1. David

    Islam is a missionary religion and like Christianity it aims to have all people in the world follow it.
    Population growth in a host country is a continuation of the clash of civilizations and great spiritual battle which began with Islam. Today it continues to be fought on two fronts by stealth which seems totally innocuous and by force such as terrorism and Jihad. The UK has had both methods tried with Jihad bearing no results except to harden people’s hearts against it. Stealth, however, is slowly producing results. Get to the UK by any means, marry (up to 4 women) and have as many children as possible. This method along with slow conversion of the now largely unchurched/ agnostic native population will, I believe, result in the UK being a majority Muslim nation in 20-30 years time. Sadly the established church and many other (non conformist) denominations that have been around for over 200 years do not see the problem. Being PC and caught up in equality issues and ironically supporting Islam over such issues as Palestine against Israel remains priority above saving souls and witnessing to Muslims that God has brought to the UK due to a great reluctance of Christians to go to Islamic countries. Thanks to intellectuals such as Prof Dawkins and man’s natural inclination not to believe in anything that curbs his behaviour, Christianity has been ridiculed and emasculated to the point of being totally without influence or credibility.
    For the UK under Islam it will mean: No more alcohol or pork; a strict dress code for women; gays eliminated; sex outside marriage severely punished; marriage being the union between one man and up to 4 women and enforced religious observance by religious police.
    Make no mistake Sharia and the Brotherhood will bring strict Islam to all countries including already existing Muslim countries. (Hence the struggle in Egypt brought to the point of starvation by it) It does not respect human rights and will agree to them merely as a tactical step on the way of getting to where it wants to be. Man made laws will always be inferior to Sharia. The general UK population is oblivious of this and that includes parts of the Church. I have even met Christians who believe we all serve the same god so what’s the problem?
    The solution? Pray for: (1) the church to wake up from its denial and apathy, forget about secular issues and preach the Gospel of salvation. (2) Muslims to become disillusioned with their faith and turn to the truth.
    Leave the rest to our God and He will have His way

    1. Stephen

      Some people seem to be, as my dear late mother used to say, too clever for their own good.

      Anyway, at least the findings are negated to some extent by present company.

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