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Boy Scouts of America delay ‘gay’ vote

BoyScoutsAmericaBoy Scout Homosexuality Vote Delayed

From Family Watch International 

Over past 10 days, a major controversy has erupted in the U.S. involving the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  A few members of their board are attempting to change the scout’s century old policy that excludes openly homosexual men and boys from participating as leaders and members in the scout program.   The proposed policy would have allowed each local BSA Council to determine its own policy with regard to homosexuals.

Since BSA is the largest member of the World Organization of Scouting, any major policy change like the one being considered would likely reverberate throughout the scouting world.

Understandably this proposed policy change, initiated under pressure by the LGBT lobby, set off a firestorm of opposition from scout supporters across the U.S.  As a result, the board has decided to postpone a final decision until their meeting in May.

We applaud the BSA board for taking this action.  In our letter to the board, we urged them to delay the vote so they could have the time needed to thoroughly evaluate the health impacts the proposed policy could have on scouts.

Factions on both sides of the issue have a lot at stake. For the LGBT lobby, overturning the current BSA policy would mean they had conquered one of America’s major protectors of moral values—the Boy Scouts.  For religious groups, many were calling for a mass exodus  from the Boy Scouts if the new policy was implemented, saying they could not  support an organization that has changed its core moral value of helping boys to be “morally straight.”

When an effort is made to base decisions on the facts, it is often easy to identify the best policy.

As we stated in our letter to the BSA board, “The most important fact that should be driving this debate is the science and clinical experience showing that homosexuality is not innate and immutable.”  Homosexual individuals are not ‘born that way.’  Rather, we know that homosexuality is the result of a complex interaction of some likely genetic predisposition (often referred to as the “nature” component) and a variety of environmental and experiential factors (often categorized as the “nurture” component).  Solid research shows that environmental factors play a major role in the development of same-sex attraction. “

In evaluating this proposed policy change we also urged the board to keep in mind that it is normal for adolescents to question their sexual orientation as a part of the maturation process.  For those who may be troubled by developing but unwanted same-sex attraction, or are otherwise vulnerable to developing homosexuality, the “nurture” aspect of scouting can be a significant factor in whether they do in fact become homosexual.

Scouting has been successful for over a century precisely because the nurturing environment it provides has proven effective in molding boys into responsible and successful men.  So permitting BSA Councils to allow openly homosexual scout leaders and fellow scouts into the program could be a very significant factor in the personal development of young men who are vulnerable to developing same gender orientation.  Such an influence easily could become one of the significant “nurture” factors that contribute to sexually confused youth actually becoming homosexual.

The final key fact is that there are well documented and significant mental and physical health risks  associated with the homosexual lifestyle.  We cited several studies in our letter: “For example, after reviewing more than 125 years of scientific research and clinical experience, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) concluded that as a group homosexuals suffer about three times more physical and mental health problems than the heterosexual population.”

Based on these basic facts, it becomes quite obvious that continuing the current policy is in the best interest of all the young men in the scouting program and particularly those who are vulnerable to developing same-gender sexual orientations.

In recent months we have seen other examples where ideology and political correctness seem to be driving major social policy decisions even in the face of facts and experience that strongly suggest that adopting these policies would be harmful.

In France, for example, the new Socialist government is trying to ram through legalizing same-sex marriage and allowing same-sex individuals to adopt children.  It is doing this in the face of clear recommendations against doing that made just eight years ago by a commission created by the French National Assembly.  This commission based its recommendations on extensive hearings and a review of all the available scientific research.  

A similar situation is also occurring in Britain, where on Tuesday the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly to legalize same-sex marriage.  Again, the government appears to be pushing this almost exclusively for ideological reasons.  There has been virtually no serious consideration of the available science and legal scholarship on this issue.  But anyone familiar with relevant data can predict with considerable certainty that if same-sex marriage ultimately becomes law, Britain will find it far more difficult to deal with the burgeoning social problems that country already is facing.

Sharon Slater (right) at the World Congress of Families

Sharon Slater (right) at the World Congress of Families

We will be continuing our efforts to ensure that these kinds of policy debates are fact based.  We will also continue to alert you to the opportunities where you can help achieve this goal and give you the tools to be more effective in your efforts.


Sharon Slater
Family Watch International




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  1. NWPilgrim

    It’s horrifying that UK scouts have already succumbed. The first line of “Being Gay with an Adult Role in Scouting” (found here http://www.scoutbase.org.uk/library/hqdocs/facts/pdfs/fs185081.pdf) is “It’s OK to be an adult in Scouting and be gay!”

    It also boldly perpetuates the lie (discounted here http://www.christianvoice.org.uk/index.php/links-between-homosexuality-and-child-molestation/) that there is no link between homosexuality and paedophilia:
    “There is no link between homosexuality and paedophilia, and therefore there is no justification for restricting Membership on this basis.”

    Why would any parent entrust their child to this association?

  2. Paul Cook

    I am not so sure the scouts is a religious or morally inclined institution. Baden Powell i think had homosexual tendencies didn’t he?

    Scouts and cubs are more about doing things in the nature. Gaining badges and stuff. Having fun.

    1. Stephen

      Most of that is not true, particularly the first paragraph.
      Baden-Powell was a God-fearing man and the Scouts started as an overtly Christian and moral organisation. The Scout promise is still:
      On my honour, I promise that I will do my best:
      To do my duty to God and to the Queen, To help other people, And to keep the Scout Law
      Anti-Christian people have tried, as you do, to paint Baden-Powell as a closet homosexual based on his friendship with another man. I think that says more about them than about him. He married later in life, at the age of 55, and his young wife Olave bare him three children.
      Looked at from another point of view, if someone does indeed suffer from same-sex attraction, it is to their credit to refuse those vile affections (as the Bible describes them).

  3. Jane Glover

    Love that you quote a secular organisation, so that you can’t be accused of religious bias – whilst not actually doing your research properly and looking at sources with different opinions; all NARTH have done is cement your prejudices !

    BSA take public money for the funding of their activities – I take it you think it’s acceptable to take public money, but only offer opportunities to a sub-section of young people ?

    Like Paul said; Scouting is about having fun, getting to know people, learning new skills.

    1. Stephen

      No, you take it wrong – BSA should not take public money, nor corrupt corporate money with strings attached. It is my prayer that this current furore will cause them to refuse money from those promoting homosexuality.
      Scouting may be about ‘having fun’ but not in the way homosexual men use the expression.

      1. Jane Glover

        Well, as we’ve discussed BSA *do* take public money – regardless of whether you think they should.

        So, I’ll ask again – do you think it’s acceptable for BSA to take public money and then exclude young boys from their activities ? How would you feel if the same applied here; an organisation took public money but excluding Christians ?

        Oh – and for your information, neither Scouting nor Guiding were set up as Christian organisations and the rumours about B-P being homosexual were nothing to do with his friendship with another man and everything to do with him going away on camps with young boys ! He may have married later in life, but he preferred sleeping outside on the balcony than in bed with her.

        1. Stephen

          No, it is not acceptable for the Boy Scouts of America to take public money. They need to stop doing that. But they are not remotely excluding any boys from their activities. They are keeping them safe by refusing to allow homosexual men to become scout leaders.
          So every man who takes boys away on a camp has to be homosexual on Planet Glover? What a sad view you have.
          Robert Baden-Powell slept outside for medical reasons – he needed the fresh air to get rid of his headaches.
          And the couple had three children.
          This just shows how partisan people with axes to grind can twist the most innocent activity into something unpleasant.

          1. Jane Glover

            Um – exactly where did I say that men had to be gay to take Scouts away ?

          2. Stephen

            When you said that part of the evidence that R B-P was homosexual was that he took boys away on camps.

          3. Jane Glover

            No I didn’t. I said that the *rumours* about B-P being homosexual came from him going away on camps with young boys. Rumours are not the same as evidence. Don’t misquote me.

          4. Stephen

            Glad we have it confirmed that by regurgitating those rumours you were in no way at all suggesting R B-P was homosexual, Jane.

    2. Paul Cook

      Dear Jane

      yes I truly believe most young boys join so they can do all these fun things. Religious or not, the fun angle is what drives them to the scouts and cubs. i know it;s what made me join when i was a boy so many years ago. I had great fun doing all the activities.

  4. Rox

    If certain Americans want there to be a youth organisation in America which is not only for Christians, and if American public money is available for that, I don’t understand why you should want to interfere. Would you want to interfere with the existence of non-denominational state schools even in this country, let alone America ?

    1. Stephen

      If certain Americans want a youth movement in which boys can be corrupted by homosexual leaders, let them start one, and apply to the State Department for funding if they wish.
      Just don’t let them highjack the Boy Scouts of America, as happened in Canada and as has happened here.
      I suppose Cain thought God was ‘interfering’ for wanting to know where his brother was. Some of us care about others.

  5. Charles

    Very simply there is one immutable fact, that those involved in homosexual acts hate. Namely that something that only applies to about 1% of the male population is not nor can ever be defined as normal.

    As far as the scouts are concerned, I would never have sent my sons to join the Scouts if there was ever even the slightest possibility of homosexual indoctrination, or of those wishing to gain control over younger boys for homosexual purposes being in charge, or any part of the Boy Scouts organisation.

    I am utterly appalled if the UK Boy Scouts now allow any even the slightest risk of boys being corrupted, attacked or coerced by homosexual leaders,

    1. Jane Glover

      Why are you so convinced that if a gay Scout leader looked after your sons, they would be indoctrinated ? You’re either gay or you aren’t. If your son isn’t gay then nobody’s going to change that!

      1. Stephen

        That’s not what the evidence shows.

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