Feb 07

EU driving ‘gay marriage’ says UKIP

Mr Nigel Farage

Mr Nigel Farage

A move in the European Union is behind David Cameron’s rush to enact ‘gay marriage’, claims the United Kingdom Independence Party.

An EU report due to be voted through the EU Parliament later this year, they say, would see all marriages and civil contracts conducted in any EU country become legally binding in all other member states. Under the Berlinguer Report, a couple who are not permitted to marry in their home country could travel to another member state in order to wed, knowing that on their return home they would have to be regarded as married.

Paragraph 40 of the Report would mean that any member state would have to grant ‘all social benefits and other legal effects’ such as legal recognition, tax breaks and benefit entitlements to a married couple, even if such a marriage did not exist in their own legal system.

Mr Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, said: “Now we know why David Cameron has launched this highly contentious and disruptive legislation, apparently out of the blue.

“If a couple were to marry in Belgium, Spain, Portugal or Sweden where same-sex marriage is possible, the EU will say that they have to be given the same legal rights in whichever member state they then chose to live – even if that state itself opposes the introduction of same-sex marriage. In essence the Berlinguer Report seeks to establish an EU-wide right to same-sex marriage.

“It’s no surprise that the Prime Minister has kept quiet about this, even at the expense of cohesion in his own party. He has a hard enough time trying to force his own backbenchers to swallow both his dedication to keeping Britain in the EU and his wish for the state to interfere in the definition of marriage. To suggest that the two issues are in fact interconnected would have caused complete uproar.”

However, according to one website, the Berlinguer Report has already been voted on by the European Parliament, in November 2010, and has no legislative status.  It is still part of the continuing libertarian process, of course.  However, another document, a two-and-a-half-page ‘roadmap,’ will be adopted in November 2013.  In dry language it speaks of ‘the importance of facilitating mutual recognition of civil status’ across the EU.  It is this document, itself building on the Berlinguer Report, which will lead to a legislative initiative from the EU Commission, the seat of power.  If David Cameron has already redefined marriage by that time, he will no doubt be all for other states recognising Britain’s sham ‘gay marriages’.

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  1. RW

    This should come as no shock to anyone, puppetman Cameron will do exactly what he’s told by the crooked EU elite, anyone who thinks this windbag has Britain and it’s peoples interests at heart are only kidding themselves

  2. BobInn

    Very interesting to note the EU influence on this and how member states seem to be obliged to toe the line of a central directive. Surely a much looser EU would be a more satisfactory situation in which individual member states would not feel obliged or compelled to act in a certain way.
    As for Gay Marriage and the Adoption of children or not. Maybe the Government should do some research and analyse the emotional and psychological developmental impact this has on the most important ones, children.
    Would this oddball situation of children growing up with same sex parents have detrimental effects on the development of the child?
    Will have books written in 30 years time about the sufferings of children who grew up in such an odd scenario?

    1. Daniel

      I think you’ll find that research has shown that children growing up in Same-sex families are actually more likely to have a more stable childhood. It is sociologically proven that same-sex couples are more loving, show less gender stereotypes in relationships and work harder to make a relationship work. What is wrong with a same-sex couple having children? Surely all that matters is that the child is brought up in a loving home? Would you rather have a child be brought up by an opposite sex couple who don’t love each other, show gender stereotypes and are more likely to get divorced than in a genuine loving home? Another sociologically proven fact is that children brought up by same-sex couples are just as likely to turn out straight or gay as a child brought up by an opposite sex couple… so before writing a comment saying research should be done I think you need to check your facts, because A LOT of research HAS been done!

      1. Stephen

        What is wrong with ‘gender stereotypes’? In your opinion?

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