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Tom Daley seduced by older man

Tom Daley in his video

Tom Daley in his video

Since the Olympic diver Tom Daley announced he was ‘in a relationship’ ‘with a guy’ the papers have been in a frenzy to find out the identity of the mystery ‘boyfriend’.

Our suspicions that it would turn out to be an older man have now been confirmed by a number of tabloids.

The individual concerned is American screenwriter and gay rights activist Dustin Lance Black who at 39 is more than twice Daley’s age.  It was Black who encouraged Daley to make his ill-considered video announcement.


Dustin Black in campaigning mode

Dustin Black in campaigning mode

The Daily Mirror reports that the diver ‘looks up to’ Black whom he met in March.  It would not be a stretch of the imagination to wonder if Black is filling the void left by Daley’s late father, Robert, who died tragically two years ago at the age of just 40.  The diver was devoted to his father, who never saw his son fulfill his dream of competing at the Olympic Games – and winning a medal.

Writing on Eurosport, Desmond Kane said: ‘In his private moments, Daley must feel like he has been shorn of his support network. The trademark smile must hide a lot with his mum being forced to deal with such ongoing grief. It all remains very raw.’

The Mirror also said that Daley and Black have fallen for each other’.  If Daley is having a sort of adolescent crush compensating for his dreadful loss, Dustin Black probably cannot believe his luck.  He has been able to initiate a teenage boy into sexual activities he probably would not even have known about this time last year.

A teenage crush on a teacher or classmate of the same sex is not uncommon, but the great majority grow out of such desires and progress to heterosexuality.  The danger comes when authority figures or role models signal that such feelings are indicative of an inate ‘orientation’.  For this reason as well as concern for his own development, it is encouraging at least that Tom Daley has refused to identify as ‘gay’ and has said he is still attracted to girls.

In April 2010 the American College of Pediatricians cautioned “educators about the management of students experiencing same-sex attraction or exhibiting symptoms of gender confusion.”

A press release explained:

‘The College reminds school superintendents that it is not uncommon for adolescents to experience transient confusion about their sexual orientation and that most students will ultimately adopt a heterosexual orientation if not otherwise encouraged. For this reason, schools should not seek to develop policy which “affirms” or encourages these non-heterosexual attractions among students who may merely be experimenting or experiencing temporary sexual confusion. Such premature labeling can lead some adolescents to engage in homosexual behaviors that carry serious physical and mental health risks.’

The Apostle Paul warned believers In Corinth that those engaged in homosexual activity would not ‘inherit the kingdom of God.’  In a perceptive following verse, he reminded these early Christians that some of them had not only been forgiven their sins but actually delivered from what the Bible describes as ‘vile affections’ by the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit:

1Cor 6:11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

The fact remains that, as the Lord Jesus himself said:

Mark 10:6 But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. 7 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; 8 And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

And despite all the campaigning for ‘gay marriage’ by people like Justin Black, becoming ‘one flesh’, in the full emotional and conjugal sense implied  by the Lord Jesus, is something a pair of homosexual men or women can never do.

Please pray for Tom Daley (and other young people experiencing similar emotional turmoil) that his homosexual feelings will indeed be transient and that he will grow out of them.  Pray that God will protect him from the diseases inherent in unnatural activity and that the Almighty will send people across his path to lead him onto the true way.


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  1. Sharon Cottingham

    I agree with this article and am concerned with the world’s desire to further the idea of same sex relationships. The world wants to be free to do anything… whatever the consequences. As a Christian I feel liberated to live my life through the grace of Jesus and the happiness I know is amazing.

  2. nwpilgrim

    Thank you, Stephen for a good, and wise, article.

  3. Wendy

    Hopefully Tom will eventually regret the decision to broadcast these feelings. It seems that when there are no boundaries in people’s minds, anything is possible and the hedges of protection around us are removed. I hope and pray that he will see the dangers and disappointments that may lie ahead in following this lifestyle.

  4. PedrApWallis

    When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. (1 Corinthians 13:11)

  5. W.S.Becket

    Following the example set yesterday by somebody who has nothing better to do with his life than to jump – when not otherwise engaged in acts of sodomy – into swimming pools, I have decided to set the record straight by ‘going in’ and admitting that I have been unswervingly heterosexual all my life. Whilst I anticipate this announcement will see me being interviewed at length by the BBC, Newsnight and Fleet Street; any who harbour doubts as to the veracity of my statement are invited to present themselves for a conclusive test. Such doubters should be female of presentable appearance (but not necessarily of good character), between the ages of 30 and 50 (one wishes to learn rather than teach), suitably dishabille and have a 50 guinea registration fee.

  6. Lreta

    This is a disturbing article. When I heard the news on the radio and heard Daleys video announcment I was saddened but felt that there was someone behind his video announcement. As such it seems that the man he’s having a homosexual relationship with encourage him to do so.

    I can see this ending in a very bad way. Young men like Daley tend then to go on to taking drugs and then commiting suicide – it wouldn’t surprise me if he commits suicide in the next couple of years. Radio West Midlands then had a couple of gay activist discussing and pushing the point that labels such as homosexual and gay should not be used, just as Daley had stated that he’s in a relationship with a man then it should be a case that society shouldn’t use homosexual terms when discussing a couple!

    I spent time in pray today regarding the ‘gay agenda’ that has swept the West and asked for God to start intervening for although I am not threatened by the ‘gay agenda’, I am concerned for the younger generation and believe that God needs to intervene NOW.

  7. roger cousins

    It maybe that this older man eyed – up Tom a few years ago and has only now made a move. ” He didn’t say yes, he didn’t say no. He clung to the wall and abided his time “. Roger.

  8. barriejohn

    Congratulations to Tom and Dustin, and here’s wishing them much happiness together, however long their relationship might last. I sincerely hope that they are able to ignore the snipings and sneerings of the narrowminded bigots who are so upset at the thought that some people might actually be enjoying their lives. Why would God want people to be miserable?

    1. Stephen

      (Editor of the ‘Freethinker’, where you are free to think whatever you like – so long as it’s atheist.)

      1. barriejohn

        I am most certainly not editor of The Freethinker – or anything else now for that matter – so you’re wrong about THAT as well!

        1. Stephen

          My apologies, but don’t get too excited. I’m not sure the world can bear two atheist Barries.

      2. Barry Duke

        Your comment suggests that BarrieJohn is the editor of the Freethinker. He is not. I am, and I have just posted a piece pointing out how utterly absurd your observations are regarding the age difference between Daley and Black. Furthermore, Daley has made it clear that he made the first move, and there was no question of him being seduced by an older man.


        With regard to your comment “Freethinker,where you are free to think whatever you like – so long as it’s atheist”, may I suggest a short edit: – “so long as it’s rational”.

        You, Stephen Green, are as distant from rationality as the earth is from Neptune.

        1. Stephen

          He sent Black a text, that was all.

          1. Barry Duke

            Don’t play the slippery eel. Your headline is a lie. Just admit it and be done.

          2. Stephen

            Wow, I haven’t heard that expression since Monty Python was on our screens. We stand by our story and its headline. Black has initiated Daley into homosexual activity. I call that seduction and I don’t buy that ‘the kid made all the moves’ stuff.

    2. RW

      Just because someone doesn’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle choice does not make them ”narrowminded bigots”

      1. TGB

        If you treat or view people with intolerance based on their sexual orientation then yes, you are a bigot.

        1. Stephen

          Now you know, RW! If you disagree with TGB, you are a bigot.

      2. Jane Glover

        I saw this article going round social media today – http://tinyurl.com/poq3fwn What You Think About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter. Maybe instead of having the debate about whether Tom Daley is right or wrong to be having a relationship with another man, you could look at the bigger picture and see the damage that the debates are having on young people ? Just a thought.

        1. Stephen

          The article does not actually contend that the debate about homosexuality is causing young people to attempt suicide. It’s not as simple as that. And it seems rather convenient to say to anyone setting forth moral standards that they should desist in case people who disagree take their own life.

          1. Jane Glover

            Oh no, it’s not claiming a clear causality between narrow minded attitudes and suicide risk. It is pretty clear on the ‘more love needed’ element though, something which is clearly lacking from this website and its supporters.

          2. Stephen

            Your parting shot misses the mark, Jane. Just look at the comments below and contrast them with the venom from Barry Duke, editor of the so-called ‘Freethinker’.!

  9. Vicky

    Let’s all pray for Tom Daley, I share Stephens concerns that he may be looking for a father figure, to replace the tragic loss of his father. Tom like many young people are growing up without the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation and joy that comes from this. Pray that he. Will only find ‘safety and peace’ in our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks Stephen for a good article.

  10. Rox

    ” Radio West Midlands then had a couple of gay activist discussing and pushing the point that labels such as homosexual and gay should not be used ”

    ” the American College of Pediatricians cautioned …………schools should not seek to develop policy which “affirms” or encourages these non-heterosexual attractions among students …………..Such premature labeling can lead some adolescents to engage in homosexual behaviors that carry serious physical and mental health risks.”

    To be fair, these two are not inconsistent, are they ?

  11. Bob Hutton

    I feel deeply sorry for this young boy Daley. It is obvious that he is a sincere, well meaning chap but he is being seduced by a media and a society that is obsessed with trampling underfoot God’s infallible word.

    I truly pray that Daley would find the courage to stand up to the media bullies who are pushing him into this filth before it ends in tragedy.

    1. Barry Duke

      Daley not a “boy”, you dozy wassock. He’s a fully functioning adult. You, Hutton, on the other hand, display a degree of immaturity you’d find only in a slow-witted five-year-old. Which would explain why something as patently incredible as Christianity would appeal to your infantile intellect.

      1. Stephen

        It never takes long before atheists and ‘freethinkers’ resort to insults. But that’s encouraging, Bob, as it means they know they have lost the argument, not to mention contact with civilised human discourse.

        1. Bob Hutton

          Stephen – many thanks for your kind comments.

          I have had a huge amount of internet abuse from Mr Duke and his ilk. However, as well as praying for them I rejoice in such persecution as it increases my reward in Heaven – Matthew 5 v 11-12.



          1. Stephen

            Amen, but it still puzzles me why they cannot conduct themselves in a normal, decent way, without insults and foul language.
            Does anyone have any idea why that is?

        2. Barry Duke

          ” … it still puzzles me why they [atheists and ‘freethinkers’] cannot conduct themselves in a normal, decent way, without insults and foul language.”

          Hmmm … so, Stephen, your branding of gay people as “abominations” and “perverts”, and your reference to the president of the NSS and its executive director as “Terry Sanderson and Keith Pompous Wood, the homosexual partners-in-perversion who run the National Secular Society” are to be regarded as examples of “civilised human discourse?

          Pot, kettle, black old son.

          1. Stephen

            No, those are not examples of either foul language or insults, ‘old son’.

            Nor have I ever described ‘gay people’ as ‘abominations’, although the Bible describes their sexual activities (not the people themselves) in those terms.

            ‘Pervert’ and ‘Perversion’ are reasonable terms with which to describe the pressing into pseudo-sexual use of a part of the body designed for the elimination of bodily waste.

            And Keith Porteous Wood is pompous!

            I invite anyone to compare what is written here with your comments above and with the filth and vilification present in the general comments on the Freethinker website.

  12. Robbie

    I wonder if you’ll publish this comment? I’m guessing not, seeing as the majority here seem absolutely biased and even extreme in their thinking. I hope you do though, for impartiality.

    As a Christian, I am appalled by the opinions being expressed by people here, people who should be following the word of Christ and are actually following the path of Satan. To hate each other, to wish others harm, to condemn others and believe yourself to be more worthy of His love is NOT CHRISTIAN.

    I am ashamed to call many of you my peers, you are not. You do not represent my faith, you embarrass me and millions of other decent Christians who truly follow the teachings of Christ.

    I think you all need to go and read a few passages again. You are not Christians, you are bullies, radicals, bigots and hatemongers.

    I will pray for you all, but I fear that you are already lost.

    1. Stephen

      My dear Robbie,

      Is it not extraordinary that you accuse people here, including myself, of ‘not following the word of Christ’ even though you fail to quote one word of Christ and it is I who published the actual word of Christ on the subject of human sexuality?

      Here is another word of Christ, as he embarked on his earthly ministry:
      Mark 1:15 … ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.’

      No-one who has expressed their concern for Tom Daley here is motivated in the slightest by hatred, unless it is the same hatred of sin that caused our gracious God to become one of us and go to the cross so that all who believe in him might be forgiven.

      And while we are on the subject of repentance, what about considering your own name-calling and your judgmental and accusing attitude to those who honestly endeavour to maintain the faith expounded by the Lord Jesus and delivered by the Apostles?


  13. David

    For the Christians in this debate. Leave out the personalities and the finger pointing and talk of hatred. What about God’s word? Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27.
    Maybe you don’t believe in the Old Testament any more or believe Paul was only referring to male shrine prostitutes? Maybe you believe all love is from God so if a man loves a man it is love and what is wrong with that?
    Gods word has a meaning that is eternal and He hasn’t changed to fit in with modern mans sinful ways.
    Malachi 3:6 “For I am the Lord; I change not.”
    If you don’t believe in Gods word in its entirety dont call yourself a Christian

    1. Bob Hutton

      You are so right David. I would add to those verses 1st Corinthians 6 v 9-11. The Good News is (in verse 11) that Gays can be changed by the power of God.



      1. Ben

        Total rubbish. You are born gay, bisexual heterosexual or in some cases some people do not like to be a label. Your kind of talk can drive vulnerable people to suicide or self harm.

        1. Stephen

          No scientist working in the field of genetics supports your view.

        2. Ashley DICKENSON

          Ben, no-one is born ‘gay’ – though I hate to use that word as, when I was growing up, it meant bright, happy and cheerful. Otherwise why the ‘Ex-Gay & Proud: Get Over It’ – that TfL shamefully fit not to parade on its buses?

          1. Jane Glover

            Ashley – so by the same token, nobody was born straight. With that in mind, at what point in your life did you decided to be hetrosexual ?

  14. Bob Hutton


    You asked above why they (meaning foul-mouthed atheists) can’t conduct themselves in a normal decent way etc.

    My answer is found in Romans 1 v 18. We read there that the ungodly “suppress” or “hold down” the truth by their wickedness. I believe that, deep down, the ungodly know that there is a God, they know that there is an eternity to face (God has written eternity in their hearts) and they know that certain practices are wrong in the sight of a Holy God. Instead of repenting and accepting Christ they lash out at truth, and the preachers of truth, in order to try and hold down the uncomfortable thoughts that they keep having about accountability to God.

    When I was a kid toys known as “Jack in the box” used to be popular. You pressed down the “Jack” and put the lid on; then when you released the catch the “jack” popped up. When we tell people the truth it is like we release the “Jack” of truth which comes up and they need to press it down again. They “press it down again” by lashing out with abusive language etc.



    1. stephen [ the other one ]

      Brother Bob
      A truly inspired comment
      May our LORD YESHUA continue to bless you and use you mightily as seen here Amen

  15. Colin Robinson

    When all is said and done, whatever the nature of Tom Daley’s relationship with Dustin Black, it has nothing to do with you.

    Praying for him is worse than useless too. If your God doesn’t want him to be in a gay relationship why didn’t he prevent it in the first place? Why will your God only consider acting once his self-appointed representative on Earth – that’s you, Stephen, along with your fawning acolytes – suggests it to him? What sort of God is this who needs to be asked to intervene in things that you claim he opposes anyway? (Don’t pretend it’s all to do with ‘free will’ when you’re actually praying God will over-ride Tom Daley’s).

    Faith – irrationality and bigotry all wrapped up in one handy package.

    1. Stephen

      It is quite irrational to say that one person’s actions make no impact on anyone else. It’s like the ‘there is no such thing as society’ quote. We are all part of a society which includes each other and what each person does becomes part of the cultural environment of everyone else. That, paradoxically, is why you have taken time out to pass comment on what people have said here.

      As for the theology of prayer, I’ll leave that for others to explain, if they think it will make any difference to you.

      Acolyte (defn): ‘a person assisting a priest in a religious service or procession.’ (It doesn’t say whether they fawn or not).
      Wikipedia sayeth: ‘The word acolyte is derived from the Greek word ‘akolouthos’, meaning an attendant, via Late Latin acolythus.’
      We don’t hold that many religious services here, and most of us would regard all Christians as priests.

  16. Alexander Windos

    This article mentions the American College of Pediatricians as an expert source that homosexuality is unnatural and not innate. However the American College of Pediatricians is not the officially recognized body of pediatricians and is actually a socially conservative pressure group which exists to attempt to push a homophobic agenda under the guise of scientific excellence. It has received severe criticism from The American Psychological Association and The American Medical Association among others who cite them as “peddlers of fake science”

    The actual body of pediatricians are the American Academy of pediatricians who published a book Just the Facts which states that homosexuality is a natural sexual orientation. Over 100 scientific and psychological bodies across the world have stated that homosexuality is innate and natural and that trying to cure people of natural sexuality is both damaging and dangerous. Additionally homosexuality has been found in nature in over 60 species of animals and hundreds of sub species of animals.

    My point is that a discussion of scripture and how it is to be interpreted is a perfectly fine discussion. I await the discussion on the banning of divorce, shellfish, tattoo’s, shops being open on Sunday and wearing clothes made of two garments. However citing the non body of an organisation as expert advice when it goes against the advice of the actual body does not make a well written well cited article.

    1. Stephen

      There is no Biblical ban on divorce or wearing clothes made of two yarns other than of wool and linen. There are good reasons to avoid shellfish, although the New Testament allows them, and we have spoken against tattoos and Sunday trading.

      The American Academy of Pediatricians is as much a liberal pressure group as the College is a conservative one.

      Can you name those ‘100 scientific and psychological bodies across the world’? Although it must be said that a number of psychological associations removed homosexual attraction as an objective disorder in the 1970s not as a result of new evidence but as a result of lobbying from militant homosexuals.

      BTW, please learn how to use apostrophes.

      1. Julian Pardoe

        I am sure this is an old one and you are bored by it but “You shall keep my statutes… nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material” seems pretty clear to me Like the dietary laws it may not longer apply, but it is in the Bible.

        1. Stephen

          Yes, that ceremonial law is in the Bible, just as the animal sacrifices are in the Bible, but they have been abrogated by the New Covenant of Jesus Christ. God’s moral and judicial laws on the other hand have eternal force.

          1. dnmoho

            In Matthew 5:18 et seq, Jesus makes it plain that not one jot or tittle of the Law has been abrogated.

            Proof, if needed, is that neither a new heaven nor a new earth has appeared after the old heaven and earth have been destroyed.

            Your abrogation theology is pure bunk.

          2. Stephen

            Christ made it very clear the cross would fulfill the sacrificial law.

      2. SusanP

        Hi Stephen. Divorce is spoken against in God’s word, see below. I know God can give much grace to those who have been through divorce, but I believe what you said about divorce was not accurate.
        “For the LORD God of Israel says That He hates divorce, For it covers one’s garment with violence,” Says the LORD of hosts. “Therefore take heed to your spirit, That you do not deal treacherously.” (Malachi ch2v16)
        “Furthermore it has been said, ‘Whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce. But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery. “(Matthew 5v31-32, words of the Lord Jesus)

        Jesus speaks against divorce, except if sexual immorality occurred in the marriage, then it is permitted.

        1. Stephen

          Yes, God hates divorce, and yet he put away Israel for idolatry, which he likens to adultery.

          Jeremiah 3:8 And I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not, but went and played the harlot also.

          The word of God makes a permissive statement, in the most quoted book of the Lord Jesus:

          Deuteronomy 24:1 When a man hath taken a wife, and married her, and it come to pass that she find no favour in his eyes, because he hath found some uncleanness in her: then let him write her a bill of divorcement, and give it in her hand, and send her out of his house.
          2 And when she is departed out of his house, she may go and be another man’s wife.

          And the Lord Jesus confirms and explains that position in Matthew 5, as you quoted.

          The Bible also allows divorce for desertion, in the words of the Apostle Paul:

          1Corinthians 7:12 But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.
          13 And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him.
          14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.
          15 But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

  17. Julian Pardoe

    Seduced by an older man? i read that:

    Speaking on this Saturday’s edition of The Jonathan Ross Show, 19-year-old Daley told the presenter that he was not sure if his now-boyfriend was gay when he approached him.

    “It really was love at first sight, I’d never felt anything like it before. We were at a party and I hadn’t even spoken to him all night,” he explained.

    “I didn’t know what to do or if he was gay at first. I made the first move, I typed ‘call me’ in his notes with a smiley face on this phone and the next day he texted

    Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/news/a535951/tom-daley-opens-up-about-boyfriend-it-was-love-at-first-sight.html#ixzz2mjyjlMpu

    But, speaking frankly, I think that it’s too early and we know too little to comment

    1. Stephen

      I think we have rehearsed all this above.

  18. Jon

    Hi – I regularly read the freethinker site and recognise the names barriejohn, barryduke, also Stephen Green and Bob Hutton. It was on the freethinker site that I cross reference to here. Well, the above was quite heated. But I have to say, informative like watching Question Time. People with opposing views putting forwards their ideas leaving people like me, to make an informed decision. I would like to say, we are all united together by our common humanity but I recognise that people will have different views than my own. I agree that name calling does not assist a debate. To contrast there does seem some narrow speculation that’s based on assumption rather than facts. However, the point I’m making is that the above was lively and interesting. The freethinking site could do with some more varied views and I always feel it’s brave when a Christian makes a contribution. Today bravo to Barrie John and Barry Duke. If it was me, I would drop the name calling but equally suggest emphasis on the virtues of love, forgiveness and reconciliation. Thank you for the discussion.

  19. Dan

    Who are you to make such ill-informed assumptions?
    You are you to think that you can make judgement above that of God?
    Who said they’ve been participating in “sexual activities”? Maybe they’re waiting for their wedding day.
    Hatred breeds hatred. If by now, as a self-entitled adult, you have not realised this then might I suggest some reading of the Bible to learn what love and tolerance is.
    Maybe try to not to convieniebtly select your scriptures and listen to the word of God that brings about peace.

    1. Stephen

      Dan, Why don’t you quote us some scriptures about God’s view of love and tolerance and his attitude to sin?

    2. stephen [ the other one ]

      You err brother
      IF you have given your life to YESHUA then you no longer have self interest
      HE bought you with HIS blood and IF you follow HIM you live for HIM and not for yourself
      Don’t believe me ?
      Search the scriptures

  20. Paris

    Stephen, regarding your post:

    7 December 2013 at 09:26 (UTC 0)
    No scientist working in the field of genetics supports your view.

    Please cite if this is opinion or stated as fact, in your position as national director etc. if citing as fact, please give reasonable citation, avoiding using quotes from one or two sources who happen to agree. Something that will substantially back up this statement, beyond opinion. It’s a hell of a simple statement to make. If you would like to comment in the posited ‘sneaky f£&@;r’ gene, I’d honestly be interested to hear you comments. Here’s hoping this post isn’t deleted on grounds of ‘being boring’…..

    1. Stephen

      It’s an assertion from experience and from all the research I did for my book ‘The Sexual Dead-End’. Do you have a copy yet?

      If anyone knows of a scientist who believes genetics determine what for a better phrase we might call ‘sexual orientation’, they are free to challenge my assertion with a link to the relevant paper.

      Looking back at the comment in question, it also claimed that encouraging people to seek healing for same-sex desires through the power of God drives (the same or other) people to suicide or self-harm. I know of no evidence to support that idea either.

      You know, it’s funny, but when we criticise evolution we get those who encourage us to go with the science (although we say we are). But on the topic of homosexuality, those opposing us (I haven’t checked to see if they are the same people) make the wildest statements at complete odds with the science.

  21. Paris

    Stephen, I do indeed now have a copy thanks (it turns out to be somewhat of an internet legend). Though mine is missing a complete bibliography, reference and citation. Do you have this to hand ? Is your raw research data available to examine ? As I am sure you are well aware, research conclusions are only as good as the information gathering methods that went into them. The pint in making is, if you set out to prove a sincerely held belief, then it is confirmation research only. To then present it as as having being arrived at from the null hypothesis would put it’s credibility in serious doubt, to out it mildly. Please, please out your raw data out there. If it stands up, then you owe it to your beliefs.

    In your response you have required anyone who challenges your assertion to give links to the relevant paper, I request respectfully that you do the same , rather than asking us to read your conclusions only.

    I do hope you continue to publish my response.

    1. Stephen

      The references are all in the book. Don’t be stingy, forgo a bottle of burgundy and buy a copy.

      This is how it works, Paris: If I say no scientist agrees that homosexuality is genetic, it is not up to me to give you every scientific paper from the last twenty years to prove the negative. It is up to someone else to prove the positive.

      But just to be kind, here are some quotations:

      * From the American Psychological Association:
      “[M]any scientists share the view that sexual orientation is shaped for most people at an early age through complex interactions of biological, psychological and social factors.”{1}
      * From “Gay Brain” Researcher Simon LeVay:
      “At this point, the most widely held opinion [on causation of homosexuality] is that multiple factors play a role.”{2}
      * From Dennis McFadden, University of Texas neuroscientist:
      “Any human behavior is going to be the result of complex intermingling of genetics and environment. It would be astonishing if it were not true for homosexuality.”{3}
      * From Sociologist Steven Goldberg:
      “I know of no one in the field who argues that homosexuality can be explained without reference to environmental factors.”{4}

      {1} The American Psychological Association’s pamphlet, “Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality.”
      {2} LeVay, Simon (1996). Queer Science, MIT Press.
      {3} “Scientists Challenge Notion that Homosexuality’s a Matter of Choice,” The Charlotte Observer, August 9, 1998.
      {4} Goldberg, Steven (1994). When Wish Replaces Thought: Why So Much of What You Believe is False. Buffalo, New York: Prometheus Books.

  22. Paris

    Stephen, your response illustrates my frustrations at correspondence well. The odd links are just that. Good research comes complete with the raw data, used to achieve the research. Any purported research or assertions made thereof (especially when made from a privileged position) should be regarded with grave suspicion, where the raw data is either obfuscated or entirely missing.

    I’ve checked, and my copy of your book is complete. Can I have a copy of or access to your research notes and sources ? If not, do you feel that declining such a request would out your conclusions in doubt ?

    It is after all, a season of goodwill.

    I do hope you will publish this response also.


    1. Stephen

      OK. Earlier you said your copy of The Sexual Dead-End was missing a reference section.

      If your copy of The Sexual Dead-End is complete, you will find it has an index of 1,365 people and organisations and over 1,100 points of reference. Many of those points of reference are to published research in academic journals.

      This is how to go about reading a book with references: You read the text, check the references, and if you wish to satisfy yourself that what has been said is a true reflection of the referenced work, you look up that work and check. If you wish then to verify the original research, you contact the researchers and ask if you might see their raw data.

  23. Alison

    I can’t actually believe people can be so bigoted in the year 2013. It really is no surprise that Christianity is dying out among our young people, although it’s probably a good thing as in 30 years time we’ll have a society that can learn to love people for who they are, not who they love.

    1. Stephen

      No, Alison, Christianity is thriving amongst the young, especially in those churches which preach the word with no compromise. But there is work to do in getting those young people out on the streets with the Gospel. No-one here says people cannot love. What we say is that they should not engage in homosexual activities. That is quite a different thing. And in 30 years time, on present demographic trends and unless Christian men stand up for Jesus Christ as King of kings, we’ll have a society under the rule of Islam.

  24. frances

    As a Christian woman I am deeply saddened by your complete lack of Christianity and lack of understanding. You are spreading hate and homophobia in the name of a religion that promotes love, understanding and peace. You show a complete lack of any knowledge at all about human sexuality and use completely nonsensical evidence to back it up.
    You are clearly homophobic, please stop using Jesus as a mask to hide this.
    Speaking as someone who is highly qualified in Christianity and who is also a sex education specialist I am frankly shocked by your opinions and urge you to perhaps seek some proper guidance in these matters, educate yourself and seek some help.
    There is so much wrong with the world, I think Jesus would probably be more appreciative if you tackled poverty and war first before being so weirdly obsessed with people’s sexuality.

    1. Stephen

      Christianity is actually a religion which promotes repentance and right standing with God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
      I didn’t know one could get ‘highly qualified’ in Christianity? Is that a special anointing taught in the Bible?
      But you are ‘a sex education specialist’. In my experience, those are the ones who want to teach children more than they should know. Personally, I am always suspicious of adults who want to talk about sex to other people’s children. Some call it ‘grooming’.
      Oh, and for opposition to poverty and war, check out our website a bit more. It’s not an either/or equation.

  25. papago76

    Stephen, whatever Mr. Daley and Mr. Black decide to do between themselves is just that, their choice, their decision. In other words, Stephen, it’s just basically NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    1. Stephen

      Until they make it public, giving it large, holding hands and kissing, normalising sodomy, invading my cultural space.

  1. Tom Daley’s ‘coming out’ gouds the feeble-minded Stephen ‘Birdshit’ Green into fresh outburst of lunacy

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