret coded message. The decision to include the phrase Code 9 in the title could be a signal towards a coded message in the programme, conveying that the events that take place in the series are planned to happen in the real world.

FACT #4: The global elites use large-scale crises to legitimize totalitarian measures and to push us closer to a one-world government.

The global elites know that the public is usually willing to surrender substantial liberties if they feel their security is at stake. Often a high-profile emergency will legitimise legislation that was already waiting in the wings, ready to be put forward after a disaster has ‘primed’ the public to believe it is necessary.

This basic principle is nothing new. Classical Greece and Rome had a tradition of appointing a dictator during times of crisis. After the crisis finished, the dictator stepped down and government returned to normal, usually to some form republic or oligarchy. Following this tradition, modern leaders frequently appeal to times of real or alleged ‘crisis’ to persuade the populace to entrust them abnormal powers. The other difference is that the totalitarian provisions introduced by modern leaders do not go away after the crisis is over but remain operative.

We see this time and again. Consider only a few examples.

  • On 13th March 1996, one Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 children and one adult at Dunblane in Scotland.  The official report expressed concerns over Hamilton’s mental state and known sexual pre-occupation with young boys, and police errors over the renewal of his gun license. Four months later on 27th February 1997 the Firearms (Amendment) Act was enacted, banning all hand-guns. (For further reading about this, see Blair’s Protection of Elite Paedophile Rings Spells the End For His Career’ and ‘Police ‘lost’ key files on Dunblane killer.’)
  • When the Twin Towers were bombed on 9/11, conservatives as well as liberals in America were ready to embrace the ‘War on Terror.’ Now, eleven years later, this ‘war’ is being used to justify the introduction of wartime conditions into America. Because this conflict is against an undefined and ubiquitous foe, the conditions for surrender can never be met.
  • After the 7/7 bombings, the Government increased the amount of time people could be held for questioning.  Moreover, as action group Liberty warned on their website a year after the events, these bombings created an atmosphere favourable to “counter-productive legislation which restricts fundamental rights and freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism.”
  • After the tragic murder of ‘Baby P in 2009, the social services in the UK began interfering in family life to an unprecedented extent, with full support from the Government.
  • When the riots broke out in London last year, almost immediately government was ready with legislation to increase police powers and restrict internet freedom. (See ‘UK Riots: the Totalitarian Aftermath.’)
  • John Laughland has showed in his book The Tainted Source: Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea how the earliest defenders of the European Union appealed to the disaster of fascism to justify the abolition of national sovereignty.
  • George Soros and Co. have appealed to the disaster of the Rwandan genocide in order to justify a new theory of national sovereignty which creates the template for a one world government.

The pattern holds again and again: high-scale disaster followed by either tighter governmental control, or a type of centralization which seeks to undermine the division between nations. David Rockefeller put his finger on it in 1994 when he declared, “All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new World Order.”


The above facts are leading many to fear that a high-scale disaster is being planned to occur sometime during the London Olympics. However, the concern is based largely on Fact #1, which might be attributable to simple coincidence. It could be that millions of weird coincidences occur every day but we only hear about the dramatic ones or the ones that people have had an incentive to discover through hours of careful research. For this reason, Christian Voice remains sceptical. Moreover, we certainly do not believe that ‘the Jews’ are behind it all, as some of the conspiracy theorists cited above have alleged.

No doubt many terrorist groups would like to cause trouble at the Olympics, and no doubt our government would love to curtail our liberties even more, but we remain sceptical that those in power in London would allow an atrocity to proceed which would damage the international standing of their capital city, let alone a nuclear explosion which would close it down completely.

All the same, we have wanted to present these objective facts to our members so that they can make up their own minds and share this post with friends.

We certainly urge prayer that the Lord will bring any plots to light and thwart all and any attempts to cause loss of life or liberty at the games.

One last thing is certain, whether or not the conspiracy theorists are right, the Olympic enterprise is under judgment from God because of the paganism at its root and the sexual licentiousness with which it has come to be associated. (See ‘Olympic Village Sex Fest for a shocking report on what has been going on during these Olympics.)


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  1. Jackie Holden

    My friend in Georgia US sent me this the other day and I might watch it today: London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy? (Full Length)

    I watched another one she sent me London 2012 Olympics Warning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Frs_BbrXAUA&feature=plcp and after watching this one, I decided I wasn’t going to watch any part of the Olympics. The bit that gets me so much is, the amount of money that has been spent on this. When you think how many people are homeless now because of the cutbacks, and services to the most vulnerable people in our communities are being eroded; just how can this be justified?

    I am pleased Stephen is looking into what is going on within Social Services and their powers. Something so evil, so sinister has taken control. All our wonderful charities that were set up by godly men and women have now been taken over by Common Purpose. I looked at Common Purpose in Africa and it’s spreading like wildfire, and of course we know the Counterfeit Church is part of Common Purpose. Cornwall has the largest Unitary Council in the UK and I read Stephen’s article about the planned first Multi-faith Temple here in Cornwall. This is the Counterfeit Church in the UK spearheading this. It’s incredible isn’t it? I know Andrew Yates very well indeed, and I know the Church in Cornwall is working in Partnership with Cornwall Council to make this happen.

    Ordinary people do not have a voice. You are not allowed to have an opinion now. Your opinion is pushed aside. I know someone who has written to every MP about the situation with the Secret Family Courts and the Musa case which Stephen has written about. The Judges have gagged the media with threats of imprisonment if they dare to report the Musa story. If you read Richard Wurmbrand’s book, Prisoner of Christ, it will all begin to make sense…our country have been infiltrated and taken over by those who are intent on destroying the true Church. Hence the persecution and imprisonment of the Musa preachers here in the UK: Christians deny child cruelty charges http://www.christianvoice.org.uk/?p=3184

    1. gloria

      hi i have been following this sort of thing about the Illuminati and since i have been watching various videos on youtube i can say i have had my eye opened. For some years now i have felt something is not quite right with what i have been hearing on the news. All these so call natural disasters; there was too much all at once going on and something was eating at me for a while. then one night i was listening to a program early hours of the morning on the radio and someone was talking about conspiracy theories and what he was saying all fitting what i was feeling about what was going on. so i began to look up about the illuminarti and one video let to another boy did it freak me out. it went really deep and i had to leave it for a while because you can really get caught up and paranoid about it all and my husband kept telling me to leave it alone but the way i see it is if you don’t know your enemies how you are going to fight them because as i found out it comes in many different disguises.
      I do pray that nothing does happen during the Olympics. Recently on BBC i think it was they showed a drama about there being a major disaster concerning the Thames River in london made me wonder if they are preparing us for something major.
      thanks for keeping us posted.
      God bless.

  2. Bob Hutton

    Thank you for that informative article. I really hope that there is not a terrorist attack at the Olympics (or anywhere else for that matter). I condemn violence and terrorism. However, it is a fact that when a nation turns it’s back on God and His word then it opens itself up for divine judgement.

    A few months after the 7/7 bombings homosexual “civil partnerships” came into being. I wrote to the local paper to protest against this and pointed out that every time Britain has passed laws against God then a judgement has fallen. I gave a number of historical proofs of this and had a great deal of opposition in the letter pages the following week, (including a vile letter from a local vicar who ran off with a member of his congregation the following year).

    As our foolish lawmakers prepare yet more anti-God measures we can expect terrible calamaties to fall upon this nation. These may take the place of freak weather or a serious illness epidemic; it may also take the form of a terrorist attack from an Islamic extremist group. May the Lord yet have mercy upon the likes of Cameron and his comrades who are leading us to disaster.

  3. Jackie Holden

    David Wilkerson — The Vision 1973
    Just listening to this as I am reading your letter Bob. I read this book in the 80s.

  4. Barbara Richards

    The official Olympic trailer of a red bus going round London that was being shown on television a couple of years ago appears to have been taken down off YouTube. I found the symbolism in it quite creepy, especially the way the whole thing ended in a big explosion.

    I pray earnestly for this country. As Christians, whatever happens to us personally, our response should always be the desire for good. I have been a victim of this country’s corrupted justice system, but my hearts prayer is for revival, not revolution, and I praise God that I am able to forgive and look to the Lord for healing. Some people have tried to encourage me to hate and desire retribution for the horrible things that I have had done to me in the secret family courts and Pindown, but the Lord didn’t seek retribution on those who nailed him on a cross 2000 years ago, so is the servant greater than the master? I don’t think so somehow! We Christians should always hava a prayer for revival in our hearts, that should be our response to everything that happens to us, good or bad.

    If there are any plans to bomb this country, I pray that they will be discovered and thwarted. I pray that any wicked intent to cause mass injury and harm to the citizens of this country will be discovered and stopped.

  5. Barbara Richards

    Incidentally,it is not being a conspiracy theorist to report on facts, it is being an independant reporter. When Jesus died and rose from the dead 2000 years ago, a number of people claimed to have seen him, and their experiences are written in the Holy Bible, we call them the Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke John and Acts. We do not call those people “conspiracy theorists” even though what they were reporting at the time was rubbished by the people in authority.

    1. Rabbit

      this is completely untrue and nonsense. There are NO recorded witnesses to these alleged events AT ALL. The so called witness accounts actually contradict each other in these fairly tales and IN FACT were written hundreds of years AFTER the alleged events. Your site is truly a joke for the way you ban my comments. But then you people have been banning ideas for thousands of years haven’t you. And thats a FACT.

      1. Stephen

        Now that is just the kind of comment that gets ignorant, irrational, bigoted, over-the-top, swivel-eyed atheists a bad name.

        1. Rox

          To be fair to Rabbit, a lot of Theology students spend a lot of time comparing the discrepancies between the Gospels, which are there; and many well-informed Christian authorities do believe them to have been written not by eye-witnesses, and only many years after the event, though not “hundreds of years” after. Luke makes no secret of not being a witness himself, and in fact refers (New English Bible Translation) to “following the traditions handed down to us by the original eyewitnesses and servants of the Gospel”, based on which he has himself composed “a connected narrative” . (Luke 1 1-4).

          1. Stephen

            How anyone can seriously content Matthew and John and parts of Mark for that matter were not written by eyewitnesses is beyond me. I suspect some of these ‘authorities’ are imposing their prejudices.

      2. Paul

        Bad day at work, Rabbit?

        1. Rox

          It may be beyond Stephen, but many Christian scholars do very seriously contend it, and whole libraries are full of their books. Perhaps, also, some of Luke’s “servants of the Gospel” imposed their prejudices too, and certainly John seems to have a different agenda from the other three. Rabbit’s expression of his doubts is rather crude, but what he is saying is merely that it is very difficult to be sure what actually happened, and some passages of the Gospels have in fact been rejected by footnotes in recent translations as probably unauthentic (e.g. Mark 16. 9 – 20 ; John 7. 53 – 8.11 ; and even the words “and was carried up into heaven” in Luke 24 . 51 ) . Luke 24 .51, together with the same words in the doubtful section of Mark, at 16. 19, is the only mention of the Ascension in the four gospels. Why would Matthew and John leave it out ? It makes you think, so we should surely be charitable to someone like Rabbit who has thought.

  6. John Allman

    The rate at which Britain has been winning medals since Stephen wrote this piece, and thus catching up with the main competition, the Americans and/or the Chinese had better hurry up and nuke London whilst they’re still in the lead, if that’s the plan.

    2 Thessalonians 2 contains a really good conspiracy theory, that doesn’t seem at all dated to me, not even in these modern times. In fact, in its day, the apostle’s writings about “the secret power of lawlessness” and “a powerful delusion” must have seemed rather futuristic, before the development during the twentieth century of technology capable of supporting mind control applications, like voice-to-skull for example.

    It’s interesting that this first century conspiracy theory of scripture apparently encompasses global governance, something thwarted by God at Babel, and a stated goal of the usual suspects over the past seven hundred years or so. How apt, then, that European institutions should choose the Tower of Babel as a symbol for their mission. It looks as though generations alive today might live to see the unification of world culture behind blasphemous aspirations, and the rapid advance of technology, that the Lord mercifully put onto the shelf for a few millennia when he “confused the speech”.

    1. Rox

      The story of the Tower of Bible is not a prediction, but something which is supposed to have happened at one well-defined time, like Creation itself. Whether or not species gradually evolved and are still evolving, however, it is extremely well established that languages did and are. A very obvious example is the languages which evolved from Latin long after the New Testament was written — Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, French, all ever-changing and with a range of dialects evolving within them. Babel would seem to be a story which the original readers could take literally as a satisfactory explanation of how things were, but which we can see to be something of a myth even at the time it was written.

      1. Stephen

        I think it is a satisfactory explanation now. We all acknowledge the influence Latin had on language as the Roman/Italian empire spread, but then, Roger, you have to explain why Latin is so different from the Germanic and Nordic languages, from Greek, Hebrew, the Nilot, Bantu, the Eastern languages and so on and so. I am learning Kiswahili, which has a completely different vocabulary from English. As in no words correspond except a very few obvious borrowed ones. We can get a bit too Euro-focused, can’t we?

        1. Rox

          Again, Stephen, as with my imaginary European Union Olympic team, you have tried to spread it wider than intended. The obvious answer to why Latin is so different from Old Germanic is that they split apart much longer ago in their evolution than did Italian and Spanish. However, there are numerous unexpected similarities between the Latin and Germanic languages, and even between them and the apparently baffling Slavonic languages. For example, and ignoring accents, taking English: we give, you (plural) give, & he gives; in Italian this is diamo, date & da, while in Czech it is dame, date, & da . You (singular) give is das in Czech, the same as das in Latin. And these similar endings run through all verbs, moreover with different declensions according to whether the vowel in the endings is –e , -a or –i . Incredibly, in Czech as in Italian, the verb is most likely to be regular if the vowel is –a , least likely is if it –e . If we take a Czech verb which has been borrowed recently from Latin, such as diskutuj –u , I discuss, we find “he discusses” as diskutuj –e (discut –e in Italian), and you (plural) discuss as diskutuj –ete (discut –ete in Italian).

          Although neck is krk in Czech, nose is nos, and such a basic word really can’t be a recent borrowing from English !Some native Czech words have dim echos of Indian words, for example chutny (which means delicious), and budi (which means he wakes up, or it can mean he is inspired or enlightened, rather as some Indians claim for the Buddha). All this is not so very surprising, because the great family of Indo-European languages covers much of India as well as Europe, for example there is an obvious similarity between raj and Latin reg- (as in regal), and not least between rajni and regina ! Indians tell me that there is a spectrum of dialects in north India with varying similarity to Hindi.

          I know very little about other language groups, but without doubt the Israelites would have been aware of the useful similarity between Hebrew and other Canaanite languages (just as modern French and Spanish locals manage to communicate across the Pyrenees with a little practice). Quite apart from Aramaic, they would also, when in Babylon, have become aware of similarities with local languages there, rather as modern Israelis and Arabs are aware of similarities in their modern languages. It is difficult to believe that the writer of Genesis was not referring to the languages of the Middle East, or that he had any knowledge of distant exotics like Swahili. When workers come from Poland and Algeria and Africa to work on projects like the Olympic stadium, I don’t think their understanding of each other decreases as a result, rather the opposite, and there is a tendency to adopt one lingua franca (a kind of English) rather than to come up with even more dialects. So we are presented with an old story which at the time seemed to explain the situation at the time (and would not preclude some of the workers still speaking with recognisably similar words), but I don’t think it can explain all the linguistic evolution, including the extinction of less useful languages, which has occurred since.

  7. Barbara Richards

    Thank you Lord Jesus for protecting the people of London during the Olympic games.

    1. Rox

      And for all those medals !
      Whether one likes it or not, Britain is part of the European Union, and if one adds together all the gold medals for the whole of the European Union, there are just twice as many as those won by the United States of America. That must mean something .

      1. Stephen

        Yes, it means that the countries currrently comprising the European Union, whose total population is 733 million, are not quite as good at winning medals as the Americans, whose total population is 314 million.

        1. Rox

          Obviously you might have access to better figures than Wikipedia, but according to them the population of the European Union on 1st Jan 2011 would be around 502 million, and of the USA 314 million in 2012 . This would mean that the European Union was getting 2 times the gold medals for only 1.6 times the population. The Eurostat Press Office gives 502.5 million. If generally accepted sources are correct, then a figure of 731 million would have to include all the non-EU countries like Switzerland and Croatia, in fact also Turkey and even Russian west of the Urals. With respect, this is not at all what I was describing. It would be very difficult to sort out which Russian athletes were from west of the Urals and which from east of the Urals, but in any case, I was considering political unions, not continents. I did not add Canada and Mexico to the USA.

  8. Laurian

    Praise the Lord for our prayers – watch first 30 mins of this and see what the Lord hath done!


    1. Stephen

      The video predicts an explosion at the closing ceremony. It didn’t happen. We continue to thank God for protecting the peace of our capital city through the Olympic Games. That can mean the conspiracy theorists were wrong or that it was only averted because of the noise they made, according to one’s point of view. See: http://www.christianvoice.org.uk/?p=3974

  9. Carl Clark

    The Olympics were a triumph for who holds the power in this world, the stadium had floodlights that resembled pyramids with the golden capstone, the two mascots had one eyed concentric circles the all seeing all powerful eye, the opening ceremony had pentagrams in from Satanism, there were references to children and evil, being overcome with the light of illumination, I have researched many of the secret societies and most had some sort of representaion there.

    My belief is the Freemasons and their sub divisions are in direct control of this worlds fate and that is why we spend most of our time at war trying to bring down the Muslim world, we are still in the middle of the Crusades with a different face, the Templars just got very smart after the French tried to wipe them out in the 1300s, they invested wisely but want their revenge on the world and this is how our world turns.

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