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Jan 30

BMA predicts ‘pregnant man’ craze by banning ‘mothers’

The BMA predicted the ‘pregnant man’ craze by issuing absurd advice to doctors last year banning the use of the term ‘expectant mother’ in favour of ‘pregnant person’ so as not to offend transsexuals. The advice was published in a BMA internal booklet: “A guide to effective communication: inclusive language in the workplace”. Gender-neutral The …

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Jan 27

Theresa May to meet Donald Trump

Theresa May addresses the Republican Party

Today the Rt Hon Theresa May MP becomes the first world leader to meet President Donald Trump. The media is obsessed with their probable discussions on trade. The UK exports more to the US than we buy from them, so it could get tricky. But trade deals often focus on tariffs or the lifting of …

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Jan 26

Christians threatened by Casey’s British values

Orwellian: Dame Louise Casey

A senior Government advisor, Dame Louise Casey, has said Christians in public life should not be allowed to hold traditional Christian views on marriage. Speaking to MPs on the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Dame Louise said: ‘it is not okay for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage. … it is not …

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Jan 24

Article 50 – UK Parliament will decide

The judges of the UK Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled this morning the UK Parliament must give its assent before the Government can trigger Article 50 and begin the process of leaving the European Union. The verdict was arrived at by a majority of eight judges to three. It means the Government cannot rely on the ‘prerogative powers’ of the Crown.  Instead, …

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Jan 21

Who’s on the UK women’s march?

Who is behind the anti-Trump women’s march going on in London today? The placards in the picture from the BBC’s report give the game away. Two groups have organised the affair. Firstly, the ‘No to Racism’ placards are from ‘Stand up to Racism’.  That is a Socialist Workers’ Party offshoot. It was formed when the …

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Jan 20

Who is behind Trump inauguration disruption?

When you see the violent protests against Donald Trump’s inauguration on the news later today, don’t be surprised. It’s all been planned – by someone with a lot of money. The Inauguration happens at 12 noon US Eastern Time, 5.00pm our time. You can check the route on this BBC guide. Inauguration #DisruptJ20 The protesters …

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Jan 18

Family Court: father ‘in contempt’

A father fighting a local authority in the family court narrowly escaped jail for contempt of court yesterday. We may only identify him as ‘EL’ and his fourteen-year-old son as ‘J’ on instruction from Judge Richard Scarratt, pursuant to rules designed to protect the secrecy of the family courts. Father posted notes and pictures The …

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Jan 17

Father fighting Medway Council faces jail for contempt

Medway Council is asking a court to jail a father for contempt of court after he posted a picture of his in-care son online. Medway Council took son into care Canterbury Family Court heard the father, a concert pianist, had breached an order made by Mrs Justice Theis in 2015 banning him, or anyone, from …

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Jan 13

Transgender documentary spills beans

Fifteen years ago it was middle-aged men, very often fathers, deciding they should have been women all along, who formed the backbone of the miniscule transgender movement.  They were so few, and so off-the-wall, they were a mere add-on to the homosexual network.  Even bisexuals took precedence among ‘LGBT’ activists. But now the focus has shifted to …

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Jan 11

MPs debate Saudi violence in Yemen

MPs will debate the catastrophe of Yemen tomorrow (Thursday 12th January 2017). According to the Parliament website, a fairly innocuous motion has been put down by Stephen Twigg (Labour) and Chris White (Conservative). It says: “That this House notes the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen and the impact of the conflict on civilians; condemns any breach of International Humanitarian Law; and …

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