Aug 22

Twitter-sphere goes daffy over Daley

Tom Daley with his bronze medal from London 2012. He was expected to win gold in Rio.

Tom Daley with his bronze medal from London 2012. He was expected to win gold in Rio.

In his book ‘Rules for Radicals’, Saul Alinsky said the establishment’s over-reaction to what we do has an impact greater than our initial action.

We are the radicals now and we just illustrated that principle.

My provocative tweets at about Caster Semenya and especially about Tom Daley’s flop in the diving have led to 20,000 hits on our website, agitation from homosexuals, some of whom have tried to sign us up to gay websites, and to this ministry being noticed by the modern great and good.

To be honest, Daley has made so much of his sodomistic relationship with Dustin Lance Black that he cannot escape being, as the latter might put it, ‘called out’ about it.

Apparently, Daley ‘can’t wait to start a family’ with Black, whom he describes emetically as his ‘fiancé’. Oh, please. Someone tell Tom that to ‘start a family’ without surgical intervention you need sexual intercourse, and two men can’t do that.

They will have to get a girl involved somehow and the resulting child will be that of one or the other, not both of them. And how selfish is it of Daley to deprive a child of its mother?

Daley won synchronised bronze on his own, according to the Daily Telegraph

Daley won synchronised bronze on his own, according to the Daily Telegraph


Tom Daley was one of Team GB’s great gold medal hopes, having achieved bronze in London 2012.

Just days before the Rio Olympics started, Daley said: ‘I’m going into this Olympic Games for a gold medal.’

Well, he achieved a bronze with Dan Goodfellow in the men’s synchronised 10m platform.  Astonishingly, as Felicity Morse noted in iNews, newspaper coverage of the medal was all about Daley.

‘A quick glance at the front pages on Tuesday and you’d be forgiven for thinking Tom Daley took home a bronze medal for Team GB all on his own,’ she wrote.


His diving partner was even left out of the picture completely in the Daily Telegraph. Goodfellow’s mother, Sharon, (@goodfellowshar1) tweeted to Nick Sutton, editor of the BBC News Website: ‘Aug 8 @suttonnick I am very surprised by this photo. Is it for real? I am Dan’s mum.’

The Daily Mail left Goodfellow out of the picture as well.

The Daily Mail left Dan Goodfellow out of the picture as well.

The Daily Mail did the same: ‘Tom’s leap to Olympic joy’, they wrote, ignoring Goodfellow completely. It was as if Daley had done it all on his own.

When it came to doing it on his own for real in the individual event, Daley was in the lead and in line for gold. After leading the field he crashed out in last place. The failure was described as ‘shocking’ by the Mail. So what scrambled his mind on the second day? My tweet provocatively suggested turning gay had not done him ‘any favours’.


The twitter-sphere went mad. The ‘gays’ were incensed. We were not ‘loving’, they suggested.  Two of the victorious GB women’s hockey team were ‘married’ to each other, they said.  Of course, the two women concerned  are not married, merely gay-married.  Another said Daley had ‘given young, gay people a role model’.  Not young people, just ‘young gay people’.  The ‘gays’ are very proud of Daley, his failure has hurt them and any criticism of him as a homosexual is beyond the gay pale.

Oscar Wilde said there was only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that was not being talked about.  We were talked about for sure.  Adrian Hilton’s much-viewed conservative website Archbishop Cranmer pontificated.  J.K. Rowling tweeted.  Baroness Barker retweeted some LibDem candidate.  The Huffington Post reported. The US homosexual magazine Advocate got in on the act.  Even the UK-based Metro paper reported J.K. Rowling’s comments, adding that my tweet was ‘vile’. A tiny bit over-the-top, possibly?

Caster Semenya comes first, as expected, in her women's 800m semi-final.

Caster Semenya comes first, as expected, in her women’s 800m semi-final.


As to Caster Semenya, after her/his predictable victory in the women’s 800, she/he said about her/his critics: ‘Sport is all about uniting people and not discriminating. I feel sorry for them’.  Well, actually, women’s sport is ‘about’ discriminating against men, Caster, and your internal testes give you an unfair testosterone-fueled advantage.

Intersex is a terrible affliction.  We have great sympathy for Caster.  But at the same time, in the interests of fairness and equity, she/he should not be competing in women’s events.  Caster should feel sorry, not for the critics, but for the genuine women she/he cheated out of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, or even places, in the women’s 800m.

Athletics chiefs, including the Court for Arbitration in Sport, should act immediately in the case, reallocate the medals and ban intersex athletes from women’s events.


Going back to Tom Daley, he was seduced into sodomy by an older man, not very long after the untimely death of his beloved father.  You don’t need a degree in psychology to work out what’s going on there.  But even now, he could repent of all his sin (just like we all have to do) trust in Jesus and walk away from the homosexual lifestyle, like so many have before him.  Becoming gay might or might not be a choice.  Staying gay definitely is.  And who knows, by transforming his mind (al la Romans 12:2) by the grace of God and by the infilling of the Holy Spirit Tom Daley might improve his diving as a result.


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Aug 17

Sorry Caster Semenya, you aren’t a woman

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya holds the South African flag after testosterone-suppressing drugs pushed her into second place in the women’s 800m in London in 2012.

Caster Semenya is set to win a gold medal in the women’s 800m at the 2016 Rio Olympics, having won a semi-final on Friday 19th August, but Tom Fordyce, writing on the BBC’s website, says such a win will ignite all the previous controversy about the athlete.

Semenya was sadly born ‘intersex’, meaning that although ‘she’ identifies as a woman, ‘her’ physical characteristics are typically associated with both men and women.  Externally, one assumes she looks like a woman.  Internally, according to Mike Hurst in the Australian Daily Telegraph, instead of a womb and ovaries, she has internal testes.  These are producing an abnormal amount of testosterone.  ‘She’ might equally ‘self-identify’ as a man. It’s a matter of choice.


Fordyce says Semenya has made no public comment after a gold-medal-winning performance at the world championships in Berlin seven years ago, and neither have officials. Semenya won the 800m by the biggest margin in history.  The athlete has tried not to release much information.  Nevertheless, details of internal organs have emerged.  It is also conceded there is a resulting diagnosis of hyperandrogenism, which leaves testosterone levels far in excess of the vast majority of women.

Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone. It promotes among other physical effects muscle mass and strength. Women athletes do have testosterone, but at much lower levels than men. IAAF decided post-Berlin that an intersex athlete with the condition had an unfair advantage over the other women competing.

Caster Semenya's physique betrays high testosterone levels.

Caster Semenya’s physique betrays the high testosterone level of the intersex condition which gives her an unfair advantage over genuine women athletes.


Four years ago, the IAAF decided that if a competitor had around three times higher levels of testosterone than naturally occured in 99% of female athletes, that competitor could not compete.  Even that ‘three times’ threshold looks absurdly high.

Caster Semenya took medication to suppress testosterone levels, and her/his results dropped back.  In London, in 2012, she/he had to settle for silver.

Then another intersex athlete, Indian sprinter Dutee Chand, challenged the IAAF’s hyperandrogenism regulations. The Court for Arbitration in Sport ruled in July 2015 that the IAAF had failed to provide enough evidence that testosterone improved female performance.

Dutee Chand, on the world stage, is actually not that fast.  All sorts of factors affect running speed.  I’ll never beat Kelly Holmes.  (And don’t throw Phil 4:13 at me either.)  But elite men as a group run faster than elite women, and that is down to their testosterone levels.  In its controversial decision, the CAS suspended the hyperandrogenism regulations until July 2017 to give the IAAF time to gather evidence.

Caster Semenya comes first, as expected, in her women's 800m semi-final.

Caster Semenya comes first, as expected, in her women’s 800m semi-final.


In the meantime, Chand, Semenya and any other intersex athletes are free to compete without medication.  Fordyce writes that Semenya’s subsequent results have been remarkable. She has not been ‘remotely challenged’ in races since (July 2015), he writes.

We can all agree Caster is made in the image of God and should be treated with due respect.  The real question is, should an intersex person with her/his characteristics be allowed to compete in women’s sports events?

Should we just close our eyes to the immediate and obvious dis-advantage of true women lining up in against someone with male internal organs built like a brick outhouse?  Who should the athletics authorities be fair to?  Athletic events are staged around the Bibilical assumption that God ‘made them male and female’.  There is no intermediate ‘intersex’ category.


‘We separate men and women into categories because we want women to be able to win some competitions,’ says Eric Vilain, professor of human genetics at UCLA and consultant to the IOC medical commission. ‘There is 10 to 12% difference between male and female athletic performance.’  But he says IAAF have  been set an impossible task.  The article in which he is quoted also says women’s sports will not survive if the CAS ruling stands.

Simple justice dictates if an athlete comes along with a genetic condition that does not fit into the male/female divide, then sadly he/she should only be able to compete against men, not against women.  To allow intersex athletes to compete in women’s events is unfair to genuine women athletes.

Caster Semenya (in jeans) at her 'traditional' wedding to Violet

Caster Semenya (in jeans) in a ‘traditional wedding’ to Violet Raseboya

The word of God demands a ‘level playing field’: Proverbs 16:11 A just weight and balance are the LORD’S: all the weights of the bag are his work.

The same will also apply if a man-woman ‘transgender’ athlete demands to compete.  And there will be the same outcry from sexual politics activists.  Athletics has to take a stand now.


The story gets murkier.  According to South Africa’s Sport24 website, Caster Semenya ‘married’ a woman last December in what was described as a ‘traditional’ wedding ceremony.

Semenya and her/his long-time girlfriend, Violet Raseboya, held the ceremony in Ga-Dikgale in the Capricorn District of Limpopo.

The website says: ‘According to reports, Semenya and Raseboya got engaged in May last year.  Semenya was quick to dispel those reports, saying, “There is no wedding. Don’t believe the rumours you read in the news,” according to the Sowetan website.

‘However, according to the Daily Sun website, Semenya, 24, sent her parents to Raseboya’s family in Polokwane to negotiate lobola (dowry).

‘An insider revealed at the time that both families were happy to negotiate lobola, with Semenya’s family paying R25,000 (around £1,400).’  Dowry in Africa is paid by the man’s family to the woman’s.

That fits, because sadly, Caster Semenya, you are not a woman.


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Aug 09

‘Muslim Sisters Only’ at Water Park

Waterworld's 2015 Advert

Waterworld’s 2015 Advert

A water park which banned men and unIslamic clothing at a ‘Muslim sisters only’ event in August 2015 is staging a similar event this year.  But a ‘burkini’ event in France planned for September has just been cancelled.  (see below)


The park, Water World in Stoke-on-Trent, promised a ‘designated prayer area’ and blacked-out windows with only female staff on duty on 9th August 2015.

In a statement on its Facebook page, a spokesman for WaterWorld said the Muslim Sisters Only event would ‘attract ladies of all religions/beliefs as we invite you to visit our facility and enjoy its features whilst having the option of wearing attire that our normal operating procedures prevent’.

Waterworld's 2016 advert - only seen on Muslim websites

Waterworld’s 2016 advert – only seen on Muslim websites


But a similar event two years ago advertised on Facebook said ‘Saturday 2nd August 2014 in-shaa-Allah Have an Amazing day after Eid with your family or friends at Waterworld.’ A coach was laid on from Birmingham for the ‘Muslim Sisters Only’ event priced at £12.99.


And on Saturday 7th May this year, Waterworld staged aSplash for Gaza – Sisters Only‘.  It isn’t known if this was intended to raise funds for terrorist group Hamas.

This year, 2016, the summer event is being held on Saturday 27th August. The price has risen to £15.00.  That’s inflation for you.

WaterWorld owner Mo Chaudry said: ‘I’m astonished that we have been targeted. We feel we’ve been victimised for offering something that we feel there is a demand for.’


A Facebook post dated 14th June 2016, a year to the day after the Sunday Express broke the story in 2015, said: ‘Here at Water World we want to reassure people that we do not ban any type of swimwear or people from our premises. We are a friendly and welcoming Aqua Park that accepts all cultures and religions.

'Burkini' - appropriate Islamic dress

‘Burkini’ – appropriate Islamic dress

‘Anything that has been reported in the press or circulated around social media is totally false information and lazy journalism.’

All references to the ‘Sisters Only’ event had been erased. Nor is there any reference to the event on the website, not even under ‘Special Events’. You will only find it on Muslim websites, like


It’s not just the UK. A waterpark near the French city of Marseille was booked by Muslim women for 10th September to wear ‘burkinis’.

The event was cancelled by the French waterpark today. They said the decision had been taken to preserve public order which was being endangered by ‘extreme ideological positions’.

The ‘burkini day’ was criticised by conservative politicians who argued it contravened ‘legally-enshrined secular values’.

The United Kingdom has a constitution, expressed in the Coronation Oath, with legally-enshrined Christian values.  It is because politicians in our land have failed to uphold those standards and the church has failed to hold them to account that Islam is advancing.  It is time for our nation, post-Brexit, to repent and seek the Lord.

Deuteronomy 28:47 Because thou servedst not the LORD thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things; 48 Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which the LORD shall send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he have destroyed thee. 49 The LORD shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand; 50 A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor shew favour to the young: 51 And he shall eat the fruit of thy cattle, and the fruit of thy land, until thou be destroyed: which also shall not leave thee either corn, wine, or oil, or the increase of thy kine, or flocks of thy sheep, until he have destroyed thee. 

It isn’t a nation coming in judgment, it is a faith, but the results will be the same, until we honour the Lord again in this United Kingdom.  Christian men in particular need to stand up now for King Jesus:

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Aug 09

Brothers acquitted in sex case

Wolverhampton Crown Court

Wolverhampton Crown Court

Two brothers accused of sexual abuse against a small girl were acquitted at Wolverhampton Crown Court after not-guilty verdicts were entered this afternoon.

One count of sexual abuse was scrubbed on the orders of the judge, and the jury delivered not guilty verdicts on a further seven.  Three others were withdrawn by the prosecution.

The acquittals mark over a year of anguish for the family.  The girl, now eight, had been staying with them while her father, estranged from her mother, was working night-shifts.

She made her accusations in June 2015 after her father found an obscene video she made of herself.

The court heard she had been watching pornography next door with a twelve-year-old girl, who had touched her sexually.  But it was the boys she was staying with she accused.

The family’s younger children were taken into care as a result of the accusations, so the action now shifts back to the family court.

Next month the local authority will continue its quest to have the younger children adopted. It is true their case has been damaged by the acquittal of the older brothers.

But the family court operates to lower standards of evidence than the crown court. Instead of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, itself a long way short of justice as God demands it, the civil court standard of ‘balance of probabilities’ applies, despite the fact that the sanctions available to the family court – stripping parents of their children, depriving children of a family – are draconian.

Nevertheless, the hand of God has moved powerfully for this family.  For just how that has been, you will have to wait for the Christian Voice Summer Recess newsletter.  If you are not yet a member, use the link below to join and we shall send you the newsletter as soon as it is published next week.

Psalm 89:14 Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face. 15 Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance. 16 In thy name shall they rejoice all the day: and in thy righteousness shall they be exalted. 17 For thou art the glory of their strength: and in thy favour our horn shall be exalted. 18 For the LORD is our defence; and the Holy One of Israel is our king.


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Aug 06

Mother says: I hear everything!

Wolverhampton Crown Court

Wolverhampton Crown Court

The mother of two young Christian men accused of sexual assault against an eight-year-old girl told a court yesterday that nothing would happen in her home without her knowledge.


The girl alleges she was assaulted, indeed that she was raped in every possible way, by both defendants and their two younger siblings over a period of two years. This was a time, Wolverhampton Crown Court has heard, when the girl’s parents had split up. Her father had asked his cousin, the boys’ father, for child care for his daughter while he worked night shifts. That was how she came to be in the family’s home.

The girl first made her allegations when her mother confronted her about an obscene video she had made of herself. One of the defendants had caused her to do it, she said. Judge John Wait listened as the mother said her daughter said she was raped by the defendant. In a subsequent police interview, she categorically denied anyone else had been involved. But in a further police interview, she identified his older brother and then two younger siblings as assailants as well. In their statements, all denied any involvement.


In court, under cross-examination, both young men continued to deny there had been any contact of a sexual nature between them and the girl, that she had ever watched anything on their mobile phones, that they had ever been alone with her let alone that she had been in their bedrooms with them, as she alleged.

Their father in his evidence spoke of ground rules in the house which said the girl was never to go into boys’ bedrooms in their home.

Their mother said that although one of the boys might run a bath for the girl, she would always undress and take her bath alone. She said she would hear every noise in the house, and would be aware of movements such as people going to the toilet, even when asleep. The girl slept in their bedroom. When the family moved to a bigger house, she slept in a bedroom with their four-year-old.


It emerged earlier that a somewhat older female friend, connected with the girl’s mother, had shown pornography to the girl. Astonishingly, this older girl was never interviewed by the police nor her vital evidence presented in court.

Late in the day, one of the charges of sexual assault was dramatically dropped against the older defendant after the prosecution admitted the girl had made the allegation in one part of her evidence and then denied it in another.

At the start of the case, a doctor’s examination had found her hymen intact and no evidence of the systematic penetration she alleged had happened over the course of two years. This resulted in charges of rape and buggery being dropped on the opening day of the trial.

Forensic evidence was inconclusive. Forensic Scientist Mary Carr told the court in a statement her ‘scientific findings do not assist in to determining whether or not (one of the defendants) engaged in sexual activity with (the girl)’.

The evidence of an expert child psychologist obtained by the defence was not admitted by Judge Wait as he said it would cloud the minds of the jury of five men and seven women.


So the case will come down to her word against his – or theirs. That is not how justice is supposed to operate according to the laws of God:

Deuteronomy 19:15 One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.

Whether our lower standard of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ is met will be decided by the jury. They will hear summing-up statements from prosecutor Paul Spratt and defence barristers Michael Edmonds and Victoria Meads on Monday morning before retiring to consider their verdict.

We are not allowed to identify the girl accuser in this case. We have chosen not to identify the defendants for reasons of equity and fairness.


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Aug 02

Sex case raises questions

Wolverhampton Crown Court

Wolverhampton Crown Court

A case in which two young men have been accused of horrific sexual offences has raised questions about how the police and prosecution operate and how the courts should treat evidence from a child.


Wolverhampton Crown Court heard today that the child, an eight-year-old girl, had been staying with relatives. Her father was estranged from her mother.

She was distressed about the separation and wanted them to be reconciled. Her mother was working away and the father had custody. The nature of his work involved night shifts.

On such days as he had night shifts over a period of two years he had arranged for his daughter, the couple’s only child, to stay with his cousin, his cousin’s wife and his family. The family consisted of boys, although a half-sister was living nearby and stayed from time to time.


His Honour Judge John Wait listened while the girl’s father said that in June 2015 he had found a video which his daughter had made of herself dancing naked in his sitting room and drawing attention to her private parts. He had told his estranged wife about the matter.

The court then heard the girl’s mother say she collected her daughter from school a fortnight later in June 2015. The mother picking her up was a rare occasion. She confronted her daughter with the information about the video. The girl immediately blamed one of the boys she was staying with. He had, she told her mother, put his ‘nunu’ into her ‘nunu.’ It had hurt, she said. Her account became worse. He had put it into her mouth and into her bottom. ‘White stuff’ had come out of it, the girl’s mother reported she said. She had immediately taken her daughter to a drop-in centre and from there to the hospital. At the hospital she was examined by a doctor and the police were called.


The police woman took the witness stand. She had filled out a Rape And Serious Sexual Assault (RASSO) form. The form showed that when she asked the girl if any of the other brothers were involved, she said categorically ‘No’.

But in a filmed interview, shown earlier today to the jury, the girl said the boy’s older brother had done things to her and to his half-sister. He had lifted up her dress of the latter and put his hands on her thigh. This she had not reported to her mother in the car. In addition, the first boy only put his ‘nunu’ ‘on’ hers, not in it.

As the film progressed, the prosecutor suddenly stopped it and the jury were sent out. In their absence, he explained to the judge the film should have been edited to take out material which was ‘not relevant’.


Christian Voice understands that only the day before, charges of rape against the two brothers had been dropped and replaced by charges of sexual assault. This happened after the judge told the prosecution that medical evidence could not support the graver charges. So the parts of the video in which the girl alleged penetration were supposed to have been edited out, but stayed in.

As a result of the way the prosecution seemed to be making it up as they went along, the jury spent much of the day walking to and from the jury room to their court benches. What they made of the girl’s mother repeating rape and sodomy allegations which were not now on the charge sheet will remain with the seven women and five men, good and true.

This ministry also understands that the girl also expanded her original allegations to encompass younger siblings of the family. They were interviewed and arrested and only after some time were they told charges would not be preferred against them.


The girl was cross-examined by video link to a room in the court building in which she was sat with a court official. She came across as a bubbly and friendly child. But the cross-examination was less than robust on orders of the judge following much case law on this subject. A child cannot be subjected to the rigorous to-and-fro which would normally ensue. All the questions were given to this particular child in advance and after agreement with a court intermediary.

Why had she first said clearly that only one brother was involved and then expanded her allegation to four? Why had she alleged penetration and then back-tracked from that? Why had she recorded a video in which she was dancing naked and suggestively? What did she really think about her parents’ separation? These questions were never asked.

If a child cannot be closely cross-examined and without notice of the questions, how much is their evidence actually worth? Everyone wants to believe a child, but they can be mistaken, they can make things up, they can exist in a fantasy world, they can even tell lies, just as much as any adult.


A transcript of an interview with the originally-accused boy was then read out as a dialogue with the prosecutor asking the original questions and a woman police officer replying as the accused. In the interview he denied all the allegations against him.

Out went the jury again as Judge Wait complained to the advocates about police officers putting themselves across as experts and drew attention to the ‘in’ versus ‘on’ discrepancy. ‘Too much material has gone before this jury which should not have done,’ he said.

The trial continues.

Jul 14

Prayer for Cabinet appointments

Permanent Under-Secretary Simon McDonald welcomes Boris Johnson to the Foreign Office last night.

Permanent Under-Secretary Simon McDonald welcomed Boris Johnson to the Foreign Office last night.

Last night, new Prime Minister Theresa May made six senior appointments, covering the three great offices of state (Chancellor, Home Office, Foreign Office), and created two new post-Brexit positions.  Continue to pray for her appointments today.


The most astonishing appointment last night was that of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.  Mr Johnson is said to have had wide experience dealing with foreign governments promoting the capital city as Mayor of London.  He is much better disposed to Russia than his predecessor and apparently speaks five languages fluently, including German and Russian.

The latter will be especially useful as he pursues what we pray will be a more positive engagement with Russia than that taken by his predecessor.  (Although never under-estimate the power of the PUS – see the picture.  Sir Simon Fraser, Mr McDonald’s predecessor, has already said “highly professional people” will surround Mr Johnson as he takes on the role.  Sir Humphrey?

Mr Johnson, like Theresa May, is pro-Israel.  The BBC reports: ‘In 2015, Mr Johnson had to cancel planned public events in the West Bank because of security fears after he criticised backers of a boycott on Israeli goods, and he has previously described Hilary Clinton – US presidential hopeful – as having “a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.”‘

British sanctions against trade with Russia must be ended and Russian efforts to bring stability to Syria supported.  We can pray that Boris, with a great-grand-father from Moscow, will have nothing to do with the posturing of the world elite which needs to see Russia as the big enemy and President Vladimir Putin as an aggressor and a threat.

A more positive engagement will help as Mr Johnson tries, as we hope he will, to find the reasons behind Russia’s new anti-evangelism law and argue against it from an informed and friendly position.

Write to your MP.  Ask him/her to congratulate the new Foreign Secretary on your behalf and to ask him to pursue a positive engagement with Russia, lift sanctions and let you know what discussions he has with Russian officials about Russia’s new anti-evangelism law, which, of course, concerns you.


I prayed yesterday and I am still praying that Philip Hammond would leave the government completely, because of his stance on Syria and Russia (see below).  Mr Johnson taking his place at the Foreign Office was a spectacular and unexpected part-answer to that prayer.

Mr Hammond, with his ‘Assad must go’ rhetoric, showed himself both ignorant of reality in Syria, and in thrall to the US-driven elites of this world. I made a video on this topic last October with an emphasis on Syrian Christians: Syria – Sense and Compassion.  Do take a look – it’s less than 4 minutes.

Mr Hammond was also part of ‘Project Fear’ with his view that it would take longer than World War II to leave the European Union.

In the event, he has been made Chancellor of the Exchequer, which is a promotion.  Pray for him to have the great wisdom and vision that job needs at any time, but especially at this time.  I still pray that the Lord will intervene and that he will not be there long.


Mr Fallon retains the post of Secretary of State for Defence.  He was part of the ‘Assad must go’ triumverate (with Mr Cameron and Mr Hammond) and the same arguments apply to him as apply to Mr Hammond.  It was a spectacularly ignorant and stupid line originated by William, Lord, Hague, totally driven by the desire of the US to destablise that country for financial and strategic reasons – Russia has bases in Syria.

It has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and drove the migration disaster of last summer, in which thousands of Islamic State activists were able to infiltrate European Union nations.

The United Kingdom needs a Defence Secretary able to stand up to the US in NATO and end the current policy of military build-ups and sabre-rattling at the Russian border.  Make no mistake, such things are planned by the elite for their benefit, not ours.  A top insider, Craig Breedlove, former head of NATO, was at the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden last month.  And a series of leaked emails published in RT show how keen he has been to push the Obama administration into agitating in Ukraine and aggression against Russia.

I am praying that Mr Fallon has a change of heart and becomes a man of peace, whose strength is in the Lord.  His voting record is good on the issues that matter.  He voted against ‘gay marriage’ and against doctor-assisted dying, for instance.  But he voted for military intervention against President Assad’s forces in Syria.  if the Lord will not change his heart, will the Lord replace Mr Fallon as well.

Write to your MP (a separate letter with a different date will be best) and ask him/her to ask the Secretary of State for Defence to pull British forces out of NATO’s aggressive current confrontation with Russia.


The new Home Secretary was, like Mr Hammond and Mr Fallon, a ‘Remainer’ who voted against having a referendum at all.  She also voted for ‘gay marriage’ and, like Mr Fallon, for military action in Syria.  That vote, mercifully, was lost.  She abstained on doctor-assisted dying.  Her voting record goes back no further than 2010, because that was when she first became MP for Hastings and Rye.

Amber Rudd stands in need of our prayer as she takes charge of this vital office of state.  We should especially pray against the introduction of intrusive surveillance measures and the use of real or imagined threats to curtail civil liberties.


Thank the Lord that the veteran parliamentarian has become the new Secretary of State for Brexit, or whatever it will be called.  This is an inspired appointment, as apart from a lapse when he voted for Masstrict, Mr Davis has been constantly opposed to the EU, as he has to measures like ‘gay marriage’.

The ‘kings of the earth’ are even now working out ways to prevent Brexit.  Both US Secretary of State John Kerry and Tony Blair have said it could be ‘reversed’ or walked back’.

So Mr Davis will need much prayer as he negotiates the UK’s exit with the European Unions’s Commission and/or Council of Ministers (they are currently fighting a turf war over which will handle the talks).  He will need to invoke Article 50 quickly and be unafraid to pull out of the Single Market completely if that requires accepting freedom of movement.

Freedom of movement was perhaps the biggest factor persuading people to leave the EU, because of the problems it brings.  It is not a matter of hospitality, it is a matter of social cohesion and security, as I showed in this video.

Mr Davis should remember the four reasons why the Germans will back down: Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagon and BMW.  Other countries trade with the EU without being in the Single Market, the USA and India, to name just two.

Write to your MP (separate letter!) and ask him/her to congratulate the Secretary of State for Brexit on his appointment and wish him well.  Ask your MP to ask him to invoke Article 50 immediately and to be ready to leave the Single Market completely if freedom of movement is demanded as a condition of remaining in it.


Liam Fox has been appointed Secretary of State for International Trade, a new and significant office in Theresa May’s new Cabinet.

Dr Fox will be responding to nations across the world who are now queuing up to do trade deals with the UK.  He reputedly knows the United States very well, but Commonwealth countries are obvious new trading partners.  It was encouraging to see Ghana preparing a trade delegation.  The European Union has caused much hardship across Africa and developing countries in other parts of the world by dumping food aid, knowingly depressing prices and impoverishing local farmers.

There is an opportunity here for us to do more for fair trade than just buying tea and coffee.  We should also pray that overseas aid becomes much smarter.  I’m anxious to be in touch with those who know best how fair trade principles could form the bedrock of Dr Fox’s approach, and let us pray that he will have great success.  Let us pray that Brexit re-establishes Britain as a newly-free, global, outward-looking trading nation, one built this time on fairness and justice, not on deception and exploitation.

Write to your MP (yet another separate letter!) and ask him/her to congratulate the Secretary of State for International Trade on his appointment and wish him well in it.  Ask your MP to ask the Secretary of State how fair trade principles will inform his dealings with developing nations.


Lastly, look out for chattering classes and the Twitter-sphere expressing ‘alarm’ and ‘concern’ over the elevation of Boris, David Davis and Dr Fox.  Such will mean they are good appointments!  We should never put our trust in princes, but Theresa May (be sure to put an ‘h’ in her name) has shown she was true when she said ‘Brexit means Brexit’.  Those of our readers who supported Remain should also be praying the Lord uses the Brexit vote and this new administration for his glory and to advance his Kingdom on earth.

Mrs May will be familiar with these two prayers from the Anglican Morning Prayer service in the Book of Common Prayer.  They can apply to an individual or a nation and they spoke to me vividly this morning:

A Collect for Peace.
O God, who art the author of peace and lover of concord, in knowledge of whom standeth our eternal life, whose service is perfect freedom; Defend us thy humble servants in all assaults of our enemies; that we, surely trusting in thy defence, may not fear the power of any adversaries, through the might of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Collect for Grace.
O Lord, our heavenly Father, Almighty and everlasting God, who hast safely brought us to the beginning of this day; Defend us in the same with thy mighty power; and grant that this day we fall into no sin, neither run into any kind of danger; but that all our doings, being ordered by thy governance, may be righteous in thy sight; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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Jul 12

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Rules

Jeremy Corbyn - voted against war in Iraq

Jeremy Corbyn – voted against war in Iraq

The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee meets today to decide whether Jeremy Corbyn, the incumbent leader, may go forward to a leadership ballot without being nominated by MPs.

Those Labour MPs who wanted to oust Corbyn were hoping they could keep him off the ballot paper in a leadership contest.

If he failed to get enough nominations from the Parliamentary Labour Party, then he would not be on the ballot paper, party members would not be able to vote for him and normal service could be resumed.

Yes, party democracy would be sidelined, but, hey, who cares?


Unfortunately for the plotters, the party’s own advice from barristers at Doughty Street Chambers makes clear that only Mr Corbyn’s challengers need to secure nominations from 20% of fellow MPs, not Mr Corbyn himself.

They say: ‘In a year where a contested election is triggered by a challenger under B(ii), the incumbent does not require to be nominated to appear on the ballot paper. The incumbent is therefore automatically on the ballot paper unless s/he resigns (or otherwise becomes permanently unavailable)’.

The advice goes on to point out that ‘In this case’ in clause 4.I.2.B(ii) refers back to the first sentence, ‘where there is no vacancy’, which is the current position. If Mr Corbyn were to resign only to stand again, every candidate including him would be required to secure the nomination of 12.5% of MPs, which is about 29. But if a rebel MP pops up to challenge the leader, they need 20%, or 46 of the party’s 230 MPs. Having said all that, the NEC, meeting today, can vary the rules under rule 1.A, but not to the extent, it would be argued, as to overturn them.


You won’t read this in the mainstream media, as they prefer to entertain rather than inform, but here is the relevant section of the Labour Party Rule Book:

‘Chapter 4
‘Elections of national officers of the party and national committees

‘Clause I.
‘General principles
‘1. Internal party elections for officer posts and the membership of national committees shall be conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner, in accordance with the constitutional rules of the party and any appropriate NEC guidelines.

‘Clause II.
‘Procedural rules for elections for national officers of the party

‘1. General
‘A. The following procedures provide a rules framework which, unless varied by the consent of the NEC, shall be followed when conducting elections for party officers. The NEC will also issue procedural guidelines on nominations, timetable, codes of conduct for candidates and other matters relating to the conduct of these elections.

‘2. Election of leader and deputy leader
‘A. The leader and deputy leader shall be elected separately in accordance with rule C below, unless rule E below applies.
‘B. Nomination
‘i. In the case of a vacancy for leader or deputy leader, each nomination must be supported by 12.5 per cent of the Commons members of the PLP. Nominations not attaining this threshold shall be null and void.
‘ii. Where there is no vacancy, nominations may be sought by potential challengers each year prior to the annual session of party conference. In this case any nomination must be supported by 20 per cent of the Commons members of the PLP. Nominations not attaining this threshold shall be null and void.’


It is worth remembering that given that we cannot expect a Labour politician to be pro-life, pro-family or anti-sodomy, their are important differences between Jeremy Corbyn’s voting record and that of Angela Eagle..

Jeremy Corbyn voted against Sunday trading and against Maastrict. Angela Eagle didn’t. He has voted against euthanasia. She is for it. Mr Corbyn is for freedom of speech. Miss Eagle wants to shut people up who disagree with her and her lifestyle. He voted against Tony Blair’s Gambling Bill and Identity Cards . She towed the Blairite line.

Jeremy Corbyn voted for a referendum on the EU. Angela Eagle voted against one. Mr Corbyn voted against war in Iraq. Miss Eagle was for it and the Blair / Straw axis which lied to get it. The only positive note is that when the proposal to help the Syrian rebels with military action and further destabilise that country came from a Conservative leader (David Cameron) in 2013, Angela Eagle at last managed to join Jeremy Corbyn and vote against it.

In her press conference yesterday, Miss Eagle said, ‘I’m not a Blairite, I’m not a Brownite, I’m not a Corbynista.’ Then raising her voice in high drama: ‘I am my own woman.’  Applause.  No, you aren’t.  You voted with Tony Blair on everything.  You are the establishment candidate.


2Samuel 23:3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.

Pray that the Lord Almighty will place the fear of God in Jeremy Corbyn’s heart.


Jul 11

Andrea Leadsom gives PM job to May

Andrea Leadsom

Andrea Leadsom MP

The reasons Andrea Leadsom MP has given for pulling out of the Conservative leadership race seem perfectly plausible but do not totally convince.

Eighty-four colleagues supported her, but she said, “Nevertheless, this is less than 25% of the parliamentary party and after careful consideration I do not believe this is sufficient support to lead a strong and stable government should I win the leadership election.”


She went on: “There is no greater privilege than to lead the Conservative Party in government and I would have been deeply honoured to do it.

“I have however concluded that the interests of our country are best served by the immediate appointment of a strong and well-supported prime minister.

“I am therefore withdrawing from the leadership election, and I wish Mrs May the very greatest success.”

Those of us who believe it was only of the Lord’s grace and mercy that Leave won in the #Brexit referendum and even that Mrs Leadsom reached the ‘final two’ at the expense of Michael ‘don’t talk about creation’ Gove will need to be seeking the Lord anew.

We were initially encouraged about her success in the ballot by news that Mrs Leadsom was attending a Christian meeting in Westminster.  A day or so later it emerged that she scoffed at sexual purity and was offended that people might not vote Tory because of David Cameron’s gay marriage law.  This was the talk to which she objected – but then again, three years are a long time on one’s Christian walk.  Mrs Leadsom may have found a deeper faith than was exhibited on that night in 2013 and when in the same year she deliberately abstained by walking through both Aye and No lobbies on both Second and Third Reading of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill.


The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg said “the abuse has been too great” for Mrs Leadsom during the contest, especially following ill-judged comments in a weekend newspaper interview.  Mrs Leadsom apologised to Theresa May earlier today after appearing to suggest in that interview that being a mother made her a better candidate for the PM job.

Even to appear to look askance at Mrs May because she has not born children could be seen as crass and cheap. It did display a lack of street-wise judgment. All the same, The Times journalist Rachel Sylvestor certainly made the most of it.  The Conservative blogger Archbishop Cranmer was sympathetic to Mrs Leadsom.

All the same, such stuff happens. Any politician should expect it. The story could have been faced down and moved to the sidelines of debate over six weeks of hustings meetings in the Tory shires. A 60-40 reputed May advantage could have been overturned. The party faithful will feel cheated and some will claim Mrs May has a lack of democratic mandate.


It has been going through my mind that you simply do not put yourself forward for the position of leader, get yourself short-listed down to the final two, only to pull out when the going gets tough. However badly you think the numbers are stacking up, you just don’t do it. It isn’t respectful, either of colleagues, the party or the nation. It isn’t dignified. It is neither thoughtful nor organised. Something else must have been brought to bear. What if the BBC’s Laura has it wrong? What if Mrs Leadsom was ‘got at’ in some other way. One would not be surprised.

Boris Johnson was backing Mrs Leadsom’s leadership bid. Had he not lost his nerve when Leave won, he could now be challenging Mrs May. He now says he has “no doubt” Mrs May will be an “excellent” leader and prime minister. He was “encouraged” by Mrs May’s statement that “Brexit means Brexit”, and added: “It is vital that we respect the will of the people and get on with exploiting new opportunities for this country.”


But will unfettered immigration, the major issue of the referendum, come to an end as the people have demanded? WIll Brexit mean Brexit-lite?  If continued freedom of movement is demanded as the price of staying in the Single Market, the latter will have to go.  It will be a bluff anyway.  There are four main reasons why the Germans will back down: Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagon and BMW.  Other countries actually manage to trade with the EU without being in the Single Market.  The USA and India, to name just two.  And other nations across the world are now queuing up to do trade deals with the UK.

UKIP MEP Julia Reid said today: ‘We would like to see the UK leave the EU completely.  We don’t feel that we need to be part of the single market, because countries like New Zealand, Australia, China and the US export goods into the single market, but they are not part of the single market.  There is no freedom of movement of peoples between those countries and the EU. We would like to be in a similar position.’

But will Mrs May’s negotiating team have the confidence, courage and commitment to call the EU bluff?

We are where we are. Mr Arron Banks, UKIP’s financial backer, said just this morning that he and UKIP will be holding Mrs May to account. It’s not over until it’s over.  We should keep praying the Lord to remember mercy and keep ministering his prophetic word to our leaders.  One obvious and immediate point of prayer could be a strong Leave and indeed Christian presence in Mrs May’s Cabinet and Ministerial appointments.


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