Nov 29

Activists urge bank action for sodomy

Patrick Strudwick – not always truthful

Homosexual activists are urging multinational companies to usurp democracy in Uganda.

Patrick Strudwick, an agent provocateur who posed as a Christian seeking healing for same-sex attraction in order to attack Christian counsellor Lesley Pilkington, is leading the charge.

In an email, Strudwick writes:

‘In a matter of days — possibly even hours — Uganda’s parliament is set to pass the so-called “Kill the Gays” bill, which could enshrine in law the death penalty for LGBT people. Their Speaker described the bill as a “Christmas gift” for the Ugandan people.

‘Activists in Uganda say that one way to stop this is by putting pressure on powerful international banks in the country to condemn the bill.

‘Barclays and Citibank both have millions of pounds invested in Uganda and wield a huge influence on the government.  A public statement from Barclays speaking out against the “Kill the Gays” bill might be the best chance to stop it and save gay people from being executed.

‘Both banks have supported human rights for LGBT people in the Europe and the US. Barclays is one of the UK’s top employers for LGBT people and prides itself on its work championing gay equality in Britain, which is why I’ve been a customer of theirs for years.

If these banks speak out against the bill the Ugandan government will see the huge risk posed to business and their economy if they forge ahead with it.

‘That’s why I’ve started a petition’ … he drones on.

There are two main things wrong with this outpouring from a character described as ‘Smugtwit’ and one of ‘Britain’s two most boring gay men’ by a homosexual blogger.

The first is that Barclays Bank had its fingers badly burnt in the United Kingdom by association with the Stonewall lobby group’s annual ‘Bigot of the Year’ award.  If Barclays starts to interfere in Ugandan politics it could find accounts closed in droves across Africa.

The second is that the Bill of which he complains is not remotely a ‘kill the gays’ measure anyway.

Now, in its first draft it did provide for the death penalty for those who use the act of sodomy to infect others with HIV/Aids, and those who sodomise children.  What penalty would Strudwick want to see for such paragons of ‘gay virtue’?  Nothing?  An award of ‘Infectious Personality of the Year’ in next year’s Stonewall awards?

It also addressed an anomaly in which those found guilty of rape face the death penalty but those convicted of forced sodomy do not.  Again, what penalty does Strudwick think is appropriate for homosexuals who violate others like that?  ‘Sports Award of the Year’, perhaps, sponsored as it was this year, by Barclays?

But according to Associated Press, the ultimate penalty is no longer in the Bill.

The Bill addresses two major problems

The true reason behind the Bill, introduced three years ago by Ugandan ruling party members David Bahati, is to protect Uganda’s children from being recruited into the homosexual lifestyle by wealthy Western pederasts.

A secondary problem addressed by the Bill is the promotion of sodomy by Western NGO’s such as Jon Stryker’s Arcus Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Dutch humanist group Hivos and George Soros’s ‘Open Society’.  On top of all that is the ‘strings-attached’ foreign aid from the US, the EU and Britain.  The East Aftican homosexual propaganda industry is entirely funded by rich homosexuals and their friends in the West. 

Simon Lokodo, the Minister for ‘Ethics and Integrity’ plans to ban 38 different organisations that are currently promoting homosexuality if the Bill becomes law.  It is the Bill’s clamp-down on their proselytisation which most annoys Western homosexuals, and the loss of an exotic playground where adolescent boys can be enticed with a couple of dollars.

The Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, told The Associated Press on Monday 12th November that the bill will become law this year.

The Hon Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament.

Ugandans “are demanding it,” she said, reiterating a promise she made before a meeting on Friday of anti-gay activists who spoke of “the serious threat” posed by homosexuals to Uganda’s children. Some Christian clerics at the meeting in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, asked the speaker to pass the law as “a Christmas gift.”

“Speaker, we cannot sit back while such (a) destructive phenomenon is taking place in our nation,” the activists said in a petition. “We therefore, as responsible citizens, feel duty-bound to bring this matter to your attention as the leader of Parliament … so that lawmakers can do something to quickly address the deteriorating situation in our nation.”

The anti-gay activists paraded in front of Mrs Kadaga, with parents and schoolchildren holding up signs saying homosexuality is “an abomination.” The speaker then promised to consider the bill within two weeks, declaring that “the power is in our hands.”

“Who are we not to do what they have told us? These people should not be begging us,” Mrs Kadaga said of activists who want the bill to become law.


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  1. Charles Loft

    To Patrick Strudwick and all such-like people

    I am sorry, I cannot sign any such petition

    God is just and God’s law is very clear

    Treat others how you would wish them to treat you. In everything do to others as you would have them do to you. Behave justly towards one another. Do not behave unjustly, cruelly, spitefully or hatefully without very good cause. Do not act in any way that that makes them hateful towards you unless they have acted against a major commandment. Do not steal jobs or work from those who requit themselves very well and work very hard and well. Do not act indecently towards decent people.

    Do not teach others to act without morals. Do not act without morals yourself.

    Reform the whole pattern of your conduct, so that I [God] may dwell with you in this place.

    Above all else and all others, worship the Lord your God, with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength!

    Unfortunately, gay people act without morals and without due consideration for others, act indecently towards decent people and teach others to act outside of God’s law.

    Such actions will not go unpunished.

    1. Paul Cook


      I think you are wrong. This statement is such a generalisation as it cannot be true.
      “Unfortunately, gay people act without morals and without due consideration for others, act indecently towards decent people and teach others to act outside of God’s law.”

      This is like saying all God fearing people are honest. We know this is not true. Look at what the Jews are doing in Palestine right now. Destroying any chance for peace. And the Catholic priests destroying children’s lives by raping them. I hope Heaven forbids their entry there as they truly deserve to go to hell.

      1. Stephen

        Mr Loft would have been better saying ‘those involved in homosexual acts’ rather than ‘gay people’.

        Paul, the truth is, God-fearing people are honest. If they are not honest, they are not God-fearing.

        1Jn 3:8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

      2. Charles

        Perhaps the last part of my statement should read ‘Such actions will not go unpunished in God’s scheme of things’.

        As for man, there is no man or woman without sin, we have all sinned according to God’s law. But according to God’s law, some sins such as committing homosexual acts are far graver than most other sins outside of stealing someone’s living or committing murder.

        As Stephen says, those ‘who commit homosexual acts’; – act outside of the moral norms of society and cannot be trusted not to break other morals within society. That is why God condemns them.

        Further, those who commit homosexual acts often act against children and young people who are yet developing their own sexuality and do so in far greater proportion than others who commit sexual atrocities.

        But the greatest sin of all is in teaching others to commit homosexual acts and trying to pervert otherwise decent people and pervert society. If they did not boast about their homosexual acts and homosexual conquests, their sin would be less and individual. But by trying to pervert others, they are condemned by God en masse. In God’s eyes.If one is guilty of this, then in God’s eyes so are they all.

        If no homosexual acts were committed, society and people in general would not be harmed. but because such acts are committed including trying to pervert society at large, all who commit such acts are condemned by God.

        Murderers do not go around trying to make society a society full of murderers, neither do thieves, yet those who commit homosexual acts try to pervert every male they meet. This is a catastrophic wrong of the very worst kind.

        This is God’s condemnation of those committing homosexual acts. Man just follows God’s law and lives, or he does not follow God’s law, and takes the consequence of disobeying God.

        AS Jesus says, ‘repent ye and be saved’. If those committing homosexual acts do not wish for their own salvation, let alone the salvation of others, AND would put the salvation of others in jeopardy, they put themselves and their souls in the very gravest jeopardy. Nothing matches God’s wrath, as was so apparent when God dealt with Sodom and Gomorrah. There is historical as well as biblical evidence that these cities were destroyed by an Almighty calamity like none before.

        As Christians, we would be failing in our Christian lives and Christian responsibilities if we did not so speak.

        If we fail to convince others, that is their failing, … not ours.

  2. raj

    Barclays Bank involved in African slavery as reported by the sodomite BBC:

    Uganda is doing very well financially (…sssssshhhh don’t tell the UK and US greedy sodomite war criminals…)

  3. Yephora

    Homosexuals can’t propagate so they must prey — on the young, of course — while trying to propagandize the rest of us.

    And figures George Soros has his smelly finger in this. That old (some text edited out) seems to throw his filthy money behind most everything evil these days.

    1. AgentCormac

      I’m not homosexual, Yephora – but I find your comment stupid in the extreme. If you want to deal in ludicrous generalisations, then all priests abuse young boys.

      I’m sure Mr. Green will censor this comment because it doesn’t fit with his or your view of the world. But honestly, shame on you for being so full of ignorance and hatred. How very christian!

      1. Stephen

        Can’t quite see any flaws of logic in Yephora’s observation. And shame on you for not wanting to protect young people from predatory homosexuals. Millstones around necks for those who corrupt children is a teaching from the Lord Jesus which comes immediately to mind.

        1. AgentCormac

          What is it with christians like you and Bob Hutton, Steve? Why are you so utterly fixated on and obsessed with homosexuality? If some day I read that you have been outed I can honestly say I won’t be surprised. And how miserable, how pointless, how terribly sad that like so many of your American counterparts who spend their lives spreading homophobia only to be exposed as homosexuals themselves, perhaps you really should face up to what you are rather than trying to hide beneath a facade of hatred and bigotry. I’m sure people would think more of you, Steve.

          1. Stephen

            And because I oppose Islam I am a closet Muslim, and because I oppose GM crops I am a closet Monsanto employee and because I oppose the war in Afghanistan I am a closet MoD civil servant? What a mixture! ‘Agent Cormac’, some people oppose evil. Get over it.

          2. barriejohn

            And in what way could homosexuality possibly be described as an “evil”? Because a two-thousand-year-old book of fairy tales says so?

          3. Stephen

            I guess it is inevitable that atheists prefer myth to cold hard fact.

            Social and medical science have clearly revealed the pathological nature of homosexual desires, practices and lifestyles, despite the special pleading from the, er, fairies.

            Read ‘The Sexual Dead-End’ for the facts. Or just google ‘homosexuality practices diseases’.

          4. Kat Cooper

            Do you truly think it’s helpful, Stephen, to refer to homosexuals as “fairies”?

          5. Stephen

            I think you will find it it was Barrie John who referred to the ‘fairies’ first.

          6. Kat Cooper

            That would be a worthy response if you were nine.

          7. Stephen

            Lighten up a bit, Kat.

        2. Hanne

          I believe his point was that you’re dealing in stereotypes. Not all gay people are pedophiles, just like not all catholic priests are pedophiles.
          I was brought up being told that all humans, no matter what group they might fall under, deserve to be seen as individuals- to tarnish every member of a certain group with stereotypes for the actions of a few is something I would consider biased and ignorant.
          But then again, I’m an agnostic. What would I know about anything?

          1. Stephen

            No, I’m dealing in statistics.

          2. Mark


            I agree with you in some ways but how I wish that the gay lobby , (and there is one) would also take on board your comments about stereotyping especially labelling Christians (and others) homophobic. A Phobia is a debilitating and irrational fear of something. Now Tell me if you can how can the poor couple who refused to let two gay men share a double room, but (as was not widely reported) then allow then to have two double rooms?
            If they suffered from “a debilitating and irrational fear of homosexuals” do you really think in your wildest dreams that they would have done this? Of course not but progressives, (some) of the gay lobby groups and others use name calling to suppress debate, its a well tried tactic that thankfully is starting to seriously backfire on them.
            As for Christians hating gays again tell me who opening the first AIDS Hospice in the UK?
            Again it was Christians, homophobic are we?
            Debate is fine, name calling is not, some people hate sin but love sinners – get over it!

          3. Charles

            We admonish those involved in homosexual practices to lessen their influence and to try to get them to relinquish such practices both for their own good and for the good of society.

            As a male I am fortunate in never having been approached by a male seeking sexual gratification with another male. Should this ever happen, the answer would be a firm no, but I would feel defiled and sinned against, should any such approach ever take place.

            At least when it was a serious offence in law, they were careful to do and keep such acts private and the law prevented them trying to pervert society. Perhaps our forefathers had more sense than the present generation!

            It is their repeated offences by some of them against children, and their (as in nearly all of them) attempting to pervert society that causes most offence.

            As Christians we set out to save ‘lost’ souls. In this there is no difference than the way we try to tell the ‘Good News’ to all.

            The Good News is that Jesus came to save all if only people would turn to Jesus and stop wronging others. And that Jesus as the first-risen from the dead, gives living proof of the Resurrection and escaping condemnation by God. The stumbling block for many is the turn to Jesus and lead more Godly lives. For others it is failing to believe that Jesus has returned from the dead, ascended to Heaven and will return again in His Kingdom.

            Jesus said he will return in his Kingdom before the present generation passes away. Generation here may mean the race of Jews, or the human race. As long as there are still people living, Jesus will one day return!

            Whether this is tomorrow or many years into the future is only known by God. God will decide when Jesus is to return.

            More than 500 people bore living witness to the resurrected Jesus, yet still some will not believe!

  4. Lreta

    This just shows how ‘evil’ the minds of homosexuals are.

    Their compaign will not work in Africa. I’m looking forward to the hearing the results – looking forwarded in hearing that the homosexuals in the West have been defeated by a third world continent!

  5. Jonathan Vlietstra

    Wow, the bigotry and hate speech on this site makes me think I wandered over to the Westboro Baptist Church cults website!
    And of course you start your whole statement with a lie –
    “The second is that the Bill of which he complains is not remotely a ‘kill the gays’ measure anyway.
    Now, in its first draft it did provide for the death penalty for those who use the act of sodomy to infect others with HIV/Aids, and those who sodomise children.”
    In the actual bill, it also had the death penalty for ‘repeat offenders’ meaning anyone who was in a stable, loving, consenting and of age gay relationship, would be executed after being ‘caught’ twice. So, yes it is a kill them for merely being gay, NOT only for relations with kids or where AIDS/HIV is involved.
    This whole situation is another example of bigotry by religious people who seem to feel ‘If I dont like it, no one should be allowed to do it’. It is sentencing gay people in Uganda to penalties, or to constant depression and having to live a lie for fear of death. Being gay or straight is not a choice, it has been proven time and again you cannot change a persons orientation without severe mental repercussions.
    All the activists want in Uganda is the basic human right to do what they want to do in the privacy of their own home. All you and the opposition wants is everyone in the world to follow your personal path. Its the same as you saying ‘I hate the taste of seafood. It should be illegal’.
    Oh, and by the way. Studies have been done showing that percentage wise, pedophilia is perpetrated by straight men and women more often than by homosexual. Africa’s kids are in a lot more danger from Catholic priests than gay men.

    1. Stephen

      People will never be ‘caught’ if they practise their perversion in ‘the privacy of their own home’, but so much of the homosexual life revolves around compulsive anonymous encounters with strangers in public places.

      I am still waiting for someone from the homosexual side to tell the world what penalty they would recommend for infecting others with AIDS or forced sodomy.

      Homosexuality is corrupt and corrupting. Just look at the accounts of boys sodomised in children’s homes, or by those homosexual men who wheedle their way into the church. Just look at Britain, or your own patch, Canada and see the coarseness, crassness, promiscuity and intolerance which sodomy brings in its wake, which is well illustrated by the tone in your comment.

      Anyone with a genuine love for his fellow man would not want a homosexual inclination visited on any young boy or girl.

      There is no end of men and women who have walked away from both the homosexual lifestyle and its vile affections, as the Bible describes them, through the power of Jesus Christ. No-one has to stay gay, and every one who has been delivered from those attractions is a living testimony to the truth that a person’s orientation, or mis-orientation, can indeed be changed.

      As to your claim that ‘Studies have been done showing that percentage wise, pedophilia is perpetrated by straight men and women more often than by homosexual’ just name one.

      The fact is that although abuse on under-age females is greater than that on under-age males, when you look at the tiny percentage of homosexual men in the population, around 1%, homosexual men are orders of magnitude more likely than heterosexual men to interfere with adolescents. And that is even allowing that the men who are interested in pubescent girls are heterosexual anyway.

      Look at some real statistics here: http://www.christianvoice.org.uk/index.php/camerons-link-of-homosexuality-to-paedophilia/

      1. Jonathan Vlietstra

        I tried to leave a reply yesterday, but it does not appear to show up.
        Briefly then as I don’t want to retype the whole thing,
        1 – I googled looking for studies and found one that showed in cases of sexual child abuse they identified that approx 1.5 % of the abusers were homosexual or bisexual. The homosexual/bisexual rate in America from a 2012 gallup poll was about 3%, showing that in those case studies gay people were not over-represented, they were less or equally likely to be an abuser as a straight person.

        That study you linked in your response is an example of incorrect science and fallacious logic. It takes data regarding one thing, makes up a bunch of assumptions in order to prove the point that the writer wants to make, not what is actually shown.
        The data was age and sex of children and young adults who were abused. Numbers and percentages of the total. That’s it. In the article you linked there however, to make the writers point, the following assumptions were made with no supporting data – All the abusers were men, all the abusers of females are straight and all abusers of men are gay.
        Someone could take the same data and make the assumption that all the abusers were gay – in which case it proves that women abuse kids much more than men do. If we assume all the abusers were straight, men abuse much more than women. If we assume all the abusers were women, Lesbians molest way more than straight women.
        Just because more abusers (but not nearly 100%) are men, you cant do math assuming all are, it totally throws off the numbers. And straight men have abused little boys, examples of Catholic priests who identify as straight have done it.

        1. Stephen

          No links, no names of the so-called ‘studies’ you cite, no understanding of what ‘assumptions’ are in statistics, and in the last sentence, no grasp on reality.

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