Jul 14

Prayer for Cabinet appointments

Permanent Under-Secretary Simon McDonald welcomes Boris Johnson to the Foreign Office last night.

Permanent Under-Secretary Simon McDonald welcomed Boris Johnson to the Foreign Office last night.

Last night, new Prime Minister Theresa May made six senior appointments, covering the three great offices of state (Chancellor, Home Office, Foreign Office), and created two new post-Brexit positions.  Continue to pray for her appointments today.


The most astonishing appointment last night was that of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.  Mr Johnson is said to have had wide experience dealing with foreign governments promoting the capital city as Mayor of London.  He is much better disposed to Russia than his predecessor and apparently speaks five languages fluently, including German and Russian.

The latter will be especially useful as he pursues what we pray will be a more positive engagement with Russia than that taken by his predecessor.  (Although never under-estimate the power of the PUS – see the picture.  Sir Simon Fraser, Mr McDonald’s predecessor, has already said “highly professional people” will surround Mr Johnson as he takes on the role.  Sir Humphrey?

Mr Johnson, like Theresa May, is pro-Israel.  The BBC reports: ‘In 2015, Mr Johnson had to cancel planned public events in the West Bank because of security fears after he criticised backers of a boycott on Israeli goods, and he has previously described Hilary Clinton – US presidential hopeful – as having “a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.”‘

British sanctions against trade with Russia must be ended and Russian efforts to bring stability to Syria supported.  We can pray that Boris, with a great-grand-father from Moscow, will have nothing to do with the posturing of the world elite which needs to see Russia as the big enemy and President Vladimir Putin as an aggressor and a threat.

A more positive engagement will help as Mr Johnson tries, as we hope he will, to find the reasons behind Russia’s new anti-evangelism law and argue against it from an informed and friendly position.

Write to your MP.  Ask him/her to congratulate the new Foreign Secretary on your behalf and to ask him to pursue a positive engagement with Russia, lift sanctions and let you know what discussions he has with Russian officials about Russia’s new anti-evangelism law, which, of course, concerns you.


I prayed yesterday and I am still praying that Philip Hammond would leave the government completely, because of his stance on Syria and Russia (see below).  Mr Johnson taking his place at the Foreign Office was a spectacular and unexpected part-answer to that prayer.

Mr Hammond, with his ‘Assad must go’ rhetoric, showed himself both ignorant of reality in Syria, and in thrall to the US-driven elites of this world. I made a video on this topic last October with an emphasis on Syrian Christians: Syria – Sense and Compassion.  Do take a look – it’s less than 4 minutes.

Mr Hammond was also part of ‘Project Fear’ with his view that it would take longer than World War II to leave the European Union.

In the event, he has been made Chancellor of the Exchequer, which is a promotion.  Pray for him to have the great wisdom and vision that job needs at any time, but especially at this time.  I still pray that the Lord will intervene and that he will not be there long.


Mr Fallon retains the post of Secretary of State for Defence.  He was part of the ‘Assad must go’ triumverate (with Mr Cameron and Mr Hammond) and the same arguments apply to him as apply to Mr Hammond.  It was a spectacularly ignorant and stupid line originated by William, Lord, Hague, totally driven by the desire of the US to destablise that country for financial and strategic reasons – Russia has bases in Syria.

It has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and drove the migration disaster of last summer, in which thousands of Islamic State activists were able to infiltrate European Union nations.

The United Kingdom needs a Defence Secretary able to stand up to the US in NATO and end the current policy of military build-ups and sabre-rattling at the Russian border.  Make no mistake, such things are planned by the elite for their benefit, not ours.  A top insider, Craig Breedlove, former head of NATO, was at the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden last month.  And a series of leaked emails published in RT show how keen he has been to push the Obama administration into agitating in Ukraine and aggression against Russia.

I am praying that Mr Fallon has a change of heart and becomes a man of peace, whose strength is in the Lord.  His voting record is good on the issues that matter.  He voted against ‘gay marriage’ and against doctor-assisted dying, for instance.  But he voted for military intervention against President Assad’s forces in Syria.  if the Lord will not change his heart, will the Lord replace Mr Fallon as well.

Write to your MP (a separate letter with a different date will be best) and ask him/her to ask the Secretary of State for Defence to pull British forces out of NATO’s aggressive current confrontation with Russia.


The new Home Secretary was, like Mr Hammond and Mr Fallon, a ‘Remainer’ who voted against having a referendum at all.  She also voted for ‘gay marriage’ and, like Mr Fallon, for military action in Syria.  That vote, mercifully, was lost.  She abstained on doctor-assisted dying.  Her voting record goes back no further than 2010, because that was when she first became MP for Hastings and Rye.

Amber Rudd stands in need of our prayer as she takes charge of this vital office of state.  We should especially pray against the introduction of intrusive surveillance measures and the use of real or imagined threats to curtail civil liberties.


Thank the Lord that the veteran parliamentarian has become the new Secretary of State for Brexit, or whatever it will be called.  This is an inspired appointment, as apart from a lapse when he voted for Masstrict, Mr Davis has been constantly opposed to the EU, as he has to measures like ‘gay marriage’.

The ‘kings of the earth’ are even now working out ways to prevent Brexit.  Both US Secretary of State John Kerry and Tony Blair have said it could be ‘reversed’ or walked back’.

So Mr Davis will need much prayer as he negotiates the UK’s exit with the European Unions’s Commission and/or Council of Ministers (they are currently fighting a turf war over which will handle the talks).  He will need to invoke Article 50 quickly and be unafraid to pull out of the Single Market completely if that requires accepting freedom of movement.

Freedom of movement was perhaps the biggest factor persuading people to leave the EU, because of the problems it brings.  It is not a matter of hospitality, it is a matter of social cohesion and security, as I showed in this video.

Mr Davis should remember the four reasons why the Germans will back down: Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagon and BMW.  Other countries trade with the EU without being in the Single Market, the USA and India, to name just two.

Write to your MP (separate letter!) and ask him/her to congratulate the Secretary of State for Brexit on his appointment and wish him well.  Ask your MP to ask him to invoke Article 50 immediately and to be ready to leave the Single Market completely if freedom of movement is demanded as a condition of remaining in it.


Liam Fox has been appointed Secretary of State for International Trade, a new and significant office in Theresa May’s new Cabinet.

Dr Fox will be responding to nations across the world who are now queuing up to do trade deals with the UK.  He reputedly knows the United States very well, but Commonwealth countries are obvious new trading partners.  It was encouraging to see Ghana preparing a trade delegation.  The European Union has caused much hardship across Africa and developing countries in other parts of the world by dumping food aid, knowingly depressing prices and impoverishing local farmers.

There is an opportunity here for us to do more for fair trade than just buying tea and coffee.  We should also pray that overseas aid becomes much smarter.  I’m anxious to be in touch with those who know best how fair trade principles could form the bedrock of Dr Fox’s approach, and let us pray that he will have great success.  Let us pray that Brexit re-establishes Britain as a newly-free, global, outward-looking trading nation, one built this time on fairness and justice, not on deception and exploitation.

Write to your MP (yet another separate letter!) and ask him/her to congratulate the Secretary of State for International Trade on his appointment and wish him well in it.  Ask your MP to ask the Secretary of State how fair trade principles will inform his dealings with developing nations.


Lastly, look out for chattering classes and the Twitter-sphere expressing ‘alarm’ and ‘concern’ over the elevation of Boris, David Davis and Dr Fox.  Such will mean they are good appointments!  We should never put our trust in princes, but Theresa May (be sure to put an ‘h’ in her name) has shown she was true when she said ‘Brexit means Brexit’.  Those of our readers who supported Remain should also be praying the Lord uses the Brexit vote and this new administration for his glory and to advance his Kingdom on earth.

Mrs May will be familiar with these two prayers from the Anglican Morning Prayer service in the Book of Common Prayer.  They can apply to an individual or a nation and they spoke to me vividly this morning:

A Collect for Peace.
O God, who art the author of peace and lover of concord, in knowledge of whom standeth our eternal life, whose service is perfect freedom; Defend us thy humble servants in all assaults of our enemies; that we, surely trusting in thy defence, may not fear the power of any adversaries, through the might of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Collect for Grace.
O Lord, our heavenly Father, Almighty and everlasting God, who hast safely brought us to the beginning of this day; Defend us in the same with thy mighty power; and grant that this day we fall into no sin, neither run into any kind of danger; but that all our doings, being ordered by thy governance, may be righteous in thy sight; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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Jul 12

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Rules

Jeremy Corbyn - voted against war in Iraq

Jeremy Corbyn – voted against war in Iraq

The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee meets today to decide whether Jeremy Corbyn, the incumbent leader, may go forward to a leadership ballot without being nominated by MPs.

Those Labour MPs who wanted to oust Corbyn were hoping they could keep him off the ballot paper in a leadership contest.

If he failed to get enough nominations from the Parliamentary Labour Party, then he would not be on the ballot paper, party members would not be able to vote for him and normal service could be resumed.

Yes, party democracy would be sidelined, but, hey, who cares?


Unfortunately for the plotters, the party’s own advice from barristers at Doughty Street Chambers makes clear that only Mr Corbyn’s challengers need to secure nominations from 20% of fellow MPs, not Mr Corbyn himself.

They say: ‘In a year where a contested election is triggered by a challenger under B(ii), the incumbent does not require to be nominated to appear on the ballot paper. The incumbent is therefore automatically on the ballot paper unless s/he resigns (or otherwise becomes permanently unavailable)’.

The advice goes on to point out that ‘In this case’ in clause 4.I.2.B(ii) refers back to the first sentence, ‘where there is no vacancy’, which is the current position. If Mr Corbyn were to resign only to stand again, every candidate including him would be required to secure the nomination of 12.5% of MPs, which is about 29. But if a rebel MP pops up to challenge the leader, they need 20%, or 46 of the party’s 230 MPs. Having said all that, the NEC, meeting today, can vary the rules under rule 1.A, but not to the extent, it would be argued, as to overturn them.


You won’t read this in the mainstream media, as they prefer to entertain rather than inform, but here is the relevant section of the Labour Party Rule Book:

‘Chapter 4
‘Elections of national officers of the party and national committees

‘Clause I.
‘General principles
‘1. Internal party elections for officer posts and the membership of national committees shall be conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner, in accordance with the constitutional rules of the party and any appropriate NEC guidelines.

‘Clause II.
‘Procedural rules for elections for national officers of the party

‘1. General
‘A. The following procedures provide a rules framework which, unless varied by the consent of the NEC, shall be followed when conducting elections for party officers. The NEC will also issue procedural guidelines on nominations, timetable, codes of conduct for candidates and other matters relating to the conduct of these elections.

‘2. Election of leader and deputy leader
‘A. The leader and deputy leader shall be elected separately in accordance with rule C below, unless rule E below applies.
‘B. Nomination
‘i. In the case of a vacancy for leader or deputy leader, each nomination must be supported by 12.5 per cent of the Commons members of the PLP. Nominations not attaining this threshold shall be null and void.
‘ii. Where there is no vacancy, nominations may be sought by potential challengers each year prior to the annual session of party conference. In this case any nomination must be supported by 20 per cent of the Commons members of the PLP. Nominations not attaining this threshold shall be null and void.’


It is worth remembering that given that we cannot expect a Labour politician to be pro-life, pro-family or anti-sodomy, their are important differences between Jeremy Corbyn’s voting record and that of Angela Eagle..

Jeremy Corbyn voted against Sunday trading and against Maastrict. Angela Eagle didn’t. He has voted against euthanasia. She is for it. Mr Corbyn is for freedom of speech. Miss Eagle wants to shut people up who disagree with her and her lifestyle. He voted against Tony Blair’s Gambling Bill and Identity Cards . She towed the Blairite line.

Jeremy Corbyn voted for a referendum on the EU. Angela Eagle voted against one. Mr Corbyn voted against war in Iraq. Miss Eagle was for it and the Blair / Straw axis which lied to get it. The only positive note is that when the proposal to help the Syrian rebels with military action and further destabilise that country came from a Conservative leader (David Cameron) in 2013, Angela Eagle at last managed to join Jeremy Corbyn and vote against it.

In her press conference yesterday, Miss Eagle said, ‘I’m not a Blairite, I’m not a Brownite, I’m not a Corbynista.’ Then raising her voice in high drama: ‘I am my own woman.’  Applause.  No, you aren’t.  You voted with Tony Blair on everything.  You are the establishment candidate.


2Samuel 23:3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.

Pray that the Lord Almighty will place the fear of God in Jeremy Corbyn’s heart.


Jul 11

Andrea Leadsom gives PM job to May

Andrea Leadsom

Andrea Leadsom MP

The reasons Andrea Leadsom MP has given for pulling out of the Conservative leadership race seem perfectly plausible but do not totally convince.

Eighty-four colleagues supported her, but she said, “Nevertheless, this is less than 25% of the parliamentary party and after careful consideration I do not believe this is sufficient support to lead a strong and stable government should I win the leadership election.”


She went on: “There is no greater privilege than to lead the Conservative Party in government and I would have been deeply honoured to do it.

“I have however concluded that the interests of our country are best served by the immediate appointment of a strong and well-supported prime minister.

“I am therefore withdrawing from the leadership election, and I wish Mrs May the very greatest success.”

Those of us who believe it was only of the Lord’s grace and mercy that Leave won in the #Brexit referendum and even that Mrs Leadsom reached the ‘final two’ at the expense of Michael ‘don’t talk about creation’ Gove will need to be seeking the Lord anew.

We were initially encouraged about her success in the ballot by news that Mrs Leadsom was attending a Christian meeting in Westminster.  A day or so later it emerged that she scoffed at sexual purity and was offended that people might not vote Tory because of David Cameron’s gay marriage law.  This was the talk to which she objected – but then again, three years are a long time on one’s Christian walk.  Mrs Leadsom may have found a deeper faith than was exhibited on that night in 2013 and when in the same year she deliberately abstained by walking through both Aye and No lobbies on both Second and Third Reading of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill.


The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg said “the abuse has been too great” for Mrs Leadsom during the contest, especially following ill-judged comments in a weekend newspaper interview.  Mrs Leadsom apologised to Theresa May earlier today after appearing to suggest in that interview that being a mother made her a better candidate for the PM job.

Even to appear to look askance at Mrs May because she has not born children could be seen as crass and cheap. It did display a lack of street-wise judgment. All the same, The Times journalist Rachel Sylvestor certainly made the most of it.  The Conservative blogger Archbishop Cranmer was sympathetic to Mrs Leadsom.

All the same, such stuff happens. Any politician should expect it. The story could have been faced down and moved to the sidelines of debate over six weeks of hustings meetings in the Tory shires. A 60-40 reputed May advantage could have been overturned. The party faithful will feel cheated and some will claim Mrs May has a lack of democratic mandate.


It has been going through my mind that you simply do not put yourself forward for the position of leader, get yourself short-listed down to the final two, only to pull out when the going gets tough. However badly you think the numbers are stacking up, you just don’t do it. It isn’t respectful, either of colleagues, the party or the nation. It isn’t dignified. It is neither thoughtful nor organised. Something else must have been brought to bear. What if the BBC’s Laura has it wrong? What if Mrs Leadsom was ‘got at’ in some other way. One would not be surprised.

Boris Johnson was backing Mrs Leadsom’s leadership bid. Had he not lost his nerve when Leave won, he could now be challenging Mrs May. He now says he has “no doubt” Mrs May will be an “excellent” leader and prime minister. He was “encouraged” by Mrs May’s statement that “Brexit means Brexit”, and added: “It is vital that we respect the will of the people and get on with exploiting new opportunities for this country.”


But will unfettered immigration, the major issue of the referendum, come to an end as the people have demanded? WIll Brexit mean Brexit-lite?  If continued freedom of movement is demanded as the price of staying in the Single Market, the latter will have to go.  It will be a bluff anyway.  There are four main reasons why the Germans will back down: Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagon and BMW.  Other countries actually manage to trade with the EU without being in the Single Market.  The USA and India, to name just two.  And other nations across the world are now queuing up to do trade deals with the UK.

UKIP MEP Julia Reid said today: ‘We would like to see the UK leave the EU completely.  We don’t feel that we need to be part of the single market, because countries like New Zealand, Australia, China and the US export goods into the single market, but they are not part of the single market.  There is no freedom of movement of peoples between those countries and the EU. We would like to be in a similar position.’

But will Mrs May’s negotiating team have the confidence, courage and commitment to call the EU bluff?

We are where we are. Mr Arron Banks, UKIP’s financial backer, said just this morning that he and UKIP will be holding Mrs May to account. It’s not over until it’s over.  We should keep praying the Lord to remember mercy and keep ministering his prophetic word to our leaders.  One obvious and immediate point of prayer could be a strong Leave and indeed Christian presence in Mrs May’s Cabinet and Ministerial appointments.


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Jul 02

Brexit ‘Could be reversed’ – Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry expressing the will of the world's elite as usual

US Secretary of State John Kerry expressing the will of the world’s elite as usual

The United State’s top foreign policy official has said the British vote to leave the European Union could be ‘reversed’.  Clearly, the United Kingdom’s dramatic #Brexit vote has upset the kings of the earth and Kerry has let the cat out the bag that they intend to prevent it.

Speaking at the Aspen Institute, a leading think-tank of the world’s elite, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke seriously of how Brexit could be ‘reversed’ or ‘walked back’.

He was not going to go into details.  Kerry said: ‘I think there are a number of ways. I don’t, as secretary of state, want to throw them out (into the public domain) today.  I think that would be a mistake.  But there are a number of ways …’

David Coborn MEP

David Coborn MEP

But UKIP MEP David Coburn told Russia Today: ‘Brexit is absolutely essential – it is the will of the British people. I don’t much care what Mr. Kerry says. If the Americans are going to start interfering in our affairs as they interfered in Vietnam and the Middle East, they are going to get a pretty robust response from the British people. … John Kerry, I don’t know what he is playing at – it is not the thing to do – to go around telling the British public, who voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU, that Brexit (isn’t) going to happen. It is not up to the Americans and they should have nothing to do with it. They should mind their own affairs – they make quite enough mess running the world as they see it. They should just stick out of our affairs.’


John Kerry was not at this year’s Bilderberg meeting of the world’s big money movers and shakers, held at the beginning of June 2016 in Dresden.  He doesn’t need to be.  But Craig Breedlove, former head of NATO, was there.  And a series of leaked emails published in RT show how keen he has been to push the Obama administration into agitating in Ukraine and aggression against Russia.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair

Do you want to know the latest?  Another ‘insider’, former prime minister Tony Blair, is saying ‘we should keep our options open’ on the UK leaving the European Union.  Does this surprise us?

Mr Blair goes on, ‘we have diminished our place in the world and we’ll have to fight to get it back’.  That is just opinion, from the man who destablised the whole middle east and caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives by sacrificing truth in order to go to war in Iraq.

It could equally well be argued that the Brexit vote has enhanced the UK’s international status.

Tony Blair has also now offered himself as a negotiator in the Brexit talks.  Is that madness, megalomania, or what?  Suggestions below, please.


This ‘diminished place’ does not appear to have been noticed by the eleven countries even at this time of writing, just a week after the vote, which are now queuing up for trade deals with the UK.

Lukas Mikelionis reports in Heat Street that just three days after the Brexit vote, and Iceland, Ghana, Australia, New Zealand sprung out of the traps.

New Zealand First party leader Winston Peters said “a trade deal with the UK is an absolute priority” and “New Zealand must be the first country in the queue for a trade deal with a liberated United Kingdom.”

Ghana Ghanaian foreign minister Hannah Tetteh said she was working up a delegation already. Africa has been impoverished by EU policies and Brexit is an opportunity for fair trade – something else for Christians to pray for!

New Zealand offered to help the UK with negotiators in the Brexit talks and Australia spoke of joint deal with their neighbours.

Those four were followed within days by the United States (‘back of the queue’ is now an uncomfortable memory), India, South Korea, Canada, Mexico and Switzerland. Even Germany are desperate to keep the UK trade doors open.  That’s eleven countries and counting.  The Lord is already blessing the United Kingdom for coming out.

You see, the #Remain prophets of doom forgot the spiritual side of this matter – if they ever thought there was one.

And this is that spiritual side:

The European Union is a deliberately-revived Roman Empire.  Its spiritual foundation is that of Antichrist.  It modeled its Parliament building on the Tower of Babel.  It worships the image of Europa being abducted by a demon.  Its founding Treaty of Rome and its Constitution were signed on the most important pagan site in Europe. And that site was chosen deliberately by the EU’s architect.

Freed from those pagan shackles, the United Kingdom has an opportunity to return to its constitution and seek the Lord anew.  The word of God is clear.  This was written to Israel, but the Bible is clear it applies to any and every nation.  It is the UK’s portion:

Deuteronomy 28:1 And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth: 2 And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God.

3 Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field. 4 Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. 5 Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store. 6 Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.

We see commerce and industry blessed, agriculture, the people and their security.  And on the latter point, unless the Lord keeps the city, our watchmen, which are our security services, watch in vain.  The Lord does not keep the EU ‘city’.  It is falling to pieces even now.  It is under the curse of God himself.


Finally, the UK now has someone who campaigned for Remain as a Brexit-negotiating Prime Minister.  The Parliamentary Conservative Party decided against Andrea Leadsom, Michael Gove and Sir Liam Fox, who were – and are – committed Brexiteers.  If Theresa May dithers, or accepts continued freedom of movement, prepare to see the Conservatives trounced by UKIP in the following General Election.

But before we ask whether the Lord will have mercy on the Conservative Party, or bring judgment on them, let us remember that it is important for our United Kingdom not to halt between two opinions with ‘Brexit-Lite’, but to be whole-hearted about it right now.  There isn’t time for them to get it wrong, be judged and UKIP to start all over again after the next General Election.

There are great opportunities right now for the UK to establish proper trading relationships with Commonwealth nations, after years of EU oppression of African countries in particular.  Fair Trade could come to the fore.  The Biblical injunction to pray for our leaders in 1Tim 2 is as clear as daylight.  So we need to pray now for God’s wisdom in the appointments Mrs May makes to Her Majesty’s Government and then continue to pray for them and for all in the political process.

2Sam 23:3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.

As for John Kerry and his fellow insiders, as Johnny Cash famously sang, ‘you can run on for a long time’, but ‘sooner or later God’ll cut you down’.


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Jul 02

BILDERBERG Meets in Dresden

Taschenbeinpalais hotel in Dresden surrounded by guards and concrete for the Bilderberg meeting of the 'kings of the earth'

The Taschenbeinpalais hotel in Dresden surrounded by guards and concrete for the 2016 Bilderberg meeting of the ‘kings of the earth’

The world’s movers and shakers met from 9th to 12th June in Germany behind tight armed security.

Chaired by Henri de Castries, Chairman and CEO of the giant AXA insurance group, it was the first time for a while that the men with the money were seriously worried.

The topsecret, fourday meeting was held in Dresden.  A handful of protesters turned up to shout at the powerful bankers, politicians, corporate CEOs, tame academics and media insiders on the invite list.


Henry Kissinger at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2008

Henry Kissinger speaking (of course) at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2008

Bilderberg, named after the Dutch hotel where the group first met in 1954, says it was ‘designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America’.  Its website is a recent innovation.  Up until ten years ago journalists had to find out the annual guest list from staff at the latest venue.  Leading members have included Dennis Healey, Kenneth Clarke, Peter, Lord Carrington, the Irishman Peter Sutherland and Henry Kissinger.

The website says of its meetings: ‘There is no desired outcome, no minutes are taken and no report is written. Furthermore, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued.’

Bilderberg is the primary concentrated gathering of the world’s elite.  The annual meetings take place under what is known as the ‘Chatham House rule’ which was invented by London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs.  This says ‘Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.’

This year’s official agenda was:

1 Current events, 2 China, 3 Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity, 4 Middle East, 5 Russia, 6 US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform, 7 Cyber security, 8 Geopolitics of energy and commodity prices, 9 Precariat and middle class, 10 Technological innovation


Jim Messina, advisor to the Democratic Party's Hilary Clinton, attended Bilderberg last year.

Jim Messina, advisor to the Democratic Party’s Hilary Clinton, attended Bilderberg last year.

Behind (3) were worries about the UK’s Brexit vote.  All of a sudden, the elite had realised that the European Union needed reform, vision and unity.  Were they concerned about migration?  Or is flooding Europe with jihadists part of the plan for greater restrictions on freedom?  As for ‘growth’, there you have it, from the horse’s mouth.  The EU is an empire which must keep expanding.

Their other big worry is Donald Trump.  He may not be a very nice man, but he is anti-establishment.  He is not an insider, not ‘one of us’.  Unlike Hilary Clinton (Bill was chosen as US President by Bilderberg and Hilary’s chief adviser Jim Messina was at the conference last year) Trump is not someone they can control.  The ‘US political landscape’ has really put the wind up them.  How can they stop Trump?

Russia was on the agenda, because presenting President Vladimir Putin as an aggressor and a threat is a key part of the game right now.  But then, the disadvantaged ‘precariat’ and the middle class could spoil the whole globalist project.


Delegates came only from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United States and world bodies.  There was no-one from Central or South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle or Far East, the Antipodes or Africa.  Bilderberg is exclusively trans-Atlantic.

US Secretary of State John Kerry will go round the world telling the lesser beings what the elite expect.

US Secretary of State John Kerry will tour the world telling the lesser beings what the elite expect.

After it has deliberated, US Secretary of State John Kerry will be sent around the world to tell the leaders of lesser nations what to do.  After the 2002 meeting, his predecessor Colin Powell was despatched to India and Pakistan to tell them not to go to war over Kashmir.  Both backed down immediately.  The June 2002 Bilderberg meeting was the turning point.  Welcome to the New World Order.

Present this year were Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary, exCIA chief David Petraeus, the King of the Netherlands, the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, Philip Breedlove (Former Supreme Commander of NATO), Benoît Coeuré of the European Central Bank and Kristalina Georgieva, Vice President of the European Commission, the EU’s foreign minister.

There were current or former ministers of finance from Canada, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Sweden.  Money is important to the group.  There were prime ministers from Belgium and Holland and the deputy PM of Turkey.  In total, perhaps a couple of dozen politicians, a handful of academics and half-a dozen journalists and editors came to hear what the bankers and industrialists want to happen.

British academic Guy Standing thinks 'the precariat' are 'dangerous'. 'To whom?' one may ask.

British academic Guy Standing thinks ‘the precariat’ are ‘dangerous’. ‘To whom?’ one may ask.


The GB contingent illustrates the point.  Present were Marcus Agius, Chairman of PA Consulting Group (formerly chairman of Barclays), Douglas Flint, Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings plc, Dido Harding, CEO of TalkTalk Telecom Group plc, Demis Hassabis, CoFounder and CEO of DeepMind, the artificial intelligence company, John, Lord Kerr, Deputy Chairman of Scottish Power, and John Sawers, former head of MI6, now Chairman and Partner of Macro Advisory (the ‘strategic insight’ people).

Guy Standing, CoPresident of the Basic Income Earth Network and Research Professor at the University of London was the academic.  He has written on the ’precariat’, describing them as ‘dangerous’.  ‘Political populism’ which appeals to them ‘must be challenged’, he writes, in words every Bilderberger would approve.  His views recently became a book.

Zanny Minton Beddoes, EditorinChief of The Economist and Martin H. Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times were the GB media contingent.  Don’t expect them to write anything about it, although Wolf is very concerned that ‘nativist populists’ must not win.  The only GB politician this year was Labour MP Helen Goodman, a minister under Gordon Brown and now a member of the Treasury Select Committee.

We can be certain of one thing:: whatever the Bilderbergers have discussed, their schemes will benefit them first and the rest of us a long way second.  But also be certain of this: the Lord will have the final word.

READ: Psalm 2:1-4, 48:7, 64, 76:12, 149; Isaiah 24::21; Luke 8:17; John 15:18; 2Cor 10:3-5; Rev 19:19-20.


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Jul 01

European Union falling apart

Ministers and officials from Spain,

Left out of ‘the six’, ministers and officials from (stage l-r) Austria, Spain, the UK, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia gathered in Warsaw.

The European Union appears to be splitting in two in the wake of the Brexit Referendum.

The day after the result was announced, the foreign ministers of the founding six, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg and the Netherlands met in Berlin.  No-one else was invited.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, said European leaders have to meet “the expectations of [European] people” in its response. Then, In a revealing quote, he went on: “I am confident that these countries can send a message that we won’t let anyone take Europe from us.”.

Somewhat aggrieved by being excluded, the Czech Foreign Minister convened a meeting in Prague of the Central European Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) with the ministers of France and Germany.  Then the Polish Foreign Minister invited all the ‘non-six’ to another meeting in Warsaw.  Ten in total attended.

The website of the Polish Foreign Ministry reported on the Warsaw meeting as follows:

Witold Waszczykowski, Foreign Minister of Poland

Witold Waszczykowski, Foreign Minister of Poland

‘Invited by Minister Waszczykowski, the foreign ministers of Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary came to Warsaw alongside secretaries of state and high-ranking officials from the foreign ministries of Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria. The meeting was also attended by Great Britain’s Minister for European Affairs, David Lidington.

‘This morning I took part in a meeting of the Visegrad Group together with the ministers of France and Germany. Just now I concluded a consultation of ten European member states. I did not create any given format, I invited many countries. Ministers came from countries such as Spain and Greece. They also came to discuss the situation after an open brainstorming session. We didn’t make any final decisions, we exchanged views, analysed the situation, proposed solutions. (…) We should have more of these debates. But they have to be debates that don’t exclude anyone,’ Minister Waszczykowski said, pointedly.

Just days after, the Hungarian Prime Minister’s right hand man said he does not want to remain in the European Union (EU) as it fails to protect European values.

It looks as if the EU’s founder’s dream of creating a superstate, a revived Roman Empire, is falling apart.

Another fault line could develop around the Euro.  Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain are in the Eurozone.

Nicola Sturgeon: 'a rat swimming to join a sinking ship'

Nicola Sturgeon: ‘a rat swimming to join a sinking ship’

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden, and of course the UK, are not.

Finally, in recent days we have seen the Scottish National Party’s Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, scurrying around the European Union’s corridors desperately searching for a way in as the UK leaves.

In the light of what is happening, Winston Churchill’s famous jibe comes to mind.  We are seeing the astonishing spectacle of a rat swimming to join a sinking ship.

To add more fuel to the fire, the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, has called for a referendum on his country’s membership not just of the EU but also of NATO. Although Zeman wants to remain in both organizations, he wants the public to have a chance to ‘express themselves.’

On top of that, Norbert Hofer, the Austrian Freedom Party’s candidate in that country’s re-run presidential election, has hinted at a referendum if Turkey looks like joining and if the EU’s institutions keep grabbing power:  He told RT:

‘I hope that there will be no need for a referendum [on EU membership] in Austria, and that the Union will develop in a positive manner.  But I am fully certain that Austrian people will not accept Turkish membership in the bloc, as well as the situation where Austria is deprived of its powers in favor of the authorities in Brussels.’


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Jun 21

Bexley opposes children’s return

By Stephen Green

In an astonishing development, a London Borough Council has told four children unjustly taken into care that they are opposing their parents’ court application to have them returned.

The news, delivered by a Bexley Council social worker last month, resulted in the couple’s eldest daughter trying to commit suicide.

The case is due to be heard on Friday 24th June 2016 at Bromley County Court.


The distressing case of how these children came to be in care was the subject of a video we published on YouTube on Christmas Day 2015, entitled Christmas Ruined by Social Services. To date the video (linked above) has had over 90,000 views. It is the second-most-viewed UK YouTube video about injustice by social services endorsed by the family courts.

The family’s nightmare started when their eldest boy, in his mid-teens, ran off after being caught out in a lie about his whereabouts.

Upon being picked up by the police, he reported his parents for child cruelty. All four children were instantly taken into care and the parents were charged and sent to the Crown Court. The only corroborating evidence was that of a doctor who saw a photo of a mark on the eldest boy’s body and concluded it could have been made by a metal implement. He never examined the boy himself, and none of the other children made any similar accusation. The police found nothing resembling such an alleged item in the family’s home.


Bexley social worker Judy Simon even contacted the mother’s place of work, a care home, resulting in her being laid off, and the father’s employers, a police force. He was laid off on full pay.

Judge Diane Redgrave sitting in Bromley Family Court gave the astonishing advice to the parents to plead guilty in the Crown Court. She said this would help them have their children returned. The system, it appears, cannot cope with parents who are innocent. If they admit guilt, ‘experts’ can ‘work’ with them to ensure their parenting lines up with white middle-class prejudices, which crucially, and in flat contradiction to the law of the land, insist on no forms of physical chastisement whatever.

But these parents had not done what was alleged, and on the eve of the Crown Court case, their eldest son admitted he had made it all up. Despite the social worker screaming at him to attend court, he refused to go. In July 2015 his parents were duly acquitted. Lest anyone be in any doubt of what this means, it means they were found not guilty and left the court without a stain on their character.


A reasonable man would expect two things to happen. Firstly, he would expect Bexley’s Judy Simon to contact both parents’ place of work at once to tell them all suspicion was lifted.

Secondly, he would expect an apologetic Bexley immediately to reunite the children with their parents. All the children have told the Children’s Guardian they want to return home.

But none of that occurred. Instead, Bexley’s head of child protection, Jacqui Tiotto, threatened this author with contempt of court and told him it was up to the parents to make an application to the court.

That they have now done, but Bexley Social Workers are unaccountably sticking to their line and refusing to let the children go. Such callousness by a public authority resulting in continuing serious emotional harm to the children is nothing short of a national disgrace.

READ: Gen 1:28; Psalm 127:3-5, 128:6; Mal 4:6.
PRAY: That the children are returned, the father reinstated and that the mother gets her job back. Thank God that we have been able to help the parents by letting them tell their story.  Pray now for a positive outcome to the hearing on Friday 24th June.
WATCH: The video: https://youtu.be/CaBczpK7HOM
WRITE or Email The Mayor of the London Borough of Bexley, Councillor Sybil Camsey, Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA6 7AT. Phone 020 3045 5280. Email: [email protected] Stress that Mr & Mrs M have done nothing wrong; they were acquitted last July in the Crown Court. Ask her why Bexley did not return their children last July? Why they did not immediately inform Mr & Mrs M’s places of work that there is not a stain on their character? Ask what possible reason there can be for Bexley still to be causing harm to the children by opposing their return.

Jun 20

European Union’s Roman Empire

Is the European Parliament Tower in Strasbourg modeled on the Tower of Babel, the Colisseum in Rome, or both? Why was Rome called ‘the Eternal City’? Who was the first Eurocrat, who drafted the Treaty of Rome and decided where it would be signed? What did he say about reviving the Roman Empire? View my video and find out!


After my video asking why the European Parliament was modeled on the Tower of Babel in Pieter Bruegel’s famous painting, someone suggested it is actually designed with Rome’s Coliseum in mind. So, being in Rome, I thought I should take a look.

Bruegel’s painting is also said to have been at least partly inspired by the ruins of the Coliseum. So do we have a bit of an architectural menage a trois? The Tower of Babel is accurately painted by Bruegel as a Ziggurat tower, intended as a political and religious centre of rebellion against God.

Now, if the Capitoline Hill was the political and spiritual heart of Rome, the Coliseum was a statement of her imperial dominance. Built with money looted from the temple in Jerusalem in AD70, it was built to entertain the masses with armed duels to the death between gladiators.

We know the Tower of Babel remained unfinished because the Lord confused their language. An act of God also destroyed the Colosseum. It was ruined by a succession of earthquakes and then looted for the stone.

But if the Tower of Babel was built with an Antichrist spirit of rebellion, the Coliseum is not exactly pure as the driven snow. It’s not washed in the blood of the lamb, it’s bathed in the blood of the martyrs.

During lunch intervals, executions ‘ad bestias’ would be staged. Those condemned to death would be sent into the arena, naked and unarmed, to face beasts, notably lions, which would tear them to pieces.

Christians were among those put to death in the Coliseum in the Rome of Revelation 17. In Acts we read (Act 17:6b) ‘These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also; 7 Whom Jason hath received: and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, one Jesus.

That was sedition. You could worship who you wanted in ancient Rome, so long as you also worshiped the Roman gods. In Revelation chapter 2 and verse 13 we read of the martyrdom of Bishop Antipas for refusing to make sacrifice to Zeus. Well, the Romans adopted Zeus as Jupiter, the head of their Pantheon, Iupiter Conservator, to conserve and protect the Eternal City.

Rome was personified and deified as the goddess Roma, and regarded as Urbs Sacra, the sacred city. Roma sat on Jupiter just as Revelation seventeen says the woman sits on the beast. Or as Europa sits on Zeus as the Bull all over the European Union.

But Jupiter couldn’t save Rome. The eternal city was sacked in the fifth century. To this day, the ruins of Rome are a tourist attraction.

Or could it be that it is the antichrist spirit of Rome that is ‘eternal’? The Emperor Hadrian, the first man to use the expression ‘eternal city’ – that’s ‘urbs aeterna’ in Latin – suggested that Rome could be forever reborn all over Europe.

But could Imperial Rome itself be revived? The leaders of the six founding countries of the European Economic Community, the EU’s forerunner, gathered to sign the Treaty of Rome on top of the site of Jupiter’s Temple in March 1957.

A Belgian, Paul-Henri Spaak, a socialist and agnostic, had authored the Treaty and decided the venue. On the eve of the ceremony, he was overlooking the ruins of the Roman Forum with his right-hand man, Baron Robert Rothschild. Rothschild remembered Spaak saying to him,‘I think that we have re-established the Roman Empire without a single shot being fired.’

When the heads of state gathered to sign the European Constitution in 2004, in the same place as Spaak’s Treaty of Rome was signed all those years before, the Italian Government erected a plaque which spoke of ‘this most sacred Capitoline Hill, which is the citadel of this bountiful city and of the entire world.’ Under the Constitution, ‘the nations of Europe might coalesce into a body of one people with one mind, one will and one government’. The Eurocrats are convinced they are reviving the Roman Empire.

Looking at it from a spiritual point of view, the same spirit of rebellion, arrogance and futility which began at Babel was still going strong in Ancient Rome. And I think I see a revival of it in the European Union.

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