Apr 18

First race meetings on Good Friday

Lingfield Race Course

Lingfield Race Course

The first horse race meetings with onsite gambling take place today at Lingfield and Musselburgh.

 Kate Hills, spokeswoman for Lingfield owners Arena Racing, said: “One of the reasons we are having racing on Good Friday is it’s a day of leisure and people are looking for something to do.”

It is also an opportunity to make some money.

In the modern era, off-course betting shops first opened on Good Friday in 2008.  Championship football matches will be held today, some shops will open.  These are modern-day, secularist developments.  As recently as 1986 the Daily Telegraph was not published on Good Friday.

In a sense it is rather appropriate to have gambling on the day we remember Christ’s crucifixion.  The Roman soldiers cast lots for the coat of Jesus, fulfilling an Old Testament prophecy in Psalm 22.

It will be thoroughbreds racing today, but Christ entered Jerusalem as a king but riding on a donkey, again fulfilling an Old Testament prophecy:

Zechariah 9:9: Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.

As A N Wilson points out, even people of no faith used to recognise Good Friday as a day of solemnity.

A lot has changed in just a few years, a degree of respect for what is holy has been lost and our society has become more coarse and more crass along the way.


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Apr 17

WIlliam Hague – least believable man in Britain?

William Hague. Does anyone believe him?

William Hague. Does anyone believe him?

It is coming to something when the Russian Foreign Minister is more believable than your own.

Four days ago, The Rt Hon William Hague, talking about the unrest in Eastern Ukraine, said, ‘There can’t really be any real doubt that this is something that has been planned and brought about by Russia. … violation of the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine … There has to be a clear and united international response.’

Back in March, President Obama said ‘Make no mistake, neither the United States nor Europe has any interest in controlling Ukraine.’ (Was that before or after US officals were overheard discussing who they wanted to install as Ukrainian president?) That video is admittedly published by Russia Today but those are his words.

In contrast, the Russian Foreign Minister has denied that Russia has stoked up the problems.  And the truth is, Russia did neither fund nor organise the pro-EU demonstrations and take-over of government in Kiev, ousting pro-Russian President Yanakovich in the process, which started the Ukraine crisis in the first place.

We have already reported how Western NGO’s financed the ‘Maidan Square’ protest movement.  But Christian Voice has discovered that millions of dollars have been pouring into Ukrainian NGO’s and ‘civil society’ organisations for the last couple of years.  Principal donors include the Open Society Foundation and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

The Foundation Centre lists over $18 million of grants by US NGO’s to Ukrainian ‘civil society’ recipients.  The breakdown can be seen by clicking on each recipient.  To take one example, the Open Society Foundation for Ukraine – directly fingered in the pro-EU rioting – received over $535,000 jointly from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy.  The Civil Society Institute, an EU sock-puppet, got $450,00 dollars.  An Open Society front organisation, the Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, was given $1,527,000.  An organisation called Ednannia was given the most money, $1,550,000.

One grant of $250,000 from Mott to Ednannia was ‘to foster the development of community foundations in Ukraine.’ Indeed, one can read the whole grant profile (three-quarters of the way down this page) and be none the wiser what Ednannia actually do, apart from ‘social action’.  The Mott Foundation’s own website says it especially likes ‘the development of community foundations’

What are those?  Well, a click on the link reveals that they are ‘Rooted Locally, Growing Globally’ and are favoured for being ‘local leaders of positive change’.  Call us cynical, but if positive change involves taking up arms, storming government buildings, ousting elected governments and trying to join the European Union by force, then it looks less than desirable.

Even Chatham House, an elitist body itself, admits that NGO’s in countries like Ukraine are funded entirely from the Western elite and almost entirely disconnected from ordinary people.  Pretending to be ‘democratic’, they could not be less empowered with any semblance of a popular mandate.

William Hague said on Monday that the EU summit would focus on “how we support democratic institutions and the elections in Ukraine”.  The EU’s idea of doing that is apparently funding exactly those NGO’s Chatham House identifies as the least democratic and overturning elected officials in sovereign states by force.  It was Orwellian newspeak from Mr Hague.

The Bible says: Exodus 18:21 Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens:

How many of members of the British Establishment would pass that test?  Would William Hague?

What a sorry state we are in, when HM Foreign Secretary is the least believable man in Britain.


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Apr 17

Ukraine crisis: RAF practising raids

A Hawk T1 training fighter jet.

A Hawk T1 training fighter jet.

The Royal Air Force is practising attacking raids as the Ukraine crisis deepens.

Training flights were conducted yesterday across Wales, flying over the Christian Voice office in Carmarthenshire.

The aircraft, which flew at low level over the rolling Welsh hills, were most likely to have been Hawk fighter jets, based at RAF Valley on Anglesey and used by the RAF for twin-seat training.

Similar exercises were carried out before the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan began.

The practice runs come as Ukrainian armed forces have been trying, without success, to retake cities in Eastern Ukraine held by pro-Russian demonstrators.

Three people are reported to have been killed, but their has been no condemnation of Ukraine for ‘firing on its own people’ from either the Rt Hon William Hague MP, Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, or US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Meanwhile, the United States is talking about sending ‘non-lethal’ equipment to Kiev, and the European Union is beefing up its armed forces in the Baltic States and Poland.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Nato Secretary General, said the alliance would be providing “more planes in the air, more ships on the water, and more readiness on land”.

What these would be used for, apart from taking on Russian forces in what could easily become a Third World War, is not very clear.

We join Nigel Farage and John Redwood in calling for Britain to leave the EU and we are with The Daily Express as it urges Britain to stay out of the Ukrainian conflict.

We need to remember that the problems in Ukraine started when pro-EU NGO’s including the ‘Open Society’ of George Soros, financed trouble-makers in Kiev who took over government buildings when the elected President decided to align the country with Russia rather than with the EU.

Charitably, these actions may be regarded as stupid, and bound to lead to the copycat actions in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine which came to pass.  Uncharitably, Messrs Soros et al foresaw all the Eastern Ukraine trouble in advance and want to start a full-scale war, from which they could benefit financially. (Take what you will from that last link!)

Either way, the Ukrainian conflict is one which Britain must not play any part in.  William Hague will never admit that it was pro-EU agitation which started the Ukraine crisis, but at the very least HMG could end the self-defeating sanctions against Russian figures, and stop sabre-rattling.

Prayer and lobbying saved us from becoming embroiled in Syria, another conflict which has the fingerprints of Soros and the Western elite all over it.

Email your MP and demand that the UK keeps right out of Ukraine.


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Apr 12

Multiculturalism Caused Government to Hide Truth of Muslim Grooming Gangs


Multiculturalism has prevented the Government from reporting instances of Muslim child-grooming gangs.

British Government knew about Muslim child grooming gangs and chose to hide this knowledge.

A new comprehensive report, titled “Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery,” examines how authorities knew about the rampant child abuse by Muslim gangs yet refused to prosecute offenders.

A summary of this article, published by the Gatestone Institute, discusses the key points of the report, highlighting how “police, social workers, teachers, neighbors, politicians and the media” turned a blind eye to the crimes of these Muslim gangs for fear of being accused of racism or “Islamophobia.”

The “conspiracy of silence” regarding child grooming by Muslim gangs was exposed in 2010 when the underground investigation Operation Retriever found and convicted 13 Muslim men for grooming approximately 100 underage girls for sex. This generated more investigations and led to the discovery of several Muslim grooming gangs. Although many offenders were identified, few were prosecuted.

According to the “Easy Meat” report, these offenders are 154 times more likely to be Muslims, while the victims are almost always non-Muslim girls. But authorities have “never deemed it important to declare this, or even denied the pattern existed.”

These incidents were deemed unimportant because of multiculturalism. The report tells us:

“There is far more to this story than has come out so far. The population are already outraged by what they have learned in the last year or two, but know only a fraction of the scandal… This massive over-representation of Muslim men in this crime spree has been borne out by the prosecutions of the last three to four years, but it is clear that it must have been known long ago and should have been made public. Because the predators were Muslims, the agencies responsible for child-protection have almost entirely failed in their job to protect vulnerable children. From a fear of being called ‘racist,’ police forces across the country have buried the evidence.”

“On the rare occasion when the phenomenon [of child grooming] would be discussed in more than the briefest details, political activists and the authorities would come together to stop the public from knowing more. Political correctness would be used to make sure that people did not speak about this phenomenon, enabling the perpetrators free rein to sexually abuse schoolgirls for decades. Yes, decades. We know that in an age where parents are not allowed to smack their children, this sounds unbelievable.”

The problem is much more prevalent than previously reported. In fact, as many as 10,000 schoolgirls have been victimized over the years by these Muslim gangs. According to a House of Commons report, as of November 2012 “at least 16,500 children were identified as being at risk of child sexual exploitation during one year.”

Their method is to drive around towns at night and zero in on young, non-Muslim schoolgirls between the ages of 11 and 16. They often give the girls drinks and drugs to entice them into the car. Many of the victims are from care or foster homes, where they might not be immediately missed. The younger the better is usually the policy with the girls they target. The younger the girls are more likely to be virgins who are free from any sexual diseases. (Most of these men have Muslim wives whom they do not want to contaminate.)

The report criticizes British Government for using multiculturalism as an excuse to turn a blind eye to this issue. The Government continues to excuse Muslims because many of the crimes they commit under British law are not crimes according to Sharia law. As the report says, “Multiculturalism is a fundamentally incoherent doctrine, invented to conceal the serious conflicts which have arisen when peoples from vastly different cultures, with different values, are forced to live together.”

In its reluctance to be even-handed and non-discriminatory, the Government has outright refused to take into account religious or ethnic connections to these and other crimes perpetrated by Muslims. The possibility that Islamic law might have something to do with this behaviour is not worthy of consideration.

The British Government expects all its citizens, including Muslims, to embrace multiculturalism. However, the religion of Islam is by its very nature opposed to the principles of multiculturalism through its intolerance of all dissenting voices. Moreover, the symbiotic relationship between Islam and the political left cannot last since once Muslims achieve power, they kick behind them the ladder of multiculturalism that they used for climbing to power.

Further Reading


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Apr 11

Christian Preacher Wins Compensation for Arrest


John Craven was arrested for quoting the Bible after two gay teenagers asked what his views were on homosexuality.

A Christian preacher won £13,000 last week in compensation after being arrested and held in custody for 19 hours simply for quoting the Bible.

The arrest occurred three years ago when John Craven was preaching in Manchester city centre. Two teenagers approached the street preacher to ask what he thought of homosexuality. Craven read from Revelation 21:8, which says that sinners will be burned in a lake of fire. He also quoted John 3:16 and said that “Whilst God hates sin, he loves the sinner.”

Following Craven’s response the boys began kissing each other in front of Craven and making “obscene gestures.” Soon the youths called a mounted policeman, claiming that Craven’s comments had “insulted” them and caused them “harassment and distress.”

The policeman arrested Craven for possibly committing a public order offence. The officer allegedly took Craven “roughly by the arm” and told him that he was under arrest. The officer did not ask for Craven’s name or address and handled him roughly.

Craven was taken into custody, and remained in a jail cell for about 15 hours. He did not receive food, water, or medication for his rheumatoid arthritis.

This event happened in 2011. On March 29th Craven was finally awarded his £13,000 compensation after a three-year legal battle against the Manchester Police. This battle has cost the public purse approximately £50,000. Mr. Craven won his damages under the Human Rights Act.

In response to his arrest, Craven said:

“I never intended to cause anyone harassment, alarm or distress. I preach the gospel, which means good news and the love of God for all.

“At the end of the day God loves everybody, but homosexuality is a sin and I am not going to contradict the word of God.”

Police Superintendent Alan Greene could not go into detail, but admitted “We can acknowledge that we did make mistakes and kept the claimant in custody for too long.”

This is just one of several incidents involving the persecution of Christians in Britain. In one of our other articles, we have listed several examples of the rising totalitarianism that is spreading over Britain. Christianity is coming under fire, which results in Christians being marginalized and prohibited from freely expressing their religious views. But this victory gives us some encouragement to Christians who boldly proclaim their faith.

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Apr 11

Co-op Bank, dumped Christian Voice, loses £1.3bn

The Co-op: Bad with money

The Co-op: Bad with money

The Co-op Bank that told Christian Voice at a moment’s notice to take its business elsewhere has losses of £1.3bn.

The Co-operative Bank confirmed the figure earlier today. The ‘ethical’ bank does not expect to make a profit for the next two years.

In April 2012, The Coop supermarket chain decided not to source Israeli goods from the so-called “occupied territories”.   It is committed however to buying from elsewhere in Israel.

But our main concern about the Co-op bank itself is the way it discriminates strongly against those Christians who take their faith seriously.  See: http://www.repentuk.com/coop.html

In 2005, the Co-operative Bank objected to Christian Voice banking with them.  The ‘ethical’ bank, who claim not to discriminate, told Christian Voice that we should take our banking elsewhere because our Christian beliefs lead us to oppose homosexual rights and homosexual practice.  The Co-op group is strongly pro-homosexual, sponsoring 15 gay pride events in 2012, more than any other company.

They continued to sponsor Manchester Pride in 2013 as the scale of the group’s financial disaster unfolded.

Although it will be their ineptitude as a financial institution which will make all the headlines, if the bank had followed Christian principles of diligence when it took over Brittania Building Society, if it had followed the Biblical advice to choose able men such as fear God to run it, rather than a homosexual drug-taker, if it had noticed that the Bible says ‘thou shalt not steal’ before overcharging mortgagees and those mis-sold payment protection insurance and interest rate hedging products, if its bosses had not succumbed to pride and greed when wanting to take over TSB branches from Lloyds, it would not be in the position it is now.

If the Co-op had concentrated more on balancing the books according to Christian principles and less on politically-correct posturing it would not be in the mess it is in today.

18/11/2013: Chief of pro-gay Co-op Bank caught doing drugs

25/07/2012: Anti-Christian Co-op grabs bank accounts

June 2005: Time to leave the Co-op; NOW!


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Apr 09

Government Concerned About Cost of Family Breakdown

Shattered glass on family portrait

Family breakdown continues to rise in Britain, costing taxpayers billions.

Government is finally giving attention to the economic ramifications of family breakdown.

According to an article reported in The Daily Telegraph, the Government plans to have midwives, GPs, and registrars talk to couples about their relationships in an effort to minimize family breakdown.

After talking with couples, these Government workers will encourage couples to seek additional support services. The Government might also suggest that employers make these support services more accessible to employees.

Government plans build on a report launched last year, titled the Family Stability Review. This report gathers information about the change in families and the areas in which they are most at risk. Two of the proposed sessions would be aimed at parents with small children and at “silver-splitters,” older couples who separate before they reach retirement age.

In an article to the Telegraph earlier this year, Lord Freud, the welfare minister, asserted that families needed to be stabilized after finding out that the number of unmarried parents raising children has increased dramatically.

The Government does not seem to be concerned that family breakdown is a problem in itself, but that family breakdown costs taxpayers millions of pounds every year. The Relationships Foundation Study estimated that UK taxpayers pay approximately £46 billion a year or £1,541 for every individual, from issues stemming from broken families. These are costs that include education, criminal justice, and healthcare.

Christian Voice has been warning about this very problem for years. In 2012 we reported that family breakdown costs British taxpayers money in some of the following ways:

  • Promiscuity often leads to STI’s, which cost the British taxpayer more than £1 billion per year.
  • Promiscuity often leads to HIV. The estimated 83,000 cases of HIV in the UK at the end of 2008 represent a total lifetime cost of £26 billion.
  • Promiscuity leads to teenage pregnancy which cost the NHS £63 million per year, and a further £29 million for infertility and other complications arising from chlamydia alone.
  • Promiscuity often leads to abortions, and 96% of abortions are carried out on the NHS at a cost of £650 each, or £118 million.
  • Promiscuity often contributes to separation from marriage and cohabiting relationships (including promiscuity prior to entering such relationships), which entails huge increases in tax credit payments, lone parent benefits, housing benefits, in addition to the health, crime and educational impact of relationship breakdown. Altogether this totals about £42 billion a year.
  • In contributing to relationship breakdown, promiscuity leads to Absenteeism. The loss of working hours following relationship breakdown costs the economy at least £20 billion a year.
  • In contributing to relationship breakdown, promiscuity can lead to domestic violence which costs the British taxpayer around £3.4 billion a year, and around £21 billion today in ‘human and emotional costs.’
  • The effect of relationship breakdown on children leads to educational underachievement which results in an estimated £40,000 for each child, reducing GDP by £6 billion. Much of this cost can be directly attributable to the promiscuous activity which contributed to the relationship breakdown.

Additionally, studies have shown that family breakdown negatively affects children. The effects of a broken home can cause children to perform poorly in school, commit crimes, and suffer mental health problems. However, children from stable families tend to avoid these negative effects and have a better chance of a successful life.

Government says it will act to give children the “best start in life.” The Marriage Foundation has asked state spending to concentrate on families with young children, because that is the time when most relationships are vulnerable for a break-up.

Apr 07

Tatchell’s editor jailed for child sex offences

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell

The editor of a paedophile book to which Peter Tatchell contributed an article in the 1980s was jailed three years ago for child sex offences, Christian Voice has learned.

Warren Middleton, also known as John Parratt, was given a 12 month sentence in July 2011 after being convicted of having indecent images of children.

Middleton was the editor of Betrayal of Youth, a notorious paedophile campaigning manual to which Peter Tatchell contributed a chapter on ‘Questioning Ages of Majority and Ages of Consent’.  Middleton was also vice-chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange, known as PIE.

Betrayal of Youth was published in 1986, just three years after Peter Tatchell lost to Simon Hughes in the Bermondsey bye-election.  The bye-election did not go well. Tatchell was disowned by then Labour leader Michael Foot and Hughes highlighted Tatchell’s militant homosexuality.

Afterwards, Tatchell complained of ‘a witch-hunt’.  An exasperated Neil Kinnock, who would win the Labour leadership election in October, was variously reported as saying ‘The trouble with Peter is, he can’t tell the difference between a witch and fairy’ or “I’m not in favour of witch hunts, but I do not mistake bloody witches for fairies.” Tatchell has since joined the Green Party, where witches and fairies are made more welcome.

Also jailed in 2011 were the leader of PIE, Steven Smith, aka Steven Freeman, John Morrison, Middleton’s flat-mate, one Barry Cutler, and Leo Adamson, a member of the PIE executive who was also involved in the 1970s with ‘Gay Youth.’

the court was told that more than 5,000 images were found on three discs at the Putney home shared by Parratt and Morrison after a police raid in July 2008.

Steve Smith’s history of PIE, as published in Betrayal of Youth, can be found HERE.  Steven Smith was also jailed twenty years earlier, in 1991, for child porn offences.

See: Press Association, December 16, 1991, Monday: PAEDOPHILE JAILED OVER CHILD PORN MAG. BYLINE: Sue Clough, Press Association Old Bailey Staff.

Jailed earlier were PIE executive members  David Joy of Loughborough, and David Bremner, a PhD from Clapton, E London.

Interestingly, who was the Barrister who defended Steven Smith in 1991 and came out with the rather lame line that ‘Smith and the others would not have published the magazine if the police had warned them it was in breach of the law’?

It’s the same barrister who served on the Gay Rights Sub-Committee of the National Council for Civil Liberties when Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman were in charge in the 1970′s and 1980′s alongside his ‘learned friend’ Geoffrey Robertson QC and paedophiles David Bremner, Michael Burbidge, Keith Hose and Tom O’Carroll.

Here is a clue:  He was the first openly-gay barrister, championed by homosexuals, to be appointed a High Court Judge, in 2002.

Here is another: It’s the same man who set up the Conspiracy to Corrupt Public Morals group to defend Tom O’Carroll in 1979. How nice to know he was still prepared to accept a brief to defend a pal of his old fellow sub-committee-members 12 years later.

Arise, your Lordship, Sir Adrian Fulford.

Sir Adrian Fulford has now stepped down from hearing criminal appeal cases while he is investigated by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.

The same newspaper also reports how the Chairman of the National Council for Civil Liberties in the 1970′s and 1980′s also sprang to the defence of PIE, both in campaigning terms and by acting for Bremner when he was convicted with David Joy in 1984.

He is now the Chief Coroner for England and Wales, Peter Thornton.


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Apr 06

Homosexual Activisits Pressure Belize


Caleb Orozco, Executive Director of UNIBAM

United States human rights activists are pressuring the central American country of Belize to relax its policies on homosexuals.

The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) has issued a challenge to the government of Belize before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), saying that the Belizean government must implement ways to protect its LGBTI community.

When one looks closer at the demands, however, it becomes clear that the issue is not merely about protecting homosexuals. Rather, UNIBAM is aggressively targeting those who dissent from the gay rights agenda.

UNIBAM is insisting that government punish those who commit “speech crimes” and “hate crimes” against LGBTI people. They claim violations have been made against LGBTI citizens in the areas of education, health, and employment.

On 28th March, the State of Belize was summoned to Washington DC, to appear before IACHR after UNIBAM petitioned for a rights hearing. Caleb Orozco, Executive Director of UNIBAM, led the charge by citing various “crimes” against gay people, none of which were supported by official documentation. In addition, he praised the government of Belize for continuing to enact the revised gender policy, which defines sexual orientation as “diverse,” and classifies contraceptives as a “public good.”

This revised gender policy is being pushed forward by the National Women’s Commission of Belize (NWC) and funded by the UN. Neither the public nor religious leaders were consulted on its passage. It was essentially passed in secret by gay rights activists in Belize.

Mr Orozco has been given money by Freedom House, a U.S.-based non-governmental organization. Although not directly connected with the US government, Freedom House is in turn supported with $250,00 gifts by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of State. By following the money, we see that this is another instance of neocolonialism, whereby developing countries are being pressured by the West to make homosexuality the norm.

Apr 02

Aborted Babies Burnt to Keep Hospitals Warm


Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge was reported to have incinerated unborn fetuses in its waste-to-energy plant.

The corpses of aborted babies are being burnt to keep hospitals warm.

The shocking revelations emerged after a 24th March Dispatch report exposed that unborn fetuses were being incinerated in UK hospital facilities to produce fuel.

Investigators found that some fetuses were classified as “clinical waste” while others were used as fuel in waste-to-energy facilities that produce heat.

According to the report, twenty-seven different NHS trusts have incinerated approximately 15,500 fetuses since 2011. These include babies who were the subject of both abortions and miscarriages. Ten of these trusts burned 1,000 sets of remains along with other medical waste, and two admitted that remains were burned in waste-to-energy furnaces that generate energy to power hospitals.

After the Dispatch report came out, the Department of Health banned the practice of incinerating fetal remains. Health minister Dr. Dan Poulter called the practice “totally unacceptable,” and Chief Executive of the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) said in a statement that they would “act on this immediately.” Even though the HTA advises hospitals that “incineration may not be appropriate for fetal remains,” they decided to tighten standards.

One of the hospitals that incinerated fetal remains, Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk, denied its involvement despite the Dispatch reporting that over 1,100 fetal remains had been incinerated between 2011 and 2013. It claimed that the fetal remains burned at its location were taken from another hospital, not from its own facility. Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge was reported to have incinerated 797 fetuses at its waste-to-energy plant. Addenbrooke reportedly told mothers that the babies were going to be “cremated.”

Although both cremation and incineration dispose of a body by burning, they are two very different practices. A fetus that is cremated is buried afterwards. Cremation is not “an alternative to a funeral.” On the other hand, an incinerated fetus is consumed along with other rubbish or, as we have seen in some cases, it is used as waste to generate energy for a facility.

According to the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), “a woman or couple should be made aware that information on disposal options is available if they wish to see it.” The website additionally states that the method of disposal should be properly documented.

The underlying outrage is that some mothers who were the victims of miscarriages may have been given false information about the way in which their babies’ bodies were disposed of. Instead of receiving a human burial, their babies were being treated as medical waste and used as recyclable energy.

“For you formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:13-14a) The Psalmist knew that human life was a gift from God. Unfortunately, our culture does not. The incineration of unborn babies can be seen as a fitting reflection of our culture’s attitude toward life. Many of the fetal remains were the result of abortions, and sometimes the mothers did not wish to know what happened to the remains. In a culture that values life so little, should we be at all surprised that such a practice has come to light?

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