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  1. Mike lampard

    This result is sadness all around other than the UKIP relative success. It is sad as the Tory party have made a disasterous move in the same sex marriage debate. Sad too that the lib dems gained the seat inspite ofthe scandal they are facing, and sad because Labour actually featured. Personally, the only reason I have ever voted Tory is that they as a party have championed the basic Judeo-Christian ethic as our cultural heritage. Now no more. There is not now a political party that does this and that is the sadest comment of all.

    1. Sue Green

      We are the party !
      The Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” stood Kevin Milburn who was just as vocal in his opposition to same-sex marriage. Indeed our leaflet focused solely on this one issue we feel so strongly about it. One of our spokespeople put the question to the four main parties both live on BBC and in the hustings hosted by 38 degrees.

      Whilst we always want to get more votes, from a standing start, we were very pleased that voters responded to Kevin’s stand. We have been contacted by voters since wanting to know if we are standing candidates in their area and we have had interest from pastors wanting to know more. Kevin provided a wonderful witness on doorsteps to people who don’t even understand why marriage is so significant and cannot be redefined.

      Unlike others, we are incredibly encouraged that opportunities presented themselves so quickly in local and national media to speak truth. Just like Kevin who said ‘Here I am’, I encourage you Mike to be the one who will do it next time. If you feel called to politics, check out http://www.kevinmilburn.info and find out more

  2. Barbara Doughty

    This is nothing short of a VICTORY a new day certainly is dawning, Praise God.
    We must as the Church of Jesus Christ NEVER give up on our God given right to pray
    and to pray for all in authority over our nation.

  3. John Dawkins

    A New Dawn D.V.
    I have been canvasing the last few days for Diane James in the Eastleigh By-election. Had terrific reaction generally speaking on the doorstep. I am a Christian of course and this very much influenced my discussions. In fact I had almost 24hr prayer back up from brethren. One lady was was VERY concerned about homosexual ‘marriage’ but was worried about voicing her opinion with her friends and others for fear of being called a ‘bigot’ Many ex followers of Cameron were now turning to UKIP because they believe in true marriage . I (and others) still look to Almighty God to work a miracle in the House of Lords. Nothing is impossible for Him. Amen. Watch this space! God bless your work Steven. John D.

  4. Alex Alexander

    Protest or new dawn? Neither. More of the same.
    Who are the winners? “Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage and (768-vote Christian) Danny Stupple.”
    Nick Clegg has a new MP on the back of a 32% share of the vote. Great.
    Nigel Farage has demonstrated that he can split the (secular-humanist and functionally atheistic) Tory vote during a mid-term by-election. So? Can a Christian seriously vote for the current Conservative Party?!
    And Danny Stupple has notched-up a 766 loyalty-vote from fellow church-members (augmented by a .76% boost from him and his wife).
    This is not the turning of the tide, and anyone who thinks it is is deluded.
    With all due respect to Mr Stupple, I note that he is/was a school governor.
    Would that be of a state-funded, secular-humanistic (inc C of E) school where “values clarification”, evolution, multi-culturalism, sexual health, school nurse-provided contraception, and other “biblically-mandated” social policies are promulgated?
    The truth is, transforming society (extending Christ’s rightful rule and dominion) through top-down political action by getting elected to civil office is never going to work.
    The gospel is a bottom-up mandate.
    Instead of the good Mr Stupple standing for civil office, and serving as a school governor, he – and ALL Christian parents – should do something really empowering and simple… TODAY: take your kids out of secular schools and do what the Bible says… train (educate) them in the ways of The Lord. Do it at home or start of Christian school.
    Then, tomorrow, there will be more Bible-believing Christians to be salt and light in our decaying society.
    If you hand your kids to Caesar to be educated, don’t be surprised when he hands back Roman Citizens.

    1. Stephen

      You make a good argument for home education, brother, but not for Christians withdrawing from politics. The example of the prophets is one of involvement.

      1. Alex Alexander

        Home educating as Christians is the most politically empowering thing any parent can do. They won’t/don’t/can’t, though, ‘cos they have swallowed secular humanist assumptions about education hook, line and sinker.
        There is NO biblical justification WHATSOEVER for handing believers’ children to pagans so that they can teach/train them in the way they should go.
        (And I have stood for political office, as well.)

  5. Anne Palmer

    As I see it. As a by-election and had not the extra 9 organisations taken part plus another 1500 people had voted, the outcome would have been a member of the United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) as the first UKIP MP in a British Parliament.

    However, many people now realise that we have three MAJOR Political Parties that want to remain in the European Union-forever, yet the vast majority of people recognise that they cannot afford to pay for two Governments and three Parliaments the one here being stuffed to the brim with ever New “Lords” and “Ladies”. We simply cannot afford all these particularly when those we elect into our once highly respected Houses of Parliament have to obey the same foreign made laws as the rest of us are supposed to do. A reminder here of course that our Constitution forbids us to do so and we-the British people- have fought two World Wars to prevent exactly allowing foreigners to Govern us in any way.

    Almost every Country in the European Union is in financial difficulties because they too are paying for two Governments etc exactly as we are doing. However, what our Government is trying to do now is to alter nine parts of our long standing Common law Constitution allegedly to prepare in readiness in case the forthcoming baby might be a girl-although it might be a boy anyway. Two World Wars have been fought to keep our Constitution as it is, Too many died fighting for our freedom to let it go now. Yet we have been told in the past when EU Treaties that should never have been ratified, that our Constitution kind of “didn’t matter”, yet here, it is now so important to change nine parts of it for the coming happy event. Strange too and noted, that these changes fall in with the EU’s EQALITY ACT. The people’s Common Law Constitution may not be changed at all, and our Bill of Rights 1689 makes very clear it cannot be changed ant all-it is for the people-forever. We are indeed witnessing a NEW DAWN for the people are beginning to realise they are going to have to fight for their country once again and preferable through the ballot box.

  6. Dan

    “they might even have won if they had actually thought they could.”

    And if some who voted Tory had been told in advance how close UKIP would come to winning, nullifying the wasted vote argument and even reversing it in UKIP’s favour as Farage did the morning after!

    Another important factor you could mention is the astonishing story of the postal votes. In an electorate of 79,000, of which 53% i.e. 40,000 voted, an incredible 14,000 – 35% – were by post! This goes completely beyond any reasonable allowance for those too sick/disabled to get to a polling station, or otherwise out of the constituency for pre-booked business or holidays. The LibDems shamelessly used their phenomenal local power base to get as many as possible to send in postal votes 1-2 weeks early when they didn’t need to – and crucially at a time before the UKIP bandwagon got into full swing. This and this alone saved them from defeat. On their own figures 40% of postal votes went to them (LDs). Given that they scored 32% overall, this means that only 28% of the votes in ballot boxes went to them – and that UKIP beat them there by several percentage points. But even 32% is a tremendously pyrrhic victory – not even a third, and the lowest score ever by a by-election victor. Cf. how the liberal luvvies went berserk when over a third of the CoE’s House of Laity blocked women bishops!

    Apart from anything else the current abuse of postal vote mechanisms is corrupt and needs seeing to. Anyone wishing to avail themselves of this facility ought to produce either a doctor’s certificate or else receipt for pre-booked travel abroad or other documentary proof of why they can’t be in the constituency on polling day.

    Never mind – in a sense it’s good that Mrs James has avoided the stress of being an MP while UKIP still gets great publicity from the result. It’s like when Nadal ran Federer to five sets at Wimbledon in 2007 – although Fed won everyone realised that Nadal had pulled even, and sure enough he won in 2008. No doubt UKIP’s first MP can’t be far off now; then let’s see how the sodomists feel about it.

  7. Nigel Paterson

    I’m not sure how the Italian election got into this article, but surely the second winner was Diane James, the UKIP candidate. She is another champion of marriage, who was ready to give a strong answer on this when challenged. Obviously, Nigel Farage naturally has reason to be pleased too, but he was not the candidate people actually voted. The whole campaign lasted only three weeks, which makes Diane and UKIP’s achievement all the greater: their campaign in Eastleigh town worked like wildfire. I write not as a UKIP supporter but just to help ensure that praise goes where praise is due.

  8. Derek Drapper

    I agree. But please note that Nick Clegg’s leadership of his party and David Cameron’s of the Conservatives is now in doubt. We have been praying that those who promote homosexual behaviour and insist on re-defining God’s precious gift of marriage will face confusion and the confounding of their policies.
    We would rather pray for God to bless them and promote them bu them seem absolutely determined to press on with redefinition. May the Lord bring truly good and godly men to positions of power in our land. AMEN

  9. Chris Powell

    In the circumstances, I’m amazed the Lib Dems won !
    I blame the Tories.
    This was the first by-election since they voted for same sex marriage, so they fielded a candidate who does not believe in it. They obviously thought they would lose votes if their candidate agreed with the PM on this issue!
    The differences between Maria Hutchings and David Cameron have been highlighted by the press, who portrayed Ms. Hustings in a very bad light, and discouraged voters. It was a No Win situation.
    What will they do at the next General Election ?

  10. ernestlomas

    I do not want the marriage ceremony [ either in church or state] devalued by this new redefinition



  11. David Nixon

    Staffs UKIP County Councillor Geoff Locke put the following motion forward in Stafford on 13./12/2012 ‘ That the Council respectfully request Her Majesty’s Government not to proceed with its proposal for same-sex marriage.’ The Conservatives did not allow it to go forward. At the same time the goverment ( Lib Dem/ Con) have given £100,000 to a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender unit in STrasbourg. In 2011 same government gave £203,508 to promote homosexual education in schools.

    1. Stephen

      A couple of weblinks to those examples would help people.

  12. Margaret Stephenson

    This was a brilliant result and hopefully will send a strong message to the Conservative party that there are a huge majority of people against same sex marriage and their other ridiculous policies. If they don’t listen and change their policies they will definitely not win the next election. People will vote UKIP whether they are totally in agreement with all their policies to make a stand for freedom of speech and true democracy

  13. stephen

    this event reminds me of an interesting article i came across courtesy of the British Constitution Group .
    It appears there is truth in the adage ” never a truer word spoken in jest ”
    The aforementioned group run a satirical series called THE CABBAGE PATCH CAMERON
    It is a sort of fly on the wall / secret diary affair
    let me share this possibly chilling revelation
    Quote ”Last week I was sent to Eastleigh to help us lose that by-election . I was sent to B&Q …I mean what were they thinking !
    As you would expect , there were a bunch of stupid questions . Someone asked me if i was a member of the B&Q loyalty scheme ! What do those people think I do at weekends ?
    Of course I tried to brush it off with a joke and they shouted at me !
    So I told them about Samantha and how good she is with a hammer and a screwdriver . She’s not half bad with a razor blade either ”
    spooky that this item was published 3 weeks ago
    a smokescreen perhaps ?
    ” spiritual wickedness in high places ” indeed

  14. David

    They used to write the Scottish National Party off in Scotland in the 1950s 60s and behold 6 SNP MPs sit at Westminster and the SNP rule Scotland in 2013. Don’t write UKIP off. Ordinary people of every social status are concerned about where the UK is headed, untrammelled immigration is one issue along with the crushing effort of trying to survive day to day – month to month whilst bankers get obscene bonuses and the Government talks about privatising the NHS and anything else they can think of to make their bank-rollers in the City even richer.
    People are loosing faith in all main stream parties and UKIP represents an alternate hope for positive change. Our society is becoming increasingly unjust and uncaring especially by those who rule us.
    God is watching!
    Psalm 72:4 He will bring justice to the poor of the people; He will save the children of the needy, And will break in pieces the oppressor.

  15. Ashley DICKENSON

    The Christian Peoples Alliance is a relatively young party but we hope to stand at both local and general elections (indeed I stood as a local councillor both in 2006 & in 2010).

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