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What our members say:

“The magazine has been a great blessing to me”

“This is just what we’ve been praying for”

“I have found the professionalism and accuracy extremely useful and thank you for all the hard work I know this entails”

“I cannot thank the Lord enough for pointing me towards your name and address. It’s great, fantastic. I know who to write to, what to write about and what I’m talking about.”


What others say:

“Christian Voice is perhaps especially distinct and fearless in standing against the ‘received wisdom’ of present day immoral trends and exposing them.”  An enquirer.

“Thank you Stephen Green for enabling us to have a voice in parliament. I would not have been so updated if it was not for Christian Voice. Thank you for the articles that enable me to put my view across better to others questioning my belief on marriage.”  Sharon

“God Bless and keep up the good work. Things are bad enough in this country. I cannot imagine what it would be like without good and honourable thorns like your good self.”  Paul

On ‘The Trivialisation of Marriage’: ‘It is punchy, accurate and a tract for our times. As you know, I am very involved in this issue and seeking to do all I can to preserve marriage from the devastating onslaught of ignorance and cultural relativism. The matter is finely balanced because the Government is determined to win and the opposition (from within the churches especially) seems so shrill and weak.  Christian Voice is a noble exception.’  Lord Carey of Clifton.

‘Christian Voice is one of the few ministries that connect the dots to wickedness in high places.’ Andrew

‘We commend you Christian Voice for your clear guidance in many issues which bring shame to our nation.’ Virginia P


What our opponents say:

“A voice in the wilderness … The new prominence of Christian Voice seems to be largely a matter of good luck and good timing, although depending on your position it may be the influence of the good Lord.”  BBC

“It has come to the bank’s attention that Christian Voice is engaged in discriminatory pronouncements based on the grounds of sexual orientation … ”  Co-op Bank

“The organisation is homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic and strongly opposed to abortion, sex education … ” Urban Dictionary

“Less obvious (targets) include globalisation, GM crops and the EU” BBC

“Christian Voice assembles outside the theatre, praying for the souls of those involved in the production.” Stewart Lee, writer of Jerry Springer the Opera.

“Christian Voice are winning the audience battle.” Jon Thoday, the show’s producer.

“a pernicious nuisance.” Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement


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  1. Peter Terrell

    Wonderful message, wonderful organisation – persistent leader in the face of a fierce and persistent onslaught of abominable government decisions.

    Satan himself, must be busy in the halls of power – if not where do these improper, incorrect, perverse thoughts come from?

    ‘Same sex marriage’. for one, is unsought by people from any political party. so why give it so much parliamentary time? Like the debate on fox hunting, surely there are more valid things for our 600+ well paid MP’s to discuss and make a difference for good.

    Everyone is free to decide their own life styles, why do we need legislation to encourage us to be evil?

  2. Kate

    Perhaps we need some “Instant Action” plans using mobile media. The French group “civitas” is a group for Christ the King from what I understand. They use all sorts of tactics to outwit the gay protesters in Paris. I.E. make your point and then get out of there! So there may be a message that gets out to participants to ride a bicycle to the protest point thus jamming up the roads or a city centre car park or arrive at a shopping mall all wearing red berrets or something similar. I think the point seems to be huge, public, peaceful and then make your escape before the gay marriage protesters get on the scene and before it becomes violent… It does sound effective….

  3. shaheen Melio Mase

    Dear Christian Voice friend,greeting from Pakistan and prayer for all of you.no doubt Christian voice Organization doing good work in world,we will request special for helpless Christian of Iraq. please save these lives,these all christian people,we are brother and sister .you help please these people as soon.we are prayerf or these people.

    Shaheen melio mase

    fRom Pakistan

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