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Isle of Wight goes transgender mad

Nigel & Sally Rowe are challenging a school on the Isle of Wight

Nigel & Sally Rowe are challenging a school on the Isle of Wight

A Christian couple on the Isle of Wight are to challenge a primary school’s handling of a six-year-old boy’s request to be treated as a ‘girl’.  Here is the BBC’s report.

Nigel and Sally Rowe are from Freshwater.  They raised concerns with the school when a six-year-old boy in their son’s class started to come to school sometimes dressed as a girl.

They say their son, also six years old, came home from school upset.  He said he was “confused” by the situation.

‘Transphobic behaviour’

Nigel and Sally met with the headteacher and class teacher.  They followed up with a letter.  In it, they set out some of the questions that they had.

But the school’s formal response was “cold”, they say, and didn’t address their concerns.

In its reply, the school took issue with an “inability to believe a transgender person is actually a ‘real’ female or male”. They objected to “the refusal (to) acknowledge a transgendered person’s true gender e.g. by failing to use their adopted name or using gender inappropriate pronouns.” The school said this was “transphobic behaviour”.

No More Boys and Girls on the Isle of Wight

Frank Maloney as 'Kellie'. It takes more than a frock and some lipstick to be a woman.

Frank Maloney as ‘Kellie’. It takes more than a frock and some lipstick to be a woman.

The Isle of Wight was in the news last month.  BBC2 ran its ‘No More Boys and Girls’ propaganda piece from Lanesend Primary School on the Island.

The implication from the school is that the gender the child has decided upon is a better indication of their ‘true gender’ than the one God allocated to them at conception. Not surprisingly, Christian Voice takes the opposite view. We shall never knowingly refer to any transgender individual by anything other than their God-given gender.

In addition, we shall always refer to whoever it is by his, or her, original name – and by male pronouns. So he’s Bruce Jenner, not ‘Caitlin’. He’s Frank Maloney, not ‘Kellie’. And neither of them, by the way, is a real woman.  They both remain, genetically, blokes.  It follows also there is no such thing as ‘a pregnant man’. A pregnant woman who decides she is a man remains for us a mother, not ‘a father’. Moreover, we urge Christians and all decent, truth-loving people to do the same. Otherwise, we are colluding with insanity, or with rebellion, or with both.

Youth Trust supports ‘questioning young people’

Mairead Healy's 'thoughts' are with promoting confusion

Mairead Healy’s ‘thoughts’ are with promoting confusion

Joining the collective madness, the Isle of Wight Youth Trust chimed in. Its executive director Mairead Healy said: “We were saddened to hear the news that an Island family has withdrawn their child from school and is looking to sue the school in response to this issue. Our thoughts are with the children and young people who have been involved or affected by the news over the weekend.

“We would like to reiterate that our services are open to all young people on the Isle of Wight who need professional support, regardless of their gender identity. We would also like to acknowledge the excellent work that is carried out by Breakout Youth in supporting transgender and gender questioning young people here on the Isle of Wight.”

Breakout Youth’ is a Southampton-based group advancing the cause of homosexuality among the young. But what does ‘our thoughts are with’ intend to convey? Come to that, what does ‘regardless of their gender identity’ mean? Public money seems to fund one third of the the Isle of Wight Youth Trust’s income.  The rest is from events, appeals on Virgin Money,  and corporate sponsors.

Sponsors include Isle of Wight ferries and the Royal Hotel in Ventnor. At the latter, a weekend’s B&B will set you back upwards of £250 per night per couple.

Equalities Act told us to do it!

Frank Godwin's representation of Treasure Island's Long John Silver

Frank Godwin’s representation of Treasure Island’s Long John Silver

The Isle of Wight school has not been named.  According to The Independent, it said it ‘followed Church of England guidance’. The headteacher said transgender people were protected under the Equalities Act.

By implication, the head claims they cannot address the child concerned by anything other than his assumed girl name because of the law. Nor can they take him aside and quietly reassure him he is a boy. Nor would they dare suggest his parents refer him to a child psychiatric professional.  In all that, they are failing the child concerned.

Lawyers for the couple are expected to say that the school cannot rely on the Equalities Act. They will argue legal recognition of gender reassignment is only given to those over the age of 18.

In ‘gender dysphoria’, your mind is out of step with your genetic make-up.  But the idea that your body has to change rather than your mind is, frankly, barking mad. Suppose I sincerely believed I was Long John Silver.  Maybe I “consistently and persistently insist” this is the case.  Would you expect a doctor to cut off my leg and buy me a parrot?

That would be as much a perversion of medicine as puberty-blocking drugs and subsequent ‘gender re-assignment’ surgery. But that is not stopping our politicians, media and public authorities, including schools on the Isle of Wight, from going along with what amounts to child abuse.

No consultation

Sally Rowe said, “There was no consultation with other parents. Our son, like others, was struggling with starting school life, and with the school’s suggestion that young children can change gender. So, we felt that we could no longer allow him to attend the school.”

The couple’s younger child continued at the school, only for a similar thing to happen.

Nigel explains:  “Incredibly, a similar situation occurred again when our youngest son was six years old. A child, also aged six, would come to school one day as a boy, and on another day as a girl.

“Unsurprisingly, we raised our concerns with the school when our son came from school saying he was confused as to why and how a boy was now sometimes a girl!  The suggestion that gender is fluid conflicts sharply with our Christian beliefs as a family.”

As it happens, it conflicts equally sharply with sheer common sense and reality.

‘God has created humanity in his image’

Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal Centre

Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal Centre

Commenting on the case, Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting the family, said:

“God has created humanity in his image, male and female. These are not arbitrary categories. It is not compassionate to encourage children to think that they can change genders. The loving thing to do is to help children embrace who they are as God made them, and especially to help those who experience confusion or anxiety about their identity.

“Transgender ideology is being aggressively imposed on unsuspecting schools, parents and children. School classrooms, which should be among the safest environments for children, are rapidly becoming dangerous battlefields in a war over gender identity. Vulnerable children are being used as pawns and will be harmed the most.

Michelle Cretella, M.D.

Michelle Cretella, M.D.

“The right response to gender identity confusion is not to fuel ambiguity and anxiety but to give children the tools they need to embrace their birth sex. We need to expose this agenda for what it is – delusional, destructive and abusive.”

Leading paediatrician argues against transgenderism

Meanwhile, we have come across an article by a leading American paediatrician.  It was originally posted in the Daily Signal. Michelle Cretella, M.D., argues against the transgender agenda from a scientific background. Dr Cretella makes a huge number of valid points.

She says: ‘Transgender ideology is not just infecting our laws. It is intruding into the lives of the most innocent among us—children—and with the apparent growing support of the professional medical community.’

 Click on the article, which is essential reading.

Matt 19:4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female?

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Sep 11

Medway Council’s Emotional Abuse

Medway Council took Sara Root to Maidstone County Court for contempt.

Medway Council took Sara Root to Maidstone County Court for contempt.

A mother who says her two youngest children were wrongly taken into care by Medway Council was given a six-month suspended prison sentence at the end of last month by Judge Richard Polden

Sara Root told Christian Voice her children were taken seven years ago for ‘emotional abuse’.

District Judge Graham Green made a judgment which will concern home-schoolers up and down the land.. Medway satisfied the judge the son and daughter were suffering the said emotional abuse due to home schooling. This had given them, said Medway’s Ian Scrivens, a ‘skewed view of the world’. Despite attending a primary school, playing with other children and going out to the park and the cinema, they were not ‘socialising.’

Legal Statement

Sara Root was found guilty in July, as we reported at the time. But in July we did not feel able to identify the mother. Now that she has been sentenced, the court authorised this legal statement:

In relation to C00ME422. On 30th August 2017, at Maidstone County Court, His Honour Judge Polden sentenced Sara Root to a custodial sentence of six months, suspended for twelve months, for contempt of court. The basis of that sentence was that: (a) she had breached an injunction made under section 12 of the Administration of Justice 1960 on 13th December 2011 on ten occasions; (b) she was in breach of an undertaking she gave to the court on 12th December 2016; and (c) she failed to comply with reporting restrictions made at the same hearing. All of the breaches were occasioned by publishing material relating to care proceedings on Facebook and failing to remove it.

September hearing

Ms Root is now applying to the High Court to remove the injunctions. Her two children are now young adults aged respectively 18 and 19, she told Christian Voice. Therefore they are no longer subject to any care order. Not surprisingly, she would like to make contact with them again. But in a bizarre twist, Medway Council have applied for non-molestation orders on behalf of the two young adults. Their only evidence appears to be hearsay.

Social worker Kelly Hopper had to admit in court she was not even in touch with Ms Root’s children. Meanwhile, ‘support worker’ Lucy Conn has made a statement. We understand this discloses that the young man involved does not even want Medway Council to speak on his behalf. The case will be heard behind closed doors at the Royal Courts of Justice on 28th September.

Contempt removes some secrecy

The family courts are shrouded in secrecy. Those in social services and the child protection industry say this is to protect the children involved. But it also means parents cannot easily bring injustices to the light. The media are also loathe to report cases. Editors fear they may fall foul of contempt of court rules. So in practice, the secrecy rules protect the system.

The only reason Sara Root and Eugene Lukjanenko can be named is because Medway Council brought actions against them for contempt of court, which carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison. Family court judges still hear such cases. Nevertheless, the cases have to be held in open court in the civil court, rather than the family court. This is because the British legal jurisdictions do not ‘disappear’ people. Anyone facing jail must be named. This does not mean the media can then name any children involved, nor do we want to. But we can and shall name local authorities and social workers.

Medway Council rooftop protest

Eugene Lukjanenko was convicted of contempt at Canterbury County Court in January and July 2017

Eugene Lukjanenko was convicted of contempt at Canterbury County Court in January and July 2017

Meanwhile, concert pianist Eugene Lukjanenko occupied the porch roof of Medway Council offices in Chatham last week. He remains in dispute with Medway over access to his son in care. However, above all, he wants his son returned, and his son, who is 14, also wants to come home. With worrying similarities to the Sara Root case, Mr Lukjanenko also says his son his taken away for alleged ’emotional abuse’.

A group of people on the ground also protested against forced adoption & foster care. Two police cars were called to the protest, where four people were spotted handing out leaflets.  A spokesman from the police said: ‘Officers have been made aware of a protest on a roof in Dock Road, Chatham. Officers were called to the scene at 7.21am on Tuesday 5 September 2017.’

One protester told the local KentOnline newspaper they were calling on the government to investigate the way in which children are taken into care.

Mr Lukjanenko came down from the roof voluntarily at 7.30pm. He was arrested on suspicion of aggravated criminal trespass and causing a public nuisance.

Earlier this year he was twice found in contempt of court for publishing details of case in social media. Mr Lukjanenko was sentenced to 56 days suspended for a year in January 2017 and again, for a separate offence, in July.

Emotional abuse in Medway Council area

The Government’s most recent figures show wide variations in numbers of children taken into care and reasons given. The discrepancy shows up widely in the contrast between the two councils in Kent. These are Kent County Council and, funnily enough, Medway Council.

Kent County Council took 1,049 children into care in 2015-2016. The population of Kent CC area at the last census was 1,541,900. Under 20’s were 360,605. So a Kent child has a 0.29% chance of being ‘in care’.

Medway Council took 539 children into care in 2015-2016. The population of Medway’s council area at the last census was 263,925. Under 20’s were 74,000. So a Medway child has a 0.73% chance of being ‘in care’.
In Kent County Council, 656 children were taken for neglect, 63% of the total and higher than the national average for England. The Council took 203 children for ‘emotional abuse’. That is 19%, which is lower than England’s national average.

But in Medway, 237 children (44%) were taken for neglect and 257 (48%) for emotional abuse. Given Medway’s far lower population, are we really being asked to accept that children in Chatham and Rochester are suffering ‘emotional abuse’ (whatever that is) over six times more than children in Canterbury and Ramsgate?

Or is something rather odd going on in Medway Council Social Services? And if it is, are we justified, to use the old Watergate expression, to ‘follow the money’?


Sep 04

No more Boys and Girls at John Lewis

Newspaper article about John Lewis, as tweeted by Piers Morgan

Newspaper article about John Lewis, as tweeted by Piers Morgan

‘John Lewis has become the first UK retailer to remove gender labels from its children’s clothing’, reports the Independent over the weekend. (Links on this site always open automatically in a new tab)

The department store chain has taken ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ labels from its clothes.  John Lewis has also removed separate sections in all its stores.

No ‘gender stereotypes’ at John Lewis

Caroline Bettis, the head of childrenswear at John Lewis, said: ‘We do not want to reinforce gender stereotypes within our John Lewis collections and instead want to provide greater choice and variety to our customers, so that the parent or child can choose what they would like to wear.’

John Lewis own-brand children clothing will now say ‘Girls & Boys’ or ‘Boys & Girls’ on everything from football tops to dresses.

Boyswear from the John Lewis online shop

Boyswear from the John Lewis online shop

However, at this time of writing, its website still retained separate boyswear and girlswear sections.  That is either clever marketing in an online age, or incompetence.

School uniform is the only type of clothing that has not yet been switched in the stores.  Nevertheless, John Lewis say it will do soon.


Shoppers now expect the store’s next step to be to abolish ‘menswear’ and ‘womenswear’ sections.  It will then abolish ‘electrical’ and ‘household’.  They will wander confused and aimless through its stores buying nothing.

But the paper now reports a backlash.  One person tweeted: ‘You have let us all down John Lewis, if only people stopped pandering to the PC brigade. There are only two sexes, male or female.’

Another wrote: ‘John Lewis’s introduction of ‘gender neutral’ kids clothes is a worrying sign of the times. Expect mental health issues to rocket.’

Pretty dresses in the Girlswear section of the John Lewis online shop.

Pretty dresses in the Girlswear section of the John Lewis online shop.

The Bible says:

Deut 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. 

Piers Morgan: John Lewis or Joan Lewis?

TV personality Piers Morgan chipped in with a tweet and a picture.  He wrote: ‘Britain is going officially bonkers’. Twitter users have retweeted his tweet nine thousand times and ‘liked’ it twenty-one-thousand.

The subject came up on Good Morning Britain.  The presenter joked, ‘can we call it John Lewis anymore or does it have to be Joan Lewis?’  Perplexingly, Morgan supports transgender persons such as Bruce ‘Caitlin’ Jenner.  Equally, that may go with the ‘luvvy’ circles he moves in.

The Independent was of course delighted.  Writer Rachel Hosie gushed: ‘The clothing style hasn’t changed – you’ll still find floral dresses and skirts.  The retailer is simply proving the point that they can be worn by both girls and boys.’

Who are ‘Let Clothes Be Clothes’?

Genderless clothes Campaigner Francesca Cambridge Mallen

Genderless clothes Campaigner Francesca Cambridge Mallen

An internet group called Let Clothes Be Clothes was also happy.  They say: ‘Allies of Let Toys Be Toys, we’re calling on retailers in the UK to support choice and end the use of gender stereotypes in the design and marketing of children’s clothes.’

Let Clothes Be Clothes claim to be ‘a group of parents who have come together to ask retailers in the UK to rethink how they design and market children’s clothing.’  No names appear on the website.  However, a ‘whois’ look-up reveals the convener to be one Francesca Cambridge Mallen of Much Wenlock in Shropslhire.  Mrs Mallen has written for Hiuffington Post.  She is supported by a Katie Penham.  Mrs Penham is partner in a unisex clothing firm. And hey presto, Let Clothes Be Clothes has given it an award.  No conflict of interest there.

The Let Clothes Be Clothes website is quoting Dr Javid Abelmoneim, who presented BBC’s transgender campaigning programme ‘No more boys and girls’  ‘Every child deserves the same opportunities in life, but unless we stop treating girls and boys differently that simply isn’t going to happen,’ he says.  Bring on the social engineering.

‘Future footballers’ wife’

In fairness, the campaigners have plenty of easy targets.  When it is not promoting homosexuality, the National Trust found time to stock one of its gift shop with pink hats for girls.  The designer emblazoned them with Future footballers’ wife.’  This writer has heard parents tell a five-year-old girl, ‘You look sexy in that’.

Other retailers have been criticised for crass clothing in the past.  Gap, for example, came under fire for referring to girls as ‘social butterflies’ and boys as ‘little scholars’ in an advert promoting its new clothing range.

Andrew Bridgen MP

Andrew Bridgen MP

Campaigners also slammed Asda for ‘gender disparity’ in its clothing.  Girls’ clothes had slogans such as ‘Hey Cutie’ and ‘Ponies Rock’.  Boys clothing carried phrases such as ‘Future Scientist’ and ‘Boys Will Be Boys’.

On the other hand, perhaps that’s where the market is.  Maybe parents prefer pretty clothes for their girls and masculine stuff for boys.  If so, John Lewis could take a financial hit and be responsible for some child’s gender confusion.

‘Political correctness continues to march’

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: ‘I have no idea what would possess John Lewis to do this.

‘Boys and girls labels and signs are informative. I think removing them could be very confusing for the consumer.

‘It appears political correctness continues to march and, whether it is going in the right direction, is a point for debate. I cannot see many customers buying a dress for their six-year-old boy.’

Asking ‘what would possess John Lewis’ possibly gets to the heart of it.  Something demonic has grabbed hold of leaders, elites and decision makers in our land.  They have made what the prophet Isaiah (in Isa 28:15) described as ‘a covenant with death’.  Much prayer is needed leading to prophetic action if the United Kingdom is to survive.

The Managing Director of John Lewis Partnership is Paula Nickolds.

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Aug 31

Muslim Tower Hamlets foster carers in storm over Christian child

East London Family Court, situated in a tower block at Canary Wharf, hears cases brought by Tower Hamlets Social Services

East London Family Court, situated in a tower block at Canary Wharf, hears cases brought by Tower Hamlets Social Services

A child in care from a Christian family was placed in care with a strict Muslim foster family who ridiculed her Christian beliefs, according to reports.

The child, who cannot be named because of family court rules, was placed in foster care by social workers in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Social Services sent her to live with two Muslim families in six months.  One family allegedly said she should remove her necklace bearing a cross and learn Arabic. The Bible says:

Mark 9:42 And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

The story first appeared in The Times, but was re-run in other media, including the Metro on Tuesday.

The carers, said the reports, covered their faces with a niqab.  They stopped the girl, who is five, from eating her favourite Italian food, carbonara, because it contained bacon.  Islam forbids the eating of pork which is seen as ‘haram’ or ‘forbidden.’

Lawyers tried to stop The Times attending court

Her Honour Judge Khatun Sapnara ordered the girl should be removed from the Muslim carers

Her Honour Judge Khatun Sapnara ordered the girl should be removed from the Muslim carers

The foster carers also referred to the Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter disparagingly.  According to the Metro newspaper, the little girl went home telling her mother the festivals were ‘stupid’.  Moreover, she said her carers had told her, ‘European women are stupid and alcoholic’.  Naturally, her mother was appalled, and said she had opposed the placement.

But Tower Hamlets social workers refused to place the girl with her grandmother.

The case was back in the East London family court yesterday.  This time, Circuit Judge Khatun Sapnara ruled the girl must leave the Muslim foster carers and go to live with her grandparents, as the child’s family wanted all along. (Coincidentally, Her Honour is Muslim of Bangladeshi descent.  Tower Hamlets has a large concentration of Bangladeshis.)

But even then, lawyers for Tower Hamlets Social Services tried to have journalists from The Times thrown out. Members of the press have a right to attend the family court.  Security staff, says Andrew Norfolk of The Times, were escorting a journalist from the building.  Judge Sapnara heard and ordered he be admitted to the court.  She praised the paper for exposing the case.  The judgment is here.

The lawyers went so far as to allege the paper had seen confidential court documents.  Yesterday, The Times said Tower Hamlets had tried to block the original story.  The newspaper deserves credit for pressing ahead and exposing it.  Nevertheless, at present, parents are barred from showing journalists papers, such as social workers’ reports, prepared for the court.  That is an interference with freedom of expression which this writer is campaigning to have removed.

Tower Hamlets complain of alleged inaccuracies

East London Mosque lies in the heart of Tower Hamlets

East London Mosque lies in the heart of Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets Social Services are incandescent that the story had come to the light.  They hoped it would stay private, hidden away in the secrecy of the family court.   According to the Guardian, they have complained about alleged ‘inaccuracies’ in The Times report.

The Guardian goes on:  ‘The Children Act 1989 requires a local authority to give consideration to “religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background” when making decisions about a child who is in care as a result of a court order.

‘MPs have expressed concern over the case, including Robert Halfon, the Conservative chairman of the Commons education committee, who said it would be equally concerning if a Muslim child who did not speak English were placed with a Christian foster carer in a home where the child’s language was not spoken.

‘The office of the children’s commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, confirmed it would be contacting Tower Hamlets council to find out why the decision was made. The child has reportedly been in the care of a Muslim family for the past six months.’

Christians barred from fostering

The Guardian reports Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, taking The Times to task.  He criticised the Times in a number of tweets: One said, “Demonisation of the foreigner (especially the Muslim foreigner) is the clear undercurrent in this entire piece. It is appalling.”

But others will be concerned how people with such a negative view of the society they are living in came to be approved as foster carers in the first place.  Social Services have barred Christian foster parents on grounds of perceived negative views of homosexuality.  The BBC reported in 2011 that Owen and Eunice Johns lost their case against Derby City Council.  How do they suppose radical Muslims view that vice?

Foster carers can secure hundreds of pounds a week looking after children in care.

Social workers stopped another Christian couple from adopting a child. The couple said a child needed a mother and a father.  That was enough to prevent them being accepted.

Islam ‘a threat to the West’

Just today RT reported that more than half of Britons believe Islam ‘poses a threat to the West’.  It says this is despite the UK becoming more tolerant and open overall.  Pro-Muslim group ‘Hope not Hate’ published the figures from a new study it commissioned.  Hope not Hate said it would require ‘significant effort’ to ‘address’ what it views as ‘homophobia’ rather than legitimate concern.

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Aug 25

Woman jailed for inventing rape claims

Jemma Beale - Police Photo

Jemma Beale – Police Photo

A lesbian fantasist who invented rape and sexual assault allegations to get attention from her former girlfriend has been jailed for ten years.

Jemma Beale, 25, claimed she had been raped by nine men and seriously sexually assaulted by six others.  Her allegations spanned four different encounters over the space of three years. Miss Beale’s lies caused one man to be wrongly jailed.

Miss Beale, from Bedfont, south west London, faced four counts of perjury and four of perverting the course of justice.  She was found guilty last month after a five-week trial at Southwark Crown Court.  The Ninth Commandment states:

Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

The Metro newspaper carried the story in its print edition.  Appropriately enough it was printed on the front page alongside a trailer for the next day’s London Gay Pride parade.

‘Convincing liar’

Judge Nicholas Loraine Smith

Judge Nicholas Loraine Smith

Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith sentenced Jemma Beale yesterday. According to the Guardian, he said: ‘This trial has revealed, what was then not obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar and you enjoy being seen as a victim.’

He said: ‘These offences usually began as a drunken attempt to get your partner’s sympathy or perhaps to arouse her jealousy.

‘They each began impulsively, but what is particularly chilling is the manner in which you persisted in making allegations which you knew were untrue even to the extent of committing and repeating perjury.’

The Daily Telegraph reports that he continued: ‘These false allegations of rape, false allegations which will inevitably be widely publicised, are likely to have the perverse impact of increasing the likelihood of guilty men going free.

‘Cases such as this bring a real risk that a woman who has been raped or sexually assaulted may not complain to the police for fear of not being believed.’

No need for corroborating evidence

Claims of rape or sexual assault are easy to make. Most accusations are made by women.  In addition, many are in the context of the failure of a relationship.

Rape Crisis say around 90% of those who come to them know the alleged perpetrator prior to the offence. Three-quarters of the women who contact them complain of events they say occurred at least twelve months earlier
Furthermore, the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 abolished the need for corroborating evidence in sexual crimes. It is now ‘her word against his’.  The scope for malicious accusation is correspondingly high.

Paradoxically, although the need for corroborating evidence was swept away to increase convction rates, juries remain unconvinced. Conviction rates for rape are far lower than other crimes.  Only 5.7% of reported rape cases ending in a conviction for the alleged perpetrator.

Jemma Beale ‘demanded sex’

Jemma Beale was unusual in that she accused strangers, or men she had only just met, of rape. Her first target was Mahad Cassim. The 37-year-old Somalian was giving Miss Beale a lift home.  Suddenly, she directed him to an alleyway and then demanded sex.

Anuska Pritchard reported Jemma Beale to the police

Anuska Pritchard reported Jemma Beale to the police

It is not clear whether anything occurred, but she made an allegation against Mr Cassim in November 2010.
He was tried for rape in December 2011 but jurors were unable to reach verdicts.

In a retrial the following month he was convicted.  Mr Cassim was jailed for seven years.

In a victim impact statement, Beale described the ‘devastating’ effect the nonexistent rape had on her. She added: ‘I feel that any sentence he receives will never reflect the life sentence that he gave me.’ She received £11,400 in criminal compensation.  Mr Cassim spent two years and nine months in jail. He was only freed on appeal in 2015 after one of Miss Beale’s girlfriends told police Beale had lied about the alleged rape.

According to The Sun, Anuska Pritchard was duped into giving evidence on Miss Beale’s behalf at Mr Cassim’s trial.  Her evidence turned out to be crucial at Mr Cassim’s appeal and Miss Beale’s trial for perjury.

Further allegations

In the meantime, Jemma Beale claimed she was groped by a complete stranger, Noam Shahzad, in a pub in Hounslow, west London, in July 2012. He then took part in a vicious gang rape on her in the car park of a nearby medical centre, she claimed.

Mr Shahzad, although innocent, skipped bail and fled the country after being charged with sexual assault.
CCTV later showed that Beale had attacked him in the pub before walking home alone.

Forensic tests also showed she had cut herself with a hanging flower basket to make it look like she had been attacked with barbed wire.

In September 2013, she reported another ‘grotesque invention.’  This time Miss Beale alleged a serious sexual assault by two men outside her home in Addlestone, Surrey.

Fourth accusation leads to denunciation

Two months later, she said she was gang raped by four of a group of eight men in Feltham, west London.
The false accuser identified two of the men as Luke Williams, 28, and Steven McCormack, 25. Police arrested and interviewed both.  Neither was ever charged.

It was this event which led to Miss Pritchard denouncing Miss Beale her to the police.  Officers then carried out a review of all four investigations into allegations of rape and sexual assault made by Jemma Beale.

They found common discrepancies and similar circumstances within the allegations, which strengthened their suspicions that Beale may have fabricated them.

the Judge gave Miss Beale around a third of the sentence she should have received for the four false allegations, according to Biblical law:

Deut 19:18 And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother; 19 Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you.  (KJV)

DS Kevin Lynott from the Metropolitan Police said she was a criminal who had ‘abused the system’. He insisted each of her claims had been investigated independently. Worryingly, he said there was ‘credible’ evidence that cast no doubt on her initial allegations.

Desire to believe women

DS Lynott admitted: ‘The impact on those she falsely accused has been devastating, however hopefully the outcome now fully exonerates all the men she falsely accused of such heinous crimes.’

Restoring the requirement for corroborating evidence would go some way to reducing the scope for malicious accusations.  The Bible says:

1Peter 3:7 Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

This verse builds on our natural physiology and obvious God-given differences between the sexes.  Moreover, viewing women as weaker than men and in need of protection brings with it a presumption and a desire to believe them.

Rape Crisis say blithely, ‘False allegations of rape are very rare’. It is ‘a myth’ that women ‘lie about being raped because they regret having sex with someone or out of spite or for attention’.

But the Bible shows us it is not just men who lie. Women can as well:

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Hillary Clinton: women ‘have the right to be believed’.

Juanita Broaddrick; Hillary Clinton decided rape accusers did not have 'the right to be believed' after all.

Juanita Broaddrick; Hillary Clinton decided rape accusers did not have ‘the right to be believed’ after all.

In her US presidential campaign last year, Hillary Clinton maintained women ‘have the right to be believed’.

The Washington Examiner said: ‘To be sure, accusers’ stories shouldn’t be immediately discounted. But their claims do have to be investigated, and investigators need to look for facts, instead of railroading the accused for political purposes. But the accuser’s “right” to be believed seems a stretch too far toward denying due process toward the accused.’

In August 2016 the pledge had disappeared from the Clinton campaign website, says the Examiner.

The paper reported: ‘The change appears to have occurred in February 2016, just after Juanita Broaddrick – who has maintained for decades that Bill Clinton raped her and Hillary threatened her – emerged publicly again and tweeted about her encounter.’

Heinous crime to commit and be accused of

Rape is a heinous crime, as the judge said. But it is also a heinous crime to be accused of falsely. How many men are in jail today because their accuser was more plausible in court than they? And many guilty men have gone free because no-one bothered to look for corroborating evidence and they were more plausible than their victim.

In such an atmosphere, men need to be very wary and young women should be cautious. Women’s groups demand that girls should be able to get as drunk as they like and walk home alone. Nevertheless, we keep valuables out of sight and shut our doors and windows.  We do that so as not to make it easy for thieves.  Why should women not take equivalent precautions about their personal safety?

Indeed, Biblical sexual ethics would help safeguard both sexes.  In God’s economy, sexual purity is valued and women are protected by their family and by men at large.

Deut 23:17 There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.

We are where we are in today’s society.  Let us pray for national repentance to bring some sanity and wisdom.  The law on sexual crimes urgently needs both qualities from on high.


Aug 17

No More Boys and Girls in BBC2’s brave new world

No more Boys and Girls, said BBC2, sending Dr Javid Abdelmoneim into a class of seven year-olds to distort their thinking.

No more Boys and Girls, said BBC2, sending Dr Javid Abdelmoneim into a class of seven year-olds to distort their thinking.

Straw man (or should that be person?) arguments and some duplicitous thinking characterised BBC’s No More Boys and Girls last night.  Here’s a report in the Daily Telegraph.

The headteacher of Lanesend Primary School on the Isle of Wight, Mrs Caroline Sice, allowed the film crew into a class of seven-year-olds, taught by one Graham Andre.  He seemed a decent sort, even if he did keep calling the girls ‘love’ and the boys ‘mate’.  However, Dr Javid pulled him on that.  No More Boys and Girls was not having gender stereotype endearments.  And Mr Andre accepted his most grievous fault graciously.

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim’s speciality is emergency medicine.  He is a trustee for Medecins San Frontieres and has stepped up for the French doctors’ group in many parts of the world.  But although equable and persuasive, he has no qualification in sociology or human development.  Dr Javid does even boast a diploma in Gender Studies.

No More Boys and Girls brains

No more Boys and Girls brains either, says Gina Rippon

No more Boys and Girls brains either, says Gina Rippon

So during No More Boys and Girls he turned to Professor Gina Rippon.  She is the neuroscientist who claims male and female brains differ only because of ‘gender stereotyping’.  What she calls ‘the relentless ‘drip, drip, drip’.’  She rails against the ideas in books like ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venuus’.  But you do not have to have read that tome to know that the sexes are different.  Maybe looking at brains will show no differences between us.  But emotionally, even spiritually, men and women see things and do things differently.  We have different hormones, for a start.

And why is it that women are on average slightly more intelligent than men, but men are over-represented at the extremes of the intelligence spectrum?  More men are very stupid or approaching genius level, than women.  Why is it, for that matter, that people differ in intelligence at all?

Those behind No More Boys and Girls reject the idea that there is any difference between the genders.  Dr Javid had the boys and girls trying to hit the bell on a fairground High Striker.  He wanted to ‘challenge what the children think about strength’.  Quite disgracefully, he told them there is no difference in strength between boys and girls.  Not at the age of seven there isn’t.

Why not tell the children the whole truth?

But there will be plenty of difference at age twenty-seven, or even seventeen, once pubertal hormones have kicked in.  A few years of testosterone, and male musculature will outstrip that of women.  This, after all, is why we have separate men’s and women’s events in athletics.  It’s why there are currently no men in the women’s teams at their rugby world cup.  And, obviously, no women in the men’s outfits.

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim doing what he does best: emergency medicine

Dr Javid Abdelmoneim doing what he does best: emergency medicine

It’s why the wonderful Serena Williams will not beat anyone in the men’s tennis top five hundred.  Personally, I should rather see her play than Andy Murray.  But enough of this John Betjeman-like train of thought.  The question is: Why not tell the children the whole truth?

As for the unfortunate boy who was left in tears when he could not hit the plunger with the mallet, why did neither Dr Javid nor Mr Andre show him how to do it?

And when little Lexi was in tears of joy after hitting the bell, some of the girls came around to give her a hug.  I was expecting Dr Javid to jump in and say, ‘Stop that! We don’t want any of that girly stereotype empathy around here’.  But for some reason, he didn’t.

Curiously, Dr Javid took against the boys and girls hanging their outdoor coats in separate cupboards.  He made them redecorate the cupboards so they were the same colour.

Was I the only person to notice the doors were the same colour to start off with?  Well, the children got to splash some paint around unnecessarily, so fair play to the manufacturers.

Books ‘change the children’s minds’

Yes, girls underestimate their intelligence and boys are brash and express violent emotions, even at the age of seven.  One girl thought a male nurse was ‘a bit weird’.  But does society really need to hang posters in classrooms saying ‘girls are clever’ and ‘boys are sensitive’?  Be sure boys are sensitive.  That’s why suicide takes the lives of so many more young men than young women.

Dr Javid was keen to bring books about brave girls doing exploits into the classroom. ‘It only takes a few books to change the children’s minds’, he said.  Yes, the gay activists currently grooming school children know that very well indeed.

He also wanted to challenge gender stereotypes about the sort of jobs people do.  So they wheeled in a butch woman mechanic, a male make-up artist, a male dancer and a girl illusionist.  the children were predictably shocked. There is of course a drive on at the moment to force more girls into science, technology, engineering and maths.  They are collectively known as ‘STEM’ subjects.  Am I the only one left who believes if young women are bored by technology, or do not want to get their hands dirty under a car bonnet, the state has no function dragooning them into it?

Serious questions

There are serious questions to be asked.  Why do men comprise 95% of the prison population?  And why do they carry out the bulk of murders?  Why do men rather than women even think of taking on risky jobs like diving, or ridiculously challenging ones like brain surgery?  For that matter, why will a man fight to defend his wife?  And why does she expect him to?  Why are male testosterone levels currently falling in the West, and should we be concerned?  What happens to a society in which men cannot on their own provide financially for their family?  The real answers will only come when we work with the world as God created and structured it, rather than what we imperfect beings things it should be like.

2Sam 10:12 Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God: and the LORD do that which seemeth him good.

Gen 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

Next week in No more Boys and Girls, gender-neutral toilets are on the way in and dolls for the girls are heading out.  But already, Dr Javid is wondering on air: ‘I’m worried I have upset a load of kids and not achieved anything.’  Nothing of any good so far, at any rate.

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Aug 11

Gays and Muslims in Islamophobia row

Homosexuals and a few ex-Muslims carry banners insulting Islam in the London Gay Pride Parade prompting cries of Islamophobia

Homosexuals and a few ex-Muslims carry banners insulting Islam in the London Gay Pride Parade prompting cries of Islamophobia

Homosexual activists and Muslims have seriously fallen out over alleged Islamophobia in last month’s London gay pride parade.

And not long ago, veteran gay campaigner Peter Tatchell was urging homosexuals and Muslims to unite in solidarity against ‘oppression’.  One supposes he meant from what is left of Christianity in this country.

Muslim leaders have made a formal complaint to ‘Pride London’ about what they see as Islamophobia in banners, according to the Evening Standard.  (All our links open automatically in a new tab.)  These included slogans such as “Allah is gay”, “East London Mosque incites murder of LGBTs” and “F*** Islamic homophobia”.  The activist painted the “F*** Islam” bit in red on the latter placard, just so we get the point.

A Pride London spokesman said: “While our parade has always been a home to protest, which often means conflicting points of view, Pride must always be a movement of acceptance, diversity and unity. We will not tolerate Islamophobia.”  They wrote a stern letter to the activists involved, and got a rude response, according to Middle East Eye.

Islamophobia and National Secular Society

Maryam Namazie accepting a shell and a cuddle as Secularist of the Year in 2005.

Maryam Namazie accepting a shell and a cuddle as Secularist of the Year in 2005.

So who are the culprits?  Well, a group calling itself ‘The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’ organised the protest at Gay Pride.  Iranian Maryam Namazie is the face of the organisation.  She pops up in the media from time to time to condemn laws against sodomy in Muslim countries.

But Maryam Namazie is a secularist agitator with fingers in many atheist pies.  She is even an ‘honorary associate’ of the National Secular Society.

Furthermore, the NSS and the British Humanist Association together sponsored the launch of the ‘Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’ in 2007.  Well, that’s what Wikipedia says.

A representative of the East London Mosque spoke on RT this morning.  He said he saw Islamophobia in the slogans.  Indeed, while we must reject the silly word ‘Islamophobia’, they were certainly insulting Islam.  He also pointed out that there is no council of ‘ex-Hindus’ or ‘ex-Jews’.  He is right.

That is because the ‘Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’ is a paper body.  It does not really exist.  It is a vehicle for Maryam Namazie to cock a snook at the Muslim Council of Britain.  Sure, a few atheists from Muslim backgrounds have joined it.  Nevertheless, fewer than two dozen people go to its AGM’s.  According to the National Secular Society, commenting on its launch, there is another such group in Germany.  But that too was just invented by a secularist agitator, one Mina Ahadi.  So was the one in Scandinavia.  They are few.  But they are noisy.  And the British one has certainly stirred up the East London Mosque.

A three-cornered spiritual fight

King John III Sobieski blessing the succesful Polish attack on the Ottomans in the Battle of Vienna – Juliusz Kossak painting

King John III Sobieski blessing the succesful Polish attack on the Ottomans in the Battle of Vienna – Juliusz Kossak painting

Christian Voice sees a three-cornered spiritual fight in the world.  Christianity has been fighting it out with Secularism for two hundred years.  Moreover, the Christian world-view has been losing ground to the Secularist one for the last sixty of them.  That is in the West, at least.  But recently Islam has joined the fray.  Now, Islam is expansionist.  It recruits at the point of a sword.  Muslims over-ran Spain early in their history and were only beaten back in the fifteenth century.  Christian armies defeated The Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

But through migration, conversion and natural fecundity, Islam is gaining ground in Europe once again.  On top of that, politically, Islam is on the march.  Muslims demand prayer rooms, halal food, mosques, schools and public money.  Muslims rule Tower Hamlets.  They renamed or abolished four of the six council wards named after the Christian faith.  St Marys, St Peters and St James went.  So did Holy Trinity Ward, the very name anathema to Muslims.  Cash has gone to Islamic groups in the London borough.  The old Christian Voice website reveals more on the Tower Hamlets saga.  It is an indication of what happens when Muslims begin to gain power.

But equally, the secularists, happy to use Islam and multi-culturalism against Christianity, will not take the advance quietly once Islam reaches a political tipping point.  In that view, maybe the ‘pride’ protest was a preliminary skirmish from the hot-head advance guard.

A pointer to prayer

Middle East Eye says Richard Dawkins and Peter Tatchell have also joined the spat.  Now, in one sense, it is heartening to see the enemies of Jesus Christ fighting among themselves.  You may be inclined to pray the Lord to continue to send even more confusion amongst those who hate the Gospel:

2Chr 20:23 For the children of Ammon and Moab stood up against the inhabitants of mount Seir, utterly to slay and destroy them: and when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Seir, every one helped to destroy another.

But it is better still to pray the Lord to stir up the Holy Spirit in Christians.  Pray we shall all have a Christ-centred Christian world-view.  Pray for Christians everywhere to press the Crown Rights of King Jesus.

Rev 17:14 These (Antichrist rulers) shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

View our video: Is Allah Almighty God?

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Aug 10

The Tinderbox of North Korea

1.2 million personnel serve in the North Korea armed forces

1.2 million personnel serve in the North Korea armed forces

North Korea today set out a strike plan for the US island territory and military base of Guam in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific.

According to the Guardian, ‘North Korea has defied threats of “fire and fury” from Donald Trump, deriding his warning as a “load of nonsense” and announcing a detailed plan to launch missiles aimed at the waters off the coast of the US Pacific territory of Guam.’ The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) says it will launch four missiles into waters ‘30-40km’ off the US territory and called President Trump ‘bereft of reason’.

Sanctions against North Korea

On Saturday 5th August, the UN security council voted unanimously to impose new sanctions on the DPRK. But the sanctions and the threats from Mr Trump do not appear to have brought peace.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media have been keen to lay the blame squarely on North Korea. Only this morning, BBC news ran a piece in which a young boy on Guam, prompted by his mother and connected to London by Skype, implored Kim Jong-un not to bomb them.  This was not news.  It was propaganda.

Back in May, the United States was amassing its navy off the North Korean coast in a show of military strength. It was practicing bombing raids into the North.  The North Korean military, for their part, have been busily testing missiles thought to have nuclear capability. The Pope urged diplomacy and called for Norway to mediate. How do we pray into all these aspects of what the papers call this ‘Hermit Country’? What has brought international tension over the DPRK to this point?

Would a more diplomatic, even a relaxed, approach have brought about a peaceful solution to the crisis already? Instead of an US apoplectic fit, what if a test launch of a North Korean missile was met with a shrug of the shoulders? Rather than isolation, what would be the result of a policy of engagement with Kim Jong-un and his crew?

After all, the Bible says:

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.
Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

The sense of God’s word is that in general peace is good and wrath and anger are bad. Moreover, a bit of wisdom and diplomacy can defuse a dangerous situation. And in this case, it’s one that could adversely affect us all.

Religion in North Korea

Open Doors describes North Korea as the worst place in the world to be a Christian. Its ruling family are, in practice, deified. But this was not always the case. Historically, religion on the Korean peninsular was shamanic with elements of the humanistic Confucian self-improvement doctrine coupled with ancestral worship. In the nineteenth century there was underground Christian missionary activity. The state had focused on neo-Confucianism and repressed the nascent Buddhism and Christianity. But the materialism of Confucius was collapsing.

Romans 8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

Accordingly, in the 1880s the government allowed large numbers of Western missionaries to enter the country. Protestant missionaries set up schools, hospitals and publishing agencies. The king of Korea and his family tacitly supported Christianity.

When Japan’s imperialism spread to the peninsular from 1910 the Land of the Rising Sun tried to impose its religion of Shinto. Like Confucianism, Shinto believes humans to be fundamentally good. The difference is, for Shinto, evil comes not from poor thoughts but from evil spirits. Consequently, Shinto rituals try to keep these away by purification, prayers and offerings to the kami (the divine – hence ‘kami kaze’ = ‘divine wind’).

Christianity and Nationalism

Christianity became associated with Korean nationalism as Christians refused to take part in Shinto rituals. But a reformed Confucianism called Cheondogyo also took hold. Cheondogyo translated literally means ‘religion of the Heavenly Way’. The word ‘Cheon’ means ‘Heaven’, ‘do’ means ‘way’ and gyo means ‘religion’. Cheondoism is agnostic about an afterlife. It tries to create paradise on earth through inner peace, moral virtue and Confucian propriety. It shares with Christianity the aim of reforming society but lacks the power of the Holy Spirit. The royal family supported the ‘Heavenly Way’ movement as well. But a movement opposed to the Lord of life cannot end well:

Proverbs 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

With the end of the Second World War in 1945, the Japanese were evicted from the Korean peninsular. Sadly, the country was then divided into a Russian-backed communist North and an American-supported South. Many Christians in the North fled to the South. They included around a sixth of the population of Pyongyang. The Cheondoists stayed put. To the newly-installed communist rulers of North Korea, Christianity was now associated with Americanism. That state of affairs exists to this day. If you are interested, there is only one mosque in Pyongyang, in the Iranian Embassy.

Constitutional Freedom

In the DPRK 1992 constitution, Article 68 grants freedom of religious belief and guarantees the right to construct buildings for religious use and religious ceremonies. The article also states, however: ‘No one may use religion as a means by which to drag in foreign powers or to destroy the state or social order’.

This may give us a clue to the problem. Christian Solidarity Worldwide supports economic sanctions against North Korea. But it says: ‘Christianity is repressed most harshly because it is viewed as a foreign religion, and Christians are suspected of being spies.

‘In Pyongyang, there are four churches – two Protestant, one Catholic and one Russian Orthodox – but these are widely regarded as … show churches for the benefit of foreign visitors.’

The imposition of economic sanctions hardly mollifies the view of Christianity as a foreign, aggressive religion.

Threats from North Korea

In 1950, the North Korean Communist army crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded non-Communist South Korea. As Kim Il-sung’s North Korean army, armed with Soviet tanks, quickly overran South Korea, the United States came to South Korea’s aid. In the ensuing Korean War, all the cities of the North and many of the South were flattened. The economies of both were shattered. South Korea rebuilt faster with the help of its US and European allies. Mired in Communism, the USSR-supported North started well but collapsed in the 1990s (see below) and is only slowly rebuilding, hampered by continuing sanctions.

It is only sensible to view things from another’s perspective. Although the North started the Korean War, today its supporters argue self-preservation is more on its leadership’s mind. It has the historic enemy of Japan allied to the US across the Sea of Japan to the east, a US fleet parked off its coast, the US-backed South Korea to the South, and China to the north and west. A small border with Russia in the far north-east completes the set.

Threats to North Korea

Bruce Cumings of the University of Chicago reminds us (in that President Bill Clinton persuaded North Korea ‘to freeze its plutonium production for eight years (1994–2002) … Clinton also signed an agreement with Gen. Jo Myong-rok stating that henceforth, neither country would bear “hostile intent” toward the other.’  He claims the Bush administration ignored both agreements and embarked on a policy of aggravation:

‘Bush’s invasion of Iraq is rightly seen as a world-historical catastrophe, but next in line would be placing North Korea in his “axis of evil” and, in September 2002, announcing his “preemptive” doctrine directed at Iraq and North Korea, among others.’ The sense of what he is saying is that the invasion of Iraq, the ruin of Libya and destabilisation of Syria have made the North Koreans wonder if they are next in line for ‘regime change’. If so, they would be foolish not to take steps to defend themselves.

With (let us say) unpredictable and bellicose leaders in charge of both North Korea and the United States, we are driven to our knees in prayer. Mr Tillerson’s earlier threat of ‘preemptive action’ can only result in death and destruction. It would bring unintended consequences across the region and beyond.

Faint Ray of Hope

As well as the cause of peace for its own sake, this ministry is most concerned about our Christian brothers and sisters in North Korea.

The US library of Congress reported a faint note of hope in 1993: ‘In the late 1980s, it became apparent that North Korea was beginning to use the small number of Christians remaining in the country to establish contacts with Christians in South Korea and the West. Such contacts are considered useful for promoting the regime’s political aims, including reunifying the peninsula. In 1988 two new churches, the Protestant Pongsu Church and the Catholic Changchung Cathedral, were opened in P’yongyang.

‘Other signs of the regime’s changing attitude toward Christianity include holding the International Seminar of Christians of the North and South for the Peace and Reunification of Korea in Switzerland in November 1988, allowing papal representatives to attend the opening of the Changchung Cathedral in October/November of the same year, and sending two North Korean novice priests to study in Rome. Moreover, a new association of Roman Catholics was established in June 1988. A North Korean Protestant pastor reported at a 1989 meeting of the National Council of Churches in Washington, D.C., that his country has 10,000 Protestants and 1,000 Catholics who worship in 500 home churches. In March-April 1992, American evangelist Billy Graham visited North Korea to preach and to speak at Kim Il Sung University.’

Visit of Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Meets North Korean Christians in 2008

Franklin Graham Meets North Korean Christians in 2008

In 2008 Franklin Graham also visited the country, taking in a considerable amount of supplies for hospitals on behalf of Samaritan’s purse. He preached in Bongsu, the largest of two Protestant churches in Pyongyang. Preaching. ‘is not allowed outside of churches,’ Graham explained to an accompanying Fox News journalist at the time. ‘We will be preaching Sunday morning in one of their local churches. But as far as taking a stadium like we would in the United States or in other countries, no, that is not possible here. Many of the communist countries, or former communist countries, only allow you to preach on church property’. Essentially, then, this is encouraging the converted, which is good in itself. However, it isn’t preaching to the lost, which Mr Graham has a particular heart for:

Rom 10:14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

Nevertheless, we should not let the perfect be the enemy of good. Mr Graham, and his father before him, have been doing what they can.

Human Rights violations

In 2013, a different picture emerged. The UN Commission of Inquiry on human rights in North Korea now found that ‘the gravity, scale and nature’ of human rights violations in North Korea ‘reveal a State that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world.’

In 2014, the Commission of Inquiry went further. It said: ‘there is almost complete denial of the right to freedom of thought conscience and religion as well as the right to freedom of opinion, expression, information and association’ in North Korea, as well as possible crimes against humanity being perpetrated against the North Korean people. The Commission also noted that the regime in North Korea “considers the spread of Christianity a particularly severe threat”. As a result, “Christians are prohibited from practising their religion and are persecuted”. Severe punishments are inflicted on “people caught practising Christianity”.’ It was ever thus:

2Tim 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

Importance of The Family

Family and family connections are important to Koreans. Franklin Graham shared with journalist Greta Van Susteren a story about his father’s experience in 1992. ‘It is a little bit of a mystery, but President Kim Il Sung for some reason liked my father, and gave my father a big bear hug when he met him, and called him family.’

Which brings us to the importance of The Family of the DPRK. The aforementioned Kim Il-sung (15 April 1912 – 8 July 1994) is the grandfather of the current leader. Evidently, historians accept that, while Kim’s exploits were exaggerated by the personality cult that was built around him after the division, he was a significant guerrilla leader against the Japanese under occupation. He became Prime Minister of the DPRK from its establishment in 1948 and President from 1972 up to his death. His birthday is a significant public holiday, marked by the sort of military parades we saw last month, and styled ‘The Day of the Sun’.

Worryingly, according to an online encyclopedia, ‘many North Koreans believe Kim-Il-sung is an “almighty god” who “created the world” in seven days as a divine spirit millions of years ago, and came to Earth as a human in 1912 as a messianic figure’.

The Guardian reported in October 2015 on Kwang Jin.  Apparently, the North Korean defector was smuggled out of China by South Korean Christians, who renamed him Joseph Kim.

The Guardian says: ‘When he was very young he was taught in kindergarten about the magical powers of Kim Il-sung, then supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Kim learned that the dictator was the smartest man in the world and that he was able to fly around the countryside keeping watch over all his children.’

Kim Jong-Un & Juche

Kim Jong-un: 'Crazy fat kid', 'Smart cookie' or 'A great person born of heaven'?

Kim Jong-un: ‘Crazy fat kid’, ‘Smart cookie’ or ‘A great person born of heaven’?

On his death (1994), Il-sung was succeeded by his son Kim Jong-il. When Jong-il died in December 2011, his third son, Kim Jong-un, born in 1984, succeeded him. He gave titles to the deceased Jong-il reflecting Historic Korean ancestor-worship. Jong-il became ‘Eternal General Secretary’ of the Workers Party of Korea and‘Eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission’.

US Senator John McCain crassly referred to Kim Jong-un as ‘that crazy fat kid’. Being rude is hardly a sign of statemanship. Donald Trump called him a ‘smart cookie’ whom it would be ‘an honour’ to meet.  Of course, to North Koreans he is their Supreme Leader, and, like his father, ‘a great person born of heaven’.

The Kim family is also regarded as the custodian of ‘Juche’. This is a Confucian-Marxist semi-religious offshoot dreamt up in the 1940s. It is usually described as ‘patriotic self-reliance’ and has become the official state ideology of North Korea. Naturally, it is described as Kim Il-sung’s ‘original, brilliant and revolutionary contribution to national and international thought’. Juche says an individual is ‘the master of his destiny’. The North Korean masses are to act as the ‘masters of the revolution and construction’. Moreover, by becoming a self-reliant and strong nation they will achieve true socialism.

A Positive Effect

It is clear from the material on the Billy Graham Organisation website that Franklin kept to a personal message of the Gospel in his preaching in Pyongyang. He reported about his father:

‘”When we come to know Christ by committing our lives to Him, God comes into our lives and begins to change us from within,” Billy said after offering them a spiritual challenge. “And when we are changed from within, we become concerned about the problems of our world and we want to do something about them.”  That is why I believe true religion has a legitimate place in modern society and why I believe Christ has a message for the people of the DPRK. In my experience in many countries, Christians – although often a minority – make good citizens and have a positive effect on their societies.’

Heb 12:14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

From that, and we cannot disagree, one would think any government would welcome a body of people caring for their fellows because of their love of God. Surely it could only be good if they were praying for their nation and its leaders. Think of the blessing which could flow. What could any national leader possibly find objectionable in sentiments like this:

Jer 29:7 And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.

Another King and Saviour

Richard Burton as Marcellus the Centurion and Victor Mature as his servant Demetrius over-acting in the perceptive 1953 film 'The Robe'

Richard Burton as Marcellus the Centurion and Victor Mature as his servant Demetrius over-acting in the perceptive 1953 film ‘The Robe’

But there is a problem, and it is one which goes back almost two thousand years. Just like the Roman Caesars, the Kim family have become used to being subject to no higher authority. Those elevated to ‘Supreme Leader’ or ‘Caesar Augustus’ are regarded by the populace as divine. In a sense, they are the saviours of their country. All wisdom and all provision flows from them. But the Bible says it comes from God:

Prov 2:6 For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.
Matt 6:31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? 32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

We remember Richard Burton’s character of Marcellus in the 1950’s film ‘The Robe’. The Centurion promised to be a faithful servant of Caesar. But central to his Christian faith was the understanding that Caesar is a ruler under the authority of God Almighty. That suggestion was as objectionable to Caesar as it could easily be today to Kim Jong-un.

Christ is a literal King of kings, more than a mere personal Saviour and helper. The idea of Christ demanding to rule in the here and now over the affairs of men has been spotted in the DPRK just as it was in first-century Thessalonica:

Acts 17:7 Whom Jason hath received: and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, one Jesus.

Failure of Juche

According to the website NorthKoreanChristians .com: ‘The 1995-1998 North Korean famine starved to death an estimated 2 million people – about 10% of the population – and shook North Korea’s faith in Juche. The closed, self-reliant economic model it espoused was supposed to beat capitalism and conquer the world. Yet, there they were, unable to even feed themselves.

‘The fact that North Koreans are beginning to recognize the economic and spiritual bankruptcy of Juche is evidenced by the recent resurgence of shamanism. Having had their faith in Juche rocked, the North Koreans are turning to gods other than Kim Il Sung. The rebellion has already begun, at least spiritually.’

Fortune telling is illegal, but fortune tellers are everywhere, as people search for anything spiritual.  But of course a more powerful answer to Juche lies in Christianity. The website says the Faith ‘is actually expanding’ in the North. Human rights activist David Hawk interviewed North Korean Christians in Seoul. Hawk writes, ‘Interviewee 29, a former Gugkabowibu police official who became disillusioned and fled to China and subsequently to South Korea, reported that North Korean officials are anxious to catch believers because they fear “Christianity will defeat Juche”.’ Hawk was able to use satellite imagery to verify the locations of prison camps the refugees said existed, but the DPRK regime denied.

A greater authority

Matt 8:9 For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me: and I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.

As the officer knew, a man acting on his own authority has less authority than a man under authority. Jesus Christ acts on the authority of the God-head. Imagine if Kim Jong-un acknowledged Jesus Christ as King of kings, as his Saviour and Protector, and led his people in prayer for peace and prosperity. He would enjoy far more authority than he currently has.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wanted negotiation in May

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wanted negotiation in May

One answer to previous prayer is that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in April and May 2017 that Washington would negotiate with North Korea with a view to removing nuclear weapons from the country, and not changing the government.

He told NPR radio in the US: ‘We do not seek regime change, we do not seek a collapse of the regime, we do not seek an accelerated reunification of the peninsula. We seek a denuclearised Korean peninsula – and that is entirely consistent with the objectives of others in the region as well.’

But sadly, that more peaceful approach seems now to have disappeared from view, as more punitive sanctions are imposed and the DPRK and US leaders shout at each other. Yet all the sanctions in the world, all the big ships parked off the coast, all the threats and all the insults could do much harm but will achieve precisely nothing of any good.

Do good and seek peace

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

The United Kingdom is historically a trading nation. Our ambassadors should be arguing strongly against economic sanctions against North Korea, or any other nation for that matter. Trade in goods leads to trade in ideas. The Security Council’s imposition of sanctions is a piece of ‘virtue signalling’ which will not improve the UK economy. Furthermore it will impoverish, not Kim Jong-un, but the North Korean people. The resolution will entrench the feeling in the DPRK leadership that they are under attack. Sanctions will increase tensions and lead to more expenditure on armaments.

It is an uncomfortable thought that although Mr Tillerson’s pragmatic diplomatic approach would in the end improve ordinary trading links, it would not benefit the armaments lobby which appears to run the United States. At some stage we shall post an article showing just how much money the likes of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon and Northrup Grumman have ploughed into re-election campaigns on both sides of the US Senate and Congress.

Senator Bernie Sanders also urged a diplomatic solution after President Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ speech.

It would be a tragedy if the world went to war for lack of a ‘soft answer’.

PRAY: for our Christian brothers and sisters in North Korean. Pray the Lord deepens their faith, adds to their number and protects them. Also pray in the current crisis for diplomacy and understanding, for ‘soft answers’ to arise. As always, pray for peace. In particular, pray for President Trump and the UK Government and for all who think sabres are there to be rattled. Lastly, pray for Kim Jong-un to see himself as a man in need of salvation and the Cross.

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Aug 07

‘Hurtful’ National Trust in Rainbow Row

National Trust goes gay with 6-colour homosexual rainbow badges and lanyards - but volunteers objected.

National Trust goes gay with 6-colour homosexual rainbow badges and lanyards – but volunteers objected.

The National Trust is in a row over the promotion of homosexuality after volunteers refused to wear homosexual equality symbols.

The National Trust is Britain’s leading conservation charity. It exists, according to its most recent Annual Report, to protect ‘the nation’s heritage and open spaces … for everyone to enjoy’. It operates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. There is a separate National Trust for Scotland.

According to the BBC, the National Trust required staff and volunteers at Felbrigg Hall, a stately home in Norfolk, to wear rainbow badges and lanyards in support of a campaign to promote homosexuality.

Annabel Smith, the Trust’s head of volunteering and participation development, said ‘Whilst volunteering for the National Trust we do request and expect individuals to uphold the values of the organisation.’

But of course, the promotion of homosexuality does not appear in the aims or values of the National Trust.

Felbrigg Hall

Felbrigg Hall

Dissenting volunteers

By Friday, over 30 (and possibly as many as 75, depending where you read) of 350 volunteers refused to be part of the stunt.

Initially, National Trust management offered them duties away from the public gaze.  Non-rainbowed staff would be an embarrassment.  Its director general, Dame Helen Ghosh, said anyone who did not agree with the campaign was ‘free to step back from the volunteer role or take a different role for the duration’.  Who said Victorian-style labour relations were dead?

But Lucy Pasha-Robinson writes in the Independent that 240 National Trust members revoked their membership over the weekend in disgust. Meanwhile, the volunteers went to the newspapers.  They accused the Trust of encroaching on their political freedoms.  The Trust began to get rattled.

Dame Helen was left humiliated as a National Trust official later issued a statement on Saturday.  Now they were ‘making it clear to volunteers that the wearing of the badge is optional and a personal decision’.

Previous owner ‘outed’ as homosexual

Professor Richard Sandell has been promoting LGBT issues for twenty years.

Professor Richard Sandell has been promoting LGBT issues for twenty years.

One Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer owned Felbrigg Hall. The distinguished historian and author left his ancestral home to the National Trust when he died in 1969.

But as part of its pro-sodomy campaign – it actually has a special page for it – the National Trust latched onto rumours that Lord Ketton-Cremer was homosexual. It commissioned Professor Richard Sandell from the University of Leicester to dig up any dirt he could find.

In true gutter journalism style, Sandell trawled the local area for anyone prepared to say Ketton-Cremer’s sexuality was an ‘open secret’. He pored over his poems and books about acquaintances to try to find code words and possible euphemisms. But he failed to find anyone to say his subject engaged in any same-sex activity with anyone.

The Trust then hired the King of Crass, Stephen Fry, to voice a video. In the frankly tedious film, Fry states Ketton-Cremer ‘defied the conventions of his day’. Actually, he didn’t. He lived exactly as a bachelor of those days would do.

National Trust ‘hurtful’

The film appalled Ketton-Cramer’s nephew and niece. Ted Coryton and Katie Spencer are demanding to know what proof the Trust has that their uncle and godfather, known to them as ‘Bun’, was homosexual. Moreover, even if he was, what right did the National Trust have to ‘out’ someone who chose to keep his sexuality secret?  The squire died two years after sodomy in private was decriminalised in 1967.

Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer outside Felbrigg Hall, which he bequeathed to the National Trust.

Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer outside Felbrigg Hall, which he bequeathed to the National Trust.

‘It is simply so hurtful,’ Mrs Spencer, 78, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘It is outrageous and totally unnecessary. The National Trust has done this to get publicity to get people to visit the hall and make money. I personally didn’t think there was any suggestion he was gay. The first I heard was when I was shown the article in the Telegraph about the Trust’s film. I would like to know what proof they actually have. I think Bun would have felt betrayed by the National Trust. He was a fascinating man, a brilliant historian and biographer.  That was how he would want to be remembered. His sexuality was a private matter and should remain so.’

The siblings, from Cornwall, share the late Ketton-Cremer with another godson, Tristram Powell, from London.  All believe the move represents a betrayal.  Moreover, they argue it could have serious implications for future legacies to the Trust.  They have a point.  Who is going to leave property to the National Trust knowing its officials are prepared to seek and publicise salacious gossip about you years later?

Virtue signalling

Clare Balding recording a podcast promoting homosexuality for the National Trust

Clare Balding recording a podcast promoting homosexuality for the National Trust

The Trust’s pro-sodomy campaign does not end here. The National Trust has also signed up the BBC’s token sports lesbian, Clare Balding.

Miss Balding will do a series of podcasts on homosexually-themed National Trust properties. There turn out to be very few, by the way. And of course, this is not a serious attempt at increasing its membership among the 1% of the population who are sadly homosexual. If they like old houses, they will join the Trust’s four million other members anyway. No, the Trust is instead engaging in a perverted form of ‘virtue-signalling’ while blundering into the minefield of social engineering.

Indeed, Mr Fry said: ‘Some have asked why Prejudice and Pride is necessary – why the lives of people who challenged conventional ideas of gender and sexuality should be made public and celebrated in this way. The answer is quite simple – to do anything less is to suggest that same-sex love and gender diversity is somehow wrong, and keeping these stories hidden only lets prejudice – past and present – go unchallenged.’

Once again, Lord Ketton-Cremer did not ‘challenge conventional ideas of gender and sexuality’.  Moreover, some 40& of the population still believe gay sex is wrong, after all the years of pro-sodomy propaganda. And we can venture the figure will be higher among National Trust members.

Professor Sandell added: ‘We have equality in many areas of the law but there is a need to build greater public understanding.’ I was right. It’s virtue-signalling and propaganda rolled into one.


Dame Helen Ghosh - the 'condescending' director general of the National Trust is to be replaced next March.

Dame Helen Ghosh – the ‘condescending’ director general of the National Trust is to be replaced next March.

This is not the first controversy at the National Trust under Dame Helen’s tenure, says the Guardian. During her leadership, the Trust found itself drawn into debates about fracking and windfarms.  The Trust quite likes the former, but is snooty about the latter. And earlier this year our members will recall it replaced the word ‘Easter’ by ‘Cadbury’ in publicity for its egg hunt.

Rachel Cooke, also in the Guardian, writes: ‘There is a growing sense in some quarters that the Trust is distracted from its main purpose – conservation – and that in its determination to be inclusive, it is, for want of a better description, dumbing down.’

Miss Cooke also has some acerbic observations on the Trust’s acquisition of land and on Dame Helen Ghosh, with whom she secured an interview. Dame Helen is a retired civil servant. The National Trust pays her £183,960 as its director general.

But Miss Cooke says: ‘Her manner is – how to put this? – edged with condescension. Five minutes into our conversation, she tells me about her first-class history degree from Oxford, as if this alone should settle my mind in her favour. … She talks loudly of the importance of listening to other views without ever really giving the impression that she is doing so.’

Dame Helen Ghosh to leave

And now Dame Helen is returning to her alma mater.  She gained a first in history, you know.  She will leave her job at the National Trust in March 2018 to become the first woman master of Balliol College, Oxford.  She is taking an obvious career step.

National Trust members and volunteers will be eager to attend its Annual General Meeting in Swindon on 21st October 2017.   Will this topic come up?  What will Dame Helen condescend to say to the backward member masses?  Will her replacement will be as eager to force gayness down everyone’s throats?  Is the National Trust going to continue alienating the public with repellent virtue-signalling?  Will it return to its core business of protecting the nation’s heritage and open spaces for everyone to enjoy – not just the intellectual elite?  When are the next elections to the National Trust’s Council?

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