Jun 26

Pro-Marriage student arrested in France

NicolasBA student wearing a tee-shirt with an image supporting traditional male-female marriage has been arrested in France.

Nicolas B. was sporting the logo of ‘La Manif Pour Tous’ (The Demonstration For All) which appears to have been banned under the ‘Loi Taubira’ which legalised same-sex ‘marriage’ and is named after French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira.

The logo consists of a man, a woman and two children holding hands.  One week ago, Nicolas had been held in a police cell for six days.  La Manif Pour Tous protested against his detention last Friday but it is unclear if he has yet been released.

Read more about the arrest and imprisonment of Nicolas B on Tony Atkins excellent blog.ManifLogo

A distinctive feature of La Manif Pour Tous is the number of young people involved in this movement upholding God’s institution of marriage.  This must challenge for the church in Britain.

Meanwhile, according to Tony Atkins, a ‘gay marriage’ fair in Paris was a total flop.  Homosexuals only want to be ‘married’ in order to wreck marriage for heterosexuals, he contends.  Anonymous sex in bushes on Hampstead Heath or Clapham Common is more their line.

In the wake of ‘Loi Taubira’ adverts promising ‘gay friendly’ ‘budget surrogacy’ in India have appeared on Facebook, but Caucasian egg donors are apparently available.

We have already raised concerns that the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill currently being debated in the United Kingdom’s House of Lords will lead to the sort of pro-gay bullying being seen just across the Channel, and that this will impinge on churches and on individuals, especially teachers and school children.

There is some good news.  The Parliament in Croatia has moved towards enshrining traditional marriage in the country’s constitution, following demands for a referendum on the subject by voters concerned about liberal sex education and the new law in France.  Hungary did the same recently and Romania is set to follow suit.

There was never a better time to stand up for the Gospel – or to make sure your passport is up-to-date.


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  1. henrychalder

    This is a form of Fascism on par with a Stalinist agenda.

  2. Paul

    When citizens are forbidden by the State not to wear a tee shirt bearing an image that promotes the “natural” family, then you have no clearer message that homosexual government has taken over. And that real democracy is systematically being strangled.

    Even Adolph Hitler would never imposed such insane legislation.

    1. stephen [ the other one ]

      i beg to differ regarding living under the hitler nazi regime
      fascism under hitler was a quasi – religious order and any dissent was not tolerated
      children were indoctrinated at an early age and encouraged to inform on anyone showing resistance to nazi beliefs [ including parents ]
      hitler was to be reverered as a messianic figure who had saved germany from destruction and was leading the country into a new age of glory in which naziism would shape and control most of the western world
      sadly people do not realise that those beliefs did not die with hitler and his henchmen
      we are on the threshold of the gog and maygog war but GOD will lead us through it so long as we completely trust in HIM and let HIM move ur hearts to do whatever HE wishes us to do for HIS glory

  3. Lreta

    I am no longer in fear of if this homosexual law is pass because now I have settled in my heart that which ever way this turns God is still in control and he WILL intervene. But us Christian need to toughen up and stop this pathetic prayers that we have been offering to God of have mercy on them and forgive them. The reason I say this is because they know FULL WELL the wrong they are doing and are determine to undermine the word of God and Christians.

    1. Stephen

      Amen. It is written: Jas 4:6 … Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

      Too many Christians are being gracious to the proud. They need to be more Christ-like!

    2. Rox

      Lreta, God will not intervene unless you pray for him to do so.

      Be encouraged that this preference for heterosexuality has been written into the Hungarian constitution. With Croatia and Romania to come, things are certainly looking up. Alleluia !

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